Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6: Latest member of the G-Class family

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The Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 showcar is not just a new G-Class -- it's a beast. Follow it riding the dunes of the Namibian desert, the perfect place to unleash its power and follow its inner call.
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  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz2 years ago

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  • Arhan369
    Arhan36922 days ago

    Getting it tomo cant wait

  • Its Matas Gacha
    Its Matas GachaMonth ago

    I am a Honda fan but that is MY DREAM CAR

  • Car enthusiast
    Car enthusiast2 months ago


  • Aditya Kad
    Aditya Kad4 months ago

    Key to obstacles!💪❤

  • omar jibrel
    omar jibrel5 months ago

    Wonderful car

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash5 months ago

    Who knew this existed?

    UPPUM MULAKUM6 months ago

    I think this vedio is filmed when top gear filmed

  • Marek Pafčuga
    Marek Pafčuga6 months ago

    Awesome 😯

  • Ijaz Dileep
    Ijaz Dileep7 months ago

    wow best off roader in the world g63 brabus and dream come true for an off roaders 😍😍😍😍😍 double axle

  • Đức Đỗ Hồng
    Đức Đỗ Hồng7 months ago

    This truck can easily bully the Tesla Cybertruck

  • Luke Nichols
    Luke Nichols7 months ago

    Thank you Mercedes for creating a beast of a truck like this

  • Calon sulit di temukan
    Calon sulit di temukan9 months ago


  • Lindo Dladla
    Lindo Dladla9 months ago

    I simply love it..its a beautiful beast🌹♥️

  • Car Guy
    Car Guy10 months ago

    Land Rover: We build luxury Offroad vehicles. Mercedes: Hold my axle

  • R Serkan VERAL
    R Serkan VERAL10 months ago

    03:14 as if nothing happened. Brilliant!

  • Mr. Double Cheez-It’z
    Mr. Double Cheez-It’z10 months ago

    Good luck finding 6 year old comments.

  • ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *
    ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *11 months ago

    I wish i could have one of these and a SHERP

  • ibrahim MH
    ibrahim MH11 months ago

    اللهم بقدرتك ياقدير يارزاق ياذو القوة المتين ارزقني بمثله وكل من عجبهم هذه السيارة

  • 23:59
    23:5911 months ago

    i want him but i don't have money to bay it 😌

  • WAR COW New
    WAR COW New11 months ago

    So its like the big brother

    CLUB AERO11 months ago

    G class a class apart. Sand dune bashing is a child's play.

  • KatlegoMac
    KatlegoMac11 months ago

    You need to add this including the 4X4square to the current G class line up. 🔥

  • Ernesto Erazo

    Ernesto Erazo

    11 months ago

    KatlegoMac factss

  • Niyaz Meah
    Niyaz Meah11 months ago

    Its sad i see this in the streets of London and not off-road

  • Leonidas Potsis

    Leonidas Potsis

    Month ago

    It's sad I don't see it anywhere

  • João Dinis Duarte

    João Dinis Duarte

    2 months ago

    At least you have seen one. I haven't seen any. 😭

  • Yeet Despacito
    Yeet Despacito11 months ago

    Here from Forza?

  • Steve Ngwenya
    Steve Ngwenya11 months ago

    Monster amongst cars

  • Theolin Chetty
    Theolin Chetty11 months ago

    G63, 6x6, 6 years later, 600k views, 65 dislikes

  • Andreas Pham
    Andreas PhamYear ago

    Will Mercedes release the new update for G63 6x6?

  • Lars Verlinden

    Lars Verlinden

    28 days ago

    Andreas Pham i hope so

  • Car Guy

    Car Guy

    10 months ago

    I'm pretty sure.

  • Sparkly Peppr

    Sparkly Peppr

    11 months ago

    Andreas Phạm I hope

    DOC7ORTYear ago

    6x6 likes

  • StigDesign1
    StigDesign1Year ago

    Coolest Mercedes ;D

  • WhiteDoge
    WhiteDogeYear ago

    I came here from forza horizon 4.

