Super Bowl 2015: Mercedes-Benz Fable Ad

A classic fable takes a new twist, in this Super Bowl ad for Mercedes-Benz.
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  • King Jared
    King Jared8 days ago

    Bruh i remberd being a kid and watching this and thinking it was a movie about them travaling the whole world and i have been looking everwhere to see if it came out so i can watch then i found this video then realizing its a superbowl ad im so disapointed in my self for being a idoit i only saw half of it

  • Soren
    Soren28 days ago


  • Uber do Luiz Arantes
    Uber do Luiz Arantes2 months ago

    São muito criativos d ++

  • Luxe Touch Event Rentals
    Luxe Touch Event Rentals3 months ago

    0:09 0:14 0:34

  • Ramesh Belagere
    Ramesh Belagere4 months ago

    But it's cheating 🤨

  • TheAngryPotato 2.0
    TheAngryPotato 2.05 months ago

    Uhh. MERCEDESBENZ auto play why am I here..?

  • José Juliàn González
    José Juliàn González9 months ago

    Who voices the animals?

  • Milo Graham
    Milo GrahamYear ago

    Grand Theft Auto meets Over the Hedge.

  • Tux
    TuxYear ago

    Oh memories

  • M 03
    M 03Year ago

    It is toy Mercedes Benz car

  • Soul
    SoulYear ago


  • TheBandAdventure
    TheBandAdventure2 years ago

    Pretty sure the hare's girlfriend was giving the tortuous an extra "boost" with that cunning display of road head

  • RedVexeD
    RedVexeD2 years ago

    The fvck is this? It's a joke sure, but completely misses the moral point of the fable, which is that being fast doesn't always mean winning (among other things). Way to make a vaguely funny advert that pushes the exact opposite of the moral lesson being taught in that fable. :)

  • Virtuoso Anomalous
    Virtuoso Anomalous3 years ago

    Fun Fact: This advert cost $8 million to produce.

  • Challenge Bros
    Challenge Bros3 years ago

    Whose your turtle

  • AzeriZ1
    AzeriZ14 years ago

    Oh dear. "Who's your turtle?" Geh.

  • Unofficial Meme
    Unofficial Meme4 years ago

    I remember this ad. This was the funniest plot twist I've ever seen for this classic story. XD

  • THEpainting-goat
    THEpainting-goat4 years ago

    How did that female bunny get in the turtoise's car nearing the end of tha race?

  • Marshall Arts
    Marshall Arts4 years ago

    this is so America

  • Joshua Willis

    Joshua Willis

    4 years ago


  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis5 years ago

    It looks like a porshe

  • Farhan Rizki Ahnafa

    Farhan Rizki Ahnafa

    2 years ago

    Michelle Davis *porsche

  • veoozo
    veoozo5 years ago

    My god that is a sexy car.

  • Nasir Williams
    Nasir Williams5 years ago

  • The Proud Sun Bro.
    The Proud Sun Bro.5 years ago

    He cheated

  • M91
    M915 years ago

    i wanna buy it and rub that engine endlessly ^_^

  • Nomades Moto
    Nomades Moto5 years ago

    So, the moral of the story is: a Mercedes can turn a tortoise into a cheetah.

  • RedVexeD


    2 years ago

    10/10 best word play. Everyone else is all "He cheated" and here you are, playing with animal names, classing up the joint.

  • Christian Vidauri

    Christian Vidauri

    5 years ago

    Wow, I never thought of that... dammit.

  • Megadriver
    Megadriver5 years ago

    The frog jumping at the end XD Mercedes GT is a beast! A sexy beast!

  • Eric Baez
    Eric Baez5 years ago

  • tramontana51
    tramontana515 years ago

    Me thinks this is infantile... bringing out " the baby " in viewers is not my idea of constructive...

  • Tommy Lien
    Tommy Lien5 years ago

    So the Tortoise cheated.

  • Abdel Khatib

    Abdel Khatib

    4 months ago

    Tommy Lien he said plot twist

  • Brock Aband
    Brock Aband5 years ago

    The hare forgot to deflate the tires

  • YuSoRos Lin
    YuSoRos Lin5 years ago

    I loved it!

  • Neil
    Neil5 years ago

    lol hare racing = hair rasing. idk if that was intention but coooool

  • Prey117
    Prey1175 years ago

    He corrects the hare saying he is, indeed, a tortoise. Yet calls out "Who's your turtle?" Y'all a bunch a fuckingpooperscooperpisspotcumbrains

  • Roy de Weij

    Roy de Weij

    3 years ago

    that is what you call a joke

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon5 years ago

    Читер, сука

  • gluckskecks


    4 years ago


  • Tayfunny
    Tayfunny5 years ago


  • H0 PE
    H0 PE5 years ago

    Aaand there you go, now you can understand the motives better why Lance Armstrong been cheated for a decade. (because its fun and who gives a sh!t). :PPP

  • SUΔ
    SUΔ5 years ago

    i thought this was quite funny lol

    YAMATO5 years ago


  • Ultranothing


    5 years ago

    @Phil Mandsager

  • Phil Mandsager

    Phil Mandsager

    5 years ago

    Oh don't worry, you will on Sunday, especially the halftime show.

  • God Exists

    God Exists

    5 years ago

    @Phil Mandsager lol . i saw none 😂

  • Phil Mandsager

    Phil Mandsager

    5 years ago

    Get ready for all the hidden symbolism.