2021 Mercedes Benz S Class - World’s Most Luxurious Sedan

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2021 Mercedes Benz S Class - One Of The Most Luxurious Sedan - What Do you think the New Mercedes S Class?
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    AUTOMOHO16 days ago

    2021 Mercedes Benz S Class - One Of The World’s Most Luxurious Sedan - SHOP - www.amazon.com/shop/automoho

  • Udai Kandalama

    Udai Kandalama

    10 hours ago

    Doesn't look like that from the interior...

  • Anders Persson
    Anders PerssonHour ago

    That thumbnail is Pink Neon Party wonder how carguys find that the most appealing way to sell them cars, maybe my taste is different if thats mainstream taste.

    T-STUDIO9 hours ago

    very bad ugly interior design

  • Udai Kandalama
    Udai Kandalama10 hours ago

    Probably the end of the S class, looks like a Volvo, really sad to see this glorious car ruined......

  • Салам ШЕРОВ
    Салам ШЕРОВ20 hours ago

    Дай бог мне здоровья иншоллох куплю себе такой машина

  • Neel Pandya
    Neel PandyaDay ago

    The tech is cool but if I wanted a Tesla, I'd buy a Tesla.

  • Indian hacker63
    Indian hacker63Day ago

    The s class used to be my favorite, but now it’s the g63

  • Win Nihlanfeldt
    Win NihlanfeldtDay ago

    I’m sorry, but why is there an iPad in the middle of the dashboard. Whatever happened to a small screen with a dial that controls it? Now we have some Tesla biometric fingerprint collector.

  • Dz J17
    Dz J172 days ago

    Corny feel like I’m driving in a train with some extra tech mehh I no like a.i

  • Heng Khou
    Heng Khou4 days ago


  • ッΛCE
    ッΛCE4 days ago

    Im excited to see the coupe model

  • b Balint
    b Balint5 days ago

    Most Luxurious Tablets, not Most Luxurious Car

  • Mazen AlKenani

    Mazen AlKenani

    2 days ago


  • Anonymous 019
    Anonymous 0195 days ago

    Now officially my dream car 😅

  • HanCS75
    HanCS756 days ago

    Rolls royce phantom: hElLo!?

  • 지혜지혜지혜
    지혜지혜지혜6 days ago

    고장많이날듯 한국에선 불가능. 캥거루피하기나 좁은골목은어떡해다님? 람보르기니가세단브랜드하나인수해서 디자인만이쁘게하드웨어위주로 팔면 벤츠능가그냥가능하다고본다.

  • Hisoka Morow
    Hisoka Morow7 days ago

    My 6 year old brother could’ve designed a better interior.

  • C K
    C K7 days ago

    I am 60 years old. I had better buy BMW 7 series because more easy to control.

  • Julius Adams
    Julius Adams8 days ago

    A $100,000 + computer on wheels

  • Tomthebombish
    Tomthebombish9 days ago

    Someone just copied Tesla does not mean that’s the best way

  • The Person
    The Person9 days ago

    This pos will probably fall apart as soon as it leaves the stealership lol. All the fancy gadgets mean nothing once it breaks

  • Cr55zy


    5 days ago

    Ever owned S class? Or talking from some deep wish to have the funds but to no avail

  • Naiman Mussin
    Naiman Mussin9 days ago

    And.... where's exterior..?

  • weirdshibainu
    weirdshibainu9 days ago

    They should have just made it a single wide screen across the entire dash. With a section for passenger use i.e. video, audio, etc

  • Mr J
    Mr J10 days ago

    Please dont do it with s class,this is not s class,this is step back not forward,

  • simeon asen asenow
    simeon asen asenow10 days ago

    couldnt they integrate the screens in the dashboard. It looks weird

  • Tony Irving
    Tony Irving10 days ago

    Very interesting video but in 5 to 10 years on the road and definitely on British roads it will be a total nightmare to run a moving money pit ,all that fragile tec will not stand up to every day life and be a very expensive problem to fix, the w221 is showing these problems not just wait how bad it will be in the new w222 s class in years to come .🤔

