2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d | Road Test | OVERDRIVE

The Mercedes-Benz GLC has been given a midlife makeover and though it comes early in its life, the update brings along a host of connected tech that makes the car smarter. There is also the new MBUX system which makes the infotainment experience a lot richer than the outgoing car. Watch the review to know more! And here’s a link to the story we mentioned in the intro of the review:
Exclusive: 2020 Mercedes GLC Road Test Review
2020 Mercedes GLC details: Prices, Specs, Features
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    OVERDRIVE2 months ago

    Read the Exclusive: 2020 Mercedes GLC Road Test Review overdrive.in/reviews/exclusive-2020-mercedes-glc-road-test-review/ 2020 Mercedes GLC details: Prices, Specs, Features overdrive.in/cars/mercedes-benz/glc-m515/

  • Rohit Pol
    Rohit Pol18 minutes ago

    Is it better than volvo xc60?

  • Vishal Panchal
    Vishal Panchal12 days ago

    Glc vs X3 please

  • Gorkhaland is our Birth Right
    Gorkhaland is our Birth RightMonth ago

    Is there an optional 4x4 ?

  • Yudhist Singh
    Yudhist SinghMonth ago

    A bit too casual for an official car review?

  • Sunkara Hemanth
    Sunkara HemanthMonth ago

    I purchased this merc just before 2 months and I saw your review before buying it and it was completely worth it it's so good although it's a little bit pricey it's still a good car to drive and it's my daily driver although I have some other cars in my garage like the x1 and the q7 and a huracan evo spyder this feels much more relaxed i own a Bentley bentayga too and a rolls Royce wraith and a amg gtr too but a merc is a merc you've got to admit that

  • Gobi G
    Gobi G3 months ago

    Be Classic Be Merz

  • sarang u
    sarang u4 months ago

    No adaptive dampers? you must be joking!

  • Ravindhar Balaraman
    Ravindhar Balaraman5 months ago

    You will see a beemer in your rear view mirror🙄. BMW X3 0 to 100 is 8 sec and GLC 0 to 100 is 8.7 sec

  • siabdellah
    siabdellah5 months ago


  • Sid gupta
    Sid gupta5 months ago

    Xc60 and x3 are much better . What are you saying sir?

  • Prathyusha Reddy M
    Prathyusha Reddy M5 months ago

    Excellent review

  • Siddhartha Ray
    Siddhartha Ray5 months ago

    Remote locking is extremely dangerous feature, should be immedietly banned, can accidentally lock up any pet or small child inside, very disgraceful to device such mindless feature

  • Jalkalnal
    Jalkalnal5 months ago


  • Swastik singh
    Swastik singh5 months ago

    Is x3 better

  • Rajesh Mali
    Rajesh Mali6 months ago

    Stay away

  • harshith Chawla
    harshith Chawla6 months ago

    x3 is away better car

  • Oleg K
    Oleg K6 months ago

    We can't get a diesel in Canada sadly. That would be my ideal vehicle for sure. Only Mazda CX-5 is the only diesel left among small SUVs with their underpowered and uninspiring 2.2L four.

  • Indian Youtuber
    Indian Youtuber6 months ago

    That Rounded headlamps and roundish design is too boring now. It looks outdated and boring. We like sharp and edgy modern designs.

  • You are my 🌞
    You are my 🌞6 months ago

    Does 2020 glc have Android Auto?

  • Go To

    Go To

    6 months ago

    @You are my 🌞 are you gonna purchase one??

  • You are my 🌞

    You are my 🌞

    6 months ago

    Thanks @Go To that helps immensely

  • Go To

    Go To

    6 months ago


  • Shivang Mathur
    Shivang Mathur6 months ago

    I love your pronunciation

  • Muhammed Aboobacker
    Muhammed Aboobacker6 months ago


  • S SV
    S SV6 months ago


  • Seema Gurval
    Seema Gurval7 months ago

    What will be the price of mercedes GLC 2020

  • ANB GamerX

    ANB GamerX

    6 months ago

    52 lakhs

  • Amit Yuvraaj Official
    Amit Yuvraaj Official7 months ago

    The alloy wheels are looking like Toyota fortuner

  • Jason Ray
    Jason Ray7 months ago

    In India, this model is missing lot of important features, but in Dubai model has got everything shipped from Germany and it's less expensive. Totally big scam by Mercedes Benz India 👎

  • mir basith
    mir basith7 months ago

    When is jeep renegade is cming to india ???

