EXCLUSIVE : 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE India Review | First Drive | Autocar India

It won't be launching until next month, but we've got you an exclusive first drive of the new-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV on Indian roads. This car is essentially an E-class SUV, and as such it now gets a longer with a hugely spacious and comfortable power-adjusted back seat. But just what else can you expect? Gavin D'Souza drives it to tell you all about its power, performance, specifications, equipment and expected price.
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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India11 months ago

    UPDATE: The GLE 450 (6cyl petrol) has been launched at Rs 88.80 lakh (ex-showroom), along with the GLE 400d (6cyl diesel) at Rs 89.90 lakh - both are locally assembled. This is in addition to the locally assembled GLE 300d (4cyl diesel) which was launched in Jan 2020 at Rs 73.70 lakh alongside the CBU imported GLE 400d Hip-Hop Edition at Rs 1.25 crore. What do you think of the pricing? We hope you like our review of the next-gen Mercedes-Benz GLE in India. What do you think of this new luxury SUV though? Would you prefer it over a BMW X5, Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90? Let us know in the comments #TeamAutocar

  • hello


    5 months ago

    @Shivesh K Vickneswaran bmw is least reliable german brand

  • jaiveer17


    9 months ago


  • Rahul


    10 months ago


  • himan -ka

    himan -ka

    10 months ago

    Make compare between gle & x5

  • Sandeep Mathews

    Sandeep Mathews

    11 months ago


  • Aditya Rasaily
    Aditya Rasaily5 days ago

    Does it have hill assistance?

  • kiran joy
    kiran joy14 days ago

    Why it doesn't have 3 row seat????

  • འདབ་མ་ སྟོང་ལྡན།
    འདབ་མ་ སྟོང་ལྡན།17 days ago

    in europe and america this car cost you less than 40lakhs but in india it cost you around 80 lakhs. . . mera bharat mahan. .

  • Sameer Sarap
    Sameer Sarap22 days ago

    Gavin sir you are amazing & very lucky person

  • Sagar Kalbhor Patil
    Sagar Kalbhor PatilMonth ago

    GLE old Look is better 😊

  • alskdjfh1100
    alskdjfh1100Month ago

    Gavin's reviews from autocar are my favorite

  • World Mania
    World Mania2 months ago

    My dream car ❤️ hopefully i got this in future 😍

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous2 months ago

    one day surely

  • Prakhar Singhal
    Prakhar Singhal2 months ago

    Volvo xc series is much better than merc SUV'S

  • Dr Farhan Shaikh
    Dr Farhan Shaikh2 months ago

    I bought Petrol version GLC 2020 model in March 2020 in India. Since then it’s been twice that “low engine oil” alarm came and I had to send to workshop for top up of engine oil !! I escalated the matter to Mercedez Benz India team. They are investigating the matter. Right now car is in workshop and they are suspecting engine oil leak issue. Are other customers of Petrol Version or Diesel Version or GLC year 2020 mode also facing the same issue ? Pls email me at farhanshaikh74@gmail.com



  • Ossaid Ali
    Ossaid Ali3 months ago

    Does India gets the GLE63S ??

  • Sande sujay
    Sande sujay3 months ago

    Mercedes benz are u bringing designer from China cars look like they r Chinese made

    AMRIT KUMAR3 months ago

    I like Gavin drives

  • Siddhartha Shankar
    Siddhartha Shankar3 months ago

    When you are taking the video while driving it's not shaking from inside, matlab car ka window dekhne pe I can feel ki car bahar kitni bounce ho rhi hogi but inside the car feel hi nhi hone dene raha hain, awesome 😃

  • Yusuf Shariff
    Yusuf Shariff3 months ago

    The new GLE car is excellent and they have back seats recline feature also which is electronic.This feature is very cool.

  • mandar parab
    mandar parab3 months ago

    Gavin is the best !! Spot on articulation !! Adjectives , apt and relatable!! He draws parallels comfortably

  • Yuvraj sood
    Yuvraj sood3 months ago

    Dual zone climate control is a foolish idea..

