2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 vs The Cheapest AMG G-Class You Can Buy

This is the new Mercedes-Benz AMG G63, and it meets its elder, the 2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG G55, which costs far less and still looks the same. Both are V8s, and both fulfill the role of an icon. But can the old one stack up, and is the new one worth the massive premium? James and Thomas jump behind the wheel of both to experience them and discuss them inside and out. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!
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Post Production by: Karston Chong and Thomas Holland
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  • Mirabel Nakasone
    Mirabel Nakasone8 hours ago

    Stock is good 💯💯

  • Elias Penttilä

    Elias Penttilä

    6 hours ago

    @Veli Virolainen thanks Will do ASAP

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    Veli Virolainen

    6 hours ago

    Text him on watsapp 👆

  • Veli Virolainen

    Veli Virolainen

    6 hours ago

    @Elias Penttilä + 1 8 6 5 3 0 2 5 0 1 4

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    Elias Penttilä

    6 hours ago

    @Vitor Cunha Alves please how do I contact joseph Edward?

  • Vitor Cunha Alves

    Vitor Cunha Alves

    6 hours ago

    If you've started trading with this man then you're not far from making profits

  • Tom Jimenez Fitness
    Tom Jimenez Fitness22 hours ago

    2015 or newer G63 AMG and you’re good to go 👍🏼

  • غيث game mode
    غيث game mode23 hours ago

    اريد جي كلاس ثنين سوده وجي كلاس حمرة و صفرة خضرة وسودة ووحدة بيضة وذهبيه

  • Badade
    BadadeDay ago

    Why did he slap him???? That's not nice!!!!

  • Goals Over Excuses
    Goals Over Excuses2 days ago

    They aren’t giving away 20 G’s and a G class.

  • Dick Dickson
    Dick Dickson2 days ago

    Just got brand new g63 my family is oil rich suck it world

  • Wail Faridi
    Wail Faridi3 days ago

    I just love how G Wagens do wheelies everytime you foot the accelerator

  • mailvaleze
    mailvaleze4 days ago

    Hello I want to buy one G wagon.... want to know more

  • Allergic to vegans
    Allergic to vegans5 days ago

    It is the best offroad car however the new ones need some more to go offroad they need a de bodykit in some places different wheels and different tyres then they are the most capable suv ever along with the land cruiser don’t get me started on the shitbox land rovers 🤢

  • DIS M
    DIS M5 days ago

    That's the price of an house

  • Marko Mircea
    Marko Mircea8 days ago

    Subscribed. If I ever were to steal one car, get caught, this would be it 😂❤

  • MrNickelbrille
    MrNickelbrille8 days ago

    I really like the new Airvents. They're spaces out :-) Even a Sprinter has them. But because of that Mercedes starts to go back to old designs :-( If I had the money for a new Benz I'd be changing them to this awesome design. I know the design is young, maybe to young for me. I'll be sixty in a couple of month, Guess what I don't give. Right. Two years ago I had my hair colored in british racing green. No lost bet, I just felt like it. One of the goodies when you stayed single. Cobaltblue was the option ;-) Who says Germans don't know fun? What is it spelled @7:16? Waegn? What does this stand for? You don't know what you're talking about! You're the language man? Lol,nope There is no Waegn in the German/AMG language! Since you like the G-class, why don't you ship a Hummer over to AMG and find out how it is done :-) Besides my arguing: You guys are fun

  • Richard W
    Richard W9 days ago

    For that much. I won't be driving off road.

  • StaticAlphaX
    StaticAlphaX12 days ago

    The older one looks bold and looks like it was made for offroading while the never one says "I'm a city suv trying to be something I'm not. I'll never touch dirt roads btw"

  • André Wolff
    André Wolff13 days ago

    I'm late the party but you guys should take a 300GD or 230GE from the mid 80s just to see what the G class is truly about :)

  • Queper Low
    Queper Low14 days ago

    throttle house is the modern Jeremy Clarkson style top gear but without Jeremy and isn't replaced and ruined by three people that take it seriously

  • Christian Klein
    Christian Klein14 days ago

    Mit welcher Begründung sind die soviel "wert"

  • Fabian
    Fabian14 days ago

    I love the G 63 amg-Wagen

  • Imanol Barahona
    Imanol Barahona16 days ago

    What are the of actually winning the car and how do you ship it

  • Max Zenneck
    Max Zenneck16 days ago

    3:32 I heard worse german

  • R mg20
    R mg2017 days ago

    i'll wait 15 years to get the 2020 in 2035 when i have a kid and i'll get it for the 40k

  • Da Mao
    Da Mao17 days ago

    Isn’t omaz a scam?

  • Hamilton Askew
    Hamilton Askew17 days ago

    I got through half of the video before I realized these guys weren't brother. The accent shoulda been a big giveaway. Lol

  • watchman703
    watchman70318 days ago

    Mercedes in general has a ton of electric problems that start happening when the vehicle gets old. A lot of the upgrades though, with the exception of the engine, from the old gwagon to the new one are really easy to put inside the old g wagon for little cost. It might be better to get the old one. Put in some nice upgrades, learn about your car and go from there.

  • Mekato
    Mekato18 days ago

    Wow that's really cheap there considering here in India for a Mahindra bolero to be modified as g wagon can cost u up to 15-30k USD

  • Tayyab’s legit Lit times
    Tayyab’s legit Lit times18 days ago

    Brabus g wagon more expensive

  • Kenry Solomon
    Kenry Solomon19 days ago

    That slap was everything

  • P1NK x_o
    P1NK x_o19 days ago

    I like the newer one something about it makes it look more feminine 😍, the stitching makes it look like the iconic Chanel bag stitching and at the same time it reminds me of an inverted Louis Vuitton shoe 👠 -

  • LandieFreak
    LandieFreak19 days ago

    Wow G55 for $30 grand ??? ... in Jakarta, Indonesia for G300 1996 non AMG if you are lucky can get it for $60 grand ... yes 60 grand ... those G55 will cost you $250 grand !! ... and brand new G63 about $350 grand ... and the demand unbelievable ... correction brand new G63 can cost more than $500 grand

  • Umberto van staden
    Umberto van staden19 days ago

    Hmm 🤔 wonder if it's possible to upgrade the old ones interior

  • Black Scorpio
    Black Scorpio20 days ago

    old one looks much more beautiful

  • Salman Essar
    Salman Essar20 days ago

    If i spend 200k on c63 it will be better then g wagon by far

  • Android Games.
    Android Games.20 days ago

    I Have The Old I'm Happy'

  • Follow The Grow
    Follow The Grow21 day ago

    Dont really like videos but ill do it bc you took that slap.

  • Jay Tactical
    Jay Tactical21 day ago

    That smack took me out 😂😂😭

  • Ayaatar Iq
    Ayaatar Iq22 days ago

    Car throttle and throttle house are like old top gear but a bit less funny

  • Geetarth Neo
    Geetarth Neo23 days ago

    The old G-Wagon looks better and sounds a lot lot better. Old AMG V8s were the best sounding V8 engines out there.

  • It’s James
    It’s James23 days ago

    The cheapest g-class is the 1980 one :(

  • Vince R.
    Vince R.24 days ago

    Big respect for the real slap in the beginning lol

  • Will S
    Will S24 days ago

    I like the older one but just can't get on with the old switchgear which just reminds me of my dad's old C180 Classic Kompressor.