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  • Addington Tsama
    Addington TsamaMinute ago

    Better than i4 concept

  • SIG
    SIG8 minutes ago

    You can already see the downgrade in the production model. Gonna look shit like the EQC.

  • Dan Bleil
    Dan Bleil20 minutes ago

    can u like already put it up for sale

  • Sc O
    Sc O22 minutes ago

    What digital materials do MB use in their UX digital experience? Are they luxurious digital materials?

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz18 minutes ago

    Of course! You're always welcome to visit your nearest retailer if you'd like to experience it yourself.

  • Sc O
    Sc O25 minutes ago

    Mercedes is no longer a car company.... it is a digital experience company... it is the future of Mercedes. From the place that we sit in the car, through to how we interact with the vehicle, it all matters. It is these details that makes Mercedes so special.

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz18 minutes ago

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves. ☺️

  • Winggame
    Winggame30 minutes ago

    Leider sieht das fertige Modell für die Straße dann wieder langweilig aus...

  • suleyman eldarov
    suleyman eldarov46 minutes ago


  • suleyman eldarov
    suleyman eldarov33 minutes ago

    thanks. please make economic cars but cheap

  • Ahmet 987
    Ahmet 98746 minutes ago

    Wow mercedes ilove you is better then all apps like tesla and bmw

  • DaveSylvester
    DaveSylvester55 minutes ago

    Nice 😊💪🏻

  • ابراهيم فاروق رحيمه
    ابراهيم فاروق رحيمهHour ago

    Whats the song name ?

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz54 minutes ago

    This music was made especially for this commercial.☺️

  • Pilanee Pilanee
    Pilanee PilaneeHour ago

    MB is the best .... from Thailand

  • Silvio Marfia
    Silvio MarfiaHour ago

    I’m here for Mercedes, but please give that guy eyebrows!

  • Oliver N
    Oliver NHour ago

    Suggestion for all future Mercedes Digital episodes, no more speeches that are entirely learnt by heart! These kind of presentations will appear way more genuine and authentic if the speakers will keep an at least somewhat free speech.

  • Claudiu M
    Claudiu MHour ago

    I could tell you a funny story about the app and their services, which to be honest I do not think are raising to the name of the brand. I had a 2012 C-Class SW which was provided with a Mercedes Me adapter. That app was amazing, showing mileage, consumption, trips, even the place and estimated quantity of the fuel added in the petrol station. Just amazing! In 2017 I changed it for a W166 GLE 4Matic 350d which surprised me with not having the same functionality available on the new ( now old) MercedesMe App, compared with the MercedesMe Adapter App. After several attempts to get an adapter fitted on my new car, I was told that it is incompatible with the Command system fitted to my car. I have asked them to provide the same functionality in the MercedesMe App without success and after three years of struggle between MercedesMe App and MercedesMe portal, as not all the services were reachable from the App, I find out that I have to use three Apps to access the car, the shop and the third one I do not even remember what was supposed to do. Sorry, but this is not acceptable at your level. Oh, BTW the apps are useless unless you pay a three years subscription for services, if you wish to have something shown on your App. And if you really wish to have all the functions, you have to pay another one because the service is so fragmented that if you want to use the perimeter geo-fencing you have to pay extra for the status of the vehicle. In the current version, the current mileage of the vehicle is not available at all, as they claimed that it was a bug who displayed the mileage when you do not buy the subscription for the vehicle status. Really!!! This should be the minimum information made available to the Mercedes-Benz users in exchange of our private information shared with you. With our private information you are building important datasets that are helping you to increase your AI R&D and we get nothing. Lately I am regretting more often the decision to continue with Mercedes as I see that customers requests are not considered and they are looking at the new ways of filling up their pockets. ☹️

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzHour ago

    We are very sorry to read this, Claudiu. Please know that our dedicated Mercedes Me team are always there to assist if you reach out to them, this can be done through the app itself or by calling them directly. (If you let us know which country you reside in, we can provide you with the correct contact details here.) We are always happy to receive your feedback as this is what helps us develop the app to suit the needs of our users.