  • Vishal Visshu
    Vishal Visshu3 months ago

    You are in my hometown buddy 🙂

  • Azmal Ahamed
    Azmal Ahamed4 months ago

    I have this car 💋💋

  • Deepak
    Deepak4 months ago

    ESP & Traction control are life savers. Its long since standard for all Cars in EU, US, CA etc. Lets have it on all Cars in India making our roads safer, save lakhs of accidents & life. It will also lower car insurance in the long run.

  • enigmaticlover
    enigmaticlover4 months ago

    Liked the previous model’s front appeal more..

  • Explore with aj and vj Jhunjhunwala
    Explore with aj and vj Jhunjhunwala4 months ago

    No it is very bad,costly

  • Richard
    Richard4 months ago

    Interesting. I just got a GLE 450. The US version has a sport mode. Not sure why the difference.

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav4 months ago

    Wt has happened to Mercedes designer y r thy making old school looking vehicle designs look at bmw hw fabulous thy design thr vehicles new looking modern

  • ramsharan singh
    ramsharan singh4 months ago

    They should've made the Mercedes badge at the back bigger it looks too tiny

  • himan -ka
    himan -ka5 months ago

    Make compare video of x5 and gle

  • Amit Vishwakarma
    Amit Vishwakarma5 months ago

    Its seriously ugly looking than its predecessor.. bmw X5 is way ahead interms of everything.

  • Danal das
    Danal das5 months ago

    Straight 6 diesel engine in G wagon???? (7.40).. R u kidding.

  • Sid Jadhav
    Sid Jadhav5 months ago

    This new gle is just mind blowing , I wish I could have one of the Merc gle 300 d 4 matic

  • Manohar Kandukuri
    Manohar Kandukuri5 months ago

    What is the Difference between this and amg version ?

  • Yogesh Padwal
    Yogesh Padwal6 months ago

    Some day! 👍🙏

  • K W
    K W6 months ago

    I've had lots of issues with my GLE, Mercedes customer service is terrible if you don't fit the mould of a typical benz owner, worst car I have ever owned.

  • Udit Vohra
    Udit Vohra6 months ago

    Sadly the 6 cylinder petrol engine wasn't launched🥺

  • V C
    V C7 months ago

    Cavin,u nailed it

  • Raghunath Mutum
    Raghunath Mutum7 months ago

    Dear Autocar, Was planning to buy the base model GLE 300d but seeing the BMWx5 ,Am a little confused which brand to go for. Could you kindly do a head to head comparison of the GLE 300d and BMX 30d Sport? Regards

  • Utsav Mistry
    Utsav Mistry7 months ago

    My friend bought X5 Xline 30d for 93 lakhs onroad Ahmedabad so this GLE450 should be around 95 lakhs

  • Sharad Bagadi
    Sharad Bagadi8 months ago

    Thanks a lot of you for information 💧🌱

  • Akhil Car,
    Akhil Car,8 months ago

    My dream car

  • Prem Raykar
    Prem Raykar8 months ago

    Does the Model in India come with the Driver assist package? Comfort package?

  • Meave Larson
    Meave Larson8 months ago

    I'm a sedan guy I'll rather go for 7 series ...

  • Vipin Patil
    Vipin Patil9 months ago

    Mercedes is changing their headlight designs and shape but I don't understand why !!!!

  • Rajesh Mali
    Rajesh Mali9 months ago

    I've owned 350d I own a Toyota now this car's break down constantly an maintenance is a big hole in your pocket

  • Nitin B
    Nitin B9 months ago

    No memory function for the seats on a Rs. 75L car! Great luxury SUV otherwise though

    DEEPAK SHIRA9 months ago

    Indeed it is really big.

    VENKATRAMANAN S9 months ago


  • Arundeep singh Bhatti
    Arundeep singh Bhatti9 months ago

    2 Lt 👎🏼 car manufacturer targets on sales not good cars .

  • John 23
    John 239 months ago

    am I the only one who thinks the whole concept of a high end luxury suv is destroyed by a 4 cylinder engine?

  • Subilesh Ns Nair
    Subilesh Ns Nair10 months ago

    In my life i have a desire to own merciders Benz...😎😍

  • sagarchawla84
    sagarchawla8410 months ago

    Could you also provide information pertaining to Mercedes CLA 2020 coupe. Like launch date in India, expected price and a detailed video.

