Mega Tow Trucks - The World's Toughest Towing Vehicles | Full Documentary

1000 tons in tow - They tow busses down the highway and haul heavy military equipment through the forest. They move the world’s largest aircraft, recover tanks from war zones, and haul enormous launch vehicles. these heavy-duty transporters are among the most powerful towing and recovery vehicles in the world. These tow trucks often transport 30 times their own weight - and the loads they carry are huge. These specialty vehicles are called into action when exceptionally heavy loads need to be transported or recovered. Their missions are often dangerous ones - so safety is a top priority.
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  • WELT Documentary
    WELT Documentary6 months ago

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  • Hasan Foyejul

    Hasan Foyejul

    20 days ago

    @rejwan kabir বুঝলামনা ভাই!

  • rejwan kabir

    rejwan kabir

    Month ago

    @dady big ukojkimli

  • Vitaliy Rozumyak

    Vitaliy Rozumyak

    3 months ago

    Antonov An-225 Mriya is largest cargo aircraft :)

  • Ramy Fal

    Ramy Fal

    5 months ago

    so 2 Audi Q7 V10 TDI Could Tow an Antonov

  • Ted Davies

    Ted Davies

    6 months ago

    quite 323

  • Stephen Persilver
    Stephen Persilver2 days ago

    I operated hook in western Washington (state) for 10 years, nothing anywhere near that big tho. I loved the fuck outta that job, but it didn't pay fuck

  • NorthPlayyyer
    NorthPlayyyer6 days ago

    Interesting Volvo 500hp tow truck? V8? Not, it's straight six, althought V8 sounds cooler so that's why they probably said it. Also, the volvo has 3 gear spots, with "6" gears or "12" gears in total with splitter. Not 14. And its not more than most, trucks, Renault, Scania and MAN have 4 gear spots, "8" gears and with splitter 16 gears. dumbass documentary

  • K WinChronic
    K WinChronic12 days ago

    14:37 Tamiya model anyone?

  • Bryan Kirk
    Bryan Kirk13 days ago

    @ 34:16. Notice the upside-down ballast weight going in.

  • Jan Bosik
    Jan Bosik13 days ago

    42:52 Made in 1991... that truck has been in service for almost 30 years now, working under unimaginable stress and it is still going strong. That's some fine engineering over there.

  • The Enforcer007
    The Enforcer00714 days ago

    Hey...You guys, you want to pop down to Australia during your next break and take note on how the experts down there do a 'truck recovery' and watch closely how its supposed to be done! Yes OK, the Aussies are internationally renowned to be the worlds best 4x4 drivers and have the worlds best 4x4 vehicles...but..BUT.. they don't mess about when a truck is stuck (especially on beaches when the water is coming in!) where they have actually performed recoveries of massive 100-200ton trucks, some with 4 or 5 trailers joined on the back with their highly modified and powerful 4x4s! When a truck becomes bogged in sand for example and they do help out, they use their special new type tow rope 'SNATCH' straps no problems at all! Best thing about watching the Aussies do such vehicle recoveries, after doing the job, they wave out, act like it is no big deal and accept nothing in return, when really...these such recoveries are suppose to be done with huge machines like these WELT trucks shown here costing huge money! The Aussies to help will arrive in either a huge Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruser, hook up a bogged truck, and their 600hp/1000Nm+ 4x4s recover it. When it's a huge mega size recovery, they connect both a Patrol and a Toyota together and together, they recover trucks like 200 -300 ton mining Haul Packs! AFTER, it's done, they drive off ..WITHOUT asking for NO $ unlike the $700 Euros charged by some people as the documentry just said they charge for a recovery! Do a MERCEDESBENZ search - Australia's most amazing 4x4 recovers!! BTW.... WELT vehicles are of the best in the world!

  • Duncan Black
    Duncan Black14 days ago

    19:19 can we take a second to mention that *mustang?*

  • kristov29
    kristov2919 days ago

    28:00 Udo Muller appears to have been in the Deutsches Heer for a long time. He may have been in the Reichswehr! A gentle correction to the junior enlisted and now they know a bit of what he already does. This is the best way to learn to do any job correctly.

  • Andrzej SS
    Andrzej SS20 days ago

    we need to know what coming in part 3 xd

  • Alan Alan
    Alan Alan21 day ago

    Hey commentors every trucker thinks they know everthing LoL

  • Jack Greenwood
    Jack Greenwood22 days ago

    We just call the scissor bridge an "A frame" in the british army recovery speak

  • Auntieslapscake
    Auntieslapscake23 days ago

    Any decent roadside truck mechanic would of got that bus door working....

