1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SE: The Blau Coupe

Often confused for its four-doored siblings, the Mercedes-Benz W111 Coupe is about as stately as cars come. The first of many a great pillar-less coupe with a three-pointed star on its nose, the W111s are arguably among the most regal automobiles ever produced; here is a car designed to be let into the driveway via remote-controlled wrought iron gates.
For the owner of this 1968 280SE 3.5 Automatic example, Jayesh Patel, it’s all about the luxury and the history embedded in this big coupe. It’s got an automatic gearbox, and while that may leave heel-toe enthusiasts wanting, you don’t buy these cars for their agility and sportiness. This is the ultimate cruiser, a leather-swaddled land yacht that is equal parts engineering triumph and sensory indulgence.
See the photoshoot and read more here: petro.li/MB280SEGallery
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  • Dean Ossiander
    Dean Ossiander5 hours ago

    The Germans got it right when they built these .. now they are a collector's car .. driving in London with the horrible traffic .. NOT

  • Peter Walter
    Peter Walter6 hours ago

    What a beautifull car!!

  • Michael
    MichaelDay ago

    I’m not really Jealous I’m green with Envy. EnJoY in Good Health 🙏🏻👍🏻

  • JR Gb
    JR GbDay ago

    Remember when Mercedes meant quality?

  • JadeRabbit
    JadeRabbitDay ago

    is this china blue?

  • Arjen Robben
    Arjen Robben2 days ago

    This was a real mercedes, not th plastic low quality crap they make today

  • Tim WA dedah
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  • Tupac Bayar
    Tupac Bayar3 days ago

    Who noticed the red Lancia delta in his backyard?

  • carlos costa
    carlos costa3 days ago

    Wonderfull car. The exact same color of my 1980 w123 300d. Awsome.

  • Me Innit
    Me Innit3 days ago

    it is nice

  • Chike Madekwe
    Chike Madekwe3 days ago

    ENVY ENVY ENVY. Beautiful car Sir, thanks for producing the video.

  • Jon Blondell
    Jon Blondell3 days ago

    I've lusted after this car since the first one I saw, 40 years ago. And it was the only one I'd seen for quite a while. At a used Mercedes lot in San Antonio. It was on the line for over 3 years! ???

  • Toni R
    Toni R4 days ago

    A lucky man and a beautiful car...

  • SuperMoscow111
    SuperMoscow1114 days ago

    Enjoy Sir. They have become very expensive . I'm padoga man -;)

  • EricLehner
    EricLehner4 days ago

    Hello from Canada. Mr. Patel seems to be a real gentleman. The car has the perfect home now!

  • Glue
    Glue4 days ago

    The masters of blood diamonds

  • Gerry Reggea
    Gerry Reggea4 days ago

    More love from Kenya

  • Stephanie Ann
    Stephanie Ann4 days ago

    I had a 1970 250 C 2-dr. Mercedes back in the early 90's. I loved that car and everything about it. :)

  • Andrew Rabbitt
    Andrew Rabbitt4 days ago

    This must be fake Petrolicious. Where's the driving gloves?

  • Udai Kandalama
    Udai Kandalama5 days ago

    What a gorgeous car, built at a time when a ride in one of these was just sublime. All the pre 1995 Mercs are worth restoring just because they are engineering Marvels!!!!!

  • Rigor Pérez
    Rigor Pérez5 days ago

    Love the lights one over the other

  • Christopher Bryjowski
    Christopher Bryjowski5 days ago

    Unbelievably beautiful story

  • RecoveringGenius
    RecoveringGenius7 days ago

    Special car. Special owner.

  • Lee Constable
    Lee Constable8 days ago

    Fabulous ! ... But it's sad, and absurd, that 88 people have taken the trouble to show their ignorance by disliking this video.

  • Ben Turnbull
    Ben Turnbull8 days ago


  • Muhammad Jahanzaib
    Muhammad Jahanzaib9 days ago

    What's music from 1:00 to 1:17

  • Andrew Ufnal
    Andrew Ufnal9 days ago

    Probably the best period in Mercedes car design? Love it.

