The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC - Top Gear - BBC

Jeremy drives the Peel P50, the world's smallest production car to work at the BBC and meets a few famous faces along the way.
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  • Bish
    Bish8 minutes ago

    It so nice that the Toyota is just sitting in the pedestal in the start at first I never believed them but now... lol

  • alexej gorodnicenko
    alexej gorodnicenkoHour ago

    best car ever made

  • Zeputee _
    Zeputee _2 hours ago

    But can you lift it?

  • Eyes of Bucket
    Eyes of Bucket14 hours ago

    Somebody needs to put an electric motor in this thing

  • Никита Красавин
    Никита Красавин17 hours ago

    "Climate change is a huge problem" 2020: wait a little

  • DeXxi GD
    DeXxi GDDay ago

    That peel P50 beat my favourite car *the bmw isetta*

  • Kropek
    KropekDay ago

    Jeremy: I won't fit into GT40 Also Jeremy:

  • Alan Harper
    Alan HarperDay ago

    Was this car build for small people? Ps: the fact that they let Jeremy drive it, was a joke itself. Not a bad one.

  • VasileMTB
    VasileMTBDay ago

    i think middle

  • B M
    B M2 days ago

  • Louis Freeman
    Louis Freeman2 days ago

    0.39 dent

  • ashrafghoraba ghoraba
    ashrafghoraba ghoraba3 days ago

    Jeremy Clarkson is the real topgear

  • sandas turner
    sandas turner3 days ago

    Must be a B!tch to catch a leg cramp in this car

  • qn2h
    qn2h3 days ago

    I can confirm that this car is still on the road and is being driven!

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo1193 days ago

    BBC please give me greencard!

  • Christian Playz
    Christian Playz3 days ago

    Finally, a car where i can perfectly fit in

  • Rey Morado
    Rey Morado4 days ago

    Lmao, do an engine swap with a motorcycle.

  • Puss Gaming
    Puss Gaming4 days ago

    America: We have the biggest car UK: We have the smallest car

    GOMEZ, JAMES ANDREW E.4 days ago

    This is the car that Guido from Cars is based after.

  • reyasem
    reyasem5 days ago

    It's just a motorcycle with extra step

  • Randy Lahey18
    Randy Lahey185 days ago

    before BBC and top gear cucked themselves

  • Roman Romaneev
    Roman Romaneev5 days ago

    show that we loose in the ages

  • Eric Phipps
    Eric Phipps5 days ago

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  • e2
    e25 days ago


  • Mihai Mustafa
    Mihai Mustafa5 days ago

    Good car

  • Zi pratama
    Zi pratama6 days ago


  • Texas Nationalists
    Texas Nationalists7 days ago


  • ObsidianHawk
    ObsidianHawk7 days ago

    This Top Gear is better than the new rubbish the BBC produces. There is something about the absurdity and political incorrectness of this that helps it retain humor value even 12 years later.

  • LittleKingRyan
    LittleKingRyan7 days ago

    I just sit on an gas powered Rc car

  • DescriptiveTech


    7 days ago


  • Tippet76
    Tippet768 days ago

    The 2020 Peel P50 turbo hayabusa version.

  • nash hwang
    nash hwang8 days ago

    Thats the Mr.Bean car.

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man8 days ago

    It literally looks like half of just the cab of a 2 door pickup truck on a go kart frame lol 😂

  • Noviana Widyastuti
    Noviana Widyastuti8 days ago

    It's kinda funny office car or domething

  • Rb bake
    Rb bake8 days ago

    Stop using ac units global warming solved

  • 🦊Arrow Fox🏹
    🦊Arrow Fox🏹8 days ago

    Little tykes car

  • Martin Grønholt Frederiksen
    Martin Grønholt Frederiksen8 days ago

    6:04 say that i year 2020 and you get fired🤣

  • RalliKuski
    RalliKuski9 days ago

    Well well i could buy this kind of car and get to finland and put my 150cc samurai pitbikes engine :)

  • LamboMOT
    LamboMOT9 days ago

    she has got quite a nice bottom

  • progamerrus1234
    progamerrus12349 days ago

    The perfect car for Köksal Baba. :D

  • MimicO - D
    MimicO - D9 days ago

    That’s the cool thing about the BBC buildings, you’ll just randomly come across presenters from different shows