Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything

In a time when “car” was not even a word yet, and people relied on horses to pull their wagons, one woman challenged the status quo. To prove to the world that her husband’s invention was the future of mobility, Bertha Benz went on the first long-distance journey with an automobile, facing all kinds of challenges but stopping at nothing. The rest, as they say, is history.
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  • hari shankar gupta
    hari shankar gupta3 hours ago

    Kitna b movie dikhalo...Benz toh afford nh kar sakta ....maafi dedo benz bhai

  • A-Carlos Sierra
    A-Carlos SierraDay ago

    Great Commercial Mercedes Benz...... Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of Witch Craft.

  • kavin anil
    kavin anilDay ago

    But still many can't offord a Benz even now.

  • Константин Витт
    Константин ВиттDay ago

    Хорошие автомобили это искусство! 👍💪👏

  • patilpratik611
    patilpratik6112 days ago

    People still be like bmw in better than MERCEDES dude you got your bm just because Mercedes existed 🤘🏼

  • flyingdutchman _
    flyingdutchman _2 days ago

    this commercial would be better in german language

  • Alur
    Alur2 days ago

    Bertha's Journey by Steffan Thum & Lorne Balfe. The music is very fitting to the cinematics. I really hope I could find it on Spotify :(

  • Bas
    Bas2 days ago

    I dont think they were that superstitious, they’ve seen mechanical gizmos before, all this tech didnt happen over night

  • omsra1
    omsra13 days ago

    I would rather see it with German-speaking actors, not with British, you could have used subtitles. In my opinion, you ruined the whole campaign and it's a pity because the idea of presenting history is perfect.

  • remy69400
    remy694003 days ago

    me too i drive a car and nobody does a film about me ... =D

  • Alex Shuysky
    Alex Shuysky3 days ago

    Why they speak English in Baden-Wurtenberg?

  • Alex Shuysky
    Alex Shuysky3 days ago

    Bitch if I saw someone riding that shit down my road I'll be superstitious too! 🤣

  • M. B.
    M. B.4 days ago

    Heute machen Elektro-Mobilisten ähnliches durch. Man wird von unwissenden komisch angeschaut und nicht ernst genommen. Weil man ja kein "richtiges" Auto fährt. Die Leute sind halt dumm.

  • andrianto hermawan
    andrianto hermawan4 days ago

    First driver was a woman ?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    4 days ago

    The first one to drive over a long distance!

  • Sayi Manoj
    Sayi Manoj5 days ago

    People are always afraid of things they can't understand or beyond their comprehension. Inspiring.

  • Lerin Sebastian
    Lerin Sebastian5 days ago


  • Azat Fazıl
    Azat Fazıl5 days ago

    İt is feminism

  • Ak fun time
    Ak fun time6 days ago

    Is their any way I could watch this full movie?

    RAJ ESH6 days ago

    the small girl is freakish though this is classic

  • Menang Banyak Om
    Menang Banyak Om6 days ago

    The best or nothing

  • Jezreel TseTse
    Jezreel TseTse7 days ago

    i watched it multiple times that's to capture a beautiful story in short inspiring story

    VISH NU7 days ago

    If this was in India it would be her last journey :P

  • Ashish Mitkari
    Ashish Mitkari8 days ago

    Yes... she poisioned horses. Through car revolution...

  • Na I
    Na I8 days ago

    Y..... Sí Fue en 🇩🇪 en ningún otro sitio del mundo Tanke 💪🏻 Cuna de civismo, prodigio de inteligencia y mujeres competentes

  • Sketo Twa
    Sketo Twa8 days ago

    So no one is talking about our boi Karl the disrespect

  • Jack L
    Jack L9 days ago

    Well ,today in many places in the world ploughs still being pulled by humans

  • Raju Panday
    Raju Panday9 days ago

    It is the one of the greatest innovation ever happened to mankind

  • Raditya Nugraheni
    Raditya Nugraheni11 days ago

    I will happily buy the ticket for a full movie version in cinema. Awesome ads.

