2001 Mercedes Benz E430 - Rainy POV Test Drive by Tedward (Binaural Audio)

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  • Johnson RoS
    Johnson RoS5 days ago

    2001 I was not in the world man

  • kweku boakye
    kweku boakye8 days ago

    Very quiet for an 8 cylinder car

  • Bursting Bass
    Bursting Bass9 days ago

    Is your left mirror adjustment broken? How do you want to see anything in this completely false adjusted mirror?

  • Angelica Pattishaw
    Angelica Pattishaw10 days ago


  • Juan Jose Pulido Plascencia
    Juan Jose Pulido Plascencia11 days ago

    Nice cars i like driving

  • Letife Alshanova
    Letife Alshanova12 days ago


  • حور الصاعدي
    حور الصاعدي12 days ago

    Niec car 2001 Wold 2019

  • Jalu Badhe
    Jalu Badhe15 days ago


  • Christina Guiltner
    Christina Guiltner17 days ago

    Why would a car have 1 wiper? That's crazy!!!!

  • Angus Chisholme
    Angus Chisholme18 days ago

    Got one and love it

  • Виталий. RUS
    Виталий. RUSMonth ago

    Мда,дорожное покрытие так себе ....

  • CanadaCraig
    CanadaCraigMonth ago

    It drives a lot like a Chrysler 300C. No kidding.

  • Chris84Redfield
    Chris84RedfieldMonth ago

    The single wiper is horrific

    ДАУЛЕТ ШОУMonth ago


  • Ing. Cindy Pérez González
    Ing. Cindy Pérez GonzálezMonth ago

    A clean sound, amazing car 💚💚

  • Ford F-150guy01
    Ford F-150guy01Month ago

    You should do a test Drive on the 04' F150 Lariat 4WD Super Crew cab when it's raining Its gives you childhood memories when you hear the engine roaring of power in 1st gear to 2nd to 3rd gear and when it reaches to the 50 mph mark you'll hear that *UUURRRRRRRRRRR* part which is so nice to hear.

  • Prašivý Kojot
    Prašivý KojotMonth ago

    Which city ?

  • Winding Road Magazine

    Winding Road Magazine

    Month ago


  • Arsha Ch
    Arsha ChMonth ago


  • The Yellow School Bus Dude
    The Yellow School Bus DudeMonth ago

    One of my all time favorite cars to drive

  • Albania_ America
    Albania_ AmericaMonth ago

    why does the temperature stay that low?

  • OmniUltima
    OmniUltimaMonth ago

    I'm a huge fan of one blade wiper.

  • John Z
    John ZMonth ago

    When cars had high quality interiors with no touchsreen gizmos that get full of fingerprints and are outdated and unusable in less than ten years.

  • Stefan Nikolov
    Stefan NikolovMonth ago

    My dad bought a 1999 W210 E200 with the 136hp 2.0 liter M111 motor in 2011 and still drives it. Only thing he has replaced through the years is the clutch (6spd manual) and the paint is fading away, so the car is in need of a complete paint job. I have a 1994 W124 with the same motor and 5spd manual. These are not fast cars, but are unique to drive... Not because of their sharp steering, but because of the way they make you feel! Would love to drive the V8 version!

  • ColdBoltz
    ColdBoltzMonth ago


  • AproapeMasini
    AproapeMasiniMonth ago

    2000 rpm @ 100 kph in a NA petrol, that's the insane power of the 4.3 V8 M113 bullet proof engine.

  • жанок кз
    жанок кз2 months ago

    7:30 ачкарик бл*

  • NintenUHD
    NintenUHD2 months ago

    The beep is so nostalgic to me, we once had a S202 C200 CDI... such a nice car

  • Jonny Joe
    Jonny Joe2 months ago

    I prefer silver color than black

  • Samet BARBAROS
    Samet BARBAROS2 months ago

    mercedes and others 👌🏻

  • сосиска из города грешниц
    сосиска из города грешниц2 months ago

    5:06 на этих трассах можно помыть машину))

  • Albin Tiro
    Albin Tiro2 months ago


  • Kasper Yu
    Kasper Yu2 months ago

    Best E ever

  • Bayram J
    Bayram J2 months ago

    I used to have one like this... AMG version. Very good car

  • BranditoLee
    BranditoLee2 months ago

    where do you live sir

  • ZеnYA M
    ZеnYA M2 months ago


  • CSB
    CSB2 months ago


  • William Wallace
    William Wallace2 months ago

    I had the E290 TD what a fun car to drive

  • Kalashnikov
    Kalashnikov2 months ago

    That's Rain sound very comfortable than car

  • bacon.-.sofa
    bacon.-.sofa2 months ago

    Wtf happened @ 0:50 ?

  • Mohamed Titraoui
    Mohamed Titraoui3 months ago

    I want one so bad now

  • Reality Edition
    Reality Edition3 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed it’s only one windshield wiper?

  • Sknerus
    Sknerus3 months ago

    Remember when my parents wanted to buy a car so they went to try out an E Class. It was of the same generation. It had if I remember correctly a 3.2 V6. So my dad put me in the passenger seat and floored it on the highway and I remember till this day that I felt the acceleration force just squeezing me into the seat and only thing I could see was the sky... Brilliant memory remembered to this day. It turned out this car was stolen so we didn't buy it.

    MUSTASHEO lll3 months ago

    Lol one windshield wiper?

  • Јован
    Јован3 months ago

    E420 not 430

  • حسين الفارس hussein Al faris
    حسين الفارس hussein Al faris3 months ago


  • KazaXXX
    KazaXXX3 months ago

    и куда я попал

  • Mauricio Elias Gaona Mendieta
    Mauricio Elias Gaona Mendieta3 months ago

    I just love driving while raining

  • MonsterBlack 0642
    MonsterBlack 06423 months ago

    RUST HAS ENTERED THE CHAT... Just joking love this car

  • Jose Luis Espinoza Castillo
    Jose Luis Espinoza Castillo3 months ago


  • Revan Rehimov
    Revan Rehimov4 months ago


  • Buniatbek Kalbekov
    Buniatbek Kalbekov4 months ago


  • GTA V
    GTA V4 months ago

    sir thank you for your sound effects

  • Armenyan Gamer
    Armenyan Gamer4 months ago

    W ?

  • TheTechCguy
    TheTechCguy4 months ago

    Once drove a '94 C class sedan. Great ride, but not cheap to own/maintain, of course.

  • Lima’s Bean hut
    Lima’s Bean hut4 months ago

    I have a 99 different steering wheel

  • Wesley
    Wesley4 months ago

    That windshield wiper is badass

  • SovietUnion100
    SovietUnion1004 months ago

    I got an E320 but its dyin to rust man

  • 1tokeover
    1tokeover4 months ago

    Imagine the centrifugal force at the end of that giant wiper blade.

  • Орхан Велиев
    Орхан Велиев4 months ago

    So nice car

  • عراقي الهوى
    عراقي الهوى4 months ago

    اقوى واحلى موديل نزل هو هذا