The all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The all-new A-Class is coming to the US for the first time, arriving early 2019. Now you can cross owning a Mercedes-Benz, and endless other items, off your bucket list.
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  • Femi Aliu
    Femi Aliu2 months ago

    I’d really like a list of all the locations/towns/cities in this add. Would love to visit them all.

  • Alpha Romeo
    Alpha Romeo6 months ago

    هادي حلمي يارب ترزقني وحدة مثل هادي

  • Alpha Romeo
    Alpha Romeo6 months ago

    Plz one like this plz plz

  • Reese Dengler
    Reese DenglerYear ago

    Hey Mercedes: How did you film that commercial in Seattle and not manage to get any homeless camps in the background?

  • Tarun Mukund
    Tarun MukundYear ago

    Low price, lot of features.

  • S-4
    S-4Year ago

    was cool seeing our town in the commercial, good commercial

  • Femi Aliu

    Femi Aliu

    2 months ago

    What town is that please? If love to recreate the trip in the ad someday...

  • minister Kev mueni
    minister Kev mueniYear ago


  • Ali Oks
    Ali OksYear ago

    Where do I sign up for that adventure and the car? Lol 😫😍

  • zjkingsley7
    zjkingsley7Year ago

    I think this trip might cost as much as the car...

  • impetus
    impetusYear ago

    Biggest dream

  • James Postle
    James PostleYear ago

    i wish i was a rich millenial.

  • JesseAlan33
    JesseAlan33Year ago

    When can I buy one?

  • Gerard Martín

    Gerard Martín

    Year ago

    in Spain arrives in two weeks

  • مريم فارس
    مريم فارسYear ago

    Best Car, Bast Company

  • S Lang
    S LangYear ago

    Only one who thinks the assistant is pissed off