Worst 14 new car trends which must be STOPPED!

We all know that trends come and go all the time. And let’s face it, there are more than enough of those in the car world! Sure, some are good, but some… well, the least said the better! From fake exhausts to a lack of spare wheels, we’ve pulled together a list of 14 automotive trends which we literally can’t stand! But which do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Redline Rich
    Redline Rich3 hours ago

    1) Getting rid of the manual box - more physical control over the car/engine. 2) Keyless ignition - cars can be stolen in under 30 secs by copying the signal code.

  • mau asc
    mau asc6 hours ago

    Most annoying trend: Women Driving.

  • Muhammed Nasim
    Muhammed Nasim8 hours ago

    In mercedes benz have the first light set up on logo ex glc gla c Class

  • Microphunktv
    Microphunktv16 hours ago

    Hyundai i30 N fastback is actually pretty good price to performance ratio car... 100kmh to 250kmh , 6.2s :D The stock colors tho... haha , really bad

  • Bose de-Nage
    Bose de-Nage19 hours ago

    Steering: it is supposed to get lighter as you go faster not heavier. Coupes: with FOUR doors!

  • Wawa KalaSh
    Wawa KalaSh20 hours ago

    Everything he said I can vouch for except the start up button that's the only one I can't see why it bothers him 🙂 loved the video btw kudoos 👌🏼

  • Simon Mabin
    Simon Mabin21 hour ago

    Fake dash dails does my head in. All the Germans are doing it and it looks cheap and rubbish. Would you by a fake screen Rolex no you wouldn't.

  • Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen
    Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen22 hours ago

    I actually like big grills

  • Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen
    Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen22 hours ago

    Overall bad design

  • Bilal Samsudeen
    Bilal SamsudeenDay ago

    Who are the culprits of fake exhaust pipes trend? My Verdict: Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes

  • Ethan CMC
    Ethan CMCDay ago

    last one was very STUPID

  • Lightning 312
    Lightning 312Day ago

    That electric car thinks itself as a v8

    HATECELLDay ago

    Those fucking loud exhaust noises when shifting need to stop too. I get that it feels nice to have a little bit of exhaust crackle on a windy country road, but I live in a small town and we have tiny compact cars trying to drive smooth and silent through residental areas, but every time they shift it sounds like their mufflers flew off under full load. And it gave all those annoying assholes who need to rev their engines to the moon and back at 2AM another toy to play with

  • Cool videos
    Cool videosDay ago


  • Mad Gang
    Mad GangDay ago

    I mean i like all of the things i Said. But if u r Oldschool then dont buy new cars

  • Rami Omar
    Rami Omar2 days ago

    I just bought a toyota yaris . Have no fake grill and a full size spare tyre and fuel economy is great . Pluse its says in the back its a 1.5L engine

  • Michael Ovcharenko
    Michael Ovcharenko2 days ago

    My 2016 Mazda CX-3 has two REAL exhausts and it’s 17k, But a 64k mercedes has one sad exhaust hidden under the car :/

  • Jasnoor Singh Rainoo
    Jasnoor Singh Rainoo2 days ago

    Leather-like look on Plastics on the dashboard... I guess the another one, its annoying to me in some cars.... And also those chrome finishes, they are just plastics...

  • Lior Shkuri
    Lior Shkuri2 days ago

    I agree with everything beside the start button.

  • Der echte Elch
    Der echte Elch2 days ago

    Or Opel with its OPC line and GSI line and GTC line....jesus yeah that needs to stop

  • Manes Langat
    Manes Langat2 days ago

    Illuminated grill on the x6 isn't too bad but when others put it the styling may definitely go wrong because it may be too bright which isn't for the x6

  • Charles Skye
    Charles Skye2 days ago

    ECO Pro on BMWs is Awesome. I drove 800 miles on 2 fill ups. Amazing

  • sabre_wulf1
    sabre_wulf12 days ago

    How about calling out the public.. 1) middle lane drivers... tw@ts 2) fog lights on aswell as headlights..all day long... without fog. Think it looks cool ... no ..just no..you look like tards.

  • Video watcher
    Video watcher2 days ago

    Most annoying is the sun visor. When ur tiny and the suns in ur eyes.

  • Spise Banan
    Spise Banan3 days ago

    suzuki swift another fake carbon vinyl skirts glued on, my tuned up 1999 BMW e46, engine noise sounds purr fect when its sleeping and roars when fired up without mods. New cars saves money in long run, complicated to maintain and sounds like a cricket when cold start I stick to old skool petrol head

  • NickPaulsen
    NickPaulsen3 days ago

    Well about a truck with lights on. I do not really agree that is bad. I personally like it, but guess that is a matter of taste.

  • Chili Been
    Chili Been3 days ago

    Most annoying ...is YOU!

    PANKI3 days ago

    IU like it Matt

  • biboKralle
    biboKralle3 days ago

    Oh god, the touchscreens and the fake exhausts are really THE WORST. Good fake sound I still prefer over bad real sound.

