Mercedes-Benz EQA: Winter Testing

From Sindelfingen to Arjeplog, Sweden. We tested the driving performance of the Mercedes-Benz EQA during the chill of winter. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:
To evaluate its performance qualities, we exposed the car to extreme conditions near the Arctic Circle.
The content was produced pre COVID-19.
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  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz5 months ago

    Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

  • Alexander Boehm
    Alexander Boehm11 days ago

    Ei loff jour sdrong Djörmenn Äxent! Das Video ist recht informativ. Mercedes-Like. Die Tonspur jedoch ist "gewöhnungsbedürftig".

  • hi9580
    hi9580Month ago

    Can’t wait for the hot hatch amg version

  • CarsIn4K
    CarsIn4KMonth ago

    Will the US get the EQA?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Month ago

    More information on its availability will follow later. Stay tuned!

    VARGFRANZ GULIK3 months ago

    Technogia renault dacia will also carry the same renault batteries as the classe, e250 A and CLA if so it will be another disappointment of mercedes benz, more and more Chinese and less European, it would also be very important that the new front bumpers and rear are new and different and not always the same boring and ugly, and the most beautiful and elegant lighting signature, with beautiful front fog lights and led daytime night lights instead of so much cheap plastic and false air vents etc,

  • WM
    WM4 months ago

    The future is electric. I am driving a full electric car since more than 1 year already. I will never ever own a gas, air polluting car ever again. I hope this Mercedes can truly deliver 4.x Seconds 0 to 100km/h and a range of 560 WLTP Kilometers and be affordable.

  • Klas Peppar
    Klas Peppar5 months ago

    I’m sure the slave laborers of the 1930s and 40s would be extremely happy with this new model.

  • Gery
    Gery5 months ago

    When will you sell the EQA ?? It's already 2020 and there are not affordable electric vehicles !!

  • Akash Raha
    Akash Raha5 months ago

    This looks great. Great job Rob! :)

  • Kometkamerat
    Kometkamerat5 months ago

    What happened to the BEAUTIFUL concept you showed us? This is just another ugly SUV BLOB!! :(

  • Sharma Brothers ltd
    Sharma Brothers ltd5 months ago

    Cars Of Mumbai | Car Love | Sharma Brothers |

  • Foton Labz
    Foton Labz5 months ago

    Mercedes my favorite car brand ❤️

  • meibo
    meibo5 months ago

    I like Mercedes a lot because it has a class. And it gives royal fell. (thankyou Mercedes)

  • Thierry Mahloul
    Thierry Mahloul5 months ago


  • Hamilton Carlos
    Hamilton Carlos5 months ago

    Sou do Brasil mais amo de mais Mercedes Benz de coração

  • Hamilton Carlos
    Hamilton Carlos5 months ago

    Minha paixão Mercedes Benz

  • Hamilton Carlos
    Hamilton Carlos5 months ago

    Mercedes sempre Mercedes amo de coração Mercedes Benz

  • Skid__________________
    Skid__________________5 months ago

    Damn, love it!

  • Tudor Popa
    Tudor Popa5 months ago

    EQA was supposed to be a hatchback, not an SUV, i saw an EQA at geneva motor show and it was amazing, not another SUV, you have the EQC as an a SUV, why build another one and not a different type of car, i was really waiting for this car knowing it will be a hatchback, im disappointed now 😢

  • Buttertoast 07

    Buttertoast 07

    5 months ago

    The EQS coming soon

  • Aditya Kad
    Aditya Kad5 months ago

    On it's way to future!😉

  • Lightning Farron
    Lightning Farron5 months ago

    So cool! 😱 I am excited for this EQA! 😎

  • Badlands chugs
    Badlands chugs5 months ago

    I have are Mercedes EQC In Brilliant blue

  • Gabin Millet
    Gabin Millet5 months ago

    Suv 🤮

  • Is Nothing
    Is Nothing5 months ago

    *Your car best, Luxury. Evereone want's your car*

  • Bean
    Bean5 months ago

    I love Mercedes-Benz ❤️

  • AdamBH _17
    AdamBH _175 months ago

    The last time I watched Mercedes tested at Arjeplog was the SLS AMG development. Now, it's good to watch Mercedes at Arjeplog again with EQ branded Mercedes. It would be nice to see all upcoming Mercedes cars tested here at Arjeplog in MERCEDESBENZ. 😁

  • 붕붕이
    붕붕이5 months ago

    Where is EQB???

  • 붕붕이
    붕붕이5 months ago

    Is it based on GLA??

  • Leo Halverson
    Leo Halverson5 months ago

    The happiest day of my life is when I rented a crappy economy car but when I went to pick it up, the rental car agency upgraded me to a C300 instead. Mercedes = best car company

  • Badlands chugs
    Badlands chugs5 months ago

    Rede doch Deutsch

  • Aristarkh Nekrylov
    Aristarkh Nekrylov5 months ago


  • Badlands chugs
    Badlands chugs5 months ago


    FINIX MH55 months ago


    STRIX5 months ago