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Mercedes benz gla

Hammond is in the dunes of Abu Dhabi to drive a new six wheeled machine from Mercedes Benz - the G63 6x6. Originally developed for the Australian military, it's now available civilians - as long as you have over half a million dollars to spend! Subscribe:
Want to see more Mercedes off-road goodness? Check out this best-of Mercedes-Benz compilation:
Clip taken from series 21 episode 4.
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  • Top Gear
    Top GearMonth ago

    Want to see more Mercedes off-road goodness? Check out this best-of Mercedes-Benz compilation:

  • Audreyt Mupande

    Audreyt Mupande

    Day ago

    nope really

  • Yamen


    5 days ago

    @Jack Tulloch they cant because they already have the grand tour,and top gear already settled for these top gear presenters,plus the grand tour only has 2 seasons left to it

  • Jack Tulloch

    Jack Tulloch

    5 days ago

    You're terrible bring back JEREMY, HAMMOND, AND MAY!!!!

  • chuchu chuka

    chuchu chuka

    7 days ago


  • Miki Miki

    Miki Miki

    11 days ago


  • E Grant
    E Grant7 hours ago

    The last picture was just an ordinary jeep. They just for a second stopped using camera trickery to pretend that Hammond was human sized.

    EL TEROCAL10 hours ago

    minute 5:43 looks like a low poly racing game

  • Lifestyle Famous12
    Lifestyle Famous12Day ago

    Bugatti or Dodge reply me

  • Murat Güreşçi
    Murat GüreşçiDay ago

    adamlardakş hayata bak be

  • Legends Of Roblox
    Legends Of RobloxDay ago

    it s my new drem car

  • Legends Of Roblox
    Legends Of RobloxDay ago

    i love that car

    TTV_MYST_EBOY 252 days ago

    The craze in his eyes as he goes up the dune

  • papa_fan
    papa_fan2 days ago


  • Spitznock
    Spitznock2 days ago

    Some say he's still out there... somewhere...

  • nick briere
    nick briere2 days ago

    Ya an one day of doin that u will have a nice little bill to pay after they dont tell u that part

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash2 days ago

    that would make the perfect soccer practice about car, either this or the jeep gladiator

  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming3 days ago check out how land cruiser is climbing the mountain in gta 5

  • Johan Ferwerda Productions
    Johan Ferwerda Productions3 days ago

    Beautiful . !

  • Eshley Nau
    Eshley Nau3 days ago

    Daaamn what a beast!!!!

  • Yuudachi poi
    Yuudachi poi3 days ago

    I would t ski down there! Meanwhile, proceeds climbing dam with a car

  • aNY oNE
    aNY oNE4 days ago

    REALLY CREZY4 days ago

    ЭТО БОМБА !!! @4FmA

  • A G
    A G4 days ago

    Driving this in a city is a crime.

  • Nevermind Hapazari
    Nevermind Hapazari4 days ago

    This is all some

  • Yeet Nation420
    Yeet Nation4204 days ago

    Screw sports cars, i want a luxury off roader

  • Jb Kyot
    Jb Kyot4 days ago

    tangena ohlins yung suspension

  • Blackholeplayers #raidernation
    Blackholeplayers #raidernation4 days ago

    Who the hell driving that Jeep at the end?!?! Optimus and Crew?!?!?

  • Jeremy Crawford
    Jeremy Crawford4 days ago

    I really really really miss the old TopGear. I will never watch the new TopGear because it feels more like a CVT than a proper gearbox.

  • Matt
    Matt4 days ago

    never give this man a car again

  • ASTRID 03
    ASTRID 035 days ago

    Best mercedes Ever bulit😲❤

  • francheska
    francheska5 days ago


    RELAXED OWL5 days ago

    I like this

  • grzybekk
    grzybekk5 days ago

    Widac ze handling był robiony przez Dennego...

  • Wil Wulpje
    Wil Wulpje5 days ago

    And..... gone is the precious dessert ecosystem

  • Yisroel Weiss
    Yisroel Weiss5 days ago

    7:40 THAT Jeep is really underrated. The largest vehicle I’ve ever seen.

