Starting 1988 Mercedes-Benz w124 200D After 16 Years


  • Adai Shogý
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  • vegastyphoon
    vegastyphoon11 hours ago

    Love your videos

  • Omar Umirzak
    Omar Umirzak14 hours ago

    Мыкты немис

  • z93e
    z93e18 hours ago

    spoiler alert: it just needed a battery

  • Flexiny


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  • Paulo Rodrigues
    Paulo Rodrigues20 hours ago

    Spectacular cars under trees covered by bush. They should be housed in cars in a large shed selling to us here, drooling on these mercedes, bmw and audis

  • Mistrzu świata i okolic
    Mistrzu świata i okolicDay ago

    Nostupid commentary. No stupid miniature. No stupid sponsor No stupid talking about.. how hard it was.. No stupid talking about history of a car.. I will subscribe !

  • Дмитрий Гневышев
    Дмитрий ГневышевDay ago

    Бедный мерс

  • Mike Paull
    Mike PaullDay ago

    All you need now is an Uber sign on the doors and you're good to go!

  • MultiMooncat
    MultiMooncatDay ago

    tryed to start with locked alternator?

  • Jakub Ludwin
    Jakub LudwinDay ago

    Unbelievable. Beautiful motor sound. I love IT 😍

  • Tim Ford Falcon XF
    Tim Ford Falcon XFDay ago

    I had a W124 ( and W202 ) Made like a TANK!!!!!!! Then last year got W210 was made like crap.. :( My W211 is great 2004 with 430.000 kms still as new

  • solid snake
    solid snakeDay ago

    W124 never dies


    A płyn do spryskiwaczy?

  • Michał Michał
    Michał MichałDay ago

    Centra 🇵🇱 💪

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    Henri Aps2 days ago

    kas ilu kilpe müüd

  • Henri Aps

    Henri Aps

    Day ago

    Mul oleks vaja 2

  • Henri Aps

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    Day ago

    1 ilukilp on vist puudu.

  • Duck Georg
    Duck Georg2 days ago

    Made in West Germany 😊

  • Kuba Niemiecki
    Kuba Niemiecki2 days ago

    odpalił bez problemu tylko dlatego, że użył polskiego akumulatora Centra :)

  • AleksiejR
    AleksiejR2 days ago

    1988 and this car has economizer.

  • макс трусов
    макс трусов2 days ago

    Вечный двигатель!!!!

  • Almaz Kainda
    Almaz Kainda3 days ago

    Такой мерс навес золото ланжероны целые не шпаклёванный видно .

  • Dejan Popovic
    Dejan Popovic3 days ago

    Best car ever!!!

  • Roland Kivvit
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    283kkms This thing is still a virgin

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    claesnielsen3 days ago

    hej Flexiny can you add subtitles love the videoes

  • Karelski94
    Karelski943 days ago

    Old Mercedes never die, they just hibernate. Can't say the same about the new ones.

  • Zargou Setife
    Zargou Setife3 days ago

    Mercedes benz tope meurs

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    mersedes :D

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    om601 POUWWER

  • M martin
    M martin3 days ago

    i come home from work park car next morning i cant find keys 16 years later LOL

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  • John Gotti
    John Gotti3 days ago

    У нас если бы простояла 16 лет - хрен бы даже 1 болтик открутился бы, а здесь даже диск колесный не приржавел к ступице.

  • AUChannel
    AUChannel3 days ago

    Wish if they made the news ones like this one, amazing durability.

  • Heveller1986
    Heveller19864 days ago

    DEUTSCH! Zu Lande, zu Wasser, in der Luft!

  • Sweet FaaR
    Sweet FaaR4 days ago

    Владимировец , в простонародье попрошайка , ещё 100 лет будет немцев за хвост тягать )))

  • MegaAlan
    MegaAlan4 days ago

    Hi, what did you do to stop the car like you did?

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  • Artur
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    Akumulator Centra :D hah Czyżby w Polsce? :D Battery Centra :D hah Meybe in Poland? :D

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    Рамзес и тутанхамон4 days ago

    Фриц зачем тебе это хлам

  • Ali Sawli
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    👍best cars W124 D

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    Please Give me this Car 😭 I’ll take care of it!

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    если подшаманить будет ездить долго..)

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    Old rider

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    Super car

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    дмитрий лукьяненко4 days ago

    он даже не дымит:)

  • Joes Golden Garage
    Joes Golden Garage4 days ago

    What was the horsepower on that engine? It sounds like it would be slow ha ha great video

  • Joes Golden Garage
    Joes Golden Garage4 days ago

    These are roadworthy cars here in the southern US ashame to see them sitting.

  • Patz M
    Patz M4 days ago

    16 aastat ja pill nurrub nagu oleks eile seisma jäetud 😎

  • Serge Franchois
    Serge Franchois4 days ago

    Almost bought a used 4-speed manual (yes, 4) 200D back in 1992. Left it because it was, even for those days, so underpowered. Given the strict emission regulations now, this one is for the museum I'm afraid, or Africa :-) I do love the tank-like engineering on these older MB's though. They just refuse to stop running. The 200D was a 4 cylinder, the bigger engines had 5 or 6 cylinders, and made for that unique sound. This one has 283k on the odo, still in its childhood :-)

  • cellya86
    cellya864 days ago

    Have you ever found an abandoned Mercedes 1994/1995 E500 500E ?

  • Flexiny


    4 days ago

    No, its impossible 😀

  • cellya86
    cellya864 days ago

    They don't make them like they used to...these older mercedes don't die easy.

  • Nemesis Gaming
    Nemesis Gaming4 days ago

    these engines were build like tanks...

  • Miroslav Milosevic
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  • Gabriel Ostrogórski
    Gabriel Ostrogórski5 days ago

    And how, do you have any visions on this Mercedes? (Yes, I use google translator all the time)

  • nostalgiquemen mohamed
    nostalgiquemen mohamed5 days ago

    They said Mercedes Benz is the best or nothing and they were right

  • Mag Benz
    Mag Benz5 days ago

    Very very good mercedes 250d 4cylindre👍👍👍

  • kai asmus
    kai asmus5 days ago

    Der ist erst bei 250k eingefahren.

  • David RC
    David RC5 days ago

    What you do with all cars after start? Repair or sent to trash?

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    cold start :)