  • Reddy Vedvyas
    Reddy Vedvyas10 months ago

    GLE & GLS head lights, tail lights and grill inferior appeal against X5 & X7. merc has lost it

  • maitreya sharma

    maitreya sharma

    5 months ago

    @Reddy Vedvyas chill out, the sales figures prove you wrong in whatever car market you look, whether India, US or china.

  • Reddy Vedvyas

    Reddy Vedvyas

    9 months ago

    even acceleration, gear shifting, shocks etc anything you take BMW rules

  • Mamola M
    Mamola M10 months ago

    How much this car

  • Black Mirror 2
    Black Mirror 210 months ago

    On road price?😬

  • nima Chaudhary
    nima Chaudhary10 months ago

    2O2O gla

  • Saeesh Tirodkar
    Saeesh Tirodkar11 months ago

    Till 2019 I thought I would not be able to buy one, but come 2020 and I am sure it will be mine..

  • Jaiveer Jawandha

    Jaiveer Jawandha

    5 months ago

    waddup bro? booked it yet?

  • REDOX#GamTech


    7 months ago

    Chilla chilla ke scheme bata de😂😂😂

  • Siddhant 10

    Siddhant 10

    8 months ago

    Humko bhi scheme bata do...😂😂

  • AMAN Divyanshu
    AMAN Divyanshu11 months ago

    This model is best ever of Mercedes

  • M k D w
    M k D w11 months ago

    Watch videos for you. You're the best

  • Gavin DSouza

    Gavin DSouza

    9 months ago

    Thanks! :)

  • Aditya
    Aditya11 months ago

    shockingly misses out ventilated seats !!

  • Gurdeep singh
    Gurdeep singh11 months ago

    11:06 just wow

  • Rajesh Mali
    Rajesh Mali11 months ago

    Huge on maintenance especially the one with airmatic suspension

  • Varun Kumar

    Varun Kumar

    11 months ago

    Rajesh Mali u sure?😢

  • Endry Tan Widjaja
    Endry Tan Widjaja11 months ago

    VeryLuxury& HandsomeCar, but Interior/dasboard=OldModel. Have to Change interior!

  • Pratheek R
    Pratheek R11 months ago

    Aren’t they offering the 7 seated in India ??

  • balaji ramdass
    balaji ramdass11 months ago

    Luxury SUV is perfect all New gle

  • ganesh prasad u r
    ganesh prasad u r11 months ago

    I will also buy a Benz car to my family

  • Shane Mathew Philip
    Shane Mathew Philip11 months ago

    Gavin's reviews are something I keenly look forward to from Autocar. He's articulate.

  • Bala Jake

    Bala Jake

    3 months ago

    @Gavin DSouza gavin do review of Hyundai Tucson and it's important that you should review it bro 😎

  • Gavin DSouza

    Gavin DSouza

    9 months ago

    Thanks guys, really appreciate that! :)

  • Ajay S
    Ajay S11 months ago

    I like the older versions looks more

  • S P
    S P11 months ago

    PRISE ?????????

  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan11 months ago

    75 lakhs wtf😭

  • sarath746
    sarath74611 months ago

    I really like how Galvin reviews a car.... Way he talks is simply amazing..he is the best car reviewer.. .. Ofcourse beautiful car too...

  • Saritha Niketh

    Saritha Niketh

    11 months ago

    I like your review on the off-road day and I am your fan

  • Gavin DSouza

    Gavin DSouza

    11 months ago

    Much appreciated, Sarath, thank you. :)

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 2511 months ago

    This channel is very insightful filled with knowledge about the cars reviewed.

  • Pavan Krishna
    Pavan Krishna11 months ago

    There is no sports mode in this car ?!!??????

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human11 months ago

    Will mercedes launch Gls maybach in India ?

  • Rohit Eligeti
    Rohit Eligeti11 months ago

    Is there a bouncing feature?

  • Ashwin Singh
    Ashwin Singh11 months ago


  • Parimeshtha Shukla
    Parimeshtha Shukla11 months ago

    How to get job in Autocar ? Please contact me

  • sajid saif
    sajid saif11 months ago

    Is gle available in 7 seater in india?

