Mercedes-Benz & League of Legends eSports: Icons of a New Generation

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This is where famous eSports heroines and heroes as well as a number of the most popular League of Legends characters come together. Only the interaction of all the players makes the line-up an unbeatable team and therewith “Icons of a new generation”.
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  • GerEng
    GerEng29 days ago

    I like the Showtime thingy

  • Amanda R
    Amanda RMonth ago

    I think this commercial was very poorly done. I mean you have this girl who isn't in the game and briefly a guy who stands next to her and with the group who also isn't in the game. But they're sort of morphed in with the drawings of the champions. I just feel like no one working on this commercial played league for more than 5 minutes. Did you mix up Leona and Irelia armor pieces at one point? Pretty sure you had a silhouette of Lee Sin tiptoeing across a window pane? It felt really disconnected from LoL and pretty low production quality. I disliked it so much I found it on youtube to tell you how low effort and weird this was.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Month ago

    Thank you for your comment, Amanda. We're very sorry to hear you were disappointed with our ad. We truly appreciate your honest and valuable feedback, we'll do our best to learn from it and create a better storyline next time. 🙌

  • ᄉᄋ
    ᄉᄋMonth ago

    0:38 who's he

  • peyo
    peyoMonth ago

    mercedes benz slk 200

  • Juan Pablo Escobar Hidalgo
    Juan Pablo Escobar HidalgoMonth ago


  • 84necronlord
    84necronlordMonth ago


  • Kleddy Cool
    Kleddy CoolMonth ago

    max cringe ad.

  • Zoo YeEun
    Zoo YeEunMonth ago

    쇼타임 하는애 누구냐

  • Filip Mladenović
    Filip MladenovićMonth ago

    Where is G-class?

  • eXpas04
    eXpas04Month ago

    I hope this is a mockery or some kinda comedy behind this, it can't be actually that bad

  • `린이
    `린이Month ago

    0:38초에 쇼타임 한사람 누구임?

  • 부리부리


    Month ago

    카사 선수가 맞대요,, 아무리봐도 안닮은것같은데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 🤣🤣

  • `린이


    Month ago

    @Doyeon Kim 저도 네이버에서 카사라고 한 사람들을 봤는데 안닮은거같아서 물어봤어요~

  • Doyeon Kim

    Doyeon Kim

    Month ago

    Tes 카사

  • j.y park

    j.y park

    Month ago

    중국어인줄알았는데 쇼타임이었네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • `린이


    Month ago

    @부리부리그니까요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 밑에까지 다 내려봤는데 아무도 대답을.. 인터넷에서는 카사선수라고 하는데 안닮은거같아서..😅

  • Greta Ieva Mackevičiūtė
    Greta Ieva MackevičiūtėMonth ago

    People: Mercedes is the old people car. Merc meanwhile:

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor AhmedMonth ago

    Uh... Well the Collab is super nice and all but the commercial is a little cringe, ngl 😂😂

  • Evgenij007
    Evgenij007Month ago

    Who is the target audience? 10 year olds with no money? The only people associated with LoL who can afford a benz are the professional players who are not watching the commercial anyway, because they are playing or preparing themselves for the match while the commercial is running. Waste of ressources on Mercedes' side.

  • Vogue Vision
    Vogue VisionMonth ago

    who is that at 0:38 ?

  • Laabib Mostafa
    Laabib MostafaMonth ago

    U can even spot the benzs in the takeover video.

  • Nathan Mwema
    Nathan MwemaMonth ago

    Is it Vedius??

  • lacerate
    lacerateMonth ago

    Cmon mercedez,the only type of player of league who can buy one of u guys car,are 98% streamers and pro players

  • Eric Ye
    Eric YeMonth ago


  • Pratik
    PratikMonth ago

    Mercedes Cars are all rounder! Its getting luxury, sport, ralaibility, and aerodynamic design!.....hmmm good work Mercedes!😊👍🏻😎. ( You're logo define water, land and space right?? ).....😚

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Month ago

    Indeed! We're glad you enjoy our creations. 😊

    NERO NEROMonth ago

    I have CLA cooool😍⤴️⤴️

  • Timi Fash
    Timi FashMonth ago

    Were those demonic entities really necessary in this ad? It's so creepy.

  • 감자
    감자Month ago

    who is the man 0:38 somebody tell me who he is

  • Soyoung Kim
    Soyoung KimMonth ago

    Who's the guy saying 'show time'?

  • Kumudika Sajeewani
    Kumudika SajeewaniMonth ago

    Best work🖤

  • Artistic Priya ✔︎
    Artistic Priya ✔︎Month ago

    I recently bought Mercedes vision AVTR. One of the best car ❤️🔥

  • hacker gamer 222
    hacker gamer 222Month ago

    we want mercedes cars in Rocket League please mercedes

  • #halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!
    #halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!Month ago

    Ughh if only SKT and Faker could’ve qualified!!!!

