Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS: World Premiere | Trailer

With the VISION EQS, Mercedes-Benz is making a clear statement for the continued future of high-quality vehicles and self-determined driving. Click here to learn more about the world premiere of the Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS:
With its innovative, stretched “one bow” proportion, the VISION EQS takes the Progressive Luxury design philosophy of the EQ models by Mercedes-Benz into a new dimension. The flowing yet powerful sculptured effect of the exterior design gives the show car its majestic appearance - luxurious generosity and aerodynamic elegance in ideal harmony.
The prominent, continuous “lightbelt” structures the exterior in a new way. The resulting colour division at shoulder level creates the impression of a “black panel” glass landscape floating on the silver vehicle body - a seamlessly connected vehicle surface from the striking EQ front grille to the rear.
In an innovative way, the VISION EQS appears both sensuously elegant and dramatically charged with this design.
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  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzYear ago

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  • Gregorio Osorio

    Gregorio Osorio

    3 months ago

    Hii aim José...

  • ქრისტიანი Crusader

    ქრისტიანი Crusader

    10 months ago

    Beautiful Car thank you Mercedes

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Woohoo! 🥳 We're so happy you joined our MERCEDESBENZ family, Will!

  • LeafyPine2007


    Year ago

    Mercedes Benz you are awesome you have earned a subscriber!!!

  • Racing Recap - coming soon

    Racing Recap - coming soon

    Year ago

    @Mercedes-Benz thank you, it's much appreciated.

  • Captain Rico
    Captain RicoMonth ago

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Although if I was the kind of guy to wear a turtleneck and stare at solar panels maybe this would be for me.

  • shimmy1984
    shimmy1984Month ago

    I love the design of this. However predictably and sadly the production model will look nothing like this. They never do.

  • Rex Rabbit
    Rex RabbitMonth ago

    Warum diese Einbuchtung unten an den Türen? Schaut aus wie ein Unfallwagen, der mal hart aufgesetzt hat. Wenn es wenigstens der Bodenfreiheit dienen würde ... Aber da ist ja dennoch was unterhalb.

  • Rex Rabbit
    Rex RabbitMonth ago

    Fahren sie dieses Auto nicht wenn Sie kein professioneller Fahrer auf einer gesperrten Strecke sind?!

  • Rex Rabbit
    Rex RabbitMonth ago

    Wohl nur für sehr gute Straßen gemacht. Bei der geringen Bodenfreiheit, den geringen Federwegen, den dünnen Reifen ...

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming2 months ago

    I just hope u do a second version with a bigger battery of mercedes eqc and love u mercedes 💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙

  • Mercedes-Benz


    2 months ago

    You never know what the future holds. ☺️

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming2 months ago

    Love u mercedes the best or nothing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💜

  • Jesmin Hoque
    Jesmin Hoque2 months ago

    There should be a more affordable choice

  • Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.2 months ago

    Beautiful! The sooner the better.

  • Badlands chugs
    Badlands chugs2 months ago

    Wann kommt der raus 2021

  • Radu N. Stingaciu
    Radu N. Stingaciu2 months ago

    Lucid Air now looks like a joke

  • Ujjwal Mehta
    Ujjwal Mehta2 months ago

    Looks Fantastic. What is the timeline for this car to go into production...I keep heating 2021 - is that true?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    2 months ago

    We estimated approximately two years of production before its effective release on the market.

  • Joshua Dimlong
    Joshua Dimlong2 months ago

    this is the best car i have ever met (Mercedes)

  • Kathrin P.
    Kathrin P.2 months ago

    short and simple: when and how much? Ich bin schockverliebt.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    2 months ago

    Short and simple. 🤐 All we can say, is, that it is on it way and you will not be disappointed.

  • jude Amaya
    jude Amaya2 months ago

    So beautiful

  • Antoni Arintonna
    Antoni Arintonna3 months ago

    I am great marketer I would love to work for yall if it meant I could have this car. i Actually like the clear door concept better

  • Euro 1 EU
    Euro 1 EU3 months ago

    Mercedes !!!! King of the king !!!

