2020 MercedesBenz GLE - Review & Road Test

Just another luxury SUV? Not so much with the GLE, the midsize two- or optional three-row crossover from the lovely folks at Mercedes-Benz. Chock full of technology like their MBUX connectivity system and super cool on-road tech like sensors that read the road, highly customizable suspension settings and a feature that makes the entire car bounce so you can get unstuck from sand, the GLE isn't just an average luxury mall crawler. Micah Muzio's got even more to say about it, too.
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  • Kelley Blue Book
    Kelley Blue Book5 months ago

    What did you guys think about our one-take opening shot?

  • MissNelly


    5 months ago

    Beautiful! But did it one too many times

  • PowerHungry


    5 months ago

    Absolutely loved it. I bet a lot of planning went into it.

  • DMackmack


    5 months ago

    You kicked the door open!! WTF! I thought you were a fan of the Napa leather. You obviously don't own a Mercedes in real life 😆

  • G W Grote

    G W Grote

    5 months ago

    @Caveman Hikes I took a Dramamine, and then I was fine. :o)

  • Memory box

    Memory box

    5 months ago

    Love it.

  • SAHM
    SAHM4 days ago

    Who is this man? He is my hero 😍

  • akira
    akira13 days ago

    Micah Muzio is a keeper.

  • John Man
    John ManMonth ago

    Really informative video; but, the host is really obnoxious and I hate ADS during videos. SO I STOPPED THIS VIDEO AT THE FIRST AD. But it was really the obnoxious host that made me want to not see anymore!!!

  • Andy Tan
    Andy TanMonth ago

    Stop spinning around

  • Nicole Bermudez
    Nicole BermudezMonth ago

    Ummm 80K without adaptive cruise control? The new 2020 Toyota Corolla has this. Yeah ok, next.

  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan S.Month ago

    Aaaaaaaaand... that’s what she said 7:57

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus JackMonth ago

    M dad is selling his 2019 e300 for this car but I honestly don’t like it... I find the back really ugly. Everything else is nice but the back looks so fat and chubby

  • First112
    First1123 months ago

    Your cavalier attitude and silliness is too much

  • Infiniti lover 35
    Infiniti lover 353 months ago

    80,000k mercadies without adaptive cruise control or lane keep assist

  • Oshun
    Oshun3 months ago

    Lol. Thanks for the review. Y'all had fun shooting this one.

  • kiam- 48hour records
    kiam- 48hour records3 months ago

    Why on earth would they make the rear seats not recline far and seat not able to move back .. Your in the backseat feeling like your in a 2 door Honda Civic

  • kiam- 48hour records
    kiam- 48hour records3 months ago

    Rear seats don’t recline it’s slide back .. big lose .. Cheaper brand mid size SUV’s had this feature. Even hyundai ... rear seats recline all the way back ..it’s so comfortable

  • Alex
    Alex3 months ago

    Just a heads up the white seats will be blue after a week of wearing jeans... not a smart Choice

  • Myjays83
    Myjays834 months ago

    Dope video

  • The Wise Owl #WWG1WGA
    The Wise Owl #WWG1WGA4 months ago

    These people are totally mentally challenged.

  • Sam Chatham
    Sam Chatham4 months ago

    GV80 looks better.

  • Sae Yi
    Sae Yi4 months ago

    Genesis GV80 will become the leader in this class

  • Solomon Yunatanov
    Solomon Yunatanov4 months ago

    Nice 👍

  • Santosh Balan
    Santosh Balan4 months ago

    No adaptive cruise control for that much $$$ ? That’s a deal breaker.

  • Marc Gardner
    Marc Gardner4 months ago

    Can someone please explain to me why luxury brands insist on using some device like a touch pad or rotary knob to control the screen instead of just touching the screen? I’d rather have another storage space or cup holder in place of these things.

  • Ray Noren
    Ray Noren4 months ago

    Not able to finnish the video.. Reviewer drain me out .

  • TL
    TL5 months ago

    Great car, but this colour is just so wrong. It absorbs all the light around it.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L5 months ago

    This reviewer wastes too much time trying to be funny. He's not funny AT ALL. Also, the dizzying camera movement is very annoying. Next time, don't try to be the star and let the car be the main focal point.

