DTM Top 10 Pit Stop Fails

Watch Mika Häkkinen, Mathias Lauda, Timo Scheider, Patrick Huisman and many more with a selection of pit top fails since DTM 2000.
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  • Merciful Zeus!
    Merciful Zeus!19 hours ago

    Where are the proper brake lollipops? What's with the weird overhead, really slow-moving contraption that appears to lift up at the end of the stop? That doesn't seem particularly precise to me.

  • grm3334
    grm3334Day ago

    Those old school DTM days were so cool!!!

  • Danar Dwi
    Danar Dwi4 days ago

    7 years ago

  • TurbidFish
    TurbidFish5 days ago

    Нда... Дтм в принципе отстойные не зрелищные гонки и ролик этот такое же УГ.

  • Fernando Hernández
    Fernando Hernández6 days ago


  • a a
    a a7 days ago

    they are stupid

  • Fun Day
    Fun Day9 days ago

    F1 ,2 second

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini10 days ago

    All these dudes with ASS on their overalls lol

  • Fonzie Bulldog
    Fonzie Bulldog11 days ago

    They drive worse than ordinary traffic.

  • Nerfbun
    Nerfbun16 days ago

    So there's really someone called Timo Glock... I really thought Richard Hammond made that up, but it was a real person 😂😂😂

  • CRISTIN P perrerra
    CRISTIN P perrerra16 days ago

    Could any one plzz say how could me become a racer i love racing 🙏❣️

  • Alif Emral Adnan
    Alif Emral Adnan16 days ago


  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez19 days ago

    Lo que veo tipos demasiado idiotas y no piensan en su equipo primero su equipo y después la fama y su arrogancia me hace acordar cuando estuve autos de TC 2000 cuando hice la entrevista yo fui con humildad la respuesta fue arrogante si yo pudiera cambiar el mundo de las carreras cambiaría a todos los pilotos y sus representantes de las marcas porque dan asco por eso ya no miro ninguna carrera actual busco carreras año 2000 para abajo eso eran verdaderas carreras

  • Karl Simon Matias
    Karl Simon Matias20 days ago

    Masyadong nagmamadali! Bubu tsk tsk tsk

  • Flavius Mocanu
    Flavius Mocanu21 day ago

    Sometimes I'm wondering if these drivers are using the side mirrors

  • Kukuh Aji
    Kukuh Aji21 day ago

    I'm not searching for this

  • kavin kumar
    kavin kumar23 days ago

    Looks like they have more audience near the pit stops 😂

  • samson bahari
    samson bahari24 days ago

    Entirely the driver fault....(or maybe 99%)...the crew did their job but the driver just can't wait.. At least 3 or 4 seconds more..

  • Artha 054
    Artha 05427 days ago

    Some of racers are still using F1 standards at pit stop.

  • gedstrom
    gedstrom27 days ago

    You couldn't pay me enough money to be on a pit crew!

  • Ishan Chaturvedi
    Ishan Chaturvedi27 days ago

    1:52 it could have been a Legendary moment.

  • Pekka S
    Pekka S27 days ago

    7:10 guys were tired of the question T or A

  • Pekka S

    Pekka S

    25 days ago

    @Maitri Singh Just told ya

  • Maitri Singh

    Maitri Singh

    26 days ago

    Why do they have "ass" written on their uniform

    JOJO JOJO28 days ago


  • App tutorials
    App tutorialsMonth ago

    Why not just have 2 cars, driver could just get out and get into another one lol

  • Steve Mackenzie
    Steve MackenzieMonth ago

    There I am waiting 40 mins for one whee for my carl. 🙄

  • Zuu Leopard
    Zuu LeopardMonth ago

    Tolol kok dipelihara??? Cebong plihara biar jd kodok

  • MoonFlux
    MoonFluxMonth ago

    Most of these fails seem to be ether driver related or Jackman dropping to soon. Dropping means "go" so they will gas it soon as you do.

  • Asr Asr
    Asr AsrMonth ago


  • Toothless
    ToothlessMonth ago

    I feel when drivers are dicks like most of these the pit crew should be able to knock his or her ass out at the end of the race an then fired once the pit crew finish with them..

  • Fritz the german
    Fritz the germanMonth ago

    pure 90s music

  • 09shadowjet
    09shadowjetMonth ago


  • v8 tangs ireland
    v8 tangs irelandMonth ago

    am i the only person to notice ass on the pit crews overalls??

  • SuperB33
    SuperB33Month ago

    The enTIRE thing was hilarious



  • Adam Chłopek
    Adam ChłopekMonth ago

    Никто не знает где ключ EnotGlobal достать, в гугле ничего нет ((

  • Konny Ruhnau
    Konny RuhnauMonth ago

    Man sollte manchen Fahrern die Lizenz entziehen

  • Grey User
    Grey UserMonth ago

    ...НУ ПРЯМ,КАК МАРШРУТЪКИ... (на остановках..)

  • Szczur_ Zagłady
    Szczur_ ZagładyMonth ago

    7:11 why they have written ,, ass,, on their jackets xD

  • Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee

    Month ago


  • Андрей Аршинов
    Андрей АршиновMonth ago

    07:10 now you know who is the ass))

  • solidsnake44371
    solidsnake44371Month ago

    3:21 Angry man