Road Test: 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Road Test: 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class


  • Charles McField
    Charles McField2 months ago

    Yes, I love M-Benz R better, it is Benz R so beautiful and strong, so fast that it is my M-BENZ R63 AMG BEST FASTEST😂❤❤❤💪👍👍👍😍

  • Klaus Zalew
    Klaus Zalew2 months ago

    Bardzo fajny film !!! , Pokazany w bardzo szybki sposób i komentarz konkretny👌👍💪

    OMGWTFLOL3 months ago

    Big bus? OK, think I'll pass.

  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson5 months ago

    It crazy to think how shitty mercedes technology was in 2011

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell90710 months ago

    Coolest Mercedes.

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon DavisYear ago

    two words: Chrysler Pacifica



    3 months ago

    Yep, probably more reliable, less expensive to repair, and way more room and comfort.

  • Christian Stylez
    Christian StylezYear ago

    The motor week Ford Flex video was playing on the monitor yay that’s my car

  • KeenCrafting
    KeenCrafting2 years ago

    Please bring back the R63 AMG!

  • matthew anderson

    matthew anderson

    5 months ago

    Manufacturers can only build cars if people buy them

  • The Sounds of the Suburbs
    The Sounds of the Suburbs2 years ago

    BLIND SPOT ASSIST is not a standard feature. Who is in charge of making these ridiculous reviews?

  • Viggo Mernelius
    Viggo Mernelius3 years ago

    We have a 2010 with 21 inch tires and those tvs and i like this car alot

  • Samuel Dobrow
    Samuel Dobrow4 years ago

    really neat vehicle. such a shame they got discontinued.

  • The Sounds of the Suburbs

    The Sounds of the Suburbs

    3 years ago

    +Rich Sackett +Samwise Drogod AM General is the Mercedes-Benz contractor that manufacturers them in Indiana for export to China. They are very popular in China. In my view, they were popular enough in the United States and Canada for continued production. However, some market research likely indicated that R-Class buyers opted for the R-Class instead of other Mercedes-Benz models, meaning that they just cannibalized other sales instead of bringing in new Mercedes-Benz buyers.

  • Rich Sackett

    Rich Sackett

    4 years ago

    I read they are still selling them in China. Just a great car. It's a little annoying they tested it on the track without the Sport suspension button pushed. It should be on all the time.

  • SEM
    SEM5 years ago

    Retarded Class

  • Tayfun 51
    Tayfun 515 years ago

    I have a R320 cdi and its so comfortly to drive with it ! Love this car!

  • doctor zaius
    doctor zaius5 years ago

    I thought these were very weird but also very cool... much more appealing hybrid of a wagon & SUV than most. Unfortunately, not many people agreed - although I do still see tons of them in Manhattan!

  • Shwan Ardalani
    Shwan Ardalani5 years ago

    I love the R-class, we have a 06 R350 and it's super comfy and a soft ride, but it also moves fast for it's size when you step on the gas

  • Hesam0000
    Hesam00007 years ago

    Americans and Africans shout because 150 years ago they both lived in open-space small communities where they had to scream to be heard.

  • Dre SM
    Dre SM7 years ago

    the r-class is a great little car, nice review. i have a 2006 R320L, i took it down Austria this January 2012. Check my video out, its great fun

  • Plus Minus Infinity
    Plus Minus Infinity7 years ago

    "Large crossover". No, it's a minivan.

  • Plus Minus Infinity
    Plus Minus Infinity7 years ago

    He's been doing it for 25 or so years so at this point we must assume no one's told him he's kinda loud.

  • CaptHollister
    CaptHollister8 years ago

    I'm on my second r-class. It is remarkable. It's an incredibly comfortable long-distance tourer. There isn't much cargo that won't fit inside. It is as near to unstoppable in winter as any vehicle can be and the Bluetec engine offers surprising performance and economy. In fact, I looove this car. Downsides ? there are two: 1st, the standard run-flat tires are crap. 2nd: other drivers sometimes fail to appreciate how long it is and end-up scratching the rear bumper. Very annoying.



    3 months ago

    Run flats? No spare tire? Deal breaker.

  • Tapwata
    Tapwata8 years ago

    I'm sorry but I just cant take Mercedes seriously when they make hideous minivans like this.

  • John Carson
    John Carson8 years ago

    They really need to stray away from the Minivan look. That bulbous rear end is just horrendous. At least the front fascia looks more agressive and less of any eye soar compared to its predecessor. Over all for what it is, it executes being a practical Luxury family hauler. Its not the best in the Mercedes Line-up but at least it stands its own ground being a family oriented vehicle. With that dynamic at least they will sell for that prime reason.

  • Tech Defender
    Tech Defender8 years ago

    r-class or gl-class??

  • Milko Vilela

    Milko Vilela

    3 years ago

    GL CLASS all the way.

  • IgnisMDB
    IgnisMDB8 years ago

    How can you compare them? One is a family car, and the other one is an SUV for young and dynamic people without dippers and baby strollers

  • Hamid Pazhwak
    Hamid Pazhwak8 years ago

    AMERICAN.. do you get it

  • Spencer Bernstein
    Spencer Bernstein8 years ago

    Only if the R class didn't look like a hearst or a minivan



    3 months ago

    Patty Hearst or William Randolph Hearst?

  • Billy Sou
    Billy Sou8 years ago

    @StangBang35 I think Mercedes R class' only competition is that Lincoln MKT.

  • Kelvin Waters
    Kelvin Waters8 years ago

    I'd prefer the NEW Range Rover Evoque.

  • Laszlo Demeter
    Laszlo Demeter8 years ago

    Why the hell is he shouting?:O



    3 months ago

    He's old and deaf.

  • chigasaki06
    chigasaki068 years ago

    Good review overall, but PLEASE, get new graphics and background music. The music and graphics used here screams 1980's. I know this is a review from 2011, but it sounds like a review from 1980.



    3 months ago

    Ask for your money back.

  • adogg619
    adogg6199 years ago

    I don't like the new headlights. It looks too much like something from a toyota.

  • Tyler Baugh
    Tyler Baugh9 years ago

    Ehhh Prefer the Lincoln MKT

  • khunopie
    khunopie9 years ago

    me likey vely much