Truck Driving Challenge Part 1: Rig Stig & Power Slide - Top Gear - BBC

Part 1 of 3 truck challenge videos. In this first video Top Gear's very own 'Rig Stig' - The Stig's lorry driving cousin - shows the the Top Gear boys how to do a power slide in a long haul truck. They are then asked to drive valuables to a race circuit. Cue many broken things.
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  • defaultuser0
    defaultuser010 hours ago

    those old days so nostaglic

  • Blood Marine
    Blood Marine21 hour ago

    Has anyone tried drifting in a Peter built?

  • Jay Mac
    Jay MacDay ago

    I never let the lorry go. It makes me so mad when a lorry gets into the left lane and I have to pass him on the right. I’m pretty sure I’ve just given away my nationality, but I don’t care. It’s beyond infuriating though. Lorries should be restricted to the right lane at the speed limit on highways

  • Harry Williams
    Harry Williams2 days ago

    Trucks in fortnite be like 1:06

  • The gaming Seal
    The gaming Seal4 days ago

    Wow I remember this as a kid

  • Chris West
    Chris West4 days ago

    Where I work the freight was more damaged.

  • Leon Žužić
    Leon Žužić8 days ago

    May's laugh sounds like a rubber duck having sex

    games.io9 days ago

    James laugh souns like a clarkson

  • Jai Gallacher
    Jai Gallacher9 days ago

    Jeremy is top gear.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker11 days ago

    Anyone know where he rest of the episodes is

  • Big_duece Bungalow
    Big_duece Bungalow12 days ago

    So no one is gonna talk about that laugh at 5:48? Just me ok then 😂

  • Opo xxx
    Opo xxx12 days ago


  • R.T.G 376
    R.T.G 37613 days ago

    2016:not yet 2017:not yet 2018:not yet 2019:not yet 2020:lets put this on the recommended section

  • DieselexKore
    DieselexKore13 days ago

    Anyone notice that rig Stig wasn’t driving when he showed up?

  • 0z 0z
    0z 0z13 days ago


  • James Sutherland
    James Sutherland14 days ago

    As a 15 year OTR driver, newbies really scare me

  • Mad as Max
    Mad as Max14 days ago

    You don't start in first gear and you don't go 1,2,3 4 either. Most lorry drivers double the gears 2,4,6,8 and so on. I used to, start in 4th or 3rd depending on the, terrain and the weight of the, trailer. I only ever used 1st for very steep hills.

  • Paolo Sioson
    Paolo Sioson14 days ago

    I died when the car bumped the trailer the second time w exactly the same cam angle

  • Ted Morton
    Ted Morton14 days ago

    broom broom

  • Lilith Rules
    Lilith Rules15 days ago

    2:46 lol 🤣

  • fluffy bunny
    fluffy bunny16 days ago


  • Sparky Le Wolf
    Sparky Le Wolf17 days ago

    i was a lorry driver and laughing my ass off XD

  • C Mac
    C Mac18 days ago


  • That Lonely meatball
    That Lonely meatball18 days ago

    big rig stig

  • That Lonely meatball
    That Lonely meatball18 days ago

    big rig stig

  • Fifa Goals
    Fifa Goals19 days ago

    Oh ok then just powerslide an 18 wheeler Because NORMAL ALSON NEW (FTW)

  • Evan T
    Evan T19 days ago

    What the hell gear do you think he’s in Jesus


    ** 3:10

  • Darth Stanley
    Darth Stanley24 days ago

    Should have spun the other way so you can lean into the corner of the cab and not fall out of the seat.

  • Drifty Supra
    Drifty Supra24 days ago

    Hammond:why don't we get a move on if we have to restart again I'm gonna kill myself

  • Rody XD
    Rody XD24 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 after 11 years it’s still kills me

  • rub ber
    rub ber24 days ago

    5:50 thats a true laugh when your lungs n voice give out lol

  • BE4N
    BE4N27 days ago

    “Has something happened to your leg as well” “Ya the gear lever has gone up my arse”

  • Cherielle Friday
    Cherielle Friday27 days ago


  • Xenos
    XenosMonth ago

    Big Rig Stig

  • The Gameing Fox
    The Gameing FoxMonth ago

    Stig can drift anything

  • LavanyaOP
    LavanyaOPMonth ago

    Can i make ur life harder by asking u... who is the best outta Hammond, May and Clarkson

  • Vulpine Carl2005
    Vulpine Carl2005Month ago

    5:52 and 6:20 are the same part repeating over and over again

  • Erik Olsson
    Erik OlssonMonth ago

    The smell of burning rubber is always the best thing in the morning.

  • Dykio SupraMK4
    Dykio SupraMK4Month ago

    3:08 What is the rear stickers look like Anime sticker