DRAG RACE: Volkswagen Amarok 3,0 V6 4Motion TDI vs Mercedes-Benz X350d 4Matic

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Both Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have produced powerful 3,0-litre V6 turbodiesel bakkies. We want to find out which of the two are faster in a quarter-mile drag race. The X350d has a higher power output but it's a bit heavier than the lower-powered Amarok.


  • akuapiatas
    akuapiatasMonth ago

    I'd buy the Amarok simply boz the Merc is a Nissan underneath

  • Dante van Niekerk
    Dante van NiekerkMonth ago

    What's up with the audio... thumbs down 👎

  • Harry Bosch
    Harry Bosch2 months ago

    German technology is number one

  • Nicolas Cetta
    Nicolas Cetta4 months ago

    Amarok rocks

  • Ismael Dos Santos
    Ismael Dos Santos5 months ago

    For half of the price you can buy a nissan navara

  • Fabian Díaz
    Fabian Díaz6 months ago

    Amarok very good!!!

  • Dresley Miraculous Hangue
    Dresley Miraculous Hangue8 months ago

    Car Megazine SA like giving false information... Amarok does 16.8 seconds quater mile... Carwow please show them.

  • Marek Badziura
    Marek Badziura8 months ago


  • greg fisher
    greg fisher8 months ago

    I got a amarok and its nice to drive but hell its had some problems never again

  • 4bymad
    4bymad8 months ago

    Why do you call them BACKYS🤦‍♂️? Its a ute/utility.. bloody muppets!!

  • Yuvendrra Maniam
    Yuvendrra Maniam8 months ago

    amg gtr vs m5 pls

  • Manwere trading and projects

    Manwere trading and projects

    3 months ago

    Toyota 1 and the rest

  • Carlos Regius
    Carlos Regius8 months ago

    Amarok!!!! SHOW.

  • nikos batzarakidis
    nikos batzarakidis8 months ago

    γερμανικα σκατα μονο ιαπωνασ τελοσ

  • Yusuf Ginnah
    Yusuf Ginnah9 months ago

    Should've used the NISMO X350d 🤣😂🤣😅

  • Shaun Snyman
    Shaun Snyman9 months ago

    Vw no thanks dont care how fast it is

  • Joe13
    Joe139 months ago

    Unfair race. Amarok had open back with wind blowing against the rear lid.

  • Amir Hossainzadeh
    Amir Hossainzadeh10 months ago

    There is a new v6 amarok that you didn't test with 180kw and 580nm, and in overboost it goes to 200kw

  • Mfundo Mayila
    Mfundo Mayila11 months ago

    Amarok all day every day. Get outa here with that overpriced navara.

  • XITSONGA: Bomba Mugaza
    XITSONGA: Bomba Mugaza11 months ago

    Haven't watched till the end. I'm no prophet but the VW Amarok will win.

  • Asier Ibarra
    Asier Ibarra11 months ago

    yo tengo una amarok y es lo mejor 😎

  • RS18ful
    RS18ful11 months ago

    Renault/Nissan vs VW.......

  • Hi Okey

    Hi Okey

    9 months ago

    And next Ford/Opel vs Bentley !

  • Ozem Nale
    Ozem NaleYear ago

    The Merc seems to be a glorified Nissan. Anyway I believe if you wanna look good while bundu bashing the merc definitely looks the part. Otherwise I can’t see myself taking a almost 1m car in what will be an agricultural setting😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Johan Kriek
    Johan KriekYear ago

    And the expensive Datsun came second! LMAO!

  • Basimane Modise

    Basimane Modise

    11 months ago

    Is as good as out of the market because sales are telling that it is not selling ...there's rumors that Mercedes Benz are considering discontinuing it.

  • Groot Baas
    Groot BaasYear ago

    What a shame the next generation Amarok is going to be a Ford Ranger.

  • Jaco Ras

    Jaco Ras

    10 months ago

    Yes well the new Ranger is already a VW 😛😉

  • Tokelo Mahlaba
    Tokelo MahlabaYear ago

    I still believe the Mercedes-Benz can kill that amarok.

