The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe is a More Stylish & Expensive GLC300

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Now taking to title as the best-selling #MercedesBenz in the US, the 2020 #GLC300 and #GLC300Coupe get numerous tweaks this year in the form of new styling, more power, and improved tech features. While the #MercedesBenzGLCCoupe may not be everyone's cup of tea, very few could argue with the amount of luxury and technology that #Mercedes is able to pack into one of their smaller SUV offerings. Just be prepared to pay a pretty penny for any vehicle that bears the "three-pointed" star badge on the hood.


  • Kiss Kiss
    Kiss Kiss5 days ago

    Redline Reviews Hey Sofyan, is this a TC 9 speed? or a DCT 9 Speed?

  • Kiss Kiss
    Kiss Kiss5 days ago

    4:30 BMW did not start this trend.. AMC Eagle(Before your time Sofyan) did. Then it went to X6, Followed by the Twins, "ZDX/Crosstour."

  • Joskj j
    Joskj j11 days ago

    I truly do not understand the point of these coupe suvs, very useless

  • melinda levy
    melinda levy21 day ago

    conor mcgregor

  • John K
    John K25 days ago

    I just bought one and absolutely love this thing.

  • John K

    John K

    6 days ago

    @X Finity surprisingly roomy. Yes 3 fit.

  • X Finity

    X Finity

    6 days ago

    How’s the backseat? Can you fit 3 people fine or is it really cramped?

  • sara brice
    sara brice2 months ago

    do a betley

  • sara brice
    sara brice2 months ago


  • Said Bougrea
    Said Bougrea2 months ago

    Nice care

  • Jalissa Mixon
    Jalissa Mixon3 months ago

    minecraft ray tracing

  • TheChickenBorn
    TheChickenBorn3 months ago

    Man some of these comments lmfao

  • E Johnson
    E Johnson3 months ago

    Sorry, but BMW did not start this trend. Honda/Acura had the Honda Crosstour and the ZDX, respectively. Still, an ugly trend that I wish had died with those two cars.

  • Antonio McCoy
    Antonio McCoy3 months ago

    Am i the only one that thinks the car looks pretty cool? Especially in that matte grey.

  • Moonlight0810
    Moonlight08103 months ago

    67k for non amg suv lol.....who even buys this.....

  • Samiutu ._.
    Samiutu ._.3 months ago

    Dunno for me it seems more like a E class suv and the GLE more like a C class suv

  • JG Gonzalez
    JG Gonzalez4 months ago

    I love the car for all the reason ppl hate it 😂😂😂 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • JordyXBL


    4 months ago

    bcuz they cant afford it lmao

  • Hari Krishnan
    Hari Krishnan4 months ago

    What is the music you used in the intro?

  • Kevin Clavijo
    Kevin Clavijo4 months ago

    Is the AMG worth it? I like the new vertical grille. Kinda leaning towards it but i love the new GLE Coupe interior better but that one is wayyy over budget

  • Scy
    Scy4 months ago

    5:51 you can see the real exhaust sitting under the fake exhaust. Mercedes, whyyy!

    MUSIC MAX!5 months ago

    No pano, fake lower grille , ugly wheels, no standard cooled seats. I'll keep my KIA Sportage SX Turbo. LOL

  • 사라*
    사라*5 months ago

    Why aren’t they changing the screen!! Come on mercedes all your other cars already stepped up

  • Qiao Li
    Qiao Li6 months ago

    $2000 option paint and only hand wash a GLC? Thank u, next

  • Yankee Doodle
    Yankee Doodle6 months ago

    Another German money pit

  • TheCrystalyne
    TheCrystalyne6 months ago

    Its pronounced cou-pay....

  • Mucahidler
    Mucahidler6 months ago

    Pff this car is the best of the cars thats beneath 100.000

  • RIVC
    RIVC6 months ago

    Doug type of title

  • [Blank]
    [Blank]6 months ago

    Sad how while crossovers get appreciated for looking different, non-crossovers such as the BMW 6 series Gran Turismo, get shunned for looking different

  • matthew reason
    matthew reason7 months ago

    very ugly

  • Вадим Вадимович
    Вадим Вадимович7 months ago

    The cameraman is damn shortsighted..

