Rallycross on a Budget Part 1 | Series 18 | Top Gear | BBC

Part 1 of 2. Clarkson, May and Hammond each buy relatively cheap cars to take part, against other enthusiasts, in a rally cross motor race. It's a thrilling 20 minutes as they compete in various heats. From Top Gear series 18, episode 7.
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  • Lumpy
    LumpyHour ago

    Jeremy Clark son makes me feel laid

  • HauntingMage
    HauntingMage17 hours ago

    6 + 1 = 1

  • Atlantic 31
    Atlantic 3120 hours ago

    Jergary Clarkson

  • splmeesh
    splmeesh4 days ago

    i have definitely left a golf course feeling that high Hammond...

  • Brian steff magnussen
    Brian steff magnussen4 days ago

    I was looking at Hammond's suspention and wondered what it reminded me about, Then i noticed that i have these crude worker socks on, and then something dawned to me.

  • Clash with Simon
    Clash with Simon4 days ago

    What we don't remember is that Richard is actually a really good driver

  • Corvette Furry
    Corvette Furry6 days ago

    The only episode where they didn’t talk shit about each other’s cars

  • Elizabeth Susan Evans
    Elizabeth Susan Evans6 days ago


  • superrowen
    superrowen7 days ago

    when James says *"WATCH THIS"* , you know something will go wrong

  • Sharcc
    Sharcc8 days ago

    When I saw that James had an MR2 I said aloud "Oh, and James is going to die"

  • Grad R Row
    Grad R Row8 days ago

    Polska gurom

  • Müllerman
    Müllerman9 days ago

    What a beautiful E30

  • Trainman 86
    Trainman 8611 days ago

    citroen saxo why did he buy a copy of a fiesta mk4 LOL

  • AbeO DEZ
    AbeO DEZ14 days ago

    I want to see that girl driver driving

  • Cameron Harris
    Cameron Harris17 days ago

    The LEGENDARY saxo

  • Famous West
    Famous West18 days ago

    Wish i'd watched top gear when it was good.

  • The Bread
    The Bread20 days ago

    550 pounds for a vts,today it’s 5000

  • Michi Btnr
    Michi Btnr22 days ago

    They should use easier rules, like Einsteins E=mc2

  • TFJ
    TFJ26 days ago

    *Didn’t realise Jamie Vardy was a race driver... ***3:29*

  • Sam Browning
    Sam Browning27 days ago

    “...so I put on health and safety stickers because thats what the BBC likes” This show was absolute gold

  • Wesoły Rozkurwiacz
    Wesoły RozkurwiaczMonth ago


  • Dy .Dam
    Dy .DamMonth ago

    450 for an mr2 This is a dream here in germany A cheap one is like 3k and they go up to like 10-15k

  • Dylan
    DylanMonth ago

    5:53 This is like Prostreet!

  • Gabriel Bernestrå
    Gabriel BernestråMonth ago

    Captain Maths HAHAHAH

  • Cass Dillard
    Cass DillardMonth ago

    2013: rally cross on a budget 2015: top gear on a budget

  • Max Gregory
    Max GregoryMonth ago

    First time I’ve seen them speak positively towards each other

  • Kevin Dodds
    Kevin DoddsMonth ago

    I assure you I’ve left a golf course much more high.

  • MotoSage LA
    MotoSage LAMonth ago

    I've never seen this episode! Yes! So cool.

  • killerdragon558
    killerdragon558Month ago

    5:53 for Pro Street music!

  • Magnus
    MagnusMonth ago

    Historic: The 3 boys actually liked each ithers cars

  • Basspeed
    BasspeedMonth ago

    That poor Toyota mr2, what a great car.

  • Jerry
    JerryMonth ago

    Hammond to Clarkson: "We must NOT laugh..." *May gets out of his car* Hammond & Clarkson: "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

  • Bis


    Month ago

    I love how you can repeat what happened in the video. Really well done!

  • 1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI
    1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STIMonth ago

    May spent the same amount of money that I did for my sim racing wheel.... for a car.

  • Callum Westlake
    Callum WestlakeMonth ago

    Throughout all of top gear and GT, I think my favourite moments are when they're having fun and working together. I like them bickering, but there's something amazing about seeing all three of them excited and happy.

  • Phillip Noetzel
    Phillip NoetzelMonth ago

    Golf bats, cheap cars, idiotic driving. ..........must be England.

  • Luke Caswell
    Luke CaswellMonth ago

    "I noticed from the entry sheet your all called Gary". 😂😂😂

  • Little Skittle
    Little SkittleMonth ago

    F@ck Math, step on it!!!

  • Nebiyou Daniel
    Nebiyou DanielMonth ago

    7:03 "He has overtaken SOMEBODY" LMAO

  • jonathan manston
    jonathan manstonMonth ago

    Drift the 93 Miata

  • Heath Crawley
    Heath CrawleyMonth ago

    Whoever got the otes add must like this