  • drizzle guiao
    drizzle guiao3 days ago

    Really? You have a problem with start button?😂

  • iznkidd 01
    iznkidd 013 days ago

    Gear is not weed it’s heroin

  • Derek Eadie
    Derek Eadie4 days ago

    Lost count of the adds in this clip. So speaking of things to stop...

  • A. M.
    A. M.4 days ago

    The capitalist world, built upon fakeries and lies after lies after lies after lies after lies. Disgusting!

  • Harsh Yardz
    Harsh Yardz4 days ago

    I'm a car man like yourself, gotta say love your reviews. Totally agree with your points, car manufacturers are just over doing it these days.

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez4 days ago

    i love that video so much, holy molly, i asked myself same question and u get something, pretty good natural thing, keep going why get eco mode on I8 so clever, they are engineer

  • Lukas M.
    Lukas M.4 days ago

    Why eco pro on a M6? Drive the car 800km to your holiday destination... The sound is gonna kill ya. Besides, when perhaps your lady drives your M6, im sure she will love eco pro, due the car is waaay less aggressive and more confortable. And the Start buttons? Keyless go? A must in a new cars these days. And why have a key on a Tesla. Its not like you need to start the engine...

  • Carsten Sørensen
    Carsten Sørensen4 days ago

    Most annoying new trend; Negative people whining on youtube.

  • Stef Playz
    Stef Playz5 days ago

    All these are to make the car look good, what is your problem.

  • Stephen Starling
    Stephen Starling5 days ago

    Mini does both

  • Stephen Starling

    Stephen Starling

    5 days ago

    With key

  • Kunta Kinte
    Kunta Kinte5 days ago

    Even the usage as business cars is a psycholovgy problem. The uppers in the hierarchy want to show their status outside. Even BMW writes actually fake designations .. let's wait for a 708i-ecoboost 😬😁

  • Mo Saleh
    Mo Saleh5 days ago

    The illuminated grill started by Mazda and it is gorgeous

  • Syed Ehsan
    Syed Ehsan5 days ago

    Electronic stuff are bad cuz of reliability....

  • Je
    Je5 days ago

    I love Start button without using the key,Im opening the parking door from my building,with the key from my apartment and i have all my keys together.

  • D A B S K I
    D A B S K I5 days ago

    6:35 i think those grills look cool doe

  • Draconior87
    Draconior876 days ago

    Finally someone who understands me. That's why I'm buying an f20 125d m sport instead of the new 120d m sport.

  • H T
    H T6 days ago

    BMW `s new grill is what I hate the most....

  • DC Various Vids
    DC Various Vids6 days ago

    No to illuminated grilles, tacky and just another thing to go wrong. Carbon fibre effect seating, what next, strawberry jam coated steering wheels. The optional extra would be seedless.

  • BLAR
    BLAR6 days ago

    Not to forget family cars with a diffuser😂

  • BLAR
    BLAR6 days ago

    Perhaps also we could do without the hundreds of different coulered lines on our rear view cameras😳 - does anyone really use them🤔

  • Neil Barnes
    Neil Barnes6 days ago

    Have you ever thought about the anti-theft side of starter buttons? A thief would need the transponder to start the car. A great asset in mt opinion.

  • Rumen Tsakov
    Rumen Tsakov6 days ago

    That’s all because manufacturers are running out of ideas 🤷‍♂️

  • Great Runner
    Great Runner6 days ago

    Fake exhaust.. the worst.. buy BMW

  • Nyjawonder
    Nyjawonder7 days ago

    HUUGE tyres. Why does a Honda Civic or Golf diesel need 18in tyres. They take up space, are heavy and ruin the cars ride. they also make cars bigger and uglier to my mind and it is so unnecessary. A Countach was launched on 15 rims i believe. Now the Aventador is on like 22s. STOP.!!!!

  • Garrett Brice Tigner
    Garrett Brice Tigner7 days ago

    Has anyone noticed he has crossed eyes? I love this channel and guy but that's all I can focus on

  • e d
    e d7 days ago

    I have noise from old Mack trucks piped into my Prius speakers.

  • Manu Manu
    Manu Manu7 days ago

    Honda Civic Type R, when seen from the side. A nasty looking indicator slapped right on the arch, not following any lines, and some nasty looking screws all around inside the arch. While there is a side indicator on the side mirror. The paint all will start to break down at some point. That's on top of the fake carbon. Agreed with the piano black. Add touch screens, and you'll be cleaning fingerprints all day. New mercs interiors feel cheap and nasty just with that. Had a brand new merc for a week, and it was creaking everywhere you would touch. Don't wear rings or long fake nails ,it will scratch every time you touch it. Not very premium, or even well though out.

  • Ra'ed Al-Zarari
    Ra'ed Al-Zarari7 days ago

    And Range Rover and Jaguar with their SVR

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison7 days ago

    I agree with every point, brilliant work ma dude! I've hated fake exhausts for years, I first noticed them on a 100k Range Rover, fucking travisty.

  • Glenn Jordan
    Glenn Jordan7 days ago

    4 door hot hatches must stop.

  • caner arik
    caner arik7 days ago

    Blown up car sizes.