Mercedes-Benz Technology - Lighting Technology

The advanced illumination of a Mercedes-Benz helps you to see and be seen more effectively. Even when the sun is shining, LED lights in the daytime help make your Mercedes-Benz more visible to oncoming traffic.
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  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men15 days ago

    great .......


    Which model is this?

  • Shivesh Mukherjee
    Shivesh MukherjeeMonth ago

    One day I definitely bought this car.

  • Sherin Jahan
    Sherin Jahan3 months ago

    I din't know Mercedes invented the mirror lighting ! WoW.

  • alessandro sike9
    alessandro sike94 months ago

    audi's lighting technology of 2016 was better

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez4 months ago

    once you have it, you cant go back. you just notice it badly.

  • николай никоненко
    николай никоненко4 months ago

    Хрень полная Вопервых сложность и дороговизна конструкции Во вторых ни один пучек света ни на одном автомобиле не распостраняется под теми углами как показано на видео, углы гораздо больше, а значит при любом угле поворота освещение дороги достаточное В третьих при правилтной настроцке пучка света фар встречный автомобиль смвключенным ближним светом не должен слепить встречку в какой поворот бы он не заходил

  • Chingwe Gladys
    Chingwe Gladys6 months ago

    I want this car wow

  • D
    D9 months ago


  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce
    Jose Ignacio Osorio PonceYear ago


  • Stephen Berry
    Stephen BerryYear ago

    The Citroen DS had full turning and self levelling headlights in 1967. Up to 75 degree swivel for the inner light and 30 degrees for the outer. In 1970 the SM had 6 self levelling lights with the two inner high beams swivelling with the steering. The steering was power self centring and 2 turns lock to lock. Amazing difference on winding roads. Incredible on hairpin bends or turning into your driveway. The brake on both the DS and SM was a high pressure mushroom rubber button instead of a pedal. Only the crazy French would attempt this. So wonderful.

  • MatthieuAmherst
    MatthieuAmherstYear ago

    My headlights cost $2000 a piece. They look lovely but damn.

  • Nitesh Gowda !
    Nitesh Gowda !Year ago

    Which car is that i mean which model?

  • Ravi Paradva
    Ravi ParadvaYear ago

    I am add new systems in your car???

  • ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions
    ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing ProductionsYear ago

    All this bragging and yet you don't even make your goddamn taillight turn signals amber?! Mercedes, you make no fucking sense whatsoever...

  • DK CN
    DK CNYear ago

    If anybody needs more help to drive they probably shouldn’t drive at all

  • Haameem Hashmi
    Haameem HashmiYear ago

    I jerked off on those LED lights

  • Abhinav Ranjan
    Abhinav RanjanYear ago

    Bahut hi beyankat

  • rocky
    rocky2 years ago

    So u have LED?

  • Karan Bhatia
    Karan Bhatia2 years ago

    it causes glare on the car coming from the front, it only slows down when the car in front is very close but from a distance, this headlamp is a hassle for other drivers on road.

  • Evan Shore
    Evan Shore2 years ago

    It literally guides your path to a driveway. So cool

  • Evan Shore
    Evan Shore2 years ago

    I love this feature!! I didn’t even know I had it until I drove it for a few weeks 😂😂

  • Sidhant
    Sidhant2 years ago

    1:24 The LED headlamps can swibble their memes. TRY UNHEARING THAT

  • Srijan Chakraborty
    Srijan Chakraborty2 years ago

    Everyone Watching This Video Like Me, Know They Can't Ever Buy One. 😁

  • Inder Thakur
    Inder Thakur2 years ago

    technology that matter

  • Deepak Divakaran
    Deepak Divakaran2 years ago

    Thanks for wasting your 3 minutes of your time knowing you cannot buy the car 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma2 years ago

    I am having mercedes c class

  • C. vasantha Kumar
    C. vasantha Kumar2 years ago

    Very good ,this must be mandatory on all cars

  • Umapathi Rayapati
    Umapathi Rayapati2 years ago

    Joy stick technique is enables us to implement this kind of lightening. This is my small idea

  • dutch murdock
    dutch murdock2 years ago

    Just picked up the Idea from 50 years ago.... Citroën DS headlights.