  • Usman Mahmood
    Usman Mahmood12 days ago

    Truly its not just an ad but a lesson to learn.“Never lose hope"!!!!!!ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MERCEDES👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Sui Loong Yong
    Sui Loong Yong12 days ago

    So that the first car , trackless train.

  • puneeth TITAN
    puneeth TITAN12 days ago

    She changed the way everybody perceives the world

  • Ammar Shahzad
    Ammar Shahzad12 days ago

    Beee M Veee ❤️

  • my name is good boye
    my name is good boye13 days ago

    This is one of the few videos which made me cry without knowing why.

  • Nicole Manier
    Nicole Manier14 days ago

    Mercedes das Auto, mit dem alles anfing, ein Traum würde war....

  • Sidali Liverpool
    Sidali Liverpool14 days ago

    You give me a new hope and a new dream. Thank you Benz

  • Mercedes-Benz


    14 days ago

    You are welcome! 😊

  • Anirudh P Anand
    Anirudh P Anand15 days ago

    The documentary must be titled, 'Bertha Benz: A lady who changed the thoughts of the people that ligroin is used only for poisoning horses'. Lots of love to the Mercedes Benz company. I love your cars.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alaa Alaa
    Alaa Alaa15 days ago

    The best or nooooooooooooooooothing

  • WPS Tv
    WPS Tv17 days ago

    Who watches in 2020 🥳🥳

  • Ella
    Ella17 days ago

    Femeie cu adevarat!

  • MrDogeYT
    MrDogeYT17 days ago

    Ford: we made the first car! Mercedes: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • MrDogeYT


    6 days ago

    sobahi Both ya your right Mercedes #1

  • sobahi Both

    sobahi Both

    6 days ago

    But mercedes is the best ever and the best than ford

  • Infinite Videos
    Infinite Videos18 days ago

    Every thing in this video is powerful personality, sound and vision which is change the world. This video deserve 👍🏻

  • Жизнь На Кубани
    Жизнь На Кубани19 days ago


  • Turefu2
    Turefu219 days ago

    An interesting advert. However is not historically accurate. In 1888 trains were very common and people already used to iron machines moving without horses. There's no evidence Bertha suffered any abuse from people, who saw her in the journey. In contrary: they were amazed and helpful. When wooden brakes in the vehicle failed, local shoemaker padded them with leather for her. Still, it was extremely bold of Bertha to do so. Her husband didn't know and told her machine wasn't ready to be seen by public. She did it to be seen and those day name of respectable woman was acceptable in the newspaper only as obituary.

  • Skari monst
    Skari monst19 days ago

    She invented it!? Or just drove it.

    MASSTERZINGER19 days ago

    Mercedes was unreliable even then?

  • Made in 87
    Made in 8719 days ago

    Song name??

  • muhammed Rashik
    muhammed Rashik19 days ago

    Love Mercedes Benz from kerela India

  • MyusernamesSANS robloxian
    MyusernamesSANS robloxian19 days ago

    I feel so bad for the woman I really want to help here

  • Tony Chowdhury
    Tony Chowdhury19 days ago

    The legends never become in one day!

  • Danheim
    Danheim20 days ago

    I don't like this commercial. Why? She travelled for 12 hours. Ok. She believed in... Herself. Nice. But how many hours spent her Husband, creating this first car? Making calculations, experimenting? Failing over and over? 12 hours? How much intellectual work was done before he made it? How much energy and labor did he put into It? And finally: his wife "Changed our lives". Don't you feel something is wrong? No? Really? Yes. I understand this commercial. It's really emotionally well made for people, who believes that 12 hours of sitting and " fuell shopping" change their lives. That's so romantic and feels so right for believers, but not thinkers. I'm not about "sex fights". I'm about real life and whose who makes it better. I'm about the Truth. Thank you, Carl Benz.

  • MrChewbacca1234


    9 days ago

    Mercedes Benz isn’t saying that Karl Benz is obsolete compared to his wife, they’re just sharing a story you probably never heard of which was also revolutionary at the time and is a key part to the story of Mercedes Benz.

  • 1989 Mazda Miata JDM spec.
    1989 Mazda Miata JDM spec.20 days ago

    If not her. I would probably won't enjoy my celica today. Gosh, car is such a beatiful invention.

