"Terminator" Vs Range Rover | TerraMax | Top Gear | Series 19 | BBC

James May assesses the new Range Rover at Nevada's Automotive Test Center for the ultimate challenge against an autonomous military machine - the Terminator of all terrain vehicles; The TerraMax.
Fancy another off-road showdown? See how the Suzuki Jimny stacks up against the Dacia Duster: mercedesbenzvideo.info/chat/ol-1vKaCvNOO1Xw/video
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  • Top Gear
    Top Gear2 months ago

    Fancy another off-road showdown? See how the Suzuki Jimny stacks up against the Dacia Duster: mercedesbenzvideo.info/chat/ol-1vKaCvNOO1Xw/video

  • Baatar sukh

    Baatar sukh

    7 days ago

    @Chris Stamato ююююююююююе

  • Fairy Guzman

    Fairy Guzman

    15 days ago


  • un commentatore che commenta

    un commentatore che commenta

    15 days ago

    Io ho visto delle mani al controllo del terramax poi sta andando a due allora

  • Student: Hunter Mosher

    Student: Hunter Mosher

    21 day ago

    Ed Brown same

  • Ed Brown

    Ed Brown

    21 day ago

    Nope I'll watch grand tour instead.. Aka "real top gear". I haven't watched one episode of the knock off and I wont

  • Derrick Moses
    Derrick Moses8 hours ago

    Tldr... road tires make me laugh

  • Veyron
    Veyron9 hours ago

    2:26 James is lagging in real life

  • Dhanesh
    Dhanesh14 hours ago


    KP GAMING STUDIO16 hours ago


  • Armando Armenta
    Armando ArmentaDay ago

    I think the Range Rover is a cool car it just that they aren’t realiable

  • Cottica B.
    Cottica B.Day ago

    You know what I personally hate (i know big word), well dislike, that every 4x4 test I have seen so far is always done with regular tires. Why is that? Come idiots and use good off-road for that particular terrain what they are made for or stop complaining. Damn...

  • Ibra 21games
    Ibra 21games2 days ago

    Now put a tesla on autopilot

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel2 days ago

    I think there is some misunderstanding coz the video shows 6years ago ......but velar this model which I could see is 2017 or 18

  • Dimitris Tsounis
    Dimitris Tsounis3 days ago

    That's National Geographic with cars

  • Disgustingly Delicious

    Disgustingly Delicious

    2 days ago

    Or cars with national geographic 😁

  • TBoy205
    TBoy2053 days ago

    I wouldn’t hardly call the range rover the greatest off-road vehicle in the word lmao

  • Lev Adrenalin
    Lev Adrenalin3 days ago

    So is it Terminator or Robocop?...

  • Saleh Gamos
    Saleh Gamos4 days ago

    Woooow 🤩

  • bob thehoarder
    bob thehoarder4 days ago


  • Gabe Karapetian
    Gabe Karapetian4 days ago

    terminator no f's given

  • jean claude berthelot
    jean claude berthelot4 days ago


  • Sam Deep
    Sam Deep5 days ago

    U cheated that road and u can't beat that road take a shot cut what the hell this not pat of plan

  • PMGtechnology
    PMGtechnology5 days ago

    Land Rover advertising

  • Disgustingly Delicious

    Disgustingly Delicious

    2 days ago

    At its finest

  • Piero OCCHooa
    Piero OCCHooa5 days ago

    Is that a crack in the Rang rovers windscreen?

  • ashitha jetlin
    ashitha jetlin6 days ago

    Not cool

  • Dennis Ingutiah
    Dennis Ingutiah6 days ago

    that was awesome

  • vishal balaram
    vishal balaram6 days ago

    Can i get that car ..

  • Scott
    Scott6 days ago

    30 million views and 7 years later... wonder what the Terramax is up to now... oh I know, they washed it up, gave it some updated body panels, and rebadged it as the Rolls Royce Cullinan... nice.

  • Paul Barretto
    Paul Barretto6 days ago

    Heh, this technology has grown so much now.

  • Yas ser
    Yas ser7 days ago

    we want the old team back

  • Disgustingly Delicious

    Disgustingly Delicious

    2 days ago

    Yep 😢

  • Einstein Dhayal
    Einstein Dhayal8 days ago

    the power of 2 pound fat beats a machine with huge terabytes of storage and years of developed A.I... proud to be a human!

  • Aziz Aljadaan
    Aziz Aljadaan9 days ago

    Old days I watched this in tv everyday and its the best

  • shachar248
    shachar2489 days ago


  • Heisen Berg
    Heisen Berg9 days ago

    That's the longest range rover advertisement i have ever watch.

  • As it Should Be
    As it Should Be10 days ago

    look! in this place, the grass go on wrong side! mercedesbenzvideo.info/chat/n4iYlHZ6r9vM2og/video don't buy a landrover, EVER!

  • wilson kidagisa
    wilson kidagisa10 days ago

    Iyo gari bro inaiaribu jooo

  • Cody Slab
    Cody Slab10 days ago

    *They used like 5 Range Rover to film this ad.*

  • Bakhtawar Khalid
    Bakhtawar Khalid10 days ago


  • Adem A
    Adem A10 days ago

    Ofroad yaparken o şekilde direksiyonu tutarsan ya parmaklarını ya ellerini bileklerinden kırarsın asfalt yolda araba kullanmıyorsun

    NAVIGATOR10 days ago


  • Julio Falquez
    Julio Falquez11 days ago

    Go terminator!!!!

  • Pedro Canelas
    Pedro Canelas11 days ago

    Thes new top gear

  • Pedro Canelas
    Pedro Canelas11 days ago

    Im love top gear

  • Tech Render Bangla
    Tech Render Bangla12 days ago

    Thats my Warzone truck💥

  • dean Grant
    dean Grant12 days ago

    Well the TerrMax broke the ice right the Rage Rover didn't ?