2019 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG - REVS + Walkaround in 4k

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    This is the only reason why I keep on studying ❤️

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    Soon thank you God

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    I like the front design of the car

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    I will have this one day 🙌🏾

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    bob memerMonth ago

    How do you get rid of the grill in the front?

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    Bullet proof

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    Amutha ValliMonth ago

    I love

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    Excellent showcase!

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    Mr. SaylesMonth ago

    What type of camera are you using? The Quality is impeccable !

    MAYUR SALUNKE2 months ago

    My favourite car 😍❤️❤️♥️

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    I will buy this car one day seriously😇😎😎🥺🥺🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    One day i will buy this inchaallah

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    I wanna ride this beast before I die..

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    Los amo

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    haziq hanis3 months ago

    Those red finishing were ugly

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    Music? ☮️

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    Rahimberdi Alijonov4 months ago

    oooo my God. it's my dream car. I will buy it. inshaollox

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    mercdes benz agm g63

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    Rural 2019

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    Best review videos!!! Hands down.

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    why didnt he rev on sports+

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    The One8 months ago

    I have it in my mind , my heart , in my hands , in my dreams & always my dreams come true . OMG ( G63 AMG ) .

  • Parichat J
    Parichat J8 months ago

    I have a g class 550 2020 I wish I had the amg

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    Gull Khan8 months ago

    It’s my dream to have one like this 💕💕😍

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    Кар оф май дрим, понимаиш.

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    What’s the video camera being used? It looks really compact

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    My dream car. insha'Allah . Ameen

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    @Belaid Manar jazakallahu khair akhi.

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    may allah grant you what you wish for inshallah

  • Ashutosh Shegar
    Ashutosh Shegar9 months ago

    Full black is looking like MAFIA CAR

  • melfaun
    melfaun9 months ago

    Is the finish black, metallic black, or obsidian?

  • melfaun


    9 months ago

    @Frank Holand Automotive thank you

  • Frank Holand Automotive

    Frank Holand Automotive

    9 months ago

    Metallic black.

  • Killer Kroos
    Killer Kroos9 months ago

    Now that's an SUV right there not some stupid ass Range Rover

  • dan
    dan9 months ago

    How much does it cost? It's amazing full detailed ..just art on wheels

  • Killer Kroos

    Killer Kroos

    9 months ago

    Around $200000 I think

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    Kishore Kishore9 months ago

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  • Mark Spagnolo
    Mark Spagnolo10 months ago

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  • Самрат Алдан
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    Year ago

    @John Ferdinand Alonzo :))))) you are veeeery idiot :))))) you did not find the guy to say that exactly like all idiots behind the screen! what are you doing now when you hear i got mercedes CL ,2 porsches,2 vw,1 nissan and a bmw 740i??? aa??who cant afford now? you see how idiot slave you are and how you have no idea whith who you speak?

  • John Ferdinand Alonzo

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  • W Building Solutions, llc
    W Building Solutions, llcYear ago

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