This is the SECRET Mercedes-Benz Collection! EXCLUSIVE ACCESS

These are the secret halls of the Mercedes-Benz collection! With special exclusive access, we can take a look through some of the storage rooms to explore the Formula 1 cars, racecars, concepts, safety vehicles and road going supercars that are kept by the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
During a visit to Germany with both Mercedes-Benz and MERCEDESBENZ to shoot some special VR180 videos that you can see here: - I had the opportunity to discover this fantastic facility. In total there are 11 halls and here we visit just 2 of them to get a taster for the selection that are held.
On the racecar front we have the likes of Lewis Hamilton's 2015 World Championship winning F1 car, to the entire history of DTM including numerous winners like the car of Bernd Schneider. From there we also have the Dubai 24hr winning SLS AMG GT3 along with some SLR 722 GTs.
Surrounding them there are lines of concept and vision cars that were introduced to hint towards future models, and demonstrate new technology. Along with those there are also one-offs that then never made it into final production as well as engineering cars that tested the eventual final models. For the supercars, standing out to me of course is the extraordinary, one-of-25 SLR McLaren Stirling Moss open-topped roadsters.
A huge thanks from me to the team at Mercedes-Benz Classic and to MERCEDESBENZ for arranging this opportunity to visit and see a location that hasn't been shared before!
Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee1507 months ago

    What an amazing opportunity to visit a secret location filled with a huge amount of Mercedes-Benz history! See even more in VR180 in the full video here:

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    7 months ago

    They have a BMW M1 Sauber F1 car for sale here in Sweden for around 800k pounds. @Shmee150

  • Mr. GTO

    Mr. GTO

    7 months ago

    Thank you Tim..!! What a fantastic storage collection of Mercedes race history and even prototypes..!!

  • airtaiH2


    7 months ago

    Shmee150 that was an f-cel in the hall with the Sterling Moss! Hydrogen fuel cell is what makes an electric vehicle really shine. Near zero emissions at the point of use, with a full tank fill of H2 in just a couple minutes. Mine hydrogen with sun, wind, unused, or wasted energy sources and create wealth,health, liberty and prosperity for ALL people of the planet. Ride Clean & Save Green! Ditch the deadly DIEsel and toxic gasoline

  • Anmol Singh

    Anmol Singh

    7 months ago

    Make a reunion video with OG guys.. Seen through glass, Mr JWW amd SOL

  • HC CH
    HC CH7 days ago

    I have one for sale, low miles, no rust, 2008 diesel blutec, beautiful .Let me know if you’re interested

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  • Nishar Mohammad Asif
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  • Jo Oving
    Jo Oving3 months ago

    super mooie auto,s

  • Gears & Needles
    Gears & Needles5 months ago

    this should be a museum what

  • Hamed MJ
    Hamed MJ5 months ago

    Where is CLK GTR??

  • Khaled Ahmed
    Khaled Ahmed5 months ago

    سياراتي تبقى عندكم حتى ااتي انا اليكم

  • சிவாய நம ஓம்
    சிவாய நம ஓம்5 months ago

    I love 1982 model w201

  • BossingtonHill Forever
    BossingtonHill Forever6 months ago

    Most interesting car of this collection was the 190 hatch

  • Ash Welch
    Ash Welch6 months ago

    No clk gtr??

  • George Gagishvili
    George Gagishvili7 months ago

    Fantastic, thank you very for sharing Tim. That is huge dream of mine to visit that mind blowing storage spaces during my lifetime .

  • Martin M
    Martin M7 months ago

    SLR 722 nice....Stirling Moss SLR nice....West livery Merc McLaren F1 = AWWW MAAAHH FACKEN GAWD.

  • guitar911rock
    guitar911rock7 months ago

    why wouldnt hamilton keep the cars for himself?