  • The Saint and The Sinner
    The Saint and The Sinner10 days ago

    I have a 67 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow perfectly restored and I know what this man is speaking of. The experience is a joy every single ride.

  • Mattia CH
    Mattia CH11 days ago


  • sam tools
    sam tools11 days ago

    I had a 1972 280 4-door. The view of the car (emblem, hood, fenders/wings) from the driver's seat, just as he described it, is what I remember most.

  • Johan G
    Johan G11 days ago

    What's not to love about that car?: the question that summarizes this video. Indeed, what a shapely and stately car, that's extra special with the history attached to it. It seems to have found its rightful place, so to speak.

  • New Personality
    New Personality11 days ago

    Really cool..lucky to own one

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis12 days ago


  • Stefan Kuip
    Stefan Kuip16 days ago

    realy nice car drive safe..

  • Broomehall
    Broomehall16 days ago

    That is a beautiful piece of engineering and design, stunning colour combo too ..... very special.

  • derrick lusioli
    derrick lusioli17 days ago

    True, rally is big in Kenya

  • John Frei
    John Frei19 days ago

    Wonderful car!

  • Jim Fling
    Jim Fling19 days ago

    I had a 1963 220SEC for about 10 years. It was a European model with a 4 speed manual gearbox and a sunroof. It was completely original. I restored the interior including the wood. I rebuilt the engine at 150,000 miles and drove it an additional 50,000 miles. It was so silent people would step out in front of it. It also had little rolling friction it would coast for more than a mile.

  • Abdul Qadir
    Abdul Qadir20 days ago

    The best MB commercial I have ever seen!!!!

  • Christian Sanden
    Christian Sanden23 days ago

    A absolute masterpiece from a time Mercedes manufactured such awesome cars, that Coupe is just amazing❤️❤️Thanks for that really high class video!

  • MFB Alaska
    MFB Alaska24 days ago


  • iiredeye iiredeye
    iiredeye iiredeye25 days ago

    Another stunning video from Petrolicious. There's something classically beautiful about a Mercedes from this era, a timeless elegance that unfortunately has left their designs nowadays. I think in 40 yrs will will look at the cars of today in the same way as we look at computers from the 80's.

  • Jonathan Pardoe
    Jonathan Pardoe27 days ago

    I have become wealthy recently and I have narrowed my choice of an everyday car to own that will be my daily driver . The choice is now 1/ Jensen Interceptor series 2 or 3 . 2/ Rover 3.5 coupe . 3/ Jaguar XJ12 series 3 4 / Mercedes Benz 220, 250, 280 se coupe . I think my head will rule my heart and I will go for the Mercedes

  • Anttony D'amico
    Anttony D'amico27 days ago

    😍 pure porn on 4 wheels

  • Floris Janmaat
    Floris Janmaat27 days ago

    please make an episode on his integrale!

  • Mr. Cairo
    Mr. Cairo28 days ago

    Harping on and on about pre-production model. The coupes had been out since 1960.....it's an early V8, granted, but is something really a pre-production model if it had been out for 8 years prior save for the powerplant. Regardless. Its beautiful.

  • Cool Katz
    Cool Katz29 days ago

    The engine bay was Amazing !

  • Harkeerat Rai
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  • Ken Duchesneau
    Ken DuchesneauMonth ago

    I've had 3 Mercedes-Benz unbelievable automobile

  • Retro Gurus
    Retro GurusMonth ago

    What a beautiful masterpiece

  • Eric Kimatu
    Eric KimatuMonth ago

    My heart stopped for a minute when he said he lived in Nairobi Kenya. Thumbs up from a classic car enthusiast in Kenya

  • Rick Sterling
    Rick SterlingMonth ago

    Back in the days where the larger the steering wheel, the more luxurious the car.....

  • christdragon
    christdragonMonth ago

    I've seen a Mercedes just like this one for sale on Jamesedition.com. It is simply stunning. A real work of art. Thank you.