  • Anele Msimang
    Anele Msimang5 days ago

    Look at that thing go!!!

  • Game Studio
    Game Studio6 days ago

    6:35 Just more wheels =))

  • Anime Daisuki
    Anime Daisuki6 days ago

    Yas Waterworld that lazy river almost drowned me😂 the life guard thought I was Joking because I was jumping like crazy when I got thrown out by the waves then I hit the deeper part of the river luckily I got my hands on a floater that is vacant and I still don't know how to swim😅 I'm now 17 years old and still no show of luck🤣

  • Aydarrn
    Aydarrn6 days ago

    Can't believe this was 6 years ago

  • MemeLord DK
    MemeLord DK6 days ago

    2:37 music plz

  • boomvoyaj
    boomvoyaj6 days ago

    Where is the empty quarter, what is the name of the country?

  • LovAsZ ArpAd
    LovAsZ ArpAd6 days ago

    but why?

  • zayan ahmad
    zayan ahmad7 days ago

    Any one saw this car in gta 5

  • DerBlitz
    DerBlitz7 days ago

    my dream car

  • SpaZe
    SpaZe7 days ago

    I saw canelo is his Bugatti with his body guards in a 6x6 behind him. So ffucken nice

  • Jozef Maďar
    Jozef Maďar7 days ago


  • Adam Sandrock
    Adam Sandrock8 days ago

    I literally watched this like 4years ago and saw it again

  • Tommy Dela Cruz
    Tommy Dela Cruz8 days ago

    I love how they always let hammond review the big big cars

  • G Shoemaker
    G Shoemaker8 days ago


  • O. Schwede
    O. Schwede8 days ago

    ...den Vogel mö i net im Kampf an meiner Seite haben... weil kann nix!! 😄

  • O. Schwede

    O. Schwede

    8 days ago

    Quatsch zu viel, wie eine...

  • O. Schwede
    O. Schwede8 days ago

    ...bitte Brexit!! ...die wissen nix mit nem Mercedes anzufangen!! ...erobert mal besser wieder die unterdrückten Länder, wie immer!!

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar Mohamed8 days ago

    Who got this recommended 5 years later

  • Omar Mohamed

    Omar Mohamed

    7 hours ago

    @Kastro Certified Libaax not that much

  • Kastro Certified Libaax

    Kastro Certified Libaax

    17 hours ago

    So bloody random.....

  • J Dog

    J Dog

    4 days ago


  • Steven Asong

    Steven Asong

    6 days ago


  • LordTachanka -

    LordTachanka -

    7 days ago


  • Tura Chela
    Tura Chela8 days ago

    It's all nice and fun and stuff until you blow all a your emissions in my God damn bathing water

  • Alejandro Delgado
    Alejandro Delgado8 days ago

    kind of like that time i did it twice and still said i like my tender better

  • Alejandro Delgado
    Alejandro Delgado8 days ago

    fact people never make it across the dessert the die of dehydraition before the get helicopters to lead the way lol how sad is that family tree again? ewww reminds me of golfing with whales never again not since grade school

  • Archis Marathe
    Archis Marathe9 days ago

    0:35 a normal day in Los Santos

    FRESH BOI9 days ago

    American Top Gear could never be as good as this

  • Elvin Tismo
    Elvin Tismo9 days ago

    Je sais pas combien ce monstre doit consommer de litres pour 100km mais putain 3'8 tonnes avec 500 chevaux, j'imagine pas...

  • Huraira info
    Huraira info9 days ago

    Good from Pakistan

  • Car craze show
    Car craze show9 days ago

    Who’s gonna drive that jeep heh

  • Charlie Nelson MTB
    Charlie Nelson MTB9 days ago

    new favorate car

    FRIZE PRIZE9 days ago

    Bro who else thought the jeep was a regular size for a minute😂

  • Funniest Comment
    Funniest Comment9 days ago

    I want this car

  • Boi4_YT
    Boi4_YT9 days ago

    i have this car in my dreams