  • James Brown
    James Brown24 days ago

    So I’m at the 4th vehicle into the video and so far 2 of them have been called a “buffalo” and one is a “biffua”?, so I’m just wondering if they used up all their creativity building the machines and had nothing left when it came time to name them.

  • Mr wolf Games
    Mr wolf Games26 days ago


  • TITAN XÆA-007
    TITAN XÆA-00726 days ago

    Russian Antonov stole the show😂

  • Matt McNeil
    Matt McNeil28 days ago

    I want to see a video about tow trucks that only tow broken down tow trucks.

  • soren schjodt
    soren schjodtMonth ago

    No volvo have a V8 not anymore

  • Randall Owens
    Randall OwensMonth ago

    About the first one what is a desert... With zero trees area with no cactuses

  • Marcus Vollmann
    Marcus VollmannMonth ago

    The door of the bus won't shut so the bus can't drive any furder, 2 frames later the door is closed. XD

  • Grand Man
    Grand ManMonth ago

    👍🏻👍🏻😱😱😱😱👌👌🦘🦘🦘🐨🐨🐨🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 if there are no trees what happens😂😂

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.Month ago

    I was more amazed at the old Ford Mustang at the 19:20 being in Germany than I was at the tow trucks. lol.

  • zepter00


    29 days ago

    You can find souch vehicles in Poland. Why you couldnt see these in bigger and more welthy Germany?

  • Travis
    TravisMonth ago

    dam it took 45 minutes to run a line thru a pulley n winch over a truck???

  • Travis
    TravisMonth ago

    wait a minute, its been a year or two since iv taken classes, but the way the pulleys set up is not as a force multiplier, correct?? the line should take the full load from the attachment point, thru the pulley n to the winch, the amount of weight wouldnt be halved because its running through a pulley in that setup right? its simply acting as a different pulling angle, if anything i imagine u get a minute amount of drag from that, if even practically measured, but u wouldnt get force multiplication.. if the line was ran thru a pulley attached to the stranded truck then anchored to the tree, then that make it twice as easy pull. i think these guys got a little confused, thats gotta b embarrassing bein the military n all :p also jesus it took 45 minutes to do that??? lol

  • Billy Wang
    Billy WangMonth ago

    The firstb truck worked so well it's hard to believe it's military grade

  • Ian Carter
    Ian CarterMonth ago

    It doesn't have to be particularly fast .88 kph is plenty fast enough for that type of vehicle No one in their right mind is going to argue with that daddy,not that it makes any difference!

  • Eddie Navarette
    Eddie NavaretteMonth ago

    One of our American tow trucks with a crane would have done that faster

  • Interfearance
    InterfearanceMonth ago

    Over here you just try to tow it and if the something goes wrong you have to make sure you have someone else to blame

  • Harald Pettersen
    Harald PettersenMonth ago

    This video is really worth watching, here are the strength, weight and length out of the ordinary. On wheels, belts, and rails.

  • I Love Cute Animals
    I Love Cute AnimalsMonth ago

    nice video

  • I Love Cute Animals
    I Love Cute AnimalsMonth ago

    nice video

  • John Hause
    John HauseMonth ago

    I had the pleasure to operate an M-88 tank recovery veh when I was in the National guard. I had so much fun out there. .

  • John Hause
    John HauseMonth ago

    I've been a tower for over 20 yrs . I love the life...

  • joseph dixon
    joseph dixonMonth ago

    Imagine it's just a micro switch on the door I reckon if you just put the two wires together you'll get round that

  • ᠰᠣᠳᠤ ᠪᠠᠲᠤ
    ᠰᠣᠳᠤ ᠪᠠᠲᠤMonth ago

    When I hear americans feels like I’m watching WWF

  • Beto Maine
    Beto MaineMonth ago

    19:24 that stang dou

  • kamaroway günther
    kamaroway güntherMonth ago

    mega tow trucks

  • gunnarmann
    gunnarmannMonth ago

    Volvo lorrys does NOT have a V8 engine. If the yellow Volvo has a V8, it is not an original Volvo engine, or an old gasoline engine

  • Sohail Nomani
    Sohail NomaniMonth ago

    Why do need to go at maximum speed. While towing, speed should be kept at the minimum.

  • Kenneth Mraz
    Kenneth MrazMonth ago

    An armored vehicle would work perfect in Philly

  • Drew G

    Drew G

    Month ago

    Would be fun on the blvd and in the city :)