    AG BEATS2 years ago

    Still BMW is better 😅😅

  • Ameer Zaman
    Ameer Zaman2 years ago

    I don’t even have my provisional license and I’m watching this

    AMIT KUMAR DAS2 years ago

    It is not necessary that I will walk straight after parking the car . so light must be there all side .

  • Ben Voravongsa
    Ben Voravongsa2 years ago

    This car was not the first to have moving headlights... The Citroen DS had it

  • Daniel Danydaniel
    Daniel Danydaniel2 years ago


  • Goobalie Gaming
    Goobalie Gaming2 years ago

    How is it that I waited through an ad to watch an ad?

  • ATeRuS
    ATeRuS2 years ago

    But those shit lights may disturb and damage other drivers

  • WeeklyBibleTalk
    WeeklyBibleTalk2 years ago

    These are the worst lights ever, blinds everyone at night

    YEKIR R2 years ago

    So **cough** umm *DO THEY STILL BENZ 😂😂*

  • Vii Sovari
    Vii Sovari2 years ago

    The rich people getting richer and the poor people getting poorer

  • *Matthew Noneya*
    *Matthew Noneya*2 years ago

    My 2006 Doge Dakota has lights that stay on for a little bit after you turn the car off. It's a nice feature, but most the time I wonder if I turn the lights off or not.

  • Hunter Dufield
    Hunter Dufield2 years ago

    Turning headlights are something Tucker built into his cars after WWII

  • Tom Flower
    Tom Flower2 years ago

    Why tf is this on my recommend?? 😂😂

  • Jaiden Zhou
    Jaiden Zhou2 years ago

    They will destroy the oncoming driver's retinas and mek them look away from the road. In short form, creates a bigger hazard. Well that happens when any newer cars with LED or xenon lamps drive past including mercedes.

  • Sascha Morningrise
    Sascha Morningrise2 years ago

    Moths must be happy

  • Vishva
    Vishva2 years ago

    Why was this recommended in the feed after 3 years at 5 in the morning O_O

  • Sam Costin
    Sam Costin2 years ago

    Oh don’t worry about the lights, they WILL notice you

  • Melio
    Melio2 years ago

    Wow, that is incredible, I love ingenious, yet simple solutions to everyday(in this case night) problems

  • Hi-Fidude66
    Hi-Fidude662 years ago

    I was told by a car mechanic that some Mercedes it costs $12k for a single headlight, not joking. Considering these cars cost a more to own than any other brand due to being wayyy overengineered, I would buy something that lasts beyond 200,000 Km, and doesn't cost my income worth of money to maintain.

  • k1ngdom Soldier
    k1ngdom Soldier2 years ago

    Did you mention fake exhaust

  • Arnel Lozic
    Arnel Lozic2 years ago

    April fools

  • maxime chabot trepanier
    maxime chabot trepanier2 years ago

    Brighter for you blindly for every one else

  • Emre Abibula
    Emre Abibula2 years ago

    Actually Citroen did this first but whatever

  • Ger -
    Ger -2 years ago

    Good I hate when those extra bright headlights blind me

  • Alekzandra Dawam
    Alekzandra Dawam2 years ago

    I just want buy the light n put at my present car.

  • Que l'ombre d'un Homme.
    Que l'ombre d'un Homme.2 years ago

    Thanks Citroën ;)

  • 14. Gaquit Christian Val
    14. Gaquit Christian Val2 years ago

    Mercedez Light is still made of photon? pfft my kia mirage uses echo location

  • James
    James2 years ago

    DaT wAS ALreAdY frOm 50 YeRSS agO xDddD

  • Wumbo Account
    Wumbo Account2 years ago

    So ambient light sensors finally got implemented huh....

  • Jithin N
    Jithin N2 years ago

    You know what i want.... I want a lighting technology that emits powerful light so that it will pass through the driver's ass.. so that next time that person will dim his light at night when someone passes 😓😳

  • K N Gautam
    K N Gautam2 years ago

    Mercedes..... I am mad about you.

  • Extreme Music Generation
    Extreme Music Generation2 years ago

    And My scooter still has 20 watt yellow bulb

  • Wan Harits
    Wan Harits2 years ago

    Came for the blinkers comment joke *Oh wait thats bmw*

  • Yazdan
    Yazdan2 years ago

    I love how that’s an option, if you don’t pay the $900 for them you’re stuck with the same head lamps from 1990

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man2 years ago

    Hi Mercedes-Benz! When will your cars come with turn signals? I have noticed that none of your cars on the road have them. Thanks!