  • Alon Gamliel
    Alon GamlielMonth ago

    for sale ??

  • arya irani
    arya iraniMonth ago

    Absolutely gorgeous Best of health and happiness to enjoy this beautiful machine

  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique LopezMonth ago

    What a unique couple, nice inside & out, that unique blue paint just adds to the personality, plus it is a right hand drive, plus it has remained in London,all. It*s life

  • signorpippistrello
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  • Enrique Contreras
    Enrique Contreras2 months ago

    This car is a winner in several areas others do not have. Style is one of them.

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    Nikky Satria2 months ago

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  • Marcos Pictures Ke
    Marcos Pictures Ke3 months ago

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  • tankshot 325
    tankshot 3254 months ago

    Gorgeous work of art

  • david b
    david b5 months ago

    fantastic....I love it

  • GhettoMist
    GhettoMist6 months ago

    I love it. Fantasizing about cars is such a pain. What can I purchase what can I not 😩.

  • movies for you
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  • yomdr cdtm
    yomdr cdtm6 months ago

    Amazing car and place also nice person

  • Mario Torrez Quant
    Mario Torrez Quant7 months ago

    The representation of an era when things were filled with character, beauty and most of all, well done! What a beauty!!! Congratulations Sr!!!

  • Dr. Leftfield
    Dr. Leftfield7 months ago

    I worked for MB for 11years and driven a few of this era everything mentioned i cannot better. A real Mercedes, an absolute peach. Faultless choice.

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown7 months ago

    Nothing like a 2 dr Merc!

  • Robbie Herrera
    Robbie Herrera8 months ago

    Beautiful! My current CL500 has a similar pillar less roofline which is why I love it but that car is one of my ultimate dream cars.

  • Cecil Wilson
    Cecil Wilson8 months ago

    Good to hear your story and brilliant that you got that car as your the best custodian it could have went to and you're father instilled good morals and an excellent taste in you great video thanks for sharing it

  • Dylan McGinnis
    Dylan McGinnis8 months ago

    Ive got a 72' 250se only difference is, my wifes not allowed 😂

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR8 months ago

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  • gammaray2001
    gammaray20019 months ago

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  • mereclander
    mereclander10 months ago

    Very cool story!!!! It’s nice to bring the car to it’s original environment.

  • Jared Bridgeman
    Jared Bridgeman10 months ago

    Man, that dashboard details looks so futuristic!!! Would never believe that this is a 60s car!!! What a wonderful video production!!! The car owner, the video editing makes this story so very much appreciated. I couldn't help but to watch this until the very end!!! Thanks Petrolicious for sharing this amazing story!!! Wow!!!

  • Ionac John J.
    Ionac John J.11 months ago

    This car is AWESOME!!❤️

  • -SMP- scientific method perspective
    -SMP- scientific method perspective11 months ago

    If this guy is related to my boss that owns a bunch of businesses in California, that would be hilarious. They both have the same last name, and are both born in the same place

  • Bar Irwin
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  • kevin nash
    kevin nashYear ago

    Im so proud of you Jayesh, proudly Kenyan plus your uncle must have been a legend back here at home.

  • Dave Barron
    Dave BarronYear ago

    This car is virtually brand new 1968, beautiful car. And the perfect car, full size but still a two door! Doesn't get any better.

  • Mark G
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  • Lev Lemkov
    Lev LemkovYear ago

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    Ndirangu WanjohiYear ago

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  • Andrei Enache
    Andrei EnacheYear ago

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  • Paul Zink
    Paul ZinkYear ago

    In the USA, I believe the first model year for the 3.5 coupe was 1970; up until then, the 280SE coupes and cabrios had the 2.8 liter 6-cylinder inline motor. I can't speak to the European or UK models, but with the 1968 model year, Mercedes made a few changes to meet the new DOT safety requirements here-one of which was to lose the gorgeous hand-formed wooden instrument cluster nacelle found on the 220SE and 250SE coupes/cabrios: a leather-covered version as shown in this video was substituted.

  • Kevin Owen
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