  • EKO
    EKOYear ago


  • Hi Okey

    Hi Okey

    9 months ago

    Is NOT a fake !!

  • Ricardo Carvalho
    Ricardo CarvalhoYear ago

    Amarok V6

  • Tarmac1
    Tarmac1Year ago

    That Mercedes is much faster than the numbers you had up for it 100%

  • Minou Amine
    Minou AmineYear ago

    L'amarok est le meilleur pick-up actuellement 😍😍

  • Yasar Yerkabartan
    Yasar YerkabartanYear ago

    Amarok kalkista 20 beygir fazladan guc uretiyo oyuzden kalkislari gidisi hizlidir ama mercedeste cok iyi 👍👍👍👍

  • Christopher Munoz
    Christopher MunozYear ago

    Potencia=VW Diseño=MB

  • Brandon Yen
    Brandon YenYear ago

    Bring Amarock to USA I like it or build for USA

  • Sean Fenwick
    Sean FenwickYear ago

    Now imagine if VW decided to drop their group 4.2 V8 TDI motor into an Amarok. Game over for all. Let’s be honest, the engines don’t cost much different.



    Month ago

    Madikgetla Kagiso The 4,2 was available on the Q7, there were just rare coz of the price tag.

  • Jensfos


    3 months ago

    @Pushpa Panat Lamborghini V10 in amarok. Audi owns lambo, so it's possible 😂

  • Pushpa Panat

    Pushpa Panat

    4 months ago

    Now imagine if Mercedes decided to drop their group 4.0 V8 bi-turbo motor in the X-Class. Game over for all. Let's be honest the engines don't cost much different.

  • thefamilyrobbo


    8 months ago

    Lookup MTM Amarok Passion!

  • Madikgetla Kagiso

    Madikgetla Kagiso

    11 months ago

    Those engines not available in sa,coz it should have been on the q7

  • Shawsie 57
    Shawsie 57Year ago

    My remapped Amarok does 0-100kmh in 5.8 seconds, not bad for a Diesel ute

  • Shawsie 57

    Shawsie 57

    Year ago

    240kw 740nm



    Year ago


  • Yulian Markevych
    Yulian MarkevychYear ago


  • Hi Okey

    Hi Okey

    9 months ago

    Vw POWER ! VAG is Vw ! Vw= luxury brand !

  • Wally Ade
    Wally AdeYear ago

    poor. Should be best out of three, also they are not race vehicles. You drive like a bat out of heel in the bush.

  • AR
    ARYear ago

    How can the car that claims to be faster to 100 always be behind ?

  • Jaco Ras

    Jaco Ras

    10 months ago

    Because it's merc they are unfortunately always behind 😉

  • Tarmac1


    Year ago

    AR because the guy in the Mercedes didn't drive it very well

  • Mark Bright
    Mark BrightYear ago

    Now funny the Amarok has been updated to 190kw to match the Mercedes so this is technically the older V6 and it stil annihilated the Merc 😂😂😂

  • Ale55andr082


    3 months ago

    the vw 3.0tdi hit 286hp now...

  • aloevera74
    aloevera74Year ago

    Yes i need to know who wins a drag race between these two cos I’m robbing a bank soon you see... Yeeeeaaahh....

  • Hashali Philemon Asher
    Hashali Philemon AsherYear ago

    It wasn't really good but thanks to VW Amarok. Greetings from Namibia Windhoek 🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦

  • SHM
    SHMYear ago

    Later on they found out tht Xclass wS carrying Polo in d trunk

  • Greg Menego
    Greg MenegoYear ago

    Bakkie means Utility Pick Up! Nissan vs VW

  • sandy mclea
    sandy mcleaYear ago

    I can just imagine a farmer with a Hilux watching this and been confused, as to why they we're empty, and not drag racing on a pot-hole dirt road in the wet with 8 workers in the bin and a cow in a trailer.

  • Grim Falcon

    Grim Falcon

    5 months ago

    Hahahahaha Snaaks maar waar! 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Yahiaoui Senouci

    Yahiaoui Senouci

    7 months ago


  • Motive tech
    Motive techYear ago

    That's not even the ultimate 580 lol

  • Brendan Jarvis
    Brendan JarvisYear ago

    Take them around a circuit...My money on the X Class...

