2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! MERCEDESBENZ's largest collection of automotive variety! In today's video, we'll take an up close and personal, in depth look at the all new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550.
MSRP pricing for the S550, before options, begins at:
Standard: $92,900
A model such as the one we have here, with options MSRPs just under $120,000. The Magic Body Control suspension is an additional $4450
During this presentation, we will take a 1st person look at what the vehicle is all about beginning with the start up, performance data, fuel economy, the occasional track data, and build quality. Also, I will teach you how to use most of the interior and exterior features in a detailed fashion, that before, you could only get from going to a dealership yourself! Throughout the video, I will highlight key styling and unique differences about the vehicle, any available options, and of course it would not be an enthusiast car video without the good ole engine portion with rev and exhaust note with interior and exterior perspectives. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.
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  • Brendan Stein
    Brendan Stein4 hours ago

    My dad has this except the front end is a little different (below the grill) and it's in gray with black interior

  • Blan Kii
    Blan Kii14 days ago

    By 2027 i will get one

  • jayce jayce
    jayce jayce18 days ago


  • ColdBoltz
    ColdBoltzMonth ago


  • William Anderson
    William AndersonMonth ago

    The steering wheel is happy

  • Drew King
    Drew King3 months ago

    Kyle I know u drove this and a charger.. which would u get 2015 s550 or 2020 widebody scatpack?

  • Andrew White

    Andrew White

    2 months ago

    I would get s550 its more special then a crappy fca product

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez3 months ago

    Son buenos videos mas todos los que le gustan los carros

  • The King
    The King4 months ago

    Got to say Sir you have the Best Car Reviewing Skills in the World!!!!

  • M R
    M R5 months ago

    Stands on my driveway! :)))

  • John caldwell
    John caldwell7 months ago


  • Bad business’s Gamer
    Bad business’s Gamer8 months ago

    when u open the car the sound look like the new sound

  • Ara Nero
    Ara Nero9 months ago

    Your videos are good , god bless

  • Baby G-Wagon
    Baby G-Wagon9 months ago

    Great video! Really getting to know the S-Class quite well now... I’m in the market to buy one so now I can’t wait!!

  • Auto Trimmers
    Auto Trimmers9 months ago

    Is this car expensive to maintain

  • Was good My people
    Was good My people11 months ago

    Not trying to be rude but you talk to much

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.11 months ago

    This would now be a great buy for 35-40k

  • John Green
    John GreenYear ago

    Another thorough review!

  • Captain TF77
    Captain TF77Year ago

    Is this car worth buying used?

  • K-1 Fighter
    K-1 FighterYear ago

    i like the old one better.

  • Deont'e
    Deont'eYear ago

    They are a nice drive wonder why us owners have been dicthing them so quickly...😂

  • Faiiryliigxts
    FaiiryliigxtsYear ago

    Damn those doors tho... *THICC*

  • Victim Hood
    Victim HoodYear ago

    It doesn't have a suction mechanism ffs!

  • Brad Mason
    Brad MasonYear ago

    Great video, even years later

  • MrPaddywack2001
    MrPaddywack2001Year ago

    To unreliable......buy a superb never breakdown and are bigger in the back

  • IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*

    IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*

    Year ago

    No you buy a Lexus instead. The LS models.

  • IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*
    IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*Year ago

    You could buy a Corvette Z06 with this money! If you were to buy this car in 2018 used, you'd be paying $45,000. Yes, it depreciates rapidly.

  • Mario The memer
    Mario The memerYear ago

    What is the name of the song played at 22:50

  • Andrew White

    Andrew White

    Year ago

    aaplause by lady gaga

  • DL - 08GK - David Leeder MS (1544)
    DL - 08GK - David Leeder MS (1544)Year ago

    Fudging old

  • AliiPlaysRoblox
    AliiPlaysRoblox2 years ago

    Thank You !

  • AliiPlaysRoblox
    AliiPlaysRoblox2 years ago

    WOW! I can’t believe this car is so amazing . You should be called a GeniusKyleOfTheCars . Your such an expert in car videos . I wish I can have this Mercedes when I grow up !

  • Lusso Motorsports
    Lusso Motorsports2 years ago

    Actually the front roof glass does slide all the way back :)

  • K R I S S
    K R I S S2 years ago

    new generation, new s class, BEAST

  • P G
    P G2 years ago

    Once you drive one of these you will never want to drive anything else. 4.7L V8 Biturbo smokes them all!