  • Bharath Bhuvan
    Bharath Bhuvan7 months ago

    Volvo rocks this segment

  • Dr Sumit Tiwari

    Dr Sumit Tiwari

    6 months ago

    @ANB GamerX Go do some research since Volvo has highest safety features - more than audi, bmw and mercedes. FYI i own audi & bmw, so don't think that i am some volvo fan. I am simply informing the FACT :) But they need to make their brand more popular in India since many people still don't know Volvo as a luxury brand right away.

  • ANB GamerX

    ANB GamerX

    6 months ago

    @Dr Sumit Tiwari tum batana cahte ho that Mercedes are not safe Mercedes are not feature loaded

  • Dr Sumit Tiwari

    Dr Sumit Tiwari

    7 months ago

    There's no better car than XC60 in this segment right now for price to price features and value and safety aswell.

  • Mahesh Murali

    Mahesh Murali

    7 months ago

    Crap service poor resale value and expensive spares. After sale support matters a lot on high end car and merc is a cut above the rest in that case

  • Anukul Wankhede
    Anukul Wankhede7 months ago

    instrument cluster is not full digital as global spec GLC . . .Shame mercedes

  • Vinayak Patil

    Vinayak Patil

    5 months ago

    They have to do COST CUTTING in order to make it ACCESSIBLE. Secondly, the INDIAN GOVERNMENT is imposing a LOT of TAX on cars.

  • Jayant Rajeshirke
    Jayant Rajeshirke7 months ago

    Kodiaq L&K vs glc??

  • วิวัฒน์ ภิญโญสโมสร
    วิวัฒน์ ภิญโญสโมสร7 months ago

    Specs and essential datas of the car model should be summarized under the clip.

  • Swami
    Swami7 months ago

    Xc60 is better

  • Neekhil khumukcham
    Neekhil khumukcham7 months ago

    Tail lamps are more of the glb it seems

  • Neeraj Kanojiya
    Neeraj Kanojiya7 months ago

    Please send Hindi episode

  • You are my 🌞

    You are my 🌞

    6 months ago

    Bhej diya. Kya आप ko mil gaya?

  • Aachal Saji
    Aachal Saji7 months ago

    How can not having memory seats be nit picking, I think it is one of the most convenient features in a luxury car, my 2013 Mercedes has it, it is the most used feature in my car, such cost cutting is shame, takes away the point of having a luxury car. Not even considering my next luxury car to be Mercedes Frankly.

  • lamilumag


    7 months ago

    Then just order it with Memory Seats... what's the problem?

  • nandita talwar

    nandita talwar

    7 months ago

    Aachal Saji the interior design is also not that great like the old glc had a more luxurious one

  • nandita talwar

    nandita talwar

    7 months ago

    Aachal Saji true

  • B There
    B There7 months ago

    Why can’t they add a good music system. What a pity. Old analog dials. No burmester sound system. How’s is this even an upgrade? Yet costing 70L on road Mumbai!

  • Aditya Venkatesh

    Aditya Venkatesh

    7 months ago

    @Mr. Meeseeks he's referring to mercedes Benz India I assume

  • Mr. Meeseeks

    Mr. Meeseeks

    7 months ago

    Jesus they do offer burmester it’s an option this car was poorly equipped bc it’s in India lol

  • Rishikesh Choudhary
    Rishikesh Choudhary7 months ago

    XC60 ❤️

  • Saikiran P.R
    Saikiran P.R7 months ago

    Rohit's presentation is as good as Merc!!

  • MD Liyakath
    MD Liyakath7 months ago

    Is car review complete without telling the car features?

  • Prakash Zala
    Prakash Zala7 months ago

    My dream car...

  • dasani
    dasani7 months ago

    look all the same , even add another 100 years🤯🤯🤯

  • Pradip Mahato
    Pradip Mahato7 months ago

    Great car 😍