  • Jaco Ras

    Jaco Ras

    10 months ago

    @Brendan Jarvis Ah yes yet again you are clueless, the Amarok is designed to not need a rear airbag as much as the other dual cabs do, get under the Amarok and have a look, there is a reason that i got % stars without them. Yes they are not made for it but yet the Amarok can do it better than most cars and or any X-class.

  • Brendan Jarvis

    Brendan Jarvis

    10 months ago

    Jaco Ras Nar all good i will read from these experts thanks, just don’t roll it hey with anyone in the back 😂 www.caradvice.com.au/451556/2017-volkswagen-amarok-v6-four-wheel-disc-brake-upgrade-but-no-rear-airbags/

  • Jaco Ras

    Jaco Ras

    10 months ago

    @Brendan Jarvis the V6 has had disc brakes since launch so it's not just know, you called me an expert not me, I said I'm an expert compared tou you 😂... Yes and you will still lose, as the detuned version of the Amarok whipped the floor with the x-class not even the 180Kw 580nm version with the 200kw overboost function..😌 Sure I'll be here if you need some education on car related matters or even just a good lesson 👍🏼🙃

  • Brendan Jarvis

    Brendan Jarvis

    10 months ago

    Jaco Ras Sure ya do Jaco...Just because I didn’t realise the V6 now has disc brakes which I clearly had the balls to admit, that makes you an expert 😂 My point is that Dual Cabs are not really built for drag or circuit racing now are they... Oh by the way as per my first comment my money still on the XClass if they did race on a circuit 😉 Have a nice day and I will be sure to come back to you if I need your Expert Advice in the future 👎🏻

  • Jaco Ras

    Jaco Ras

    10 months ago

    @Brendan Jarvis Seem to be an "Expert" compared to you.. Ah no I own the VW V6 Amarok, so stop guessing, because you almost suck as much at it as you do at arguing about cars. Yes I know it's a dual cab.. What is the point that your trying to make?

  • Everythingdbsuper
    EverythingdbsuperYear ago

    Les face it. 700k for the car, 200k+ for the badge.

  • Vincent Cramer

    Vincent Cramer

    4 months ago

    And to make it even worse the one that costs an extra 200k is just a Nissan with a Merc engine and gearbox. No thank you!

  • Justiceserver1
    Justiceserver1Year ago

    Both amazing bakkies but can we get a one mile drag race id like to see it when the weight factor isn’t a problem anymore

  • Felipe SARTORIO
    Felipe SARTORIOYear ago


  • Martin Tomas
    Martin TomasYear ago

    Amarok vs Frontier No Amarok vs Mercedes Benz

  • Greg Menego

    Greg Menego

    Year ago

    @Michael Maartens Still a Nissan.....

  • Michael Maartens

    Michael Maartens

    Year ago

    The V6 merc is a Mercedes engine. The 2.5 engine is a Nissan engine.

  • Greg Menego

    Greg Menego

    Year ago

    Nissan vs VW.....fact! .

  • Alpha Newcastle

    Alpha Newcastle

    Year ago

    It's Amarok vs Navara(with Mercedes badges and interior)

  • Martin Tomas

    Martin Tomas

    Year ago

    @Noel Medina it's a nissan "with motor and Mercedes emblems". it's the same as saying Amarok vs shit!!!

    MAJUSYear ago

    cripple fight :V

  • Gideon van der Merwe
    Gideon van der MerweYear ago

    The C-class is a Nissan...not a Benz

  • Gideon van der Merwe

    Gideon van der Merwe

    Year ago

    ....X (class)..... Typo

  • andre
    andreYear ago

    Amarok Very bom!

  • Мобиба видео
    Мобиба видеоYear ago

    У Амарок коробка передач лучше.

  • Jose Lucero
    Jose LuceroYear ago

    Amarok no extrem.... Not Is a full

  • Cosmos Daniel
    Cosmos DanielYear ago

    Volkswagen amarok all the way,the Mercedes is part of Nissan, Nissan borrowing and copying too many ideas from German, to stayed in the automobile industries too survived.