  • Nate Malm

    Nate Malm

    Year ago

    Wait it's in Forza? I came from GTA lol

  • Tsoanelo Shepherd
    Tsoanelo ShepherdYear ago

    Mercede s you are doing so many miracles right now

  • Wardo Gangsta
    Wardo GangstaYear ago

    Dodge would have been the first one to do this if they hadn't canceled the Dodge ram T-Rex 6x6

  • Nusscraecker 912
    Nusscraecker 912Year ago

    I don't know why, but this is my absolute favorite car. It's a shame they are so rare and expensive.

  • Nate Malm

    Nate Malm

    Year ago

    Yeah, if you're a lucky millionaire you might be able to purchase this car. Too bad none of us probably are.

  • nkosinathi myende
    nkosinathi myendeYear ago

    the music is a bit much i would have preferred the exhaust noise

  • Tess Peng
    Tess PengYear ago

    With Mercedes commercial, it not only brings me to Himalaya but also the best savage terrains in the world like this in South Africa. Aaaawweeesssooommmeee!! Superb!!...STF

  • Tess Peng
    Tess PengYear ago

    I wanna to have this f-king awesome beast, far better than Obama's one............. STF.............

  • Savith Thiyanga Rajapakse
    Savith Thiyanga RajapakseYear ago

    Mercedes just beat hummer

    LENS TVYear ago

    Good truck Mercedes Benz 6x6 🚜🚜

  • IvanDeeTerrible
    IvanDeeTerribleYear ago

    Canelo brought me here

  • StigDesign1
    StigDesign12 years ago

    Dream Car :D

  • Alin Vasilas
    Alin Vasilas2 years ago

    Intoxicating, the most awesome off road yet tamed vehicle of all time

  • Balázs Noll
    Balázs Noll2 years ago

    Szuper G63 AMG ☺☺☺☺👑👑👑✌👍👊👌Hungary☺☺

  • 李桓
    李桓2 years ago


  • Yo Vlogs
    Yo Vlogs2 years ago


  • Siva Prasanth
    Siva Prasanth3 years ago

    I will difinately buy it in life

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian3 years ago

    What a machine! This video is good, from the music to all the different shots, well done!

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF3 years ago

    IN a world over over-hyped vehicles, only one is this bad-ass and legit

  • Mlungisi Henry
    Mlungisi Henry5 years ago

    Eyooo, nice 6s

  • Kgomotso Segone

    Kgomotso Segone

    5 years ago

    Will drive it soon by the will and grace of The Almighty

  • Kgomotso Segone

    Kgomotso Segone

    5 years ago

    Will drive it soon by the will and grace of The Almighty

  • Mlungisi Henry
    Mlungisi Henry5 years ago

    Eyooo, nice 6s

  • cocacoladog10
    cocacoladog105 years ago

    shows some footage in the snow

  • Trevor Stines
    Trevor Stines5 years ago

    my dream car

  • Kyle Forbes

    Kyle Forbes

    10 months ago

    Its a Truck

  • Joe No hey, hey, hey Rogan
    Joe No hey, hey, hey Rogan6 years ago

    Very nice! How much? And When??? I Like!!!

  • B & M TV

    B & M TV

    Year ago

    Atheist it’s a million dollars

  • Alex Sun
    Alex Sun6 years ago

    fucking YES

  • Adam
    Adam6 years ago

    I just need a test drive!!!

  • Ryan Schoeman

    Ryan Schoeman

    7 days ago

    My friend has one in Cape Town

  • PanzerBlitz
    PanzerBlitz6 years ago

    its what makes it unique, yeah buying tires would be a lil expensive but absolutely nessarary

  • tenk 548

    tenk 548

    3 months ago

    Ok you bought a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6 and you are worrying about the price of the tires.

  • Mr Berry
    Mr Berry6 years ago

    I hope they drop it down to 4 wheels, 6 is silly outside of a post apocalyptic world.

  • Muhammad Shafi Ilham
    Muhammad Shafi Ilham7 years ago

    It's awesome

  • Taylor Berger
    Taylor Berger7 years ago

    And I thought, a Hummer would be cool.

  • TheFireball1552
    TheFireball15527 years ago

    how much?