  • Anthony Urban
    Anthony Urban7 months ago

    Wow, wow, wow!!! Your best video ever. Great Mercedes fan

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  • Shawn Paradox
    Shawn Paradox7 months ago

    I see a ton of DTM cars and I'm still pissed they left DTM.... don't care... I'm still a massive Mercedes-AMG fan

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  • Jonathan G.
    Jonathan G.7 months ago

    Il take a Tesla 3 over any of that crap

  • skconstructions S
    skconstructions S7 months ago

    The Mercedes-Benz Car Collection was Mechatronik

  • Domenico Palumberi
    Domenico Palumberi7 months ago

    Are you sponsored by Mercedes?

  • John Anvil
    John Anvil7 months ago

    Scotty kilmers worst nightmare

  • w w
    w w7 months ago

    First car is csc=concept style coupe=cla

  • EAM25
    EAM257 months ago

    Those circle headlights are such a classic and iconic design, the nowadays designs are just too ugly and mainstream..

  • Suleman Joosab
    Suleman Joosab7 months ago

    Mom: do u want to watch captain hook? Me: No i prefer watching shmee

  • LKA
    LKA7 months ago

    I’m more hyped about all the A-Class, CLS.. than the F1

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  • Astro
    Astro7 months ago

    All of this, but still no CLK GTR! :(

  • Gerard Pritchard
    Gerard Pritchard7 months ago

    What an incredibly special collection! You certainly know your car trivia!

  • Karlo Ivančić
    Karlo Ivančić7 months ago

    Whos here before 250k views?

  • kbdw
    kbdw7 months ago

    I love DTM racing

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    Florian E.7 months ago

    So many Formula 1 cars 😀👍🏻

  • Marco Calvano
    Marco Calvano7 months ago

    Was top secret

  • mereclander
    mereclander7 months ago

    The second garage is amazing!!!!

  • Johannes Franck
    Johannes Franck7 months ago

    so you’re 30? thought you were much older 😳

  • James Pugh
    James Pugh7 months ago

    Some awsome one off and some high end racecars .

  • Tshepo Ncamane
    Tshepo Ncamane7 months ago

    I think your access to the manufacturers is near unmatched on MERCEDESBENZ

  • A. B.
    A. B.7 months ago

    Only thecsame f1 car and concept... Nothing special and plsa u speack slowly becouse make me dizzy

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
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  • Adam James
    Adam James7 months ago

    McLaren Mercedes V10 > Mercedes V6T

  • Bas Walonker
    Bas Walonker7 months ago

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  • Rahul Pinto
    Rahul Pinto7 months ago

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    Matthew B7 months ago

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  • Jerrijoe Alerta
    Jerrijoe Alerta7 months ago

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  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones7 months ago

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  • Bill Nastali
    Bill Nastali7 months ago

    Fun to see the precursor of my beloved SLK 230! Loving this type of post...

  • baseigs
    baseigs7 months ago

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  • Jared Stuart
    Jared Stuart7 months ago

    The total value of everything in the room must be INSANE!

  • leepearsons
    leepearsons7 months ago

    I assume one of those F1 cars was driven by Schumacher ?

  • Matt S
    Matt S7 months ago

    Wouldn't be a shmee video without pointing and naming cars...

  • DK
    DK7 months ago

    Any nice Mercedes W190.

    BULLET PROOF7 months ago

    Wow Shmee, I love your new garage! I know you were trying to find the perfect spot and all but I never imagined you would go this far lol. My only question is that I'm guessing the other cars are either still all over the globe and haven't made it home yet or they are on a different floor/room? Anyway this is truly an amazing line up of cars, thank you for sharing!

  • MoNsT3R MooDy
    MoNsT3R MooDy7 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video , while watching i was melting , all those rare cars , from an awesome person like you its all amazing , and i really enjoyed the story you were telling about each car , thanks mate❤️❤️

  • Pedro Gregori
    Pedro Gregori7 months ago

    Amazing but missing a CLK GTR

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    Ramzi S7 months ago

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