  • Pulkit Sharma
    Pulkit Sharma11 months ago

    75lk is way too much for that. Price tag between 62-68lks would’ve been alright

  • shubham raikar

    shubham raikar

    11 months ago

    Pulkit Sharma it goes up to 85in goa 🤔

  • Bibin Thampy
    Bibin Thampy11 months ago

    3:26 that was a nice shot...i love this car...expected ground clearance a bit more.

  • Bhavin Yashodhan Mehta
    Bhavin Yashodhan Mehta11 months ago

    Hi bro superb video, But confused between X5 & new GLE300d & right now m using discovery sports petrol & ML250 diesel, planing to sell Merck bec LR is jst 2 year old. Pls solve my issue..... Thnx....

  • Dakshesh Bari

    Dakshesh Bari

    10 months ago

    Bmw x5

  • Vedang Upadhye

    Vedang Upadhye

    11 months ago

    GLC ?

  • Srinivas
    Srinivas11 months ago

    price is 90 Lakhs omg

  • Raunaq khurana
    Raunaq khurana11 months ago

    Please review the new gls

  • raunaq lal
    raunaq lal11 months ago

    The car looks so small!!!!!!1 wtf.

    HET PATEL11 months ago

    When it launches in india do gle vs rr velar

  • sam p
    sam p11 months ago

    such big video but no mention of price , easily

  • Autocar India

    Autocar India

    11 months ago

    Did you watch until the end?

  • the carnama cars
    the carnama cars11 months ago

    I think this gen x5 has the upper hand over this GLE in terms of the Indian market

  • Gaurang Agarwal
    Gaurang Agarwal11 months ago

    Why don't Audi learn from merc & BM😔

  • Suhas Sundar
    Suhas Sundar11 months ago


  • udai shankar
    udai shankar11 months ago

    There are few who can own this beauty.. & there are others who are working hard to get one of these in future.. & then comes those who neither can stay away from such reviews nor can earn these even in their dreams & thus dislike.. 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Dhruv Techinfo DM
    Dhruv Techinfo DM11 months ago

    ♥️64 colors ambient lightning..

  • Preet Khattra
    Preet Khattra11 months ago

    #Mercedes 👍👍👍 #superb 👌👌👌

  • vivek sinha
    vivek sinha11 months ago

    Small mistake in the video, at 5:12 you said BMW has done a fantastic job, of Mercede Benz.

  • Gavin DSouza

    Gavin DSouza

    11 months ago

    I was talking about the X5 😏

  • joshua broughton
    joshua broughton11 months ago

    Will India be getting the 7 seat option? Or just the 5 seat.

  • Autocar India

    Autocar India

    11 months ago

    Just the 5-seater because we get the spare tyre. For seven seats, there will be the GLS.

  • smallsoldiersy
    smallsoldiersy11 months ago

    around 2000 cc we get mercedess for 75 lakhs and at same price range we also get jaguar

  • Faizy Freak

    Faizy Freak

    10 months ago

    Merc is way better than jaguar in each and every league

  • Hrisikesh Bhattacharya
    Hrisikesh Bhattacharya11 months ago

    what is the safest car under 50lacs? its for my father, so safety comes first.

  • suresh


    11 months ago

    Volvo s60 is good I believe

  • RK S
    RK S11 months ago

    Not to mention we Indians pay double for the shitty cut down version !!

  • vinod
    vinod11 months ago


  • aditya thakoor

    aditya thakoor

    11 months ago

    You don't need to be able to afford something to be educated enough to have an opinion on it

  • cure is possible cure is possible

    cure is possible cure is possible

    11 months ago

    Hahahahah kya baat boli hai yaar aapne maza hi aa gya

  • yazkaz
    yazkaz11 months ago

    Is Offroad Engineering Package available for this Indo market?

  • Madhav Yogendra Chopra
    Madhav Yogendra Chopra11 months ago

    No 7 seats and sport mode for India? This is gonna be a deal breaker for so many people. I was waiting for it but will hve to look some where else now

  • Vivek Gupta

    Vivek Gupta

    11 months ago

    Wait for the GLB or go for the GLS ; if looking for 7 seater version. Want a good deal in any luxury car? Do let me know.

  • Nikhil Mehta
    Nikhil Mehta11 months ago

    Who thinks BMW drives better..

  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy

    11 months ago

    BMW driver!