A Tik Tok compilation that's Funny 😂

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I enjoy making new funny Tik Tok compilations and I upload daily so sub for more! I hand pick the funniest Tik Toks in 2020 that are like vines so you can try not to laugh at my compilations. I try to make clean TikTok compilations but I always end up with the Best Funny Tik Toks. Shoutout to monstro, CooL Vines, Wifi Plug, CooL TikTok, verified tiktok channel and all the other Funny TikTok compilation channels making new videos daily for us to enjoy. Comment oof if you see this
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  • Wifi Plug
    Wifi Plug15 days ago

    What platform will be next if tiktok is gone?

  • Tiktokorama


    16 hours ago


  • glazed toefish

    glazed toefish

    Day ago


  • X B I T T E R S W E E T T E A

    X B I T T E R S W E E T T E A

    Day ago

    ooh funimate

  • Stuff Comedy

    Stuff Comedy

    Day ago

    google shorts

  • Dorito’s Playz

    Dorito’s Playz

    Day ago

    TGH Ghøstyy noooo

  • Brolic Baby
    Brolic BabyDay ago

    The thumbnail instantly negates the title

  • Brolic Baby

    Brolic Baby

    16 hours ago

    Tiktokers Official what in the hell...

  • Tiktokorama


    16 hours ago


  • Unicorn Journal
    Unicorn JournalDay ago

    I got the long dog and no one wanted to mess with me ever again

  • Tiktokorama


    16 hours ago


  • Alex J. Murphy
    Alex J. MurphyDay ago

    That teachers on lunch break joint was impeccable! 15:53

  • Tiktokorama


    16 hours ago


  • Connor Pattie
    Connor PattieDay ago

    After watching it six times I finally get the tiktok about his 100 dollars for his mom's words

  • Itsliz
    ItslizDay ago

    9:50 me in my dreams

  • Maria Contreras
    Maria Contreras2 days ago

    Pppppppyou guys are my favorite videos I don't know why I keep on saying he was messages but good make good videos could you tell me how do you make videos because I want to make one

  • Carlos Benitez
    Carlos Benitez2 days ago

    Follow Me on Tiktok Username: Watchme2001

  • Alex Laugharne
    Alex Laugharne3 days ago

    God i hope they shut this garbage platform down

  • Matt
    Matt3 days ago

    Holy shit this generation of kids are not funny. Screw the fact that TikTok is a Chinese data mining app, these people just are not, funny. The teacher one was horrible. no shit a teacher doesn't want to talk to you on their 30 minute lunch break after dealing with you shits all day (that has been universal forever though).

  • Dratini
    Dratini3 days ago

    Kpop is better than tik tok.

  • Kasper the Sheperd
    Kasper the Sheperd3 days ago

    I’m unable to locate the funny

  • Modern Scientific Biologist
    Modern Scientific Biologist3 days ago

    LOL. The Only Problem with the Cop Tik Tok is now Cops are Wearing Body Cams so it wouldent work. Still funny though.

  • car of peace
    car of peace3 days ago


  • UCAUTO Entertainment
    UCAUTO Entertainment3 days ago

    I’m glad all these people are going to be lost in 1 week looking for a new app like a puppy chasing his own tale

  • Shane Knight
    Shane Knight3 days ago


  • Tik Tok Banned
    Tik Tok Banned4 days ago

    The end of Tik Tok is coming soon! This video gives a great explanation for why 👉mercedesbenzvideo.info/chat/n4bH0H5snaS41oA/video

  • keykillnem
    keykillnem4 days ago

    I love the third one

  • TheWalfordBros
    TheWalfordBros4 days ago

    Want funny tiktoks go here

  • Brett Peterson
    Brett Peterson5 days ago

    when she said girls and gays i regreted clicking on this video.

  • Maro Music
    Maro Music5 days ago

    I want the dad at 7:08 to do asmr his voice is so nice

  • Yadira Torres
    Yadira Torres5 days ago

    the first one though

  • Wise Old Owl
    Wise Old Owl5 days ago

    Not one single truly funny or original one in the bunch :-/

  • Joshua Montoya
    Joshua Montoya6 days ago

    This is sooo lame, not even close to funny

  • Nate
    Nate6 days ago

    Wonder how many of these idiots are going to regret making these when they are older.

  • Baby Elmo

    Baby Elmo

    Day ago

    That's gonna be very child there.