  • Dxt
    DxtMonth ago

    Mersedes:GELIK Brabus:GELIK 2.2 Lada:MOSCOW MOSCOW (I'm 🇷🇺👍)

  • Stefan Stankovic
    Stefan StankovicMonth ago

    Hello Mercedes-Benz. The best brand.

  • Jo Poppy Yuniarti
    Jo Poppy YuniartiMonth ago


  • ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW
    ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹWMonth ago

    ahh yea untapped market, selling cars to gamers. What's next condom ads?

  • A
    AMonth ago


  • King Mario
    King MarioMonth ago


  • Vvip Munda
    Vvip MundaMonth ago

    No one is like as

  • Reboot Communication
    Reboot CommunicationMonth ago

    Good Job 😉

  • gian gian
    gian gianMonth ago

    못사요 ㅠㅠ

  • Gav G 89 II UKTV II
    Gav G 89 II UKTV IIMonth ago


  • Danilo Petrovic
    Danilo PetrovicMonth ago

    As a cs/valorant player, im cringing to be a Gla owner

  • Radical Living
    Radical LivingMonth ago

    well at least you tried...

  • Julian
    JulianMonth ago

    Owning a C118 I gotta say I love this ad :D Such a beauty.

  • Tsengel Shinekhuu
    Tsengel ShinekhuuMonth ago

    00:37 I hear something different everytime. Don't Die, Show Time, Top Die etc.

  • ᄉᄋ


    Month ago

    Who is he

  • A.N.S.H Verma
    A.N.S.H VermaMonth ago

    A car which most of gamers can't afford

  • Atalay Ant
    Atalay AntMonth ago

    That's true for my AMG A45S 4Matic+ !

  • Lontic
    LonticMonth ago

    Cant believe mercedes made a video with league of legends. Ur the best mercedes. Love your cars.

  • Lukas jakob
    Lukas jakobMonth ago

    good cars i love mercedes benz

  • Fuad Hasan
    Fuad HasanMonth ago

    I like the 2020 GLA class💙

  • Lemon Channel
    Lemon ChannelMonth ago

    I Love Mercedes💕

  • TheMadDog
    TheMadDogMonth ago

    This is what i think of this car, its cool

  • TheMadDog
    TheMadDogMonth ago

    I still think a tesla is better ngl

  • Barrington Dower
    Barrington DowerMonth ago

    Astonishing the Mercedes Benz

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish KumarMonth ago

    Ultimate Car Brand ❤❤❤❤❤

    3D TUNER INDMonth ago

    Mercedes is the best.

  • Mohammed Benz
    Mohammed BenzMonth ago

    The best or nothing... ❤️

  • Ary Upadhana
    Ary UpadhanaMonth ago

    I want the new GLA, looking so good

  • MD CYF
    MD CYFMonth ago

    Karen: Gaming is bad Mercedes: Ha Ha LOL e-sport go Re Re

  • Daniel See
    Daniel SeeMonth ago

    Ahh Merc! Why do you have to put yourself so low 🤦🏻

  • Vic Angelo
    Vic AngeloMonth ago

    Chess isnt a sport, but I do think it's a legit competition. Esports are not sports, they are Competition, sorry guys.

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor RodriguezMonth ago

    It is soo cool Mercedes -Benz have the insane cars in the world!

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor RodriguezMonth ago

    I have that car!

  • Sebas El WapX
    Sebas El WapXMonth ago

    Joder ahora si que me descargo LoL

  • TheSchluesselbund
    TheSchluesselbundMonth ago

    Great move from Mercedes here to reach a complete new audience of people.

  • I love God
    I love GodMonth ago

    God loves you

  • luthfi haidil Putra
    luthfi haidil PutraMonth ago

    Mercedes is the best

  • Emir Guven
    Emir GuvenMonth ago

    Don't ask rank to the star. It's always mercedes...