  • Pranav Jauhari
    Pranav Jauhari3 months ago

    Hey mercedes, please launch that car to production, this video came on my birthday!!

  • El Ahmed
    El Ahmed3 months ago

    I will buy Vision EQS just for aesthetics, I have never seen such beautiful design in a car.

  • no name
    no name3 months ago

    Must have been a graphics designer who created this cat as they are known to be intelligent and innovative. Calling themselvs all kinds of fancy names.

  • BasicallyImOrlly


    2 months ago

    a graphics designer creates graphics not cars.

  • Thunderbird
    Thunderbird3 months ago

    The ambition of them making something like this is just awesome & beautiful ♥️

  • Mark shaz
    Mark shaz3 months ago

    A beautiful representation of what's to come, but can we ease have it sooner rather than later.

  • Batu Çağan
    Batu Çağan3 months ago

    Nice car, hope it wont be too expensive by the way are you still reading comments in 10 month old video mercedes?

  • Ian Court
    Ian Court3 months ago

    Gotta love Mercedes Benz...when they do it they do it right!!! Winning all the hybrid F1 championships has got to mean something....hope they do an estate version to replace my AMG estate.🤞👍🥰🥰🥰

  • Mercedes-Benz


    3 months ago

    The best or nothing, Ian! 😉 Let’s see what else the future will bring to us!

  • Theia Smoke
    Theia Smoke3 months ago

    I really like the silver with a small amount of gold, which makes people feel low-key and luxurious.

  • Κατερίνα Κυρκώτσογλου
    Κατερίνα Κυρκώτσογλου4 months ago

    I don't have money so....

  • Lucien H
    Lucien H4 months ago

    Is this a car??? Noooooo!!!

  • Arturas Arm
    Arturas Arm4 months ago

    Mercedes is Apple of cars, amazing in design

  • Stefan Grabe
    Stefan Grabe4 months ago


  • iezzei
    iezzei4 months ago

    why do i have a feeling that the actual production EQS going to be huge letdown compare to concept car look

  • Sunflower Mary
    Sunflower Mary5 months ago

    Well, I didn't want to see the interior anyway 🤷

  • GGO 1
    GGO 15 months ago

    so yall just not gonna show the inside?

  • Thembani the One
    Thembani the One5 months ago

    I have a "fan club" apparently 😬

  • Davanni Phillip
    Davanni Phillip6 months ago


  • Muhammad-Ali
    Muhammad-Ali6 months ago

    This is the headquarters of the Avengers

  • Ar FoX
    Ar FoX7 months ago

    Bravo !!!

  • Salvador Martinez
    Salvador Martinez7 months ago

    Forget the car, I want that house!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    7 months ago

    How about both? 😉

  • Mathis B.
    Mathis B.7 months ago

    This is the Word beautiful and exellent in one car

  • Mercedes-Benz


    7 months ago

    Thank you, Mathis! Well said. 🤗

  • Arjen TV
    Arjen TV8 months ago

    It`s great car.

  • H. M.
    H. M.8 months ago

    Bring ihn genau so auf die Straße 👍😀

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein8 months ago

    The music ruined this video. They change so suddenly.

  • Kapibara 91
    Kapibara 919 months ago

    Bye Bye Tesla it was a pleasure...

  • Mercedes-Benz


    9 months ago

    #TheBestKnowsNoAlternative 😅

  • G. Schmidd
    G. Schmidd9 months ago

    Das beste an diesem Trailer ist die Photovoltaikanlage die man am Ende vom Trailer sieht. Hier hätte ich gern einen Ansprechpartner, wann diese auf dem Markt ist.

  • Shrivardhan sembu srinivasan
    Shrivardhan sembu srinivasan9 months ago


  • meshowz
    meshowz10 months ago

    Can you stop showing us what the girl is doing and more about what the car is...don’t give a flying fuck about the girl or what she is doing ...

  • Dhir Deepak Michael
    Dhir Deepak Michael10 months ago

    when will it come in production and when will its sale begin?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    10 months ago

    We can't reveal that info just yet but make sure to stay tuned to our social media pages for any updates! 😉

  • sirnik84
    sirnik8410 months ago

    I'm so happy Mercedes-Benz did such excellent work in the 1980s when they built the 300D. Because I never see myself driving one of these.

