Microsoft In Talks To Buy TikTok As Trump Threatens To Ban The Popular App | TODAY

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy the popular video-sharing app TikTok from its Chinese owner, a source tells NBC News. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he wants to ban the app that has around 100 million users by using an executive order as early as Saturday. TikTok released a statement saying the company is committed to protecting users’ privacy.
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Microsoft In Talks To Buy TikTok As Trump Threatens To Ban The Popular App | TODAY


  • Chris Reiser
    Chris Reiser6 hours ago

    Trump is using Microsoft so he can buy his own social media application. It stands to reason that as others are blocking him Donald wants his own. So now Donald is going after our kids and Microsoft is helping him.

  • John Marston
    John Marston12 hours ago

    Ur gonna need xbox live to use it then

  • Soy
    Soy22 hours ago

    Welp, I'm switching to Linux.

  • bekas iblis
    bekas iblisDay ago

    in trump's mind tik tok more important than corona... oh and sure he will got some 'fee' for this

  • Everything Videos
    Everything VideosDay ago

    I don’t care let dump Trump ban it I don’t use TikTok or like TikTok ever since I seen ads about it I think of it as stupid.

  • Rhoda Paulse
    Rhoda PaulseDay ago

    It's the Same Wolf 🐺 in Sheep's 🐑 Clothing!!! Who are they Fooling??


    All social media platforms steal all of your data. They then sell the data to the government & corporations. (This data is then used for marketing and/or to manipulate society) However, China doesnt allow American social media platforms, Hence why USA is against Tiktok. Meaning China doesn't trust American platforms like twitter, Facebook, MERCEDESBENZ, etc because USA can collect data on china. So Why should America allow a Chinese platform (TikTok) that collects data on Americans? That's what this is about. Both governments are evil regardless.

  • 小开心果儿
    小开心果儿Day ago

    US gangsterism.

  • skoob360
    skoob3602 days ago

    The Tribal Roots of ANTIFA

  • skoob360
    skoob3602 days ago

    So american ccp wants to buy it from ccp? Bill Gates Planned Pandemic

  • ReinVa
    ReinVa2 days ago

    Can we go ahead and just let tiktok die or

  • CS-Archer
    CS-Archer2 days ago

    Microsoft is run by ants

  • Chongguo Fang
    Chongguo Fang2 days ago

    Shameless US government, fair competition, free trade, market economy, these beautiful words are not on your lips? How is changeable? What a rascal.

  • Steven C
    Steven C2 days ago

    Nice trade. Bill Gates will support Trump for the coming election.

  • Gan Leopold
    Gan Leopold2 days ago

    good job amirica!you say china a stealler while u r a robber.good amirican dreams!

  • Soy


    22 hours ago

    Lmaooo go back to tik tok stay away from youtube

  • Sien Long Chong
    Sien Long Chong2 days ago

    alstom 2.0... daylight robbing........ Uncle Sam the Bully

  • avalon fay
    avalon fay2 days ago


  • ๖ۣۜZippy
    ๖ۣۜZippy2 days ago

    please ban it

  • Runshen Wang
    Runshen Wang2 days ago

    Is that a way to protect(rob) intellectual property right? Shame on you, Trump!

  • Veronica Regueiro
    Veronica Regueiro2 days ago

    Lots of people are going to be affected and the smaller creators are going to suffer a lot

  • Soy


    22 hours ago

    Oh no! Anyways.

  • Itsamehmaria 1
    Itsamehmaria 12 days ago

    w h y

  • A
    A2 days ago

    US national security cannot be computerized, stand firm to against China communists' infiltration, otherwise, US will be in great danger. Most US young people do not understand Communists' goal. Read some info about the 45 goals of communism from 'Naked Communists' to make your choice.

  • Rosa Lopez
    Rosa Lopez2 days ago

    Epoch Times brain washing propaganda is owned by Chinese Falan Gong. Microsoft should buy it!

  • Cheated Wolf
    Cheated Wolf2 days ago

    If Microsoft buys tiktok I'm moving to PlayStation simple

    DONISBACK332 days ago

    If Microsoft saves tik tok I'm burning my xbox

  • João Leote • 21 years ago
    João Leote • 21 years ago2 days ago

    Microsoft: There'a trouble going on, quick, grab the money, lets see if we can buy something!

  • Super Shiba
    Super Shiba2 days ago

    Wait, so does that mean when I use Teams in the future, I can share twerking videos?

  • deSuperNoodle
    deSuperNoodle2 days ago

    Gonna burn my Xbox and switch to Linux if they buy it

  • God Bless USA
    God Bless USA2 days ago

    Can Microsoft promise American people not to sell our children and grandchildren personal information and social habits to the CCP AI database?

  • James Moreau
    James Moreau2 days ago

    I Love You Guys!! TRUMP'S latest Job Approval Poll Numbers- Negative 18 Reuters. Negative 18 ABC News. Negative 17 Politico. Negative 24 Quinnipiac. Negative 15 Gallup. Negative 18 USA TODAY. Negative 17 Investors' Business Daily. Negative 14 NBC News. Negative 14 The Wall Street Journal, so on so on..

