The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is a gorgeous, sporty sedan. Today I'm reviewing the new 2019 CLS and I'm going to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes CLS -- including its quirks and features, as well as its driving experience.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuroYear ago

    NOTE! I mentioned this CLS450 has a V6, but it's actually a straight six. My mistake!

  • David Topchiev

    David Topchiev

    3 days ago

    His Driving Reviews are basically Worthless. So without His 25min of Quirks and Features(which are even more worthless)He would have No Videos! How He became this big I'll never know? He looks like a Bum Everytime. He's immature and Neurotic.....only in America!

  • David Topchiev

    David Topchiev

    3 days ago

    @Sve , o Svemu and I wanna throw up😵

  • David Topchiev

    David Topchiev

    3 days ago

    Ugliest fucking dashboard

  • Dave D'Video Maker

    Dave D'Video Maker

    Month ago

    All new Merc 6 cylinder engines are inline six.

  • amir mahtab

    amir mahtab

    Month ago

    also u can change the track by sliding you finger on that little black square on the right side of steering wheel

  • M S
    M S19 hours ago

    I see what Mercedes is doing they have a full range of cars unlike all other manufacturers that give you less choices. The CLS and CLA are stylish, pillarless four-door coupe’s, while the A class C class and S class are traditional sedans of different sizes. Also there is a full range of convertibles that are also different sizes and a full range of crossovers along with high end sports cars. Gotta love Mercedes Benz!

  • WC Hopkins
    WC Hopkins21 hour ago

    As for the dual badges in the front, Mercedes customers were among the last to be OK with losing the stand-up hood ornament, so the badge on the hood plus the center badge on the grille is not entirely new. Some Cadillacs also used to have a flat badge plus a stand up next to each other.

  • lotus & Madison son
    lotus & Madison son2 days ago

    Brown trim on black seats?

  • Powerlove
    Powerlove2 days ago

    Doug's entire wardrobe costs as much as one wheel of this car. Tire not included.

  • Powerlove
    Powerlove3 days ago

    the missing next track button is hilarious L O L

  • Powerlove
    Powerlove3 days ago

    Edition 1 = beta testing a 70-80K car

  • Jangofat1
    Jangofat13 days ago

    Doug, the type of guy who uses body wash for his hair

  • marcel klein de groot
    marcel klein de groot4 days ago

    The old model is looking way better!!! amg version.

    IMUWAHEN ODEH4 days ago

    The 2 front logo looks good on it. It's Mercedes and it's special no matter how cheap

  • unkameat Good bar
    unkameat Good bar5 days ago

    The lines on this 2019 model are nowhere as beautiful as the 06 cls amg...

  • MRcherrytomaat
    MRcherrytomaat5 days ago

    Isn’t the CLA a “sporty sedan” too?

  • Haris Arnautovic

    Haris Arnautovic

    2 days ago

    MRcherrytomaat It is, just smaller

  • AyeYoCarl
    AyeYoCarl6 days ago

    You actually can change the song with that track pad

  • Goku Sayien
    Goku Sayien8 days ago

    R.I.P The true V8 Twin Turbo CLS chassis W218 with nearly 600HP off the show room floor. Born 2012 - 2018!

  • Timothé
    Timothé9 days ago

    Mercedes copy Volkswagen trunk

  • Jaye Bass
    Jaye Bass9 days ago

    Uhhh the camera is still in the logo in the back 😂

  • Ben H. Tran
    Ben H. Tran12 days ago

    Looks ugly in my opinion.

  • Zlatomira Paeva
    Zlatomira Paeva13 days ago

    my favorite grill design

  • Kawa saki
    Kawa saki14 days ago

    Why in the real genuine fuck do you need a track changer button, when you got spotify on mercedes me, just talk to it and it will change it for you. And why don`t mercedes make fun cars for the everyday man anymore? Like the crazy Mercedes-Benz 190E 6.0 AMG back in the day...??

  • kaufman kaufman
    kaufman kaufman16 days ago

    Where's the v8 version? Smh

  • E L
    E L19 days ago

    Has doug ever seen any Mercedes? He acts like he hasn't noticed a lot of the stuff he points out, like the two hood badges, they've been doing that for 100 years!

  • Ray Ban
    Ray Ban20 days ago

    And it does have a next track on the steering wheel. As long as you’re in audio mode just click the scroll down one click to the next track. They’ve had that since 2014.

  • MonsterBlack 0642
    MonsterBlack 064224 days ago

    look a long wheelbase cla

  • Cris TR
    Cris TRMonth ago

    The CLS W219 is probably one of the best looking cars ever made (in black).

  • Nicholas Sheena

    Nicholas Sheena

    15 days ago

    Cris TR well for but not me

  • Cris TR

    Cris TR

    15 days ago

    @Nicholas Sheena Well, I don't agree with that. The 2020 CLS has too much of a rounded rear end and ends up looking plainly weird, more than subtly agressive. The front headlights look great on the 2020 CLS, but otherwise, the front end is just way too busy and angular.

  • Nicholas Sheena

    Nicholas Sheena

    15 days ago

    Cris TR this newer one looks better

  • Joseph Arinaitwe
    Joseph ArinaitweMonth ago

    I can see the reflection of the camera on the car. I always thought you hired a cameraman. Never knew you do all the work on your own. Good work, i love the show

  • GoodLifeMedicine
    GoodLifeMedicineMonth ago

    First World problem: no next-track button on the steering wheel so that one has to reach all the way to the center console to switch to next track. I'll call a village in the south of Sudan to see if they have any suggestions for Doug.