  • hg hr
    hg hr10 months ago

    Ton intro mercedes est pas mal ,moi j'en ai aussi fais une recherche ( SAMUEL PEROU SILVA MEGA INTRO MERCEDES BENZ ) CHAINE: Samuel Perou Silva.

  • Nico Dacher
    Nico Dacher10 months ago

    Very good 👊

  • Andreia Moreira
    Andreia Moreira10 months ago

    Quero ver o faço e o que dou.

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool11 months ago

    Cool car MB

  • FirestYT
    FirestYT11 months ago


  • Justus Godehard
    Justus Godehard11 months ago

    Visions and Concepts for years. Series production is far away.

  • Kathrin P.

    Kathrin P.

    2 months ago

    never mind I need to save up, so...

  • Robin Sedlag
    Robin Sedlag11 months ago

    Not gonna happen!!

  • Arnold Galiwango
    Arnold Galiwango11 months ago

    They display this but give the public a crappy looking old design.

  • MrCswint25
    MrCswint2511 months ago

    That's this company's problem: to many Concept Vehicles followed by the same bland evolutionary production. No thank you. I chose TESLA!!!

  • Matteo Sivilotti
    Matteo Sivilotti11 months ago

    I was waiting for the day Germans start designing EV's, and it has come. What a piece of art from Benz!

  • hamza Husayin
    hamza Husayin11 months ago


  • David Dujardin
    David Dujardin11 months ago

    Maintenant je sais en quoi j'aimerai rouler en 2030 😊

  • Colin Fox
    Colin Fox11 months ago

    It looks ok - but those taillights are not going to make it to production. Can you imagine trying to punch all those little 3-star shaped holes in the body panels? And what happens if you get into an accident - fixing/replacing those is going to be super expensive. Also - I wish this "trailer" focused more on the car and less on the sci-fi life of this woman. I don't care about her.

  • Aleksander Strnad
    Aleksander Strnad11 months ago

    Now this is a gorgeous electric car... When is it coming in production?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    11 months ago

    Time will tell!

  • Aleksander Strnad

    Aleksander Strnad

    11 months ago

    @Mercedes-Benz well hope this vision come to life

  • Mercedes-Benz


    11 months ago

    Just a vision at the moment, but have to admit our roads will look pretty awesome with this on it!

  • محمود صلاح الدين
    محمود صلاح الدينYear ago

    Is this dream? Is this true?

  • Bro Splosion
    Bro SplosionYear ago

    Congratulations Mercedes.. you have made all the uninformed snowflakes happy..

  • ChedengMB
    ChedengMBYear ago

    I’m so glad I didn’t drink the Tesla kool-aid.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Awh, thanks for all the compliments... you're making us blush! 🥰 You should definitely pay a visit to our Mercedes Benz museum sometime. 😉

  • ChedengMB


    Year ago

    Mercedes-Benz After owning and driving an ML 400, E Class coupe, GLC 63 AMG and S Class, there’s no other car brand that can match the performance, the reliability, the ultra plush Designo interior and most importantly the safety of the passengers. Now Mercedes are launching a number of electric I’m really excited to visit the Mercedes headquarters

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Well done for staying strong, ChedengMB! 😉

    IFSU BEATSYear ago

    Take my money............when can we expect delivery in Australia?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Time will tell. 😉

  • A. H.
    A. H.Year ago

    Please build this car!!! 😍

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Let’s see what the future holds. 😉

  • xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
    xX Storm Xx • vor 27 JahrenYear ago

    Who needs Tesla we’ve got Mercedes

  • xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
    xX Storm Xx • vor 27 JahrenYear ago

    I’m saving money since two years and I want to buy a Mercedes this car whould be perfect 👌

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    That's #Benztastic! 🤩

  • PRAJWAL Negi
    PRAJWAL NegiYear ago

    This is not probably but the best electric vehicle by design by far.... Design is so smooth just loving the way how Mercedes Benz manages to make such beautiful cars... Fabulous... Please make it a production car

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Thanks for the compliments, PRAJWAL, we'll keep that in mind! 😉

  • ali osman
    ali osmanYear ago


  • Emre Gkcen
    Emre GkcenYear ago

    Niemals werde ich in so einem Auto einsteigen! Ist ja grauenvoll

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    The future is electric so we suggest giving it a try! Don't worry, there will be other colours. 😉

  • Emre Gkcen

    Emre Gkcen

    Year ago

    Mercedes-Benz Weil es ganz bestimmt ein e-Auto ist! Und ich auf diese weiße ganz bestimmt nicht fahren werde !