  • Minecraft Player
    Minecraft Player2 days ago

    I hope it gets banned before Microsoft tries to buy it.

  • Team Fortress 2 Bot Police
    Team Fortress 2 Bot Police2 days ago

    microsoft: *tiktok your app is being bought*

  • Slavic_OwO
    Slavic_OwO2 days ago

    Trumps just jealous cause he’s a boomer

  • Mx1air
    Mx1air2 days ago

    I might buy a Microsoft stock if this happens

  • arnoldaudio
    arnoldaudio2 days ago

    If Microsoft buys TikTok I will break my phone into pieces. Dear Microsoft, give us our chance we don't want our sisters dancing to horrible and cringeworthy dances.

  • sety 6
    sety 63 days ago

    Sounds like you’re siding with tiktok

  • Eric Fureal
    Eric Fureal3 days ago

    Please ban it mr. Trump

  • Harper Brown
    Harper Brown3 days ago

    This is the ONLY good thing trump did : Want to ban tiktok

  • Michael A.
    Michael A.3 days ago

    Just let it die

  • grumpy guy
    grumpy guy3 days ago

    00:15 Trump looks like a constipated pympkin.

  • Camazotz
    Camazotz3 days ago

    If Microsoft is buying tiktok, let's ban Microsoft.

  • Travis Williamson
    Travis Williamson3 days ago

    The "president" wants to ban people from using an app? Wait.. Please remind me when we switched to communism.

  • Gail Briggs
    Gail Briggs3 days ago

    Before Microsoft buys anything, they need to fix that Microsoft Office 365 and that One Drive crap!

  • Mega Hawk
    Mega Hawk3 days ago

    It already bought yessss and they are turning it to a gaming platform of sharing 😬

  • Bryan Rob
    Bryan Rob3 days ago

    Whitest state in United states States Corona 10.South Dakota - 9k cases 9.Wyoming - 3k cases 8.Kentucky - 30k cases 7.North dakota - 7k cases 6.Lowa - 50k cases 5.Montana - 4k cases 4.New hampshire-7k cases 3.West Virgina - 7k cases 2.Vermont - 1.5k cases 1.Maine - 4k cases

  • Daniel Ashraf
    Daniel Ashraf3 days ago

    Microsoft trying to save the day

  • soldiermedic81
    soldiermedic813 days ago

    they should make a phone powered by windows, it would be so cool.

  • Danny Sim Fanny of God
    Danny Sim Fanny of God3 days ago

    I am going to stop watching your show because you have no wisdom. You turn everything into politics. DONALD TRUMP IS RIGHT. I like neither Trump nor Obama, but allowing a Chinese company to have a Social Network in the USA is a great national security issue, especially when our social network medias are not allowed in China. Never trust anyone who dont trust you. I am supporting Donald Trump on this, and on the issue of the trade imbalance. We need a president that can stand up for the best interest of the US. I never liked the republican party but I need to know where Joe Biden stands on this particular matter, if he is willing to stand up and block Tik Tok as Trump is doing. I have 2.75M people in my database, I am going to give them the correct information

  • Peonni
    Peonni3 days ago

    Yeah he still needs to ban it. I bet it will still have ties to China.In the last update for Windows 10, Google Chrome, Facebook, Microsoft Edge, and MERCEDESBENZ got all mashed together in sending notifications on every little thing. I hate it!! I won't be surprised TickTock will get thrown in the mix whether I like it or not.

  • Yiyang Peng
    Yiyang Peng3 days ago


  • Keesha Gail
    Keesha Gail3 days ago


  • Andro-x
    Andro-x3 days ago

    i lost my respect for microsoft

  • Dedkmxs34
    Dedkmxs343 days ago

    Microsoft did it because they thought it would make people happier, but It actually started war...

  • Hasnain khalil
    Hasnain khalil3 days ago

    Plz trump ban tick tok

  • Ilvy V.G.
    Ilvy V.G.3 days ago

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  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf3 days ago

    There will be a new heaven and a new earth, for The former things are passed away behold all things have become new . Revelations 21 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 ❤️📖 NKJV

  • Hub Bone
    Hub Bone3 days ago

    Trump's remarks makes share price in tik-tok go down perhaps only for the reason for microsoft to get a cheaper price to be able to buy & profit. Maybe Trump gets a back-hand of cash for his help.. Ha beware as plots and ploys always at play..

  • Michael Huegel
    Michael Huegel3 days ago

    Tik toks for pedophiles and children. Just a bunch of kids dancing while grown adults watch. This whole world is sick.

  • Kinda Life
    Kinda Life3 days ago

    Microsoft is that someone who loves to buy toys then throw when gets bored

  • 石墨稀
    石墨稀3 days ago

    Democracy and freedom? ? Actually a robber