Classic Car Challenge: Grosser Mercedes Vs Rolls-Royce Corniche | Top Gear

Subscribe: Jeremy Clarkson and James May put their classic cars to the test in a battle between the Grosser Mercedes and the Rolls-Royce Corniche.
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  • Hishäm X 88
    Hishäm X 8817 hours ago

    I miss this I miss this I miss this I miss this

  • Rhys Nunnerley
    Rhys Nunnerley3 days ago

    Makes me sad that they're ragging these beautiful cars around 🥺

  • Jewish Memecian
    Jewish Memecian3 days ago

    James May saying "Morgen" is something I never knew I wanted.

  • Meat Hammer
    Meat Hammer6 days ago


  • Windows Helps
    Windows Helps7 days ago

    0:33 Your "Morgen" was pretty good ;-)

  • Paul Nelsonภๆ
    Paul Nelsonภๆ15 days ago

    The merc is stunning. dictators knew luxury.

  • Caleb Louard
    Caleb Louard15 days ago

    Why is this video in 480p? 🤔

  • Liam Butto
    Liam Butto18 days ago

    Is a 1974 Mercedes Benz 450 Sel a good car?

  • G10 06 徐俊宇 Jeremy
    G10 06 徐俊宇 Jeremy18 days ago

    I’ve watched this video like 500 times and I ain’t bored yet

  • sceptical legend
    sceptical legend18 days ago

    Whoever invented mid video ads should be shot in front their family

  • sceptical legend
    sceptical legend18 days ago

    "No they go in caravans" RIP to Clarksons come back

  • Nikos K.
    Nikos K.18 days ago

    "Overpriced like most Mercedes"... said the guy with RR

  • Fire&Ice909
    Fire&Ice90919 days ago

    And yet a Slant Six engine is more reliable than the engines in either of these cars.

  • Bene Hubär
    Bene Hubär20 days ago

    You can buy the Rolls now for half the Money the merc costs today. (Almost 100.000)

  • Vicente Bárzana Álvarez
    Vicente Bárzana Álvarez21 day ago

    I like Mercedez, of corse.

  • Silent Pluto
    Silent Pluto22 days ago

    I lost it when he said " hyundai i o"

  • Luke Sparrow
    Luke Sparrow22 days ago

    It sounds like a plumbers convention!

  • Charel Peffer
    Charel Peffer23 days ago

    C O C K

  • fares bilal
    fares bilal24 days ago

    Mercedes Benz meusieux

  • wholeNwon


    20 days ago


  • GamingFox
    GamingFox24 days ago

    I like the rolls royce, but with the hydros of the merc (Why dont more cars have that auto dropping boot -lid if your hands full?)


    ** 5:23

  • Alen Smiljanic
    Alen Smiljanic24 days ago

    Citroen DS is better than you Mercedes

  • wholeNwon


    20 days ago

    LOTS of things are much better than MB.

  • Paul Anders
    Paul Anders24 days ago

    The RR is such a toad compared to the MB.

  • wholeNwon


    20 days ago

    Grossly over-rated cars, but usually only among those who really don't know very much about cars.

  • Michi Btnr
    Michi Btnr24 days ago

    I just love this mercedes

  • Amir Sohail
    Amir Sohail24 days ago

    What is the price??? 😍😍😍

  • VW Golf
    VW Golf25 days ago

    From the era when cars & people had something outstanding...

  • Tom Collings TC
    Tom Collings TC26 days ago

    Fun fact: Jezzas ex wife bought him the grosser

  • Panaceias Úberes
    Panaceias Úberes26 days ago

    I don't get why I'm getting this video recommend every day for the last year...

  • NotMeowth
    NotMeowth26 days ago


  • Jason Troy
    Jason Troy27 days ago

    That old merc is classic & stylish . The rolls looks miles behind flat and plain .

    INSIDE27 days ago

    Where is Hammond

  • saltyboynice
    saltyboynice28 days ago

    Mercedes would look better in black who agrees

  • Ashraf Sokwalla
    Ashraf Sokwalla29 days ago

    my favourite Mercedes of 60s so beautiful and very sexy face infact no any car can lead Mercedes Benz.

  • 20 K
    20 K29 days ago

    Jeremy matched color of his shoes and his merc 😀

  • jas zg
    jas zg29 days ago

    Germans don't know how to make a quality car.I am a owner of c classe w203 for 14 years by now,and I must say it's the worse car in my life.The car started to rust very fast,there is no any metal protection.Even Kia have a metal protection.The car is totally unreliable.Electronic is always broken.Abs,esp,bas, sensors,even car door locks...just name it.. There is no single part I didn't have to change.Cheap plastic inside also breaking like a cheese.If you wanna a quality car buy yourself a Japanese car .When i see how people's giving credits to mercedes,I know that they never drove or own mercedes.

  • jas zg

    jas zg

    19 days ago

    @VW Golf It's your choice.If you want to repair your car always than do so.Japanese cars are made high quality and they are reliable.You can actually drive them without visiting a service shop every month.I drove many Japanese cars and many germans.So trust me,I know the difference better than you!😁

  • VW Golf

    VW Golf

    19 days ago

    @jas zg I always buy German...i Will NEVER buy japanese OR Korean OR Chinese plastics... NEVER...

  • jas zg

    jas zg

    19 days ago

    @VW Golf Because nobody wants to buy mercedes...Smart people's buying Japanese cars,not unreliable, rusty german ones!

  • VW Golf

    VW Golf

    25 days ago

    Why then do you keep it for 14 years...???

  • Jon Hill
    Jon HillMonth ago

    They should still make cars like this now people would buy them and it would create jobs and make money think about it .it would be good for the economy

  • Itzblackplayz Roblox
    Itzblackplayz RobloxMonth ago

    They both look ugly

  • herman miller
    herman millerMonth ago

    Lord stig

  • KingProne
    KingProneMonth ago

    0:36 loool.

  • A. M.
    A. M.Month ago

    herrlich, ich hatte beide (matchbox, in der tauschbörse gaanz vorne, unverkäuflich..)