  • kwaseb
    kwaseb5 months ago

    That's insane. $84 grand and no driver assist package? 🤦the 2018 camry XSE has that, but obviously lacks the luxury of a merc

  • VampireKing
    VampireKing5 months ago

    He looks very honest and fun to be around. Love his reviews, he makes it very pleasant.

  • Distun
    Distun5 months ago

    oh lord he know how to teleport!

  • adamdcosta
    adamdcosta5 months ago

    yes yes

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen5 months ago

    Lexus All day every day::)))

  • AssRamming FatPeople
    AssRamming FatPeople5 months ago

    Hats-off to Mercedes for making a proper RWD SUV.

  • Scot Carguy
    Scot Carguy5 months ago

    Stunning suv

  • M4st3rm1nd
    M4st3rm1nd5 months ago

    It has cheap looking air vents

  • Ligin Mathew
    Ligin Mathew5 months ago

    Mazda xc 5 Honda CRV Toyota RAV 4 Nissan Rogue Jeep compass Anyone please suggest which one among the above mentioned will be the top best SUV to buy?

  • Kenan V

    Kenan V

    18 days ago

    So what did you end up buying? I am also split between cx5, CRV and Rav4.

  • John Chen
    John Chen5 months ago

    Still driving my 2008 Highlander, just here for Micah

  • Deno Reed
    Deno Reed5 months ago

    Sooooo...... What's actually standard on this vehicle because it seems like Mercedes nickles and dimes you for everything.

  • Edysin Simon
    Edysin Simon5 months ago

    BTW..want that body colored wheel arches and same with the bumpers? Yeah Thats another $3500 just to get the "amg" look! SCREW THAT!

  • JK
    JK5 months ago

    Please do 2020 Outback Review & Road Test.

  • Epic mediocrity
    Epic mediocrity5 months ago

    Jeez ...are you still somewhat a thing...well done I suppose

  • Dulnyavka
    Dulnyavka5 months ago

    Damn, I missed your hilarious reviews so much :D. Fantastic job, Micah

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry5 months ago

    What did you do to the voice over?

  • Beka Machurishvili
    Beka Machurishvili5 months ago

    Much better and sexier than any other range rover

  • ARentz07
    ARentz075 months ago

    I don't know why both Mercedes and BMW are acting like the use of phrases like that is new. My 2016 Lexus IS, which uses ancient infotainment, allows me to say things like "I'm hot" and "I'm cold" to adjust climate as well.

  • ARentz07


    4 months ago

    @Lightning Farron 😏

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    5 months ago

    Yeah, but Mercedes does it better than your car.

  • The Truth
    The Truth5 months ago

    Mercedes makes the best interior design in the market

  • The Truth
    The Truth5 months ago

    The best in its segment. It does everything well and makes you feel like a king

  • Uchendu Nwachukwu
    Uchendu Nwachukwu5 months ago

    Lil 9G-Tronic spittin’ hot fiyah. 😁

  • Louis Y
    Louis Y5 months ago

    77 is like summer

  • Daniel Gross
    Daniel Gross5 months ago

    Very bourgeois, Micah. Benz is like the German premium version of Buick... a boomer mobile. 🧓👵

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks5 months ago

    I love the new GLE so high tec and great quality

  • jason born
    jason born5 months ago

    Let's not forget the unreliability of the brand

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    5 months ago

    In the USA, nowhere else.

  • ColtsFan4Life 35
    ColtsFan4Life 355 months ago

    Absolutely stunning vehicle

  • Endorion
    Endorion5 months ago

    I've love to see you review the 2020 GLS - Review & Road Test!

  • G W Grote
    G W Grote5 months ago

    "or if you just want to make a scene at the elementary school pickup line" LOL You're too much! This has got to be one of your best reviews. Not only is it informative, but as usual, quite enjoyable to watch.

  • C R
    C R5 months ago

    Thank you for calling them out for not having adaptive cruise control standard.

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    5 months ago

    Why should that be standard? Pay for it. Stop being so cheap.

