Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR vs Bugatti Centodieci at Monza Full Course

Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator
The mod credits are: Virtua Sports Cars & Rallyworld
Worked by: Jesús Alvarez - Rallyworld
Thanks for watching!


  • daimon hellstrom
    daimon hellstrom9 hours ago

    why does this clickbait fake video have so many likes

  • руслан абакаров
    руслан абакаров12 hours ago


  • Vurucu0404
    Vurucu040413 hours ago

    Nice game

  • hruthvik HN
    hruthvik HN18 hours ago

    Avtr top speed is 11km/hr and its beating a bugatti😂😂🤣🤣🤣 1 minute silence to those who thought this was a real videooo😂😂😂

  • Abhinav
    AbhinavDay ago


  • Gurmit Singh
    Gurmit SinghDay ago

    Mercedes is like the faction company I hated it when I dident know about many car they had but now I love it my fav is the Mercedes amf1

  • Gurmit Singh

    Gurmit Singh

    Day ago

    It’s amg1 not amf1

  • Among Us Никито
    Among Us НикитоDay ago

    Нехера себе!!!!!!

  • gonkiwicøsmico So2
    gonkiwicøsmico So23 days ago

    Fake But So good the race :u

  • Moron Gamer
    Moron Gamer3 days ago

    2 min silence for those who thought that this is real

  • nightwolfnwc
    nightwolfnwc4 days ago

    actually the AVTR has the ability to take turns at a tighter rate do to all 4 wheels can turn independently making the car glide the curves and not taking the curve like a normal car.

  • Nancy allyson Onya
    Nancy allyson Onya4 days ago

    Je demande le prix d'une Mercedes deux places année 2018

  • Vlad Sound
    Vlad Sound4 days ago

    Look at fabulos Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

  • زر بان
    زر بان4 days ago

    كم عراقي موجود


    i a game

  • lexa milk
    lexa milk4 days ago

    А народ то не настоящий) , игра

  • Rubin Huerta
    Rubin Huerta5 days ago

    I sat here for four minutes to see it was not real

    MLILU RAOUF5 days ago

    When physics, science and engineering meet

  • Ali Abid
    Ali Abid5 days ago

    No mercedes Benz is really launching avtr the best car which can drive side ward

  • dmd94
    dmd946 days ago

    I've been bamboozled

  • Vonino Orange
    Vonino Orange6 days ago

    Bugadi vs Mercedes-Benz

  • هشام هندي
    هشام هندي6 days ago

    ولعه العبي

  • pafpaf paflol
    pafpaf paflol7 days ago

    Combien de chevaux elle fait la Mercedes ?

  • mr_spaxinz
    mr_spaxinz7 days ago

    The Mercedes is real btw but tesla is better

  • YouTuber 123
    YouTuber 1237 days ago


  • انا حرة
    انا حرة7 days ago


  • بروPro game

    بروPro game

    2 days ago

    @انا حرة انتي اكبر😂😂😂😂😂

  • بروPro game

    بروPro game

    2 days ago

    @انا حرة 😂😂😂😂 بلله شكد عمرج بدون شقه

  • انا حرة

    انا حرة

    2 days ago

    @بروPro game امزح امزح😅

  • انا حرة

    انا حرة

    2 days ago

    @بروPro game منو اكبر؟

  • انا حرة

    انا حرة

    2 days ago

    @بروPro game العمر كله

  • redbul delisi
    redbul delisi8 days ago

    Madı fuc

  • Дима Маликов
    Дима Маликов8 days ago

    Мэрседес не для гонок, а для обычной прогулочной езды

  • simran kaur
    simran kaur9 days ago

    Uhh animation

    ИЛИЯС ДАНИЯРҰЛЫ9 days ago


  • Sonic the Artist
    Sonic the Artist9 days ago

    What kind of roads even are those?

  • Big Toenails • 9 years ago
    Big Toenails • 9 years ago9 days ago

    It took me 2:07 seconds to relise this was fake 🤣🤣

  • евлоев хам
    евлоев хам9 days ago

    Это игра 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • シ ЛиЛ ГРэДдИ :0
    シ ЛиЛ ГРэДдИ :09 days ago

    это игра что ли?

  • манап мустапаев
    манап мустапаев10 days ago


  • Залина Хасанова
    Залина Хасанова10 days ago

    Это игра я играл в такую против Мерседес и яяяяяя выиграл

  • Classy world
    Classy world10 days ago

    I love this Video and your efforts . Be my friend.

  • Xeyal Xeyal
    Xeyal Xeyal10 days ago


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    Саша Ким11 days ago

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  • Wesleynunes Quelves
    Wesleynunes Quelves11 days ago

    Nossa deu uma dó quando a Bugatti deu uma batida em 2. 59

  • Толкын Умаров
    Толкын Умаров11 days ago

    Мер седер жең сін

  • Борщик
    Борщик11 days ago

    It is game?

  • Бейбарыс Жумаш
    Бейбарыс Жумаш12 days ago

    Графика похоже на Grant turismo 6)

  • Abubaker Atif khan
    Abubaker Atif khan12 days ago

    Mercedes is good but buggati is my favorite

  • daily craft
    daily craft14 days ago

    This is a game Forza horizon 4

  • Eldos Musaev
    Eldos Musaev15 days ago

    mers sila

  • Marcelo Calazans
    Marcelo Calazans15 days ago


  • Даниил Леший
    Даниил Леший15 days ago

    Там хоть люди за рулём?

  • Даниил Леший
    Даниил Леший15 days ago

    Это игра?

