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Clarkson, Hammond and May set out to prove that British Leyland made some good cars back in the day. Featuring three popular British made family cars of the 1970s and 80s - The Rover SD1, the Triumph Dolomite, and the Austin Princess, but can they survive the boy's rigorous testing? Subscribe:
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  • Vidata
    Vidata9 hours ago

    I love how they have old man music for james

  • VehicleGames
    VehicleGames18 hours ago

    2:53 I tought that was a nardó ring

  • Fireball XL5
    Fireball XL522 hours ago

    British Leyland couldn't build a car to save their mother's life. I had a 1979 Triumph TR7 automatic. I got it used in 1982 as my college graduation present. Worst maintenance ever. Went through 2 starters, 3 alternators, 1 fuel pump, front brakes twice in one year. Coolest looking piece of crap I've ever owned.


    Missing them in 2020

  • Hellerick Ferlibay
    Hellerick Ferlibay3 days ago

    How can they hurt these beauties?

  • jimmy2minutes
    jimmy2minutes3 days ago

    I bought a Dolly Sprint 20 years ago. A 1976. And its still on the road. Its mint. I no longer own it though. Unbelievably l saw a picture of it on Google images. I loved that car.

  • dpmxdarkrai 0
    dpmxdarkrai 03 days ago

    0:30 to put the entire car in 2 words: doesn't work

  • Star Wars Rants
    Star Wars Rants4 days ago

    Yeeeeaaaahhh look at that

  • Pinheiros Kids Tony
    Pinheiros Kids Tony4 days ago

    The car clarkson had I have that same car in forza horizon 4

  • Karol Sołek
    Karol Sołek5 days ago

    which episode is this?

  • Ans B
    Ans B5 days ago

    That water challenge was entertaining but I sure hope that that water wasn't wasted. I hope it was reused or something instead.

  • The adventures of Shalom
    The adventures of Shalom6 days ago

    great video.

  • Bopo Mofo
    Bopo Mofo6 days ago

    1:11 love this momment

  • Streaks
    Streaks7 days ago

    "Jeremy, it's not filling up." "YESS IT IS"

  • Nightcore Family
    Nightcore Family7 days ago

    I wish BBC would just keep the 3 idiots

  • Victoria Scala
    Victoria Scala8 days ago

    *me and my friends doing something stupid* *me:* You good there mate? *friend:* Yup *me:* You sure? *friend:* Positive *me:* Right I'm just gonna check that your snorkel's working right? *sticks finger in top and waits for the sound of a dying cow* Being completely honest there is a story around this and if anyone asks I'll tell

  • Leon Žužić
    Leon Žužić8 days ago

    ...If only they had used Flex Tape, the leakage wouldn't be a problem.

  • Toxic
    Toxic9 days ago

    Oh no! The door came off!!

  • pezza k
    pezza k9 days ago

    1:24 “and he’s brought a piece of cheese

  • Jacob two
    Jacob two10 days ago

    What series is this?

  • Romic SV
    Romic SV10 days ago

    Смешно. Когда не осталось НИ ОДНОГО британского автозавода.

  • yikes
    yikes16 days ago

    Apparently I already watched this

  • John Moses Browning
    John Moses Browning16 days ago

    A N D H E ' S B R O U G H T A P I E C E O F C H E E S E

  • Axi Draws
    Axi Draws16 days ago

    Its funny because the princess actually did the best out of all the challenges

  • Titan 10001
    Titan 1000116 days ago

    "doesn't work"

  • Garrett Mitchell
    Garrett Mitchell19 days ago

    For anyone curious, S10E07.

  • Jake K
    Jake K20 days ago

    *Hammond uses windshield wipers for water inside the car*

  • James Sylvestre
    James Sylvestre20 days ago

    You wouldn’t be able to do this in a modern car. The water would fry the electronics

  • Michael Quallet
    Michael Quallet21 day ago

    "this bucket of magnificence." That alone convinced me it was worth watching all those years ago.

  • ItsJustAlfie
    ItsJustAlfie23 days ago

    James May's car is so brown its made of brown

  • Graham Punk
    Graham Punk24 days ago

    If it was a German car it would be just the same unless you believe the propaganda

  • Tyrone Bunne
    Tyrone Bunne25 days ago


  • Damien Le Maistre
    Damien Le Maistre25 days ago

    Give me this over new Top Gear after 2015

  • Ajo Klar
    Ajo Klar26 days ago

    "Lapped by Captain Slow in an Austin Princess full of water" is one of the best sentences in TV history

  • Fazor Plays
    Fazor Plays28 days ago

    Imagine taking a tank and it breaks at the automotive torture chamber

  • Gustavo Martins da Silva
    Gustavo Martins da Silva28 days ago

    I'm surprised that none of them didn't catch on fire.

  • Turbo-tron 3000X
    Turbo-tron 3000X29 days ago

    James may running out of the car 😂 👌

  • YearOfTheDog82
    YearOfTheDog82Month ago

    ick, the water in those cars was a disturbing color. 30 years of cig butts and farts came bubbling up . . .

  • James Madison
    James MadisonMonth ago

    Psssssssst.... your steering wheel is on the wrong side.....and you drive on the wrong side of the road too....

  • God's Flat Earth
    God's Flat EarthMonth ago

    Neil Degrasse Tyson To all those who have seen the curve of the earth