Self Driving Mercedes: Behind the Wheel!

Mercedes' Autonomous car tech at CES 2017!
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Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


  • How To
    How To3 months ago

    It is ridiculous

  • The Flags that Flew
    The Flags that Flew5 months ago

    I trust it .

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati5 months ago

    If I need to put my hands on every 10 sec, I ll rather drive.

  • MJ
    MJ5 months ago

    Who else got this in there reccomended?

  • Manas
    Manas7 months ago

    The only way to achieve full self driving is for all car companies to create one system that self drives

  • TheCarmacon
    TheCarmacon7 months ago

    Almost 3 years later: nothing delivered.

  • Freddie Mukendi
    Freddie Mukendi8 months ago

    I'd trust it we have no choice. Great work Merceses

  • joel kabali
    joel kabali10 months ago

    Popped up in 2019 . . .

  • MJ


    5 months ago

    Yeah same

  • Lazaro Delgado
    Lazaro Delgado11 months ago


  • B R I C K.
    B R I C K.Year ago

    Is this one electric?

  • MACK
    MACKYear ago

    Google maps is better

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid ColdYear ago

    Instead of wasting £70.000, it would be more economical to turn in your operator's license and just call a taxi. It would be cheaper and be just the same. If you do not want to drive, do not force it. Keep taxi drivers employed. Call a taxi and never drive again. Me, I will never relinquish my control, be constantly tracked, be controlled by someone else, and have my car be capable of being remotely disabled.

  • Matthew20415
    Matthew20415Year ago

    1:14 lol it has a notch

  • Willem654
    Willem654Year ago

    Hopefully the self driving car vision will be good enough to not drive into water where there's a road on it's map.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous PersonYear ago

    Who thought that paint job was a good idea?

  • jakeg0034
    jakeg0034Year ago

    bro i dont even trust other people on the road

  • V K 887
    V K 887Year ago

    Benz should adopt more features in self driving car models

  • iEdit Projects
    iEdit ProjectsYear ago

    Yup I’d trust it

  • Adayla Turner
    Adayla TurnerYear ago

    We getting there

  • Zachary Ruth
    Zachary Ruth2 years ago

    The touchpad looks like that one on BlackBerry phones.

  • Aayush Negi
    Aayush Negi2 years ago


  • m de
    m de2 years ago

    I don't trust it

  • Wrath
    Wrath2 years ago

    Let's just imagine a time where you walk into your car and plug in your phone with Google maps and then u self driving then google maps gets hacked by fbi and then all us who go deep web in jail

  • Roger Syversen
    Roger Syversen2 years ago

    tesla most known from self driving? I would think making the world port it's personal transportation over to electric was a bigger deal.

  • Instaflaime N/A
    Instaflaime N/A2 years ago

    another intro using AllttA music

  • GLR
    GLR2 years ago

    On every feature you mentioned and said “like Tesla does it”, the reality is Mercedes did it first with their S-classes since 00s then ‘10

  • S L
    S L2 years ago

    Still to much human control. Google's Waymo technology is light years ahead.

  • z anthony
    z anthony2 years ago

    the driving dude probably mugged the passengers and took off with the car after filming the clip

  • TechJunkie
    TechJunkie2 years ago

    That's not self driving. That's more like my self driving

  • E. E.
    E. E.2 years ago

    This car is cool, but less automated than you might think. The extent of automation in passenger airplanes would make you see this in a completely different light. I hope this technology hits roads soon because driving (and safety) will improve dramatically.

  • Philip Samuels
    Philip Samuels2 years ago

    Like the report. There are so many things that are done by computer and we do not even pay attention until something goes wrong. I think the more we hear about it and the more we hear it is working the more people will warm up to it.

  • paul paul
    paul paul2 years ago


  • Neo Theone
    Neo Theone2 years ago

    In Tesla we trust

  • Obivan Kenobi
    Obivan Kenobi2 years ago

    Cant they just use an iris scanner so that car knew you are looking at the road

  • Official Smalltiktoker
    Official Smalltiktoker2 years ago

    the video is shaking

  • Aman Lakhat
    Aman Lakhat2 years ago

    Exactly one year ago....

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia2 years ago

    Which Mercedes is this

  • Justus Whittington
    Justus Whittington2 years ago

    Self driving is cool, but driving a car manually isn't always bad. I understand if its a long trip or you're tired/hungry, but for normal safe drivers it's not worth it.

    SLIMSHADY2 years ago

    I trust it Mercedes have been making very luxurious cars with amazing tech for a long time so why not trust them

  • Sigbilicious
    Sigbilicious2 years ago

    Would buy but already sold my left kidney and small intestine for my iPhone X

  • asleep-cult
    asleep-cult2 years ago

    I swear u saw that car on the road when i was travleing

  • Peter hutchison
    Peter hutchison2 years ago

    Not likely Would i trust it ,,But Each to there own Opinion

  • king Pinchez
    king Pinchez2 years ago

    I would like when am drunk I sit on the passenger sit, and it takes me back home... I would love to see the cops face he stops the car 😛😜😂😂😂😂😂no charge 4 me

  • Sameer.K.S
    Sameer.K.S2 years ago

    nice background music

  • John Gamble
    John Gamble2 years ago

    Oh snap

  • nefarious k
    nefarious k2 years ago

    Once there is lesser cars (way lesser cars) on the road, then maybe maps and road systems will be improved.