  • Joel Arun
    Joel ArunHour ago

    Still faster than a 2020 Ferrari

  • Ana Caballero
    Ana CaballeroHour ago

    Bertha Mercedez's dreams to reality😍

  • Ana Caballero
    Ana CaballeroHour ago


  • HAN N
    HAN NHour ago

    Why doesn’t he blink...?!? :O

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzHour ago

    He's very focused. 😜 We're just so excited to tell you all about it!

  • Chris_London
    Chris_London2 hours ago

    Two more years until production he said! That's how far sleepy old Mercedes are behind. Jaguar i-Pace, Audi e-Tron, Tesla and Porsche already way out in front.

  • DeNz auto equipments
    DeNz auto equipments2 hours ago

    Allways Mercedes Benz Rocks💪💪

  • Narayan
    Narayan2 hours ago

    Mercedes ❤

  • Phil B
    Phil B2 hours ago

    Five minutes in and you’ve told me nothing. And I have a Mercedes already fitted with Mercedes Me......

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzHour ago

    Hi Phil! If you follow this link: You'll be able to see all the services we can offer you. Just click the top right corner to choose your country.

  • A 22
    A 222 hours ago

    Where are you taking us, Mercedes? Thanks to all the crew

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz2 hours ago

    Towards the future. 😎

  • Ana Caballero
    Ana Caballero2 hours ago

    Show countdown😘

  • Cemoli Öz
    Cemoli Öz2 hours ago

    Little tip tho, try talking freely about your Product. If you come in talking like a machine that just reads what it learned 20 minutes ago then it doesn't sound really well and it doesn't feel like you're truly believing in your Product. You're the Head of Mercedes Me and you should know better than anybody else about what's new and exciting and better about the new Updates. :)

  • 1xq.
    1xq.2 hours ago

    Mersedes one love

  • Phil B
    Phil B2 hours ago

    1xq.: if only you could spell it....

  • Mera Quran Mera Emaan
    Mera Quran Mera Emaan2 hours ago

    Love you Mercedes You are the best ever

  • george ibrahim
    george ibrahim2 hours ago

    When I saw this video I clicked so fast I broke my screen

  • JyZe
    JyZe53 minutes ago

    @Mercedes-Benz Now you need to start creating mobile phones 😂 Because your cars are safe so, why not

  • Claudiu M
    Claudiu M2 hours ago

    I hope it worth it! 😁

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz2 hours ago

    Careful now. 😜

  • Elena Elena
    Elena Elena2 hours ago

    Me too 😂😂

  • Space Pope
    Space Pope2 hours ago

    “Counterfeiters of replacement parts are only interested in maximizing their profit” that is ironic

  • Hans Cabrera
    Hans Cabrera3 hours ago

    That was so nicely :D

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz2 hours ago

    Glad you liked it!

  • Syed ali raza shamsi
    Syed ali raza shamsi3 hours ago


  • Vishvajeet Desai
    Vishvajeet Desai3 hours ago

    Mine favourite car of merc is AMG E63s. What a beast it is♥️

  • Vishvajeet Desai
    Vishvajeet DesaiHour ago

    Thank you 😊.

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzHour ago

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

  • Vishvajeet Desai
    Vishvajeet DesaiHour ago

    Yess for sure. But G has legacy and its design is ahead of its time always and off capabilities that u take it anywhere thats make G a perfect Machine Dream Car🤙🏻💯♥️.

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzHour ago

    Ah yes, both of these stars are versatile and gives you that extra vroom as well. 😜

  • Vishvajeet Desai
    Vishvajeet Desai2 hours ago

    It difficult though but I would choose G63 i just love the machine. We can take this beast anywhere we want. E63 & G63 are mine most favourite 😍 machines.Big love from India 🇮🇳.

  • Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
    Artes Pintura Ana Estrela3 hours ago


  • FIFAgod 36
    FIFAgod 363 hours ago

    Looks like Lamborghini aventdor

  • Itz Gaming with Jaron
    Itz Gaming with Jaron4 hours ago


  • robert cringie
    robert cringie4 hours ago

    Kids be like OMG Benefactor Kreiger!

  • Athul. Rb
    Athul. Rb4 hours ago

    The smell and taste of petrol will be always in hearts ♥️Love you mercedes

  • Camden Markley
    Camden Markley5 hours ago

    i love crashing disliked the commercial

  • YouTube Algorithm
    YouTube Algorithm5 hours ago

    Im so exited to buy ut in the year 2048

  • Mohannad Faris
    Mohannad Faris5 hours ago

    Mercedes Benz is better than the BMWs

  • Muhammad shahid Shahid
    Muhammad shahid Shahid5 hours ago

    With wilson I’ll get this in a week😎 ✅

  • an normal ghost rider
    an normal ghost rider6 hours ago


  • KungUn
    KungUn6 hours ago

    Terrible to car to drive during a sunny day

    CHEE HOE CHEEK6 hours ago

    More beautiful than Tesla 🤓🤓🤓

    ME JALIX7 hours ago

    Ihr könnt den doch genau so verkaufen??? So viele Leute würden den EQS kaufen. Es gibt nichts wirklich nichts vergleichbares und bis die andern firmen auf einem Level sind dauert es locker noch 3 Jahre. Zudem würdet ihr das Automobil im ganzen 10 Jahre nach vorne katapultieren. Habt ihr auch schon über ein Wasserstoff Vision Car nachgedacht?

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz5 hours ago

    We strongly believe that the future is electric, so our concept vehicles are basically produced taking this certainty into consideration. On the other hand, we will do our best to keep the EQS as close as possible to its prototype! 😊

  • Toyotasupraboy 57
    Toyotasupraboy 577 hours ago

    Nice Ad! And i Love chickens.Thank you!👍😃

  • ヴァンラーレンタカー
    ヴァンラーレンタカー7 hours ago

    Mercedes is the best car ever I love you Mercedes You are the best

  • BottleOJamie
    BottleOJamie7 hours ago

    Hahaha, easily the best and funniest Mercedes Benz ads I've seen

  • Lewis The Reviewer
    Lewis The Reviewer7 hours ago

    That’s just tight if they like crashing car don’t take it away from them

  • Maylén Susaña Minaya
    Maylén Susaña Minaya7 hours ago

    Mike Horn is inspiration and motivation. We have a lot to learn from him. He's in Svalbard now. Let's follow to see his experiences there and share with others. #positiveenergy #mikehorn #mikehornexplorer

  • Stoke Brothers
    Stoke Brothers8 hours ago

    Never stop bro

  • Aleksa Vasic
    Aleksa Vasic8 hours ago

    That steering wheel will never make it to the production because it's not practical and it's not legal... and you can't even opet the windows on the concept car so it's won't look as sleek

  • Ceren Buhur
    Ceren Buhur8 hours ago

    So great interior and exterior wish we see S class exterior can't wait Hope it's good like EQS ' exterior

  • Bayzid Rahman
    Bayzid Rahman8 hours ago

    Tesla is in danger

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz8 hours ago


  • Mayuresh Gawali
    Mayuresh Gawali9 hours ago

    Lucky car enthusiast, i wish im there♥️

  • CrazyHex YT 2 channel
    CrazyHex YT 2 channel9 hours ago

    My top 1 of my favorite German car :D

  • CrazyHex YT 2 channel
    CrazyHex YT 2 channel9 hours ago

    Where I can buy it?

  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz8 hours ago

    These toys are not on sale, as they were made on purpose for this commercial.

  • Ваня Носенко
    Ваня Носенко10 hours ago

    this version of the track sounds better than the whole album, I need this version

  • Nitish Narayanan
    Nitish Narayanan10 hours ago

    Pin my comment mercedes, love you

  • Paul He
    Paul He10 hours ago

    Es ist immernoch eine Vision. Still a Vision