Mercedes Benz - Cobweb | Tuborg Open Sessions

Tuborg proudly announces Tuborg Open Sessions, a MERCEDESBENZ series featuring live studio-recorded performances by various artists, established and emerging. From old classics to current fan favorites to up and coming talents, the digital platform will welcome to share their creativity, collaborate with each other and experiment and mix various genres.
Tuborg has a long and proud heritage with music, helping introduce new genres and artists to new markets. With Tuborg Open Sessions, the brand is hoping to set new trends in terms of musical collaboration in Nepal by breathing new life to old classics and paving a path for upcoming artists.
With Channel Arbitrary, one of the top MERCEDESBENZ channels in Nepal for music (creator), Tuborg Open Sessions intends to fulfill what’s lacking in Nepalese music industry currently; a complete digital platform for artists and musicians to experiment, work together and gain new experiences and sharing them with others to see where it takes them, therefore, also creating opportunities for new artists. The series will have Nepali and other instruments to cater different artists and their musical genres.

Music conducted and rearranged by Cobweb
Bal Gopal Maharjan
Robin Karki Dhali
Manohar Sunam
Keshav Sunam
Bidur Gautam
Mani Raj Rasaily
Nishad Shrestha
Rojib Shahi
Shailendra Shakya
Sarthak Shakya
Kiran Maharjan
Simian Maharjan
Tisa bajracharya
Biphasa Bajracharya
Ritika shakya
Prashanna Bikram shah
Samir Pachhai Chetri

Editor : Roses Shrestha
Assistant editor: Saugandha Dangol
Graphics Design : Sandesh Shah
Lights and Sound: ISS
Stage: Vinayak Fabrication
All Rights Reserved to Arbitrary Events Private Limited.


  • Gr Binod
    Gr Binod4 days ago

    loved it😍😍

    BISHEAH KAFLE10 days ago

    Violin bajune kati ramri 🖤

  • Chandar Phuyal
    Chandar Phuyal21 day ago


  • Chandar Phuyal
    Chandar Phuyal21 day ago


  • Dipen
    Dipen29 days ago

    best rendition of the millenium

  • khanal beepan
    khanal beepan29 days ago

    Listen more than 100 times 🙋🙋💃

  • ShahZ
    ShahZMonth ago

    Doctor : You have last 6 minutes of your life !! What's your last wish ?? Me : Please play Mercedes Benz !!

  • Chaudhary Samir
    Chaudhary SamirMonth ago

    This iz Gold

  • roy del
    roy delMonth ago

    Nostalgic... missed my high school year. Loved it.

  • Edde Ghale
    Edde GhaleMonth ago


  • Pro Cash
    Pro CashMonth ago

    lead singer has a tattoo like Mike Tyson carved on his left side on the thumbnail.

  • sandeep paudel
    sandeep paudelMonth ago

    Mercedes Benz on COVID-19 Lockdown/ Quarantine

  • Evaa Shakha
    Evaa ShakhaMonth ago

    Again m back after a year ...this song is my dad's favorite n our n will our kids...

  • dan Murphy
    dan MurphyMonth ago

    Sorry !! I don’t like this version much.

  • Kalyan Khadka
    Kalyan KhadkaMonth ago

    Legends 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • janak thamai
    janak thamaiMonth ago

    good man

  • Kalli Kdgskan
    Kalli Kdgskan2 months ago

    Nepali ..slash bro keep rocking

  • infected Gt
    infected Gt2 months ago

    I just bought 2 bottles of beers to enjoy this song...

  • Suman Shrestha
    Suman Shrestha2 months ago

    Epic song. That violin was not necessary, just ruined the whole gig. I prefer without violin, dint match.

  • chakra thapa
    chakra thapa2 months ago


  • dep marley
    dep marley2 months ago

    This song never gets old ♥ Cobweb ♥ cobweb ♥ cobweb ♥ Mercedez Benz ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Suman Khadgi
    Suman Khadgi2 months ago


  • rohan mallick
    rohan mallick2 months ago


  • Nabin Sunar
    Nabin Sunar2 months ago

    I Love This ❤️ band

  • Dipendra Chhetri
    Dipendra Chhetri2 months ago

    Best Mercedes Benz ever created chalaunu na paye ni sunnu ta paye, thank you Cobweb, your biggest fan ever from kolkata, India

  • Ritesh Babu
    Ritesh Babu2 months ago

    Just noticed Rojeb Shahi from Space on Sax! \m/

  • Sagar Giri
    Sagar Giri3 months ago

    Dherai babaal banauna khojera tori vayo

  • manoj khatri
    manoj khatri3 months ago

    that girl playing voilen is so cute yrr

  • Binod Gurung
    Binod Gurung3 months ago

    Susie q 🎼🎼🎸 oh susie q... i like the way you put orchestra-ish touch done by folk such as metallica. No pun intended! I quite like cobweb.

  • atish gurung
    atish gurung3 months ago

    missed the original solo n keyboard

    VADAZ VLOGS3 months ago

    legends are still alive..