  • silvin choren
    silvin chorenMonth ago

    5:00 Almost every Mercedes has that from 2014, those are little triangles that reflect light from any direction.

  • Timothy Coyne
    Timothy CoyneMonth ago

    End of video: “...but you have to drive a Kia.” Spring 2020: Doug buys a Kia. ;-)

  • Janne Heino
    Janne HeinoMonth ago

    Theres always been 2... One In the mask and one on the hood... Not a new Mercedes thing lmao..

  • Jean Claude Bezzina
    Jean Claude BezzinaMonth ago

    7:25 that orange peel is horrible for a brand new vehicle

  • tomo miskovic
    tomo miskovicMonth ago

    When He says, 'the' He can lick his own forehead. What an I......

  • Dreamcatcher_11_
    Dreamcatcher_11_Month ago

    Imagine for the same price of this CLS you can get a 2020 Land Cruiser V8 the best car in the world.

  • tom mi

    tom mi

    Month ago


  • Ronin
    RoninMonth ago

    I think you can go next track by using black mouse on right side just swipe up and down or left and right

    NPC SJWMonth ago

    Oh man this car is the best. But not when you are going on holiday with friends and they rent this car, which results in them not having enough money for a hotel. And this is the story of how I slept 3 days in a Mercedes CLS 2019. Conclusion: its a good car, not to sleep in it for 3 days

  • Mr Zoff
    Mr ZoffMonth ago

    The mercedes trackpad looks like it come from the blackberry touchpad or it it just me? 🤔

  • Islam Gadjiev
    Islam GadjievMonth ago

    6:00 VW do the same but with the camera ... The « people car » have some years of advance 🙄🙄

  • Joshua Harazin
    Joshua Harazin2 months ago

    Gorgeous? This car looks like a Lincoln MarkVIII had sex with a banana.

  • Nigel T
    Nigel T2 months ago

    You can next track from the steering wheel

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin2 months ago

    🤢 gorgeous my ass... beautiful butterfly tail lights are non existent anymore

  • Dom_Sizzle


    2 months ago

    Your ass is very beautiful

    EAGLE___EMPIRE2 months ago

    AMG GT 63 S 4-door Coupe says hold my beer

  • Nicholas Sheena
    Nicholas Sheena2 months ago

    I like the E class but I find this more attractive

  • Nick
    Nick2 months ago

    Doug, to this day I don't understand why you didn't want to mention that this car has a 48 volt electric supercharger that Mercedes calls a "mild hybrid" system. It even tracks your "Charge" and "Power" on the tachometer (at 10:13) as if it were a real hybrid car. If that's not the quirkiest thing about this car (when it came out), I don't know what is...

  • russ g
    russ g2 months ago

    Doug the type of guy to.inject disinfectant to prevent corona virus.

  • russ g
    russ g2 months ago

    When the rear lights are on or when the brakes light are on, those Glitter things inside the rear lights reflects light to give the complete lighting inside The lights cluster a glowing Red Star dust milkyway of red effect. Pretty cool

  • russ g
    russ g2 months ago

    Maserati is Better than this

  • Luca Darling
    Luca Darling2 months ago

    Msrcedes asked me 100,000+ n I can't even charge my laptop smh @16:04

  • RIVC
    RIVC2 months ago


  • Cameron Peralta
    Cameron Peralta2 months ago

    Damn shame the only way to get a V8 in this now is to get the cls63. It's a badass looking car

  • Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro
    Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro3 months ago

    This car is unique, I can't properly think of a good competitor to it. And it does look nice.

  • Mohamed Kooheji
    Mohamed Kooheji3 months ago

    Mercedes designers should be executed.. this design looks outdated

  • Fortnut nite
    Fortnut nite3 months ago

    Exterior looks ugly.. older one was way better looking

  • Terry K
    Terry K3 months ago

    Please make a video with the original CLS

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith3 months ago

    I find this body style hideous. It looks like a cucumber. And all it does is make the car feel more enclosed inside. I find the regular E's far more elegant. Being somewhat upright is more elegant, in my opinion. I'm not a fan of "coupé" roofs. I don't think they enhance the look of sedans at all. This car is black and very enclosed looking inside.

  • Yash Wagh
    Yash Wagh3 months ago

    12:52, Cowgirls....oh yeahh!!

  • hamskyxxx
    hamskyxxx3 months ago

    There's no doubt Lexus and Toyota needs to learn from the Mercedes how to make infotainment systems.

  • Dani 8610
    Dani 86103 months ago

    RIP CLS 63

  • Clint Diaz
    Clint Diaz3 months ago

    If you notice he gives the E65 wagon the highest score because he has an older version of it. You will notice that anytime he reviews a brand of car that he has previously or currently owns, he gives it the highest ratings. So his reviews are a little self serving. He also cried because Chevy did not let him drive the new mid Corvette in advance, so he had a complete video whining about that. All in all, he does a decent job of reviewing cars but I don’t agree with his rating system. This video is an example, he talked about how beautiful it looked at the beginning, but then he only gave it a 6 for style. He often contradicts himself. But he does seem like a nice guy.

  • Charleston Pinto
    Charleston Pinto3 months ago

    Oh God, even car infotainment systems are becoming woke. Eye roll. When will this garbage end?

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover4 months ago

    Do a review of the old c219 CLS please :)

  • Hamed Lajevardi
    Hamed Lajevardi4 months ago

    16:20 for someone who doesn’t want direct wind to their face