  • Andy Tan
    Andy Tan8 months ago

    Where is the clock?

  • Rizki Ferdian
    Rizki Ferdian8 months ago

    All American Cars manufacturing plants has gone out of Indonesia. Only Asians and Europeans. As We Indonesian know quality very well. Next Era, EV Era, Indonesia will have own car brands in Electric Vehicle segment.All American Cars manufacturing plants has gone out of Indonesia. Only Asians and Europeans. As We Indonesian know quality very well. Next Era, EV Era, Indonesia will have own car brands in Electric Vehicle segment.

  • Audi Quattro
    Audi Quattro8 months ago

    8:30 Hyundai Sonata gauges?😮 I remember the 2014 Kia Quoris had the same exact gauges too.

  • Jay Racing
    Jay Racing8 months ago

    It's wonderful MB, love it.

  • jl sc
    jl sc8 months ago

    Really hate that screen sticking up out of the dash like an afterthought add on.

  • Walton Crisostomo
    Walton Crisostomo8 months ago

    Sofyan please review the GLB thanks!

  • Sean Hartley
    Sean Hartley8 months ago

    I saw this irl yesterday I like it but the older model looks better. I noticed the front of the car looks smaller now

  • Harry li
    Harry li8 months ago

    FYI: 67k is just way too overpriced for the base glc 300. You can spec a lightly equipped glc 43 coupe with that price. I experimented building a glc43 amg coupe with light options light ventilated front seat, amg exhaust, 12.3 display, Burmester sound, and heat/noise-insulating glass. If you go for the regular version, you can add a bit more options. So these cars just grab one from the dealer lot and haggle for some discount, I'm sure many dealers will give you AT LEAST 3.5k discount on the coupe. If you wanna build one, at least go for the glc 43.

  • Matt97
    Matt979 months ago

    "nicely integrated dual exhaust" at 5:49, with the ugly pipe CLEARLY sticking downwards before it reaches the fake, chrome-lined exhaust exit. I usually love redline reviews, but this blatant horseshit is incredibly disappointing.

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown9 months ago

    I am a big fan of these "coupe" models so I would not call them a waste. Also as far as utility goes you have to look at how often the average person fills up the back of their SUV to the point you start blocking windows, it just doesn't happen. So, in my opinion, this has about the same amount of space that the average person uses in the non-coupe version. I too have driven the C43 and would definitely go that direction since having an appearance package is a farce. Keep up the good work, always love your reviews.

  • G M
    G M9 months ago

    Get a Toyota rav 4

  • old_fash1oned
    old_fash1oned9 months ago

    This thing is blend. Just blend.

  • travis branum
    travis branum9 months ago

    Would go for the AMG43 version and not a fan of the coupe look. Would be great to see you review the 43 if you can.

  • John Lloyd Clayton
    John Lloyd Clayton9 months ago

    Excellent review, but not a fan of this vehicle at all. I can't imagine who would buy this new at MSRP, or why they'd do it. Maybe with a very substantial friends/family discount pricing?

  • DatMarshTho
    DatMarshTho9 months ago

    Everyone: It’s hideous. Me: omg, it’s a beauty! I really want the highest trim with the most horsepower because they look more like sleepers.

  • BuffaloP32ACDM
    BuffaloP32ACDM9 months ago

    I swear I’m not trying to be a hater but that thing looks like a giant turd. I’m sure it’s packed with technology and drives well but WTF.

  • Shah Ali
    Shah Ali9 months ago

    WOW. Thank god the previous model will be dropping price because this front end is hideous.

  • Moose Duchess

    Moose Duchess

    3 months ago

    i hate that mercedes is sticking that toy looking ass headlights in every car.

  • Oli Jono
    Oli Jono9 months ago

    Fake exhaust, really?!

  • Mahia TEKEHU
    Mahia TEKEHU9 months ago


  • Nsubuga Patrick
    Nsubuga Patrick9 months ago

    It’s actually based off the BMW X6

  • Kiss Kiss
    Kiss Kiss9 months ago

    Contrary to popular belief, I LOVE!! the styling. To me, it is very reminiscent of the AMC Eagle sedan (Dating myself here). But yes, another great video Sofyan.