  • Ludwig Gonzalez
    Ludwig GonzalezYear ago


  • Wildlife/Nature Fotography
    Wildlife/Nature FotographyYear ago

    They decide that comparison in one run ? Thats really poor....

  • KennyU.K RacingDynamics
    KennyU.K RacingDynamicsYear ago

    Needs an Audi engine to win lol

  • Brendan Jarvis
    Brendan JarvisYear ago

    Since when do you buy a Dual Cab to drag race 😂

  • Brendan Jarvis

    Brendan Jarvis

    Year ago

    Noel Medina There is is more than the 2 brands...Yes not in this clip...

  • Noel Medina

    Noel Medina

    Year ago

    @Brendan Jarvis both Mercedes and VW only offer their 3.0 diesels with a dual cab

  • Brendan Jarvis

    Brendan Jarvis

    Year ago

    Noel Medina they haven’t 🤔

  • Noel Medina

    Noel Medina

    Year ago

    Since they stopped making single cabs

  • Daniel Solorio
    Daniel SolorioYear ago

    Merced Benz 100%.

  • Hi Okey

    Hi Okey

    9 months ago

    -100% !

  • Nicolás P
    Nicolás PYear ago

    The amarok v6 is so fast, and tunnig with new maps of inyection, turbo boost, dpf off, egr off and new exhaust hit to 360 horse power. The 1/4 of mile in less than 14 seconds

  • All about that BOOST.

    All about that BOOST.

    9 months ago

    Old 2.5 Ford ranger can also do it with a few mods and might outlast new technology vehicles.

  • Daniele Sabato
    Daniele SabatoYear ago

    Avete controllato le emissioni della w......😂

  • jelucamr
    jelucamrYear ago

    Go the VeeDub!!!

  • Gabriel
    GabrielYear ago

    Lmao German brands should stick with cars

  • Mtha M
    Mtha MYear ago

    Reaction for the Merc driver is poor... This whole video is lacking more info

  • Craig
    CraigYear ago

    Haha, almost a million rand and then the more "powerful" Nissan X-class can't even outrun the R200k cheaper, less powerful amarok.

  • Kyle Reese

    Kyle Reese

    Year ago

    If you could afford it you wouldn't care

  • zuti071
    zuti071Year ago

    So no BASIC info about HP !!! Shame on you.

  • Nhlanhla


    Year ago

    Rewatch the video, they gave that exact info. You might wanna familiarize yourself with kilowatts in relation to horsepower

  • Daniel R.

    Daniel R.

    Year ago

    zuti071 some people are watching video’s with their butt in stead of eyes i assume

  • Ashley Dube
    Ashley DubeYear ago

    VW for life😀🐐

  • feliz gonzalez
    feliz gonzalezYear ago

    they not bring yet any of those in USA

  • Sbu Mdluli
    Sbu MdluliYear ago

    I just wish you could let us admire the engines sounds instead of the useless music that is playing so loud. I love powerful car engine sound so much.

  • Ismael Dos Santos

    Ismael Dos Santos

    5 months ago

    @juan perez you mean nissan navara

  • Zjhavohn Belgrave

    Zjhavohn Belgrave

    7 months ago

    Lmao I agree

  • TurtleShell 8024

    TurtleShell 8024

    Year ago

    @juan perez ...or you are just ultra speculative!!!😂

  • Mark Bright

    Mark Bright

    Year ago

    Trust me neither of these vehicles makes much engine noise. They are quieter then you’ll realise.

  • Kamar


    Year ago

    Sbu Mdluli thank you!!

  • Abd Emad
    Abd EmadYear ago

    🇩🇪🇩🇪 💪💪

  • Neil Carl Denzil Ullbricht
    Neil Carl Denzil UllbrichtYear ago

    The Mercedes either 'Borged' at the start of the race or Mr Palm wasn't to quick to react.

  • Jaco Ras

    Jaco Ras

    10 months ago

    Or it's just slower

  • rocket boost
    rocket boostYear ago

    So the x class is useless