Race to the Mexican border | Top Gear Series 19 | BBC

The boys race to the Mexican boarder from Palm Springs. Jeremy is in a Lexus LFA, James in an Aston Martin Vanquish, Richard a Dodge Viper. The last to make it to the Mexican border would have to travel into the country itself to drive the Mastretta MXT, a Mexican sports car mocked by the boys in an earlier series. Taken from episode 2, series 19.
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  • John Henry Gaoiran,
    John Henry Gaoiran,17 hours ago

    who else goes to this channel to watch only bits of the old top gear

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore3 days ago

    No body races to the mexican border unless they want their head cut off with a chainsaw

  • FiLiP _
    FiLiP _3 days ago

    Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming....

  • FarmYard Gaming
    FarmYard Gaming4 days ago

    I remember thinking as a kid they were actually going 55mph for some daft reason

  • DaJuice
    DaJuice4 days ago

    0:27 - Whoaah, strong words you're throwing around there, buddy. 2020 - Oh wait, never mind...

  • Robert Torrez
    Robert Torrez5 days ago

    coming from a person who has traveled down to the border, I live near L.A It takes a long time to get from palm springs to the border. At least 2 hours or more. Also, the Salton sea is way bigger than it looks.

  • timebombprod
    timebombprod7 days ago

    Damn y'all see that celica at 5:18

  • Sema Trucks
    Sema Trucks7 days ago

    55 mph is not that fast clarkson

  • Hoa Luu
    Hoa Luu7 days ago

    Have anybody noticed people just casually flipping James may off? 4:51

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer15 days ago

    Bahhhh this British think they cars are great !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kinda always making fun of American and Japanese ( less ) when their cars suck !!!!!!!!!!!! No reliable at all after 60 80 k they start falling apart!!!! Even now !! Pfffffffff now Americans car are way more reliable than Europeans !! Still Japanese is the best !!!!!

  • trailer gaming

    trailer gaming

    9 days ago

    @Cesar Gomringer you too . Take care

  • Cesar Gomringer

    Cesar Gomringer

    10 days ago

    trailer gaming good luck 😂

  • trailer gaming

    trailer gaming

    10 days ago

    @Cesar Gomringer okay that's your opinion. But my opinion goes to Aston Martin

  • Cesar Gomringer

    Cesar Gomringer

    10 days ago

    trailer gaming naaahhhh they sucked!!!! They cool yeah but they fall apart after 50-80 k

  • trailer gaming

    trailer gaming

    10 days ago

    I'm an American and British cars are pretty good. Specially the Aston Martin. But the Japanese are so much cooler

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian15 days ago

    Loved it.

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian15 days ago

    5:17 on the right side, I LOVE that Celica in that color. Those popup headlights yaaas

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian15 days ago

    Omg just listen to 2:38 sheeeet!

  • Skaitan
    Skaitan15 days ago

    I see why Clarkson used to hate on the LFA so much. 9000 revs in 5th and only 55 mph!? Shocking, I say!

  • T.C. Thompson
    T.C. Thompson18 days ago

    The thing is. That's NOT Mexican food. That's Tex-Mex an American food. Taco Bell has been rejected by Mexico. Twice.

  • Sudha Rajagopal
    Sudha Rajagopal18 days ago

    That Lexus sounds amazing!

  • P W
    P W18 days ago

    Really do miss the old show

  • Kevin Angulo
    Kevin Angulo19 days ago

    same color as car trek lol

  • Thomas
    Thomas20 days ago

    *_5:19_**_ Nice Celica_*

  • Cornellan Gelael
    Cornellan Gelael22 days ago


  • DARTrider
    DARTrider22 days ago

    3:07 wow nice shot That train honked at you too

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous22 days ago

    Back when the BBC didn’t push out pc woke lefty crap

  • Hiberada erada
    Hiberada erada22 days ago

    Well im 10 yrs old and i watch this

  • AMS KungPao
    AMS KungPao23 days ago

    7:34 LMAO James is hilarious!

  • fallfromgrave
    fallfromgrave29 days ago

    3:05 what a production value

  • Darrell at home
    Darrell at homeMonth ago


  • YoungSavgesYSL _
    YoungSavgesYSL _Month ago

    yu guys dress like trash

  • Chris Clark
    Chris ClarkMonth ago

    Nothing sexier than the aston

  • Stephen Anthony
    Stephen AnthonyMonth ago

    Tha Mexicans 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂

  • Sarvagya Pratap Singh
    Sarvagya Pratap SinghMonth ago

    Lfa is so underrated

  • 107uptown
    107uptownMonth ago

    That Aston looks waaaaayyyyyy too much like a Ford Fusion/Focus for me.

  • J Mac
    J MacMonth ago

    5:51 drive through dentist comment

  • Josh Maine
    Josh MaineMonth ago

    Is it me... or does the LFA hood look like it doesn't quite fit right. Like the gap steadily increases from left-to-right... Brilliant car, though.

  • The Magic Boy
    The Magic BoyMonth ago

    ...And the r o z z e r s are behind me

  • Happalula
    HappalulaMonth ago

    now if only there was a viable way to watch all these great seasons again...

  • Laurenzo761
    Laurenzo761Month ago

    How do they have so many cameras set up on the road? Such high production value.

  • Alsyt0 _
    Alsyt0 _Month ago

    miss them....

  • 08HuskyBoyYT
    08HuskyBoyYTMonth ago

    BBC stands for one thing Bring Back Clarkson

    A-B-D PRODUCTIONMonth ago

    You must stupid if you think he was going 55 mph. 😂

  • Epic


    Month ago

    You mean he wasn't?

  • Viper TheLegend
    Viper TheLegendMonth ago

    Right, erm, my profile name has just made things VERY awkward for me