  • Music Producer Hot Mike
    Music Producer Hot MikeMonth ago

    I can really help with the audio mix levels. Really. I can.🎚🎤🎶

  • genxta
    genxtaMonth ago

    Marcedes-Benz is literally conquering the entire market. Love it

  • Zarrakon


    Month ago

    Haha monopolies are good :3

  • jeopardy jo
    jeopardy joMonth ago

    Dear mercedes. League of legends is trash. Try dota

  • Dont Know

    Dont Know

    Month ago

    No one will sponsor a dead game 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dont Know

    Dont Know

    Month ago

    Your game is dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Its Black
    Its BlackMonth ago

    The new CLA is something else 🤩

    FRU FRU FRU FRU FRUMonth ago

    Love the editing, very satisfying

  • Aryan Ranade
    Aryan RanadeMonth ago

    Mercedes-Benz is just Awesome Love your Cars 😘

  • Henry Máni Arnþórsson
    Henry Máni ArnþórssonMonth ago

    This is why you should drive a Mercedes

  • Matt FB
    Matt FBMonth ago

    This is why I only drive Mercedes

  • Soham Dimber
    Soham DimberMonth ago

    Whoa! I just viewed a video of Mercedes And Now my history/youtube recommendation is full with your videos... Excellent Work Mercedes😁

  • Kevin Espinoza 19
    Kevin Espinoza 19Month ago

    Autos para 20 añeros, buen marketing Mercedes benz

  • Arsalek
    ArsalekMonth ago

    You know, even if I was gifted a free Mercedes from the '80s, I would love that :)

  • Jamshid Abduqodirov
    Jamshid AbduqodirovMonth ago

    One love

  • Dire Shepherd
    Dire ShepherdMonth ago

    Good vid but make more Mercedes Benz suvs plz kinda like BMW’s x5 m and I love Mercedes and I want to do learn to drive using a Mercedes and my first car being a Mercedes

  • MazZaker SepP

    MazZaker SepP

    Month ago

    Theyve got 5 different SUV Models, not enough?

  • Gaming Kat
    Gaming KatMonth ago

    Finally a brand recognising gamers

  • Kleddy Cool

    Kleddy Cool

    Month ago

    by doing cringe ads. no thanks

  • Gaming Kat
    Gaming KatMonth ago

    Nice now make a console car

  • احمد محمد البدري
    احمد محمد البدريMonth ago

    Mercedes is the best in the world 😍😍🤩

  • Rishit Jain
    Rishit JainMonth ago

    So I assume Mercedes is now sponsoring gamers with the A class?

  • Amr Esam
    Amr EsamMonth ago

    👍👍👍 perfect show♥️ mercedes

  • Muammar Raihan
    Muammar RaihanMonth ago

    Mercedes x dota, and now Mercedes x league of legends

  • Marcus 2209
    Marcus 2209Month ago

    Astonishing power? That base 180d has loads of power🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. 110hp is not astonishing power

  • Marcus 2209

    Marcus 2209

    Month ago

    Ahsan 😂😂😂

  • Ahsan


    Month ago

    But hey, as long as it works.

  • hank huang
    hank huangMonth ago

    Mercedes in this ad: League of Legends players can only afford A-class and B-class Mercedes

  • Meme Machine

    Meme Machine

    Month ago

    Ay lmao true not even an AMG either. Kinda happy though I would be mad if my a35 was associated with league in a damn advert. Totally devalues the car.

  • 3V4NG3L10NN


    Month ago

    I guess they want to address the younger audience. But most of them event can't afford an A or B class mercedes :P

  • Sou Dadd
    Sou DaddMonth ago

    Mercedesbenz toujours jeunes et dynamique. I love it.

  • Theod Mi
    Theod MiMonth ago


  • Derek Uhm
    Derek UhmMonth ago

    did a 13-year-old write the script?

  • Deutschland '

    Deutschland '

    Month ago

    Ahhh yes... The South-Korean. Go drive your little Kia

  • Daniel Mesquita

    Daniel Mesquita

    Month ago

    like you?

  • Gugfghjfd Sth
    Gugfghjfd SthMonth ago


  • george ibrahim
    george ibrahimMonth ago

    Mercedes do a free car giveaway 😉

  • Z z
    Z zMonth ago

    Trust me these guys don’t know how to drive.

  • Pratik


    Month ago

    Are you're bmw owner??

  • Buttertoast 07
    Buttertoast 07Month ago

    Nice Coorperation

  • KnowZz
    KnowZzMonth ago

    Mercedes getting into Esports? Truly epic 👏 👏 👏

  • Muammar Raihan

    Muammar Raihan

    Month ago

    Wdym? I saw Mercedes was in TI

  • TheFlamedog
    TheFlamedogMonth ago

    Me: puts car in reverse Merc: Ults

  • Ariff Ansar
    Ariff AnsarMonth ago

    Edit: I made a typo

  • Ariff Ansar

    Ariff Ansar

    Month ago

    @Meme Machine yeah ur right

  • Meme Machine

    Meme Machine

    Month ago

    if you ever get a decent job* Think you made a typo

  • _ Faizeeeh_
    _ Faizeeeh_Month ago

    Really loved the advertisement


    I got that 70 plate a class

  • Meme Machine

    Meme Machine

    Month ago

    70 plate A35


    Literally 99% of you won’t see this but may God bless you all and stay safe during these hard times 💖 💕