2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class - A Complete Look At The New Flagship

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We've been teased for months, but the new 2021 #MercedesBenz #SClass is finally here. And it packs with it a crazy amount of new technology and safety features, along with design improvements. At launch, the car comes in two engine trims, the S500 and S580, although we expect more powerful AMG variants to come soon.


  • Motor1
    Motor12 months ago

    There is so much going on with the new S-Class. Did Mercedes do enough for this car to be as successful as past generations?

  • Modikoe Pule

    Modikoe Pule

    2 months ago

    10:28 lol dude what da heck are wearing??

  • davin gaming forever
    davin gaming foreverMonth ago

    Good nice car

  • Hollywood Stan
    Hollywood Stan2 months ago

    Interior is beautiful but exterior is just like every other car! Thumbs down sorry!

  • احمد S
    احمد S2 months ago

    In the 2031 model, a connection will be made between the rear lights, such as the BMW face lift, and it will become much more beautiful than the 2021 model, and then the 2021 model will not be frightened in it and this is one of the reasons for the recent gain in German cars

  • J K
    J K2 months ago

    it looks like honda acoord

  • Arpad Toth
    Arpad Toth2 months ago

    wow.. a luxurious Opel Insignia..

  • Michael H
    Michael H2 months ago

    The interior and tech (i.e. infotainment system) are excellent. Regards to the exterior styling, I'm not really sold on it. I prefer the 2019 or 2020 exterior style.

  • Alex MacLean
    Alex MacLean2 months ago

    I think I like the interior but I'm really put off by most of the exterior design. That being said a loaded version of this car likely costs close to what my house did so I'm not sure Mercedes cares what I think lol

  • Roland B
    Roland B2 months ago

    big fan of S Class but this one is ugly

  • Fierce DEVIL
    Fierce DEVIL2 months ago

    I think mercedes will still offer the first class seating in the US at a later date because some people in the US still like the 4 seat configuration.

  • SDav21
    SDav212 months ago

    People are weird. So far I've heard people say that this looks like an Alfa, a Hyundai, a Kia, a Toyota, a tesla, an Audi.... This honestly proves that people just love to hate. This car is gorgeous.

  • Giovanni Mela
    Giovanni Mela2 months ago

    apart all the blin blind useless stuff the only real good thing is they added real exhaust tips

  • Abdul Gani
    Abdul Gani2 months ago

    Nice eksterior look luxurious

  • timcat946
    timcat9462 months ago

    The headlight and taillight must be designed by BMW or Audi spy to make it look ugly

  • W140
    W1402 months ago

    Mercedes Benz S Class W140 say : i am your father : mercedesbenzvideo.info/chat/p4aQ0qigsdnOwqY/video

  • Onur Akgönen
    Onur Akgönen2 months ago

    Tayyip baba gene iyisin parayı harcayacak yer buldun

  • David Kloeber
    David Kloeber2 months ago

    So far the only video where the presenter is actually telling me about in-depth details and information I haven't heard or read about months before the premiere. Well done, Brett!

  • Enjoy Enjoy
    Enjoy Enjoy2 months ago

    Like more on audi😂

  • User


    2 months ago

    Audi is shit can't compare Audi with Mercedes Audi compares with ford, Opel, Renault, Honda... and other Vw competitors because their cars are VW but with Audi emblem. Don't have the quality of a Mercedes.

  • Ricardo M. Nogueira
    Ricardo M. Nogueira2 months ago

    He spoke, spoke, spoke, and spoke a little more and did not inform the capacity of the trunk, something that is essential in a sedan.

  • Motor1


    2 months ago

    It’s big.

  • Avalia Carros
    Avalia Carros2 months ago

    The mix of internal colors (black and brown) with those square seams on the seats is very tacky.

  • Ameer Ab
    Ameer Ab2 months ago

    How much it cost?

  • Emanuel Rodriguez

    Emanuel Rodriguez

    2 months ago

    105,000 us. dollars

  • Motor1


    2 months ago

    Around $100,000

  • sarthak grover

    sarthak grover

    2 months ago

    1.3 crore

  • David Hull
    David Hull2 months ago

    Interior fail.

  • airmaildeal
    airmaildeal2 months ago

    It's all plastic cheap and breaks.

  • Teresa V

    Teresa V

    2 months ago

    You must own a C-Class

  • Samuel Ulu
    Samuel Ulu2 months ago

    The car looks basic, too much things going on inside

  • Souhaj
    Souhaj2 months ago


  • Relaxation Station
    Relaxation Station2 months ago

    Hey, if we don't get the 2+2 Executive Seating Package then that means that we don't get rear seat tray tables... That's one of the major selling points of the car... Or is Mercedes trying to force you to buy the much more expensive Maybach level unit to get the tray tables?

  • Henry Ochieng

    Henry Ochieng

    2 months ago

    I know that issues to do with legislation does lock out some features or technologies in some regions.

  • Christian


    2 months ago

    Relaxation Station I looked at the german used car market and nearly every recent S-Class has no 2 seater configuration. So tray tables are a nice feature, but nobody apparently buys them, even in the home market. As I think, US customers tend to buy cars directly from the dealership and don’t (often?) configure it individually. So they „right-size“ their range of offers. For the trucks, the Daimler trucks section is very separated into specific markets. The platforms of Freightliner and Mercedes trucks are different and maybe it is hard to find symbiotic areas due to legislation.

  • Relaxation Station

    Relaxation Station

    2 months ago

    @Christian I may be wrong but, I strongly suspect that it may well be German Elitism that is causing Mercedes to keep the good stuff (i.e. center console with foldable tray tables) to themselves... But at least we have access to the Maybach and AMG models and subsequently access to the aforementioned accessories for a very stiff price...