  • Влад Вулкан
    Влад Вулкан20 days ago

    It made me cry... so strong

  • veyyazel
    veyyazel20 days ago

    I need more videos like this about the history of Mercedes-Benz. or the movie, is even better! well done Mercedes! Thank you.

  • Mastafa Ahmed
    Mastafa Ahmed20 days ago

    شركة مارسيدس رهيبه❤️👍👍

  • Sudhakar Paturkar
    Sudhakar Paturkar20 days ago

    imagine if she rides skateboard at that time 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Langdon
    Michael Langdon20 days ago

    I have a question for Mercedes Benz. The visuals , casting, photography and story telling in this video are excellent. The music is especially atmospheric. My question is what is the name of the music used in this video? Was this music commissioned especially or is the music available online? I did try to Shazam the music score but I did not get a match. Any information you can provide about the name and performer of the music track will be appreciated. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  • Sun anemone
    Sun anemone21 day ago

    If I were there and calling her 'a witch', my grand grand grand grand grand children might have been sad today that the woman I called witch, her family is rich and potentially rich even in the future

  • Aucely Costa
    Aucely Costa21 day ago

    👏👏👏👏big woman👏👏👏👏wonderful

  • Stephen K
    Stephen K22 days ago

    She's a witch!

  • Basel is Zephyr
    Basel is Zephyr22 days ago

    Bertha Benz??? More Like Beasta Benz

  • Sri Kanth
    Sri Kanth22 days ago

    I'm still waiting to see this as movie

  • alejandro cruz
    alejandro cruz22 days ago

    That's why I love Germany.

  • MiembroReglamentario
    MiembroReglamentario22 days ago

    Why wasn't this recorded in German????

  • Ankit cs
    Ankit cs22 days ago

    When I see a Mercedes Benz, I see a Undefeatable Emperor. Made to Rule . Love you Mercedes

  • yahya ahmed
    yahya ahmed23 days ago

    This is much more than an advertisement

  • Ovi Rahman
    Ovi Rahman23 days ago

    This ad isn't jst commercial for me it's the way to how remember a mother who loves her child it's remembering a girl who want to sew her father respect woman ❤️

  • Eisernes Kreuz
    Eisernes Kreuz23 days ago

    Mercedes Benz ..Das Beste oder Nichts..

  • Jiffypistol
    Jiffypistol23 days ago


  • Emil Balu
    Emil Balu23 days ago

    From Young just heard one name from father Benz Benz ,might more cars came,faster,more convenient,luxury etc..... Still someone ask you a car for your family,people will be what is the prize of Mercedes Loved that car ,still loving it ,it’s a part of history and it will be One day I will buy hopefully Thanks Mercedes Benz,to making our childhood dreams of a car full with Benz only Lots of love and affection from india

  • Сайид Залов
    Сайид Залов23 days ago

    BMW good car

  • SNFT Community
    SNFT Community23 days ago

    Thats why Mercedes is the daddy of all automobile companies

  • عِنــادْ الصــلاحيٓ
    عِنــادْ الصــلاحيٓ24 days ago

    I enjoyed like I watched a full movie

  • Asma Shoaib
    Asma Shoaib24 days ago

    Wow amazing

  • Ross Minchev
    Ross Minchev24 days ago

    "She believed in herself" wow Mercedes are going WOKE

  • Greasy Hamburger
    Greasy Hamburger24 days ago

    The time when you see women suppose to have equal right

  • beast mode
    beast mode24 days ago

    fuck that bitch

  • Mukamil Khan
    Mukamil Khan24 days ago


  • IREK m
    IREK m24 days ago

    Вообще то изобретателем был Карл Фридрих Бенц. Опять фантастический фильм для фемок, что она изобрела да ничего просто прокатилась на машине мужчины и это приписали ей как великое откритие.

  • Eduardo Toledo
    Eduardo Toledo24 days ago

    Grettings from Colombia

  • Nils Schard
    Nils Schard24 days ago

    Letztens erst im Technikunterricht drüber geredet😅😅