  • Johnny Doey

    Johnny Doey

    5 months ago

    Yeah I’m confused why so many here think it’s ugly

  • Fathy El blasy
    Fathy El blasy9 months ago

  • Fathy El blasy
    Fathy El blasy9 months ago

  • Yaady F15
    Yaady F159 months ago

    The intro made me feel like I was watching the “Phantom Of the Opera” very classical

  • Polite Ndjarakana
    Polite Ndjarakana9 months ago

    Very ugly🤢

  • TheM275
    TheM2759 months ago

    I’m a die hard Mercedes Benz fan and I rhink this is ugly as sin. Awkward proportions, weird details and small wheels.

  • Feddy Teddy
    Feddy Teddy9 months ago

    Wtf is this thing? So ugly

  • limpunsing22
    limpunsing229 months ago

    A real C Class coupe would be a better choice for me

  • Ky
    Ky9 months ago

    I kinda like it 😫

  • Daniel Gross
    Daniel Gross9 months ago

    Ugly AF. I'd buy a classy elegant E-class sedan. Garish grille.

  • crazydaysful
    crazydaysful9 months ago

    He said "The Dolomite" I mean "The Solomite"...Ha Ha. The movie the comedian Dolomite

  • Shane Anthony
    Shane Anthony9 months ago

    Yikes, I get the popularity of hatchbacks, but this hunchback SUV-Coupe-hybrid with massive gaps between the wheel wells and tires look hella awkward.

  • Eddy B
    Eddy B9 months ago

    This is not stylish.this is one ugly car

  • Lucky U. Tin
    Lucky U. Tin9 months ago

    You are supposed to review the car not inject what you like or don't like about it fool.

  • Pop


    8 months ago

    And that's exactly what a review is

  • Lucky U. Tin
    Lucky U. Tin9 months ago

    This bogus reviewer should not be reviewing this car. It is way above his caliber.

  • Iamxtwo Fhatman
    Iamxtwo Fhatman9 months ago

    “Her Mercedes!”......... “Mercedes!!??”..... 💀 💀 💀

  • dmoney668
    dmoney6689 months ago

    Ugly as hell. Looks like a Pontiac Azteca

  • Alex Durlak
    Alex Durlak9 months ago

    Normal Car wash: Scratches your car Touch less Car wash: I am about to ruin this whole man's career

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A.9 months ago

    I don’t know why car manufacturers keep making these ugly “coupe” SUVs

    WHAT THE TRUCK REVIEWS9 months ago

    Very nice!!

  • Jakelz
    Jakelz9 months ago

    "I'm not sure why they included X. That's kind of confusing to me." Confusing? The reason is almost always due to cost.

  • Sun
    Sun9 months ago

    The interior looks just like my ‘17 e300. Hard pass.

  • Chris
    Chris9 months ago

    Ahh! Look a Mercedes-Volvo. What an Ugly child! I guess ugly is the new orange for Mercedes in 2020.

  • Ice Ghost
    Ice Ghost9 months ago

    Sofyan Bey orang melayu....hahahahaha

  • Ice Ghost

    Ice Ghost

    9 months ago

    @Anna Carson wow, thanks for the information.

  • Ice Ghost

    Ice Ghost

    9 months ago

    @Anna Carson really?

  • aayan goverski
    aayan goverski9 months ago

    1,000 dollars for a heads up display is pretty expensive

  • Nathaniel Rudolph
    Nathaniel Rudolph9 months ago

    So this 2.0 feels so amazing and fast but the 2.0 in the Jeep Cherokee with more damn power is “characterless and slow”. You reviewers smack yourselves in the face all the time man. U can talk about how the jeeps transmission is lazy (when flooring it at speeds) because it is but from a stop it’s just as fast as this overpriced shit. Period. And LMAOOOOO the fact you called the Siri thing In car a bitch took me out.

  • John Arz
    John Arz9 months ago

    If you’re in the market for a car in this class check out the mercedes benz glb. It’s a new model starting at $36k (cheaper than the glc) and the badass amg is 50k. A million times better looking than this wagon crap. Wagons look like your driving a Volkswagen or a subaru or some crap like that.

