Mercedes Benz CLA220 AMG Line 2020 £40,000 பேசும் கார் #TamilCarReview #TCR #MercedesBenz #KuttiHari

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This new CLA, with its 63-millimeter wider front track and 55-millimeter wider rear track over the normal A-Class, does feel planted and surefooted, but from an enthusiast’s standpoint, it feels less entertaining to drive. It’s as if Mercedes has given it too much of a soft edge now and some of the joy of driving the old model has been lost.
The package feels sporty and if only the steering was sharper, it would completely transform the driving experience. I mean the car hardly leans in corners, it has great aero and the engine, even the 190 horsepower version I tested, pulls very strongly and sounds satisfyingly angry when you rev it out.
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