  • Basanta Bam
    Basanta Bam3 months ago

    2020?love this band

  • Auto Highlights
    Auto Highlights3 months ago


  • Stanley Edwards
    Stanley Edwards3 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:34 💘 👇🧡

  • Seven palunge mgr
    Seven palunge mgr4 months ago

    Guitar bajay hune thiyo ni ksto billadhekhinxa

  • Seven palunge mgr
    Seven palunge mgr4 months ago

    Side vocallilt le khali autai kin

    REMEMBER ME4 months ago

    I can't even understand why this song has dislikes and ..... .... .. ... .... and also check my channel and subscribe it

  • NitzzTV Official
    NitzzTV Official4 months ago

    I love cobweb,but the vibe of this song is not present in this session.thats how i felt.

  • जेनिस शाक्य
    जेनिस शाक्य4 months ago

    guitar aadi git bhari sundai sunena k vako😂 ruslan ko jsto para dekhaunu vayena ni

  • Dilip Gurung
    Dilip Gurung4 months ago

    Always rock !!!!!!

  • ravi shrestha
    ravi shrestha4 months ago

    what is the boy doin' in that mid spot

  • Destiny Gaming
    Destiny Gaming4 months ago

    great fan of cobweb band please heart❤

  • Joshika Shrestha
    Joshika Shrestha4 months ago


  • prakash shrestha
    prakash shrestha4 months ago

    Totally fucking new ❤️🙏🏻

  • Ritesh Shrestha
    Ritesh Shrestha4 months ago

    Guitar: ma pani xu haai guys😅

  • The CrazY Bass Man
    The CrazY Bass Man4 months ago

    I can barely hear guitars wtf

    CRESTHA ROHIT4 months ago

    Sound arrangement chitta bujhena !!! Diwas dai ko guitar sunya xaina Aani drum ko crash haru ni ramrari suneko xaina.. just snare ra china sunya xa ramrari...... Ramrari arrange garnu hola next time .. 😊

  • Krishna Chauhan
    Krishna Chauhan5 months ago

    Baba k ho yo... You guys give goosebumps ...rocking nation since ??? Answer it guys ..

  • bitter words
    bitter words5 months ago

    Lado jasto muji Haru ..sing don't pretend the vocal ...fucking sing from heart

  • Tin Chy
    Tin Chy5 months ago


  • gopal gurung
    gopal gurung5 months ago

    3:37 oh god 😱😱👌❤👏

  • bibarb_136
    bibarb_1365 months ago

    dislike garne muji randiko baan haru lai ghar mai aayera pitchu

  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu5 months ago

    Kati banchu maiti ko kusi ma

  • Saroj Gahatraj
    Saroj Gahatraj6 months ago

    Cobweb \m/

  • November 21
    November 216 months ago

    We love Cobweb ❤❤

  • workout binod pro
    workout binod pro6 months ago

    world class

  • samir darlami
    samir darlami6 months ago


  • Dawa Tamang
    Dawa Tamang6 months ago

    Who is the second vocalist?.....

  • BZaY Sinjo RS

    BZaY Sinjo RS

    6 months ago

    I think he sings at purple haze

  • Santosh Biswakarma
    Santosh Biswakarma6 months ago

    Best band very Nice

  • Pujan Maharjan
    Pujan Maharjan6 months ago

    Dope ...

  • Dibas Giri
    Dibas Giri6 months ago

    Pramod kharel on lead guitar

    DJ SKD NPL6 months ago


  • Ishwor Man Tuladhar
    Ishwor Man Tuladhar6 months ago

    Lord Buddha! what a performance. I have been watching you guys from the beginning. Maryo ni maryo ni.

  • Prajish Gurung
    Prajish Gurung6 months ago

    Legend band coweb

  • Shishir Adhikari
    Shishir Adhikari7 months ago

    iconic song of nepali rock history

  • Nabs Gautam
    Nabs Gautam7 months ago

    Always living like a legend.

  • Anil Pandey
    Anil Pandey7 months ago

    Hamro srijan bhai pani mercedes benz ma

  • Diraj Shankar
    Diraj Shankar7 months ago

    best addition of instruments .. really next level..

  • anup 19
    anup 197 months ago

    Legendary song by legendary band❣🔥

  • Krishna Shrestha
    Krishna Shrestha7 months ago

    Miss you my Ex 💔

  • Prasan Rai
    Prasan Rai7 months ago

    Superb!! Legends

  • Bimal KC
    Bimal KC7 months ago


  • Prabesh Magar
    Prabesh Magar7 months ago

    This is like a glorified version of mercedes benz to celebrate “COBWEB”👏👏

  • Bimal Dhakal
    Bimal Dhakal7 months ago

    Crush😍vilon bajauni chasmiss one😘

  • Ketan Maharjan
    Ketan Maharjan7 months ago

    yo shout out to Rojib Shahi Dai Love your band Space!

  • Napoleon Cesar
    Napoleon Cesar7 months ago

    The band of never-aging singer and lead guitarist. I still remember listening this song for the first time when I was in 5th grade. Now I teach the Engineering students in the college .

  • Sonam pangkarma

    Sonam pangkarma

    Month ago

    Murga bannay k leya ready ho jaoo😂

  • Jeevan R. Magar

    Jeevan R. Magar

    3 months ago

    Here Engineering student..🤣

  • Ruzil Khadgi
    Ruzil Khadgi7 months ago

    Diivesh dai ko guitar mute bho!!

  • Yubraj Xettri
    Yubraj Xettri8 months ago

    Love This Song Since My childhood It Is Still my Fav Song 🎸❤ #FavBand #JayCobweb❤

  • AMAN Lama
    AMAN Lama8 months ago


  • FunsUman
    FunsUman8 months ago

    What is this?