  • Peter
    Peter9 months ago

    just go and check out Genesis GV80, I check it out in person myself, all other SUVs are just a joke in comparison

  • Timothy Coyne
    Timothy Coyne9 months ago

    The interior of this car looks amazing. The body shape though...ugh. One of the ugliest cars for sale today.

  • cub35guy
    cub35guy9 months ago

    Soo -WHY is the SPEED blurred? LOL.. speeding? Who cares. Gorgeous interior. Not sure about the exterior. I still think VOLVO has a lock on style. at the moment.

  • redwhite_040
    redwhite_0409 months ago

    C-Class estate is so much nicer, cheaper and more spacious.

  • B Fielder
    B Fielder9 months ago

    "Stylish." Only if your eyes aren't working. I can't help but laugh when I see this and the BMW version on the road. Basically you spend more money, for less practicality, and a much uglier vehicle.

    DIAMLER9 months ago

    More stylish ?????? 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Not in the least Sofyan!!!!! You may need to have your eyes examined!

  • Antwan Frazier
    Antwan Frazier9 months ago

    Calling a suv a coupe is literally the stupidest thing ever

  • De John
    De John9 months ago

    The Genesis Gv80 looks better Woo

  • artavius twitty
    artavius twitty9 months ago

    This trend of coupe suv/cuv is getting ridiculous!!!!!

  • Helmut Stouthamer
    Helmut Stouthamer9 months ago

    It is not a coupe. It has 4 doors.

  • Edward Conner
    Edward Conner9 months ago

    I just really hate the looks of the coupe like suv, doesn't work for Mercedes nor BMW.

  • Michael Ü
    Michael Ü9 months ago

    So much retina burning. My eyes, my eyes! 🤮

  • Robloxian Dino

    Robloxian Dino

    3 months ago

    still better than the upcoming e and s class

  • colorless
    colorless9 months ago

    I swear i've seen movie with that intro music.

  • lilman551000
    lilman5510009 months ago

    I love it I love suv crossover coupe

  • JarradKyle
    JarradKyle9 months ago

    You have to really really really care how people view you to go buy one of these things.

  • Johnny Doey

    Johnny Doey

    5 months ago

    I think it looks great- I may pick one up

  • Aryan Aggarwal

    Aryan Aggarwal

    5 months ago


  • Kenny
    Kenny9 months ago

    Genesis is killing the Germans on style, Tesla is killing the Germans on technology....German cars suddenly look so outdated and uninteresting

  • Eng. Tariq Aljohani
    Eng. Tariq Aljohani9 months ago

    This is just Mercedes nothing more that

  • Agentcodybanks
    Agentcodybanks9 months ago

    Please say “twenty twenty”. No one in the year 1920 said “it’s the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty”

  • Phillishia S
    Phillishia S9 months ago

    The music surprised me

  • Mujtaba Mujeeb
    Mujtaba Mujeeb9 months ago

    Why tf is Mercedes putting this amg exclusive front bumpers on these non amg vehicles UGHHHHH they are literally diluting AMG exclusivity down the hill I’m so frkn UPSET

  • Mujtaba Mujeeb

    Mujtaba Mujeeb

    9 months ago

    John Paul foreals. I need to do the same with my c43 ahhh

  • Top O

    Top O

    9 months ago

    NoYoureWrong I i need to sell my GLC43 AMG for the gt63!! Or buy the AMG GTR ! Too much diluting

  • Joe Facultad
    Joe Facultad9 months ago

    I love the background intro music

  • joe cook
    joe cook9 months ago

    Butt ugly. All the controls they are putting in the center console, are a disaster waiting to happen from spills. Too many useless gadgets to jack up the price. Just give me a nice driving car with comfortable seats and a nice stereo.

  • dygardion 91
    dygardion 919 months ago

    I hate these “coupes” with a passion And this thing uses amber led turn signals in the rear unlike any other Benz model ????

  • Dennis Xu
    Dennis Xu9 months ago

    In my opinion, the regular GLC looks better out of the two. Another opinion, the new GLB looks better than both.

  • AsleepAtTheKeys
    AsleepAtTheKeys9 months ago

    I cannot understand why these things sell. Just don't get it. Great video as always though. Also always funny when you go to demo something, and it's just like nah :D :D