Shmee150 Exploring the Holy Halls of Mercedes-Benz

In this episode we enter the Holy Halls of Mercedes-Benz with MERCEDESBENZr Tim Burton @Shmee150 and car expert Michael Abele. Subscribe to the Mercedes-Benz channel so you get notified for new videos here:
Experience exclusively 129 years of Mercedes-Benz automotive history in an oversized garage as different as the models themselves. Among them are more than 100 different concept, series, rally and racing cars such as Lewis Hamilton’s racing car, the C 111-III prototype, 300 SL Coupés, an impressive S-Class W140 saloon and many Formula 1 and DTM cars such as the 450 SLC. Production vehicles such as the A-Class, B-Class and SLK as well as racing cars such as an AMG from the big race in Dubai in 2012 and a C-Class are also stored here. A place that is unobtrusive from the outside and conspicuous from the inside. The space is like a history book that carefully preserves every chapter of the past for posterity. The further development of the automobile becomes clear here. Simply the best or nothing - stored and preserved for eternity in the Holy Halls of Mercedes-Benz.
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    Oh, my god! A RACING MERCEDES-BENZ SLS is something worth to see!!

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    Hi guys I'm Shmee

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    I adore the SLS black series in that amazing colour

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    Nice indeed! 😍

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    These cars so good.

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    Am very happy to see the ambulance in Turkey is Mercedes Benz i am positive you going to be in the hospital in time

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    Yo let me get any of your cars for free u guys already have billions, c'mon it's Christmas 🍻

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    Love the vr 180 stuff only the picture is less sharp than the normal camera

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    Shame the most boring person on planet earth

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    Man i want tesla

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    The mighty mercedes hall is surely MIGHTY

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    I wouldn't call it holy

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    Man i loved this vr video that was awesome!!!

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    honestly i never thought that i would not like a new technology but this 180 degree thing is not my style

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    My dream car collection

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    It's definitely dreamy! 🥰

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    7:49 Anyone know the story of the black formula car?

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    Let’s see if we reveal that in the future. 😉

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    Nothing like some real German technology with Mercedes Benz. Love from Sri Lanka 😍

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    Recorded with a potato

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    Shmee obviously knows nor about the cars than the guy

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    @midway512 Smeg 150 just reads out a press release. He cant even change a wheel or wash his own cars.

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    Im getting bored of Mercedes winning

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    180º isn't enough we need 360º

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    Thanks Tim..!! This storage is FANTASTIC

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    It is hard to believe by Tim (Shmee) has 1.92 million subscribers and Mercedes-Benz has 1.15 million. Incredible! One thing I'd like to know is what is it that is so precious that is is stuffed away in a corner of the motorsports hall under a cover and a word said about it.

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    Lol I’ve been stuck looking at the roof 😂

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    Uhh, this is not true VR180

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    Your automobiles have great great aerodynamics I love your car's body 🤩😍

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    Not a fan of the camera angel moves as u move phone lol 😂

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    Shmee should get allocations for the gt black series and the project one. #YTlegend

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    Just give Shmee the SLS for free or on a massive discount..... He bought like 4 likes in 2 years.....

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    I want this soooooooo much 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    We can't decide if the holy halls or the Museum are the most special place. Perhaps they are equally as special. And the museum you can visit yourself. 😉

  • Muhammad Ashour

    Muhammad Ashour

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    As i am a “Benzhead” for me they are the most special thing ever from now on 🔥

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    Yeah the Holy Halls are pretty special. 🤩

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    This is so cool. MB is on top of the game of social media too ❤

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    VR180 is super cool, gives the vr effect while making it easier to look at what is actually happening

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    so much Sexy Cars slk, DTM, etc ;D that old D2 DTM so sexy :D

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    @AlexX 24 Yes :)

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    A timeless beauty

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    This is cool

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    Thank you very much Mercedes Benz, what a treat to see some of your collection.

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    U guys should sell him an AMG ONE, please! His collection needs this peace of engineering

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    Can I get a hello from Mercedes-Benz please 😇

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    The frequency of the guy saying "like" in this video is peculiar.

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    This will become a potential drinking game video Tim 👊😆

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    Tim is killing it with the content!

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    Shmee150 👎👎👎👎👎 mercedes 🔥🔥🔥 him please he is a renault engine in a benz😂😂😂

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    Do you have this in normal view also ? All these cars look very out of proportion with this 180 ° camera. Pity...

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    That German sense of humour, just kidding its not my crib.

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    I don't like this. It don't look right.

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    I admire this gentleman, recently he collected his new GT R Pro and now he covers Mercedes-Benz Classic. So lucky of him. It's great to see all those great cars but I'm totally curious about the car fully covered and parked at the corner in the second hall Mr. Burton went.🤔 Wait a minute... that SLS Black Series, I just watched it maybe nearly a month ago in Shmee channel and AutotopNL channel featuring Mr. Burton himself.

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    Well spotted. AdamBH _17! 🤩

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    The instant that door opened, my jaw dropped.

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    Mercedes tends to have that effect on people. 😜

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    Really liking this 180 than the 360 versions. Lets you focus on the subject with decent freedom. You should do this for prized garage tours ! Just awesome!

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    That will do too. 😊

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    We're glad you liked it and there's definitely more where that came from. 😉

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