  • Pip Smith
    Pip Smith6 days ago

    Free Manar Samy, women rise up outside Egyptian embassies www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8572663/Egyptian-woman-jailed-3-years-TikTok-videos.html

  • 10k subs no videos challenge
    10k subs no videos challenge6 days ago

    One random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.

  • hidaya F

    hidaya F

    12 hours ago


  • ツShotZ


    Day ago

    10k subs no videos challenge did I ask

  • cowntfranchewla
    cowntfranchewla6 days ago

    15:54 this one is so accurate

  • Galactic Cat
    Galactic Cat6 days ago


  • ミームロード:::Meme Lord
    ミームロード:::Meme Lord6 days ago

    13:59 how exactly is this funny? Like, I’m serious someone tell me how this shit is funny. There is literally NOTHING involving comedy with this. She’s LITERALLY just dancing.

  • Shanti’s World
    Shanti’s World6 days ago

    I’ll react to this 😂

  • Darth Puppy
    Darth Puppy6 days ago

    Look Up RevengeNick On Yt

  • Icy Roblox
    Icy Roblox6 days ago

    The Addison Rae one got me 💀😭😂

  • Fair
    Fair6 days ago

    I came for funny but found none

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez6 days ago

    hi its my first time on youtube

  • Phoenix Yang
    Phoenix Yang6 days ago

    8:37 sheesh if I see a girl acting that way to me or to other ppl I’m smacking tf out of her. Yes I’m it’s just a tiktok but like if I see someone act that way. I’m teaching them a lesson.

  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements7 days ago

    Yeah not funny I’ll keep lookin though

  • Diamond Kid's
    Diamond Kid's7 days ago

    mercedesbenzvideo.info/chat/n3TPupai4K20tp4/video my tiktok compilation 👌👌👌👌

  • Angelina Bitting
    Angelina Bitting7 days ago

    what is the name of the movie that this soundtrack is from at 4:07 I can’t remember and it’s bugging me!

  • Angelina Bitting

    Angelina Bitting

    5 days ago

    OMG thank you sooooooo much! I was like, “Avengers? Divergent?”

  • DeathEater


    5 days ago

    it is from The Hunger Games

  • Evan Kress
    Evan Kress7 days ago

    Accidentally clicked on one of these trash videos and now all of my recommend page is this shit

  • --
    --7 days ago

    So, say... when do the funny ones start?

  • itz Mina alt LAPTOP
    itz Mina alt LAPTOP7 days ago

    1: 02

  • Jack Anglim
    Jack Anglim7 days ago

    I think my youtube is glitched. Instead of playing this video it played some weird cringefest

  • nxha
    nxha8 days ago

    i post tik tok compilations too 👉🏽👈🏽

  • Wacky Waffles
    Wacky Waffles8 days ago

    You should do tik toks that made trump lose the election

  • Leslie Diaz
    Leslie Diaz8 days ago


  • LilSxatt Pp jr
    LilSxatt Pp jr8 days ago

    3:40 why girls will never be funny

  • Your dad Your uncle
    Your dad Your uncle8 days ago

    everyone channel that posts tiktok videos on MERCEDESBENZ your humor is beyond unfunny you sit here and post girls doing cringey ass shit

  • Your dad Your uncle

    Your dad Your uncle

    8 days ago

    an example would be 00:16 title says tiktoks that are funny when none of these are funny lmao nice clickbait

  • gambolchild
    gambolchild8 days ago

    4:21 whats the song its catchy

  • Bob Abdul
    Bob Abdul8 days ago

    Bob Abdul

  • Valerie Gavilanes
    Valerie Gavilanes8 days ago

    Watching this video? Might as well follow my tiktok! @valerie_strawberry

  • mamamamo100
    mamamamo1008 days ago

    Not funny 😑😑

  • Walking Dead Now
    Walking Dead Now8 days ago

    Very interesting video ♥! As a current MERCEDESBENZr, I am on the lookout for fresh ideas! Excellent Job!

  • Mohamad
    Mohamad8 days ago

    why everyone is interested in watching this stuff?!!

  • Faze Claps
    Faze Claps9 days ago


  • CaseofBass
    CaseofBass9 days ago

    Going to court then the skatepark! Lol

  • Kamai Ingram
    Kamai Ingram9 days ago


  • Zherlik
    Zherlik9 days ago

    Only ppl who remember when tik tok was a song can like

  • Marco Lapel
    Marco Lapel9 days ago

    these are so unbelievably unfunny i cant even..

  • Shawn J
    Shawn J9 days ago