  • Alejandro Acuna
    Alejandro Acuna2 years ago


  • Ayman Babamir
    Ayman Babamir2 years ago

    These expensive car are only for looks and name only.A friend of mine had a 2011 g class 2 years later all four shocks were broken

  • CastrejonHDTV
    CastrejonHDTV2 years ago

    Can I buy one of these and put a Toyota/Lexus engine on it? I love Mercedes but hate that they're unreliable.

  • K R I S S

    K R I S S

    2 years ago

    buy a s350, s550 it's too much

  • Tonuja Mubashira
    Tonuja Mubashira2 years ago

    Cool man!

  • IntoTheSky
    IntoTheSky2 years ago

    Anyone else notice the fuel gauge drop from 10% to 5% between two consecutive shots?

  • Jack Scranton
    Jack Scranton2 years ago


  • P. Hope
    P. Hope2 years ago

    Twin Turbo V8

  • Liam Richards
    Liam Richards2 years ago

    Rolls Royce Says that they're new phantom 8 is the most luxurious car I don't think so s class Is still the most luxurious car

  • Railfan Andrew
    Railfan Andrew2 years ago

    I've heard these things have extremely cushy rides.

  • Yusuf Kwana
    Yusuf Kwana2 years ago

    Hey Saabkyle you usually waste so much time in front interior of vehicle instead of rear lol reduce we used our money to subscribe your channel not yours stop that.

  • Zakaria Morningstar
    Zakaria Morningstar2 years ago

    This car is way nicer than Rolls Royce and Bentley. It is also cheaper. For some reason, where I live (Trinidad and Tobago), there are about five Rolls Royces and 3 Bentleys. There is only one S550 on the road and one S63 AMG. I dont know why people just buy this one which is cheaper and better. (Not saying that Rolls and Bentley are bad cars because they're great)

  • Micheal Ottoson
    Micheal Ottoson3 years ago

    In a few years the car is gonna lose value tho

  • Mattx 13_

    Mattx 13_

    2 years ago

    Micheal Ottoson a 2014 has already lost about 40k since 2014

  • GOW
    GOW3 years ago

    InshAllah one day....

    JOEY GERRITY3 years ago

    got thier vehicles runnin on low?

  • Dylan Shapiro
    Dylan Shapiro3 years ago

    Can you please do an in depth review of the s600 maybach

  • Hassaan Irshad
    Hassaan Irshad3 years ago

    Plz do a review on the new maybach s600 plz

  • brandon c.
    brandon c.3 years ago

    sounds so much better than the S63

  • Tarek Hasan
    Tarek Hasan3 years ago

    Would this be worth buying with 20k miles on it? How reliable are they?

    LA LAVANDERIA DI LORY3 years ago

    max velocity is 160???

  • Syed Ghazi
    Syed Ghazi3 years ago

    beats the hell out of Tesla

  • Wolf
    Wolf3 years ago

    I'm watching your video while sitting in my s550 lol and don't ask about my BMW logo pic

  • Juan Borrero
    Juan Borrero3 years ago

    Why do you rev the car on eso mode?

  • Ima smokaahh
    Ima smokaahh3 years ago

    This isn't awd right ?

  • Malik Emad

    Malik Emad

    3 years ago

    Ima smokaahh its rwd

  • revolver
    revolver4 years ago

    The only thing i hate about this car is that i dont have it

  • Ferrari Testarossa

    Ferrari Testarossa

    3 years ago

    Alumniv me too bro!

  • Alpzepta
    Alpzepta4 years ago

    This one is keyless on your s65 AMG video you used the key

  • Jakobly


    4 years ago

    that's like that for every v12 Mercedes I think. gives it more of a direct feel or something

  • Preston Liddell
    Preston Liddell4 years ago

    Ur the man kyle

  • Iván
    Iván4 years ago

    so annoying voice..huuuuh

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel4 years ago

    it's funny, when the video starts the fuel level is 10%, at 16:29 is 5% lol

  • raiden derp

    raiden derp

    4 years ago

    it shows 5% 3:36 too

  • Patrick Langan

    Patrick Langan

    4 years ago


  • Youtube Channel

    Youtube Channel

    4 years ago

    i still prefer the classic dashboard :D

  • Patrick Langan

    Patrick Langan

    4 years ago

    Makes me wonder why we need a fuel percentage meter instead of a fuel gauge anyway.