  • Slater Rodney
    Slater Rodney2 years ago

    Self driving is straight from hell, the devil made Teslas and I don't know how to write that lol. I think I'm the biggest Tesla fan in the world, and I will 100% trust a self driving car. It's like trusting your life on that team (probably hundreds of people) who make the autopilot software. I probably would wait 4-5 years till I get a license and those autonomous softwares are out of beta though😉

  • Nicool333
    Nicool3332 years ago

    At level 2 I would not trust it. In fact I view it as a gimmick at the current level of technology maturity.

  • Mambutu O'Malley
    Mambutu O'Malley2 years ago

    Goddamnit, NO! People already don't know how to drive. Don't give them more and more technological gimmicks! Take their licenses away first.

    WILL BENJAMIN2 years ago

    Happy to see you up there

  • Jaypee Pasion
    Jaypee Pasion2 years ago

    For me I dont trust the system,Imagine if A virus or a threat entered to the system.... Then It will go nuts like jumping off a cliff or somethin

  • Robert Kelevra
    Robert Kelevra2 years ago

    Nice video :) Anyone know the music at the beginning ? Shazzam does recognize it :)

  • C Anderson
    C Anderson2 years ago

    I'm sorry but i can never trust a rich white guy.

  • Werner
    Werner2 years ago

    Sensors on this or the BMW are far superior to the Teslas. Using only 1 front radar and ultrasonic sensors for the surroundings is crazy. Changing lanes is mad

  • Oliver Raikes
    Oliver Raikes2 years ago

    Mercedes Benz suck

  • Dracula Wannaboogiedown
    Dracula Wannaboogiedown2 years ago

    Garbage paint job

  • Peters Avae
    Peters Avae3 years ago

    nice @mkbhd. would love to see more Mercedes Benz review videos from you!👍👍👏👏👏

  • Swizz Ronny
    Swizz Ronny3 years ago

    Mercedes benz we love you but please make your infortainment system touch screen...please other companies have..please mercedes that would mean the world to me

  • Freddy6210
    Freddy62103 years ago

    HERE maps is the successor to Navteq, one of the biggest mapping companies in the world. And Tesla also uses map data to adjust the speed of the car in autopilot.

  • Asiimwe Designage
    Asiimwe Designage3 years ago

    Hope their upcoming #X_class_pickuptruck does the same in future...

  • Luxottica
    Luxottica3 years ago

    I dont trust self driving cars;(

  • GodsIlluminatedOne
    GodsIlluminatedOne3 years ago


  • Domain Name Sales
    Domain Name Sales3 years ago

    Mercedes is out for me. I'm anti-nag.

  • tempest
    tempest3 years ago

    I approve of it I trust it

  • Matt Reine
    Matt Reine3 years ago

    Lame that you have to check in to the steering wheel every 10 seconds! And it missed roads, i wouldnt trust it until its lvl 5 where there is no steering wheel and it just works. Few years down the road.

  • Juan Carlos Perez-Ortiz
    Juan Carlos Perez-Ortiz3 years ago

    chop chop Mercedes. I want to buy an autonomous car from you guys. show tesla the block still is yours.

  • Jericho 1444
    Jericho 14443 years ago

    For the love of god change the wheels

  • Aaron Rajala
    Aaron Rajala3 years ago

    tesla is using gps and maps too when the autopilot is on to know where it has to take exit from highway or something else. It also slows down before curves with gps.

  • Dhruv Dogra
    Dhruv Dogra3 years ago

    the interior of the e class is soo better than Tesla

  • Ruben Zwinkels
    Ruben Zwinkels3 years ago

    You're doing great!! I love the technic from the future.

  • Shaheen Shihab
    Shaheen Shihab3 years ago

    This is one of the nicely shot video by Marques.. Srssly he does it with his own hands and the stabilisation is excellent.

    W9JAB W9JAB3 years ago

    I had a self driving car years ago, but I woke up before anyone got hurt.

  • Captain Hero
    Captain Hero3 years ago

    I WOULD NOT TRUST IT! The thing about self driving cars is that they test and present them in towns and roads that have: clear lanes painted, not to complicated roads/geography (incline then a half right turn on a cross road for example). Most cities in Europe at least are NOT FOR THIS! The streets & cross roads are not at almost 90degree angles (due to old city road infrastructure), the lanes are mostly badly painted, bad roads (potholes)... no chance that this or any other car will work here.

  • Captain Hero
    Captain Hero3 years ago

    Make sure to have someone from Mercedes inside the car with you. A brother in a brand new Mercedes is a wet dream for any road patrol.

  • 死ねよwお前が
    死ねよwお前が3 years ago

    My sister bought a 2017 S 550 Cabriolet... fcking spoiled brat, she bought it with her boyfriend's money... I srsly need to get a job.

  • sticky frog
    sticky frog3 years ago

    If it's just an already released model... why does it have those distortion patterns all over it like its a preproduction car?

  • Aapkaran Sidhu
    Aapkaran Sidhu3 years ago

    You can clearly see BlackBerry is involved with their QNX division here. The steering wheel has the old BlackBerry trackpads to navigate!

  • Srikar Gandikota
    Srikar Gandikota3 years ago

    I definitely would not be comfortable in a new "tech" car by a company know for comfort based on an engine and gasoline and polluting, old, traditions. I would be more trusting in Tesla because Elon Musk has publicized all the safety stuff enough via credible resources. Long answer short: Mercedes is really wholly luxury while Tesla is techy, innovative, and safety. Luxury in a Tesla is just an overly and properly emphasized fringe benefit.

  • Nixbest
    Nixbest3 years ago

    Would trust it more than myself :D

  • Min T
    Min T3 years ago

    That E-Class with multi spoke alloy looks luxury from the outside and the inside is way more better. The all new steering wheel design looks great. Thanks for the video.