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    How do you know? We haven't even tried it. 🤔

  • ꧁༺ȶaʀɨզ༻꧂
    ꧁༺ȶaʀɨզ༻꧂Year ago

    Just launch it already ♥️

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Let’s see what the future brings. 😉

  • HELIN هيلين
    HELIN هيلينYear ago

    wow so amazing car ☺

  • omar khodammi
    omar khodammiYear ago

    LOVE IT .

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    You're making us blush! 😊

  • omar khodammi

    omar khodammi

    Year ago


  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Thanks, omar. 🥰

  • Rock star
    Rock starYear ago

    Look nice and design is good

  • flexiblematthew
    flexiblematthewYear ago


  • The The
    The TheYear ago

    I am buying it !

  • Iskan D
    Iskan DYear ago

    Wowwwww When and how much it will cost?

  • Iskan D

    Iskan D

    Year ago

    Mercedes-Benz oh no( you should put this model on the market, I’m first who will buy it. Love Mercedes

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    It's a vision car, so we won't be putting it into production. But we're glad you like it. 😀

  • NOE live
    NOE liveYear ago

    How about if you start to produce them and stop phubbing about evs

  • Jerome p
    Jerome pYear ago

    Lol I’m loving it sorry Tesla Mercedes has dont it no only does it look unique it’s futuristic graceful and elegant not some electric car that resembles a Mazda 6 that’s how you do it

  • My Note
    My NoteYear ago

    That's a shark, EQShark 😎 the predator which will eat Tesla 😅

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago


  • Nathan Collins
    Nathan CollinsYear ago

    RIP engine sounds and manuals... You will be missed

  • Daniel Krüger
    Daniel KrügerYear ago

    Tesla is better

  • High Music Entertainment
    High Music EntertainmentYear ago

    Love it ❤️

  • Andreas Lindful
    Andreas LindfulYear ago

    I gave a like and I want a heart by Mercedes-Benz :-)

  • Daniel Brice
    Daniel BriceYear ago

    Great - another concept car....

  • Ismail
    IsmailYear ago

    We are slowly accepting the future

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert EinsteinYear ago

    Magnifique... Excellence and pure German engineering...

  • Ivars Matisons
    Ivars MatisonsYear ago


  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy MaiYear ago

    Bye bye to petro soon.

  • Manuel Basiri
    Manuel BasiriYear ago

    Great car, same stupid cliche of some skinny models moving UI elements in the air and use the car to go draw flowers. Aren't we tired to see the same nonesense over and over again? Mercedes benz designers 100 %, advertiser creativity, shameful lack of effort, 0%.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    We're sorry you didn't like the video, Manuel Basiri. 😥

  • T Y
    T YYear ago

    Tesla is so screwed now, the giant has awakened

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago


    SITAR HEROYear ago

    I wonder what's Brabus gonna do

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    That is going to be interesting to see, indeed. 😉

  • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
    Daniel Solis RodriguezYear ago

    Which day you make EQ real car mercedes benz!!!!!!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    There is no date set yet, so we will just have to wait and see. 😉

  • Senyour
    SenyourYear ago

    Nörüyonuz aslanım? nirde yaşıyonuz

  • 피닌파리나
    피닌파리나Year ago

    how much?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    It’s priceless. 😉

  • Raj kumar
    Raj kumarYear ago

    Was expecting Lewis Hamilton would take it for a spin !!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    We will save that for later. 😋

  • Al Equi
    Al EquiYear ago

    I want this EVS

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    It is pretty cool, right? 😎

  • Sv Hurrican
    Sv HurricanYear ago