  • Lovely Jenny
    Lovely Jenny16 days ago


  • N1ke
    N1ke16 days ago

    Ik it looks fakes like a lot bc I saw how the road look

  • Shrikant Kumar
    Shrikant Kumar18 days ago

  • Н.С.
    Н.С.18 days ago

    What's the game? Что это за игра?

  • kafana göre
    kafana göre19 days ago

    Jantlar süper

  • محمد بشير السوري
    محمد بشير السوري19 days ago

    thats rell or fake

  • Lilik Mufiah
    Lilik Mufiah20 days ago


  • Индира Абайханова
    Индира Абайханова20 days ago

    мерс лутше

  • Spy Red Team
    Spy Red Team21 day ago

    Buggati: VRRrrooommmmm... Mercades: FFffuuuuuuu......

  • Казах
    Казах21 day ago


  • Nishat Syed
    Nishat Syed22 days ago

    This is real life bruh why is everyone saying it’s a video game there ain’t no game graphics like taht

  • Luis Paul
    Luis Paul22 days ago


  • Сурхай Магомедов
    Сурхай Магомедов22 days ago

    А теперь представте как ш колота говорит что новая беха обгонит мерс это бугати и вы сами всё видели

  • rakesh jindal
    rakesh jindal22 days ago

    I guess we are on a level where games look much better than real life.

  • Олег Челюбеев
    Олег Челюбеев22 days ago

    Мерс красава

  • Peter Cetera
    Peter Cetera23 days ago

    Where can I get the AVTR for Assetto Corsa?

  • Infinity Aradhaya
    Infinity Aradhaya23 days ago

    It's not a real car high edited

  • Madina Konarova
    Madina Konarova23 days ago


  • sarah yousuf
    sarah yousuf24 days ago

    This is not real it is a game

  • Sajid Al Hassan
    Sajid Al Hassan24 days ago

    What game is this?

  • Аниме Жизнь
    Аниме Жизнь24 days ago

    Это игра

  • Utkarsh Mahajan
    Utkarsh Mahajan24 days ago

    It's mercedes vision avtr!! Go have a look on MERCEDESBENZ 🙏

  • Igor Arslanan
    Igor Arslanan25 days ago


  • elvin shen
    elvin shen26 days ago

    I like bugatti hp1200

  • Ema Rr
    Ema Rr26 days ago

    fake 3d

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar26 days ago

    It is not real is game Florida horizon future edition (limited)

  • Жибек Сагынова
    Жибек Сагынова27 days ago

    У Бугатти мотор как у трактора😂

  • NEKxZoD GameOn
    NEKxZoD GameOn28 days ago


  • The Kgkn
    The Kgkn29 days ago

    Mercedes vision avtr doesn’t has steering wheel so how to race?😂😂

  • DAVIIX 751
    DAVIIX 751Month ago

    Look in my opinion this guy from Mercedes didn't even want to accelerate in

  • Fendi roma
    Fendi romaMonth ago

    Мерседес Бенц для комфорта!

  • هنا السعاده
    هنا السعادهMonth ago اختبار مرسيدس اس كلاس في الثلج

  • Абдучабор Махмадло
    Абдучабор МахмадлоMonth ago

    #Литвин вернити

  • Pushkar Ladda
    Pushkar LaddaMonth ago

    Animated video

  • Pushkar Ladda

    Pushkar Ladda

    Month ago


  • Pushkar Ladda
    Pushkar LaddaMonth ago


  • Pushkar Ladda
    Pushkar LaddaMonth ago

    It is animated

  • Error im Codingkeller
    Error im CodingkellerMonth ago

    I thought for 3 minutes of this video that that's an actual car race and that it is real.

  • Olha Horodnytska
    Olha HorodnytskaMonth ago

    Da motor eto kitaj. Da vse motory mira v kacestve. Vse nouty kak dlia svoih. Da oni zahvatili vse serdca

  • Bj Rodrigo
    Bj RodrigoMonth ago

    It,s looks like a game

  • Genzo Forever
    Genzo ForeverMonth ago

    This is real

  • meer meeran
    meer meeranMonth ago

    It’s just forza horizon on a high FPS pc 😂😂

  • ąƖɛƙʂąŋɖr ცơrơɖıŋ
    ąƖɛƙʂąŋɖr ცơrơɖıŋMonth ago

    жигули быстрее))

  • Hillary Bruno
    Hillary BrunoMonth ago

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  • Cafer Turkkan
    Cafer TurkkanMonth ago

    Benim için, Mersedes herzaman bir adım, öndedir. Mersedes benim gözümde bütün, arabaların, KRALIDIR. O, KADAR.🇹🇷🇹🇷👀👀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Arnav Vivek
    Arnav VivekMonth ago

    It took me a good 30 seconds to realize they aren’t real

  • Владимир Баландин
    Владимир БаландинMonth ago

    Кто быстрее? Унутреннему сгоранию никогда не догнать электромобиль?

  • Юрий Росляков
    Юрий РосляковMonth ago

    чо за мульт ?? я не успел ?? кто победил? иль поддавки всё эт??

  • lk
    lkMonth ago

    The steering motion of Vision AVTR not like this

    AMAZ!NG MUSICMonth ago

    I thought it was real until i saw those people lol

    VARKOZMonth ago

    А я то думал, что будут настоящие гонки - это раз. Два - это то, что буггати уже давно бы уехала и финишировала. Три - это то, что капец какой-то

  • LockDown
    LockDownMonth ago

    Is this real, or just a game, because the graphics aren’t that good

  • Naitik Wadhawan

    Naitik Wadhawan

    Month ago

    It's real u can search on Google

  • Tristan Barnhill
    Tristan BarnhillMonth ago

    Bruh if you didn't see it the bugatti hit the wall on a turn