  • j h
    j h2 years ago

    Swiveling beams have been done before, and was probably the best thing that was never brought into mainstream cars

  • Sartaj Ali
    Sartaj Ali2 years ago

    I love Mercedes-Benz

    SRITHIN KR2 years ago

    To many sensors in high risk..of maintance.

  • Winston Poplin
    Winston Poplin2 years ago

    Led headlights just blind the people coming towards you.

  • Girish Bhavsar
    Girish Bhavsar2 years ago

    Isiliye to marcedes hai

  • degreatal
    degreatal2 years ago

    I'm gonna buy this one

  • Siddhartha Das
    Siddhartha Das2 years ago

    Love you Mercedes

  • S Alsaleh
    S Alsaleh2 years ago


  • moinuddin khan
    moinuddin khan2 years ago

    the bleady technology ur using to the lighting think about the opposite vehicle it is difficult for him to drive r control the vehicle, don't be like idiots think about others also.

  • Pensfan87
    Pensfan872 years ago

    And a replacement headlight costs $2,000 dollars

  • Ch madhulatha
    Ch madhulatha2 years ago

  • MultiAFTHAB
    MultiAFTHAB2 years ago

    Automaticaly light off in xylo 2012 model available.....

  • Ahmed Swm
    Ahmed Swm2 years ago

    Why your copying bmw

  • BERKAY Ozdemir
    BERKAY Ozdemir2 years ago


  • MR threesixty
    MR threesixty2 years ago

    today i go to buy this one

  • Emi
    Emi2 years ago

    Dad has this on his Opel

    RICKS2 years ago

    I love mercedes I wish I drive it



    2 years ago

    @RY SMITH ?



    2 years ago

    Gates Project

  • Maria Castro
    Maria Castro2 years ago

    A tecnologia da Audi e melhor

  • himanshu patel
    himanshu patel2 years ago

    I have c300 2015 and I got regular halogen lights but I want to change in yo high led lights what should I do?

  • Vaishnava Hari
    Vaishnava Hari2 years ago

    Why do v need light during daytime??

  • Manuel Valiñas
    Manuel Valiñas2 years ago

    Audi lo anuncio antes

  • AJ Kolb
    AJ Kolb2 years ago

    Preston Tucker was the first inventor of the headlight that turns as you steer.

  • Undefined Definition
    Undefined Definition2 years ago

    My 40 years old motor cycle is also equipped with active headlight. Even active side mirror. Both move actively with the handle.

  • joel rangel

    joel rangel

    6 months ago

    You must be from the future, like 2040

  • Undefined Definition

    Undefined Definition

    2 years ago

    @Sunil Lahare yup 2 wheeler

  • Undefined Definition

    Undefined Definition

    2 years ago

    @Mak Khateeb Honda CD 70 motorbike

  • Sunil Lahare

    Sunil Lahare

    2 years ago

    Its two wheeler Lol 😉

  • Mak Khateeb

    Mak Khateeb

    2 years ago

    Wat is car name..

  • Chase
    Chase2 years ago

    Take a shot everytime he says "Mercedes Benz"

  • Vlad Iones
    Vlad Iones2 years ago

    They will also blind you during night time....

  • purushothaman purushothaman
    purushothaman purushothaman2 years ago

    Led head lamp is good.. But Wat abt the opposite rider.. Could he watch the road..

  • jay bugni
    jay bugni2 years ago

    Pretty sure Tucker cars were the first with headlights that turned when the wheels turned

  • layo Cantu
    layo Cantu2 years ago

    The 2003 BMW 330i has this set of lights and the Mercedes is just copying from the BMW faking Mercedes

  • Sehwag pirathees
    Sehwag pirathees2 years ago

    Superb technology by Mercedes Benz

  • Tamilarasan Raju
    Tamilarasan Raju2 years ago

    I love you so much Mercedes Benz

  • Tamilarasan Raju
    Tamilarasan Raju2 years ago

    In my level only saw this car. Can't buy

  • Płāń . B
    Płāń . B2 years ago

    Damn Germany 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • João Victor Gomes
    João Victor Gomes2 years ago


  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo2 years ago

    Those fucking light are to dazzling. At the lights we can’t see in front of us.

  • The One UltimateX
    The One UltimateX2 years ago