  • Relaxation Station

    Relaxation Station

    2 months ago

    @Motor1 We're definitely on the same page because that's exactly what I was thinking... Germany has lots of products that aren't even offered in North America, I know this because I am Mercedes Benz Freightliner truck owner and products that Mercedes Benz offers on its European Class 8 trucks, like hydraulic 5th wheels, that we could really use, are absolutely not available on North American trucks.

  • Motor1


    2 months ago

    We’re guessing they want you to buy the Maybach when it comes.

  • Murat Şimdim
    Murat Şimdim2 months ago

    Ther is no new in Sclass,air chanels like Citroen c3 ?Audi did all off things in A8,they couldnt do a pioneer :((((

  • cristiandemirel1918
    cristiandemirel19182 months ago

    I think Mercedes is out of paper because they probably drew this car on the same sheet of paper with the A-Class and E-Class. Also, the S-Class used to be the car for presidents, warlords, mafia bosses and, best of all, J.R. Ewing. Now, it's for men who forgot the light on in their living room and annoyed women who still go dating in their 50's. Pathetic end for the King of the automotive industry!

  • NYC Person
    NYC Person2 months ago

    I really wish 1 inch taller. Otherwise, it's a big car but does not feel spacious inside. The cars which big outside but small inside are the most stupid cars in my humble opinion. 1 inch of extra headroom makes a huge difference.

  • Chance
    Chance2 months ago

    Everything looks great except for the cockpit & dashboard screen looks cheap. So ugly & No luxury.

  • fob1xxl
    fob1xxl2 months ago


  • 댓글러


    2 months ago

    It’s terrible

  • SDav21


    2 months ago

    @fob1xxl If you've owned 4 it wouldn't hurt to go and test drive this one and see it in the metal. It's basically the most advanced car on the market today and most likely will be the most refined, comfortable and quiet too. The interior also looks of better quality in areas such as the buttons and column stalks. The W222 could be a bit creaky.

  • fob1xxl


    2 months ago

    @SDav21Then go buy one ! I've owned four .

  • SDav21


    2 months ago

    People are weird. So far I've heard people say that this looks like an Alfa, a Hyundai, a Kia, a Toyota, a tesla, an Audi.... This honestly proves that people just love to hate. This car is gorgeous.

  • Motor1


    2 months ago

    Oh, no.

  • torquedaily
    torquedaily2 months ago

    Overall I'm a fan of the basic proportions of the new 223 although improving over the predecessor 222 models was always going to be a difficult feat. Need some time to get adjusted to some of the more peculiar exterior details such as those triangular rear lights but I'm certain being such a technological marvel that'll be just as successful as the outgoing model. - my article on the new S-Class - www.torquedaily.com/

  • Haroun Benz
    Haroun Benz2 months ago

    Mercedes benz is the best 👍👍👏👌

  • Norbert Lakatos
    Norbert Lakatos2 months ago


    G70 GENESIS2 months ago

    Tesla Model S-Class

  • SDav21


    2 months ago

    How?? Big screen doesn't mean tesla. Tesla can't come close to having anywhere near this level of luxury, quality, comfort, safety and technology. Get real.

  • ばちたろうまん
    ばちたろうまん2 months ago


  • 양파파
    양파파2 months ago


  • aqua_disfrutar
    aqua_disfrutar2 months ago

    They just put an ipad on it and call it dashboard.

  • ScoobyFermentation
    ScoobyFermentation2 months ago

    The car is six figures and it is the ultimate luxury sedan. Yet, when he is using the touch screen he is still mashing the screen like an 80 yr old using an iPhone because all touchscreens in cars are garbage.

  • Александр Хлебников
    Александр Хлебников2 months ago

    Germans began to copy cars from Koreans

    NOLAY AUSTIN2 months ago


  • RS
    RS2 months ago

    I’m disappointed by the mandatory all wheel drive.

  • Motor1


    2 months ago

    It’s becoming a more prominent thing as of late.

  • Christian


    2 months ago

    Lol you Americans always get weird combos and engine choices

  • aaddas
    aaddas2 months ago

    dash board like INFINITI not belong to any Mercedes

  • SDav21


    2 months ago

    People are weird. So far I've heard people say that this looks like an Alfa, a Hyundai, a Kia, a Toyota, a tesla, an Audi.... This honestly proves that people just love to hate. This car is gorgeous.

  • jinUAE
    jinUAE2 months ago

    Design is a let down, technology isn't everything, luxury what really matters and they didn't do a good job in this regard.

  • SDav21


    2 months ago

    @AnnenLanet While I'm not a fan of the gloss black, it looks very luxurious to me. Once these are out on the roads, people will be falling over themselves to see it.

  • AnnenLanet


    2 months ago

    @SDav21 I guess it has to look like luxury, and imo it doesn't. Especially the center console which, no matter if you go for wood or carbon inlays, will apparently always be this cheap looking, glossy black plastic surface and it will be covered with finger prints. Same in the back and worst: in the door panels too. I think my personal problem with this car is that I am a huge fan of the previous generation and I was expecting to have my mind blown just like in 2013. It's a completely awesome car, there's no doubt. It's just not an amazing S-class.

  • SDav21


    2 months ago

    How so? The car is quiet. Refined. Has great material. Great seating. Great sound system. That's luxury. So what are you on about?

  • Tj Pewter
    Tj Pewter2 months ago

    the best or nothing!

  • Cedric
    Cedric2 months ago

    I’m happy with it tbh