  • Dz J17

    Dz J17

    2 days ago

    Pure Trash 🗑 car

  • Afonso Varum

    Afonso Varum

    8 days ago

    Tony Irving Thats where the german reliablity comes

  • Vic Calubad
    Vic Calubad10 days ago

    DEMO 2REPORT EN pillihnes UP campos Qc citey today not teb Google Tegyu AMERICA pillihnes Vic ABC channel NASA Tegyu

  • Vic Calubad
    Vic Calubad10 days ago

    Google yuobuot Tegyu for good help me FACEBOOK Tegyu NASA Tegyu

  • Ronnie Brown
    Ronnie Brown11 days ago

    Fantastic.....leaving the computer illiterate in the dust

  • ghennia
    ghennia13 days ago

    $100,000 for 2 iPads? No thanks

  • Dz J17

    Dz J17

    2 days ago

    Corny tech only new generation kids would like not me 👎👎

  • ankit chhada

    ankit chhada

    4 days ago

    Tesla 100,000$ for 1 ipad

  • Charles-David Bérubé

    Charles-David Bérubé

    4 days ago

    that comment is kinda dumb

  • Nanda Rizqi
    Nanda Rizqi14 days ago

    Canggih se but not luxurious enough 😢😰😰

  • Lukza Zwane
    Lukza Zwane14 days ago

    Game changer yet again. Moved the goal posts further and further. BM, Lexus & Audi I just saw the 2021 Sclass. You're are in for a comprehensive ass kicking and I feel sorry for y'all.

  • kfx 2000
    kfx 200014 days ago

    Mercedes Model S

  • E Double
    E Double14 days ago

    Why the stupid ass music tho?

  • Louis Choi
    Louis Choi15 days ago

    No wood material?

  • Gyula H. Kovács
    Gyula H. Kovács15 days ago


  • kIng Carter
    kIng Carter15 days ago

    Nice car

  • Gundula Hajo Mueller
    Gundula Hajo Mueller15 days ago


  • Tyran Mathurin
    Tyran Mathurin16 days ago

    Now, all MB has to do is produce the same as an all-electric car, and Tesla is doomed!

  • gerry DP
    gerry DP16 days ago

    Mercedes has not personality.

  • Danonino Diarrhea
    Danonino Diarrhea16 days ago

    I remember when luxury was about wood, leather and classy design... Not how much displays there are in the car👎🏻

  • Anon


    5 days ago

    @ankit chhada "Your type" should read the comments

  • ankit chhada

    ankit chhada

    6 days ago

    "Your types" of people are less than 10%, check out the dislike vs likes Thats why they make them🙂

  • Sterling Int

    Sterling Int

    14 days ago

    Me too man. Sad times we live in.

  • Baja Malibu Surf Report
    Baja Malibu Surf Report16 days ago

    Those screens make it look cheap and tacky. Too much crap, too distracting. Bring back analog. Two thumbs down.

  • Sad Man
    Sad Man16 days ago

    Made in Germany ..

  • Atwood
    Atwood16 days ago

    so sad to see the S Class become a cell phone. good bye Mercedes Benz

  • stari 6

    stari 6

    9 hours ago

    Yeah and that giant display will be useless soon becouse EU start doing new law

  • Tyran Mathurin

    Tyran Mathurin

    15 days ago

    @Gyula H. Kovács Lol. I meant " be fine."

  • Gyula H. Kovács

    Gyula H. Kovács

    15 days ago

    @Tyran Mathurin hahahahaha

  • bigdogstatus83


    15 days ago

    They haven't even revealed the car yet. This was ONLY focused on the new MBUX bud.

  • Tyran Mathurin

    Tyran Mathurin

    16 days ago

    I suppose you will find with going back to the stone age.

  • Berkay Buhur
    Berkay Buhur16 days ago

    But exterior 👎

  • Mister Serbian
    Mister Serbian16 days ago

    Well this reminds me on C-class... S class should be luxuriously.

  • Jose Rodrigues
    Jose Rodrigues16 days ago

    Uau! Um SHOW DE CARRO. PARABÉNS MERCEDES-BENZ!!! 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍

  • Dinamo W
    Dinamo W16 days ago

    Ufff dreams the cars

  • george ibrahim
    george ibrahim16 days ago

    I love Mercedes beautiful car

  • Вадим Коршенко
    Вадим Коршенко16 days ago


  • Cavemanx007
    Cavemanx00716 days ago