  • Trevor Macdougall
    Trevor Macdougall5 months ago

    Hey KBB. Seriously, find yourself a new auto reviewer for this channel. This guy is a complete goof. No one seriously considering a vehicle like this will take his opinion with value

  • kanamekuran23
    kanamekuran235 months ago

    That’s a very laggy screen for a vehicle this expensive

  • psumiz
    psumiz5 months ago

    The rear end looks trash, other than that, the car is superb

  • Anwar Moria
    Anwar Moria5 months ago

    what colour is this?

  • Junior Ramirez
    Junior Ramirez5 months ago

    I’ll wait for new 2021/22 Lexus RX and save more money

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik5 months ago


  • AJR007
    AJR0075 months ago

    What a joke

  • Perez Sykes
    Perez Sykes5 months ago

    Beautiful interior, but just trying to get over the “egg” shaped rear half of the exterior. Guess I just prefer the more upright look of the XC90, X5 and Aviator

  • Emanual0607
    Emanual06075 months ago


  • Raffi C
    Raffi C5 months ago

    It’s 2020 the safety features should be standard and all car brands! Yes especially you ! Come on Mercedes!

  • Perez Sykes

    Perez Sykes

    5 months ago

    Raffi C exactly!!

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz5 months ago

    84k for a Benz hahahahahah that’s the best joke I hear in 2020

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    5 months ago

    You must be very cheap. 🙄

  • byron Rideaux

    byron Rideaux

    5 months ago

    There have been 84k Mercedes-Benz's for probably longer than you've been alive

  • MJ G
    MJ G5 months ago

    This video is making me dizzy.

  • Mihad Alzayat
    Mihad Alzayat5 months ago

    Tesla with an 83 billion dollar market cap and other car companies still making gasoline cars. Benz and BMW are toast and they have no clue.

  • Frank Silva
    Frank Silva5 months ago

    They’ve completely lost their minds charging 80plus k for that thing.

  • Frank Silva

    Frank Silva

    5 months ago

    The Truth Expensive garbage is still garbage.

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    5 months ago

    @Frank Silva you can't afford it. Doesn't matter what it looks like, it is a Mercedes and everybody knows it

  • Frank Silva

    Frank Silva

    5 months ago

    Lightning Farron oh I can pay for it in cash if I wanted too that’s not the issue. I just isn’t worth it. Tell me it doesn’t look like an Acura MDX from the rear.

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    5 months ago

    Same price as the competition. Can't afford it? These aren't the cars for you. Go buy a less costly one. Simple.

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    5 months ago

    It's the best car in its segment and same price with the competition

  • Dennis Polyblank
    Dennis Polyblank5 months ago

    Can you please hire an adult to do your reviews!?

    KAMIKAZE5 months ago

    And what about Lexus RX?

  • Average Beadle
    Average Beadle5 months ago

    Damn the cost of the options alone is the same for a regular base car price lol

  • percival23
    percival235 months ago

    I sat in this last week. Beautiful car ..but the add on's put the price through the roof. And to get some ad on's ..you are forced to buy others.

  • Craig D
    Craig D5 months ago

    All I see is bulldog in the face of this vehicle.

  • Himself Himself
    Himself Himself5 months ago

    You really are coming hehe!

  • S Mcintosh
    S Mcintosh5 months ago

    absolutely, THE MOST PERFECTLY SUV ever built. Not a single negative feature mentioned in this video! Glad I can check consumer reports to get another opinion.

  • Ted Ball
    Ted Ball5 months ago

    What about the Lincoln Aviator? Fully loaded for about $75K.

  • TechDealz
    TechDealz5 months ago

    Looks like a melted blob

  • Kenny Lai
    Kenny Lai5 months ago

    Only problem with the exterior is the daytime running lights

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N5 months ago

    I click on KBB videos and wait about 8 seconds. If I hear Micah's voice, I'm elated and I keep watching.

  • C R

    C R

    5 months ago

    Ryan N truth

  • dcx
    dcx5 months ago


  • Reza Harji
    Reza Harji5 months ago

    Love the music and the reviews Micah! I always look forward to the new videos!