The LOUDEST Mercedes-Benz E500 V8 BiTurbo W212 EVER!!

This time I have filmed fur sure one of the LOUDEST Mercedes-Benz E500 V8 BiTurbo Ever! It is fitted with downpipes and full straight pipe exhaust! It has now more than 600HP and 983 Nm of Torque! You will see it burning rubber, loud revs, crackless sounds and accelerations. I hope you enjoy the video.
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  • time traveler are we there yet
    time traveler are we there yet25 days ago

    i always thought that the E class had a better stance than the s class

  • Tuentin Qarantino
    Tuentin QarantinoMonth ago

    My fart is louder than this shit

  • Noufitha F
    Noufitha FMonth ago

    That is my first favourite car🤩🤩

  • tarek midnite
    tarek midnite3 months ago

    What an expensive popcorn machine

  • 305er
    305er3 months ago


  • Элен Мирзоян
    Элен Мирзоян4 months ago


  • Paul de Bellefroid
    Paul de Bellefroid4 months ago

    Cool taxis

  • Matej_Z 10
    Matej_Z 105 months ago

    what are this for wheels

  • Tu Chenz
    Tu Chenz5 months ago

    Where is the 500?????????????

  • Rohit Kanhai
    Rohit Kanhai8 months ago

    That E63 is my favorite amg👍🏻

  • Jules Cremers
    Jules Cremers8 months ago

    Gezellig in Roermond

  • nawzy202
    nawzy2028 months ago

    In us it's e550 with ecu tune it's fast as non S version. With filter and downpipes it's fast as S version

  • H Holding B.V.
    H Holding B.V.8 months ago

    Roermond 🤙🏻

  • Fabian Fabian
    Fabian Fabian8 months ago

    On Spotify ?

  • Gaara 23
    Gaara 238 months ago

    Sound in one word : Popcorn

  • Hausi
    Hausi8 months ago

    Santander 😁

  • MisteR 01
    MisteR 018 months ago

    Holy shit it sounds like pure evil🔥🔥🔥

  • N Dolby
    N Dolby8 months ago

    You can badge your car AMG but it won't make it an AMG

  • DaRaoul25
    DaRaoul258 months ago

    V8 geluid klinkt mooi maar dat geknetter maakt het lelijk, zonde

  • xXStorm Xx
    xXStorm Xx8 months ago

    After playing forza 4h that game looks so realistic...

  • Jazrer
    Jazrer8 months ago

    How is there not a single comment stating that these are 3d renders

  • Stan Rendering
    Stan Rendering8 months ago


  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname8 months ago

    Men shut the fuck up about “fAkE bAdGeS” this car has 604bhp and 983nm its faster than an e63 from same year and is much cooler and better. Still has a biturbo v8 4.7 liters. If its faster than an e63 it can have an e63 bade so shut the fuck up. I have seen this car race and its insane.

  • mula cula
    mula cula8 months ago

    Lol everybody cries about the badges boehoe its hes car who cares if he put mylittlepony for example.

  • Kilo Chiky
    Kilo Chiky8 months ago

    That A45 sounds better than E63

  • Bart Koek

    Bart Koek

    8 months ago

    Thats Some shit talk😂

  • J H
    J H8 months ago

    Waar halen ze hét geld vandaan om zo'n auto te kunnen rijden,,?

  • J H

    J H

    8 months ago

    Sorry ik gun iedereen álles beste heb zelf ook een bedrijf moet zóveel afdragen naar belasting maar zo'n mooie auto is voor mij niet haalbaar is misgun niemand wat.

  • Amsterdam GTi

    Amsterdam GTi

    8 months ago

    Hard werken investeren ondernemen en minder praten en jullie hollanders staan bekend om.jaloezie en misgunning bemoei met je eigen zaken

  • DaRaoul25


    8 months ago

    In iedergeval niet met een 5 ploegen baan

  • Kenzo Gertze
    Kenzo Gertze8 months ago

    The manual amg its pure haman nature,my side of the world u dont get them

  • hama king
    hama king9 months ago

    Where can l download this music from😍?

  • Dogan Hafci

    Dogan Hafci

    5 months ago

    Snaptube :)

  • Nordmore68
    Nordmore689 months ago

    Just stupid

  • Samuel • vor 7 Jahren
    Samuel • vor 7 Jahren9 months ago


  • Samuel • vor 7 Jahren

    Samuel • vor 7 Jahren

    8 months ago

    @Prendi AMG wrong: audi + 100 kg shit > Mercedes

  • Prendi AMG

    Prendi AMG

    8 months ago

    Samuel wrong Mercedes>Audi&Bmw

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne9 months ago

    Close your eyes and u think its popcorn time 🤔

  • static mercedes
    static mercedes9 months ago

    that black W204 C63 has blown head bolts.

  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution9 months ago

    Some of these sound like bubble wrap

  • Serhat
    Serhat9 months ago

    I love my Prius

  • D.J. Valentine

    D.J. Valentine

    9 months ago

    you must be a square

    SKORPION STANDOFF29 months ago


  • Michael N
    Michael N9 months ago

    And please stay in the Netherlands

  • William Delaney
    William Delaney9 months ago

    It’s not that loud can barley hear the turbos

  • Huawei Huawei
    Huawei Huawei9 months ago


  • Drift Ak
    Drift Ak9 months ago

    Love the way the c55 knows it looks sexy af even without badges🔥

  • Вахапет Вахапетович
    Вахапет Вахапетович9 months ago

    Club of farting lovers

  • salko avdic
    salko avdic9 months ago

    bmw v10 m5

  • Akani John

    Akani John

    9 months ago

    @Can yeah but it sounds better

  • Can


    9 months ago

    salko avdic unreliable af

  • Mario Koti
    Mario Koti9 months ago

    AMG sounds it's always good to hear.

  • Can


    9 months ago

    Mario Koti its not an AMG tho

  • Bahar
    Bahar9 months ago

    Still an e500 why puting amg badges on it

  • TyraN


    9 months ago

    @Bahar w212 didnt have a 6.2 litre engine. The w212 amg has a 5.5 litre biturbo

  • Legolas


    9 months ago

    @Bahar it has Amg parts but no engine

  • Bahar


    9 months ago

    @Legolas yes but not a n/a 6.2

  • Legolas


    9 months ago

    It has AMG facelift!

  • Joo Mo
    Joo Mo9 months ago

    Loudest ...?hahaha in your dreams kid.....!!!

  • Bart Koek

    Bart Koek

    8 months ago

    Joo Mo i Saïd the loudest E500 stupid bitch, aint believe you if u telling me there is a louder E500

  • Joo Mo

    Joo Mo

    8 months ago

    Bart Koek it’s the loudest in your village...

  • Joo Mo

    Joo Mo

    8 months ago

    Bart Koek yeah like Prius....u don’t here’d anything loud yet.....!!! Hahaha

  • Bart Koek

    Bart Koek

    8 months ago

    I Will bet you that this is the loudest e500

  • Legolas


    9 months ago

    It didn't even broke the mic!

  • Memo nafanda
    Memo nafanda9 months ago

    Fucking idiots

  • Gavin Flum
    Gavin Flum9 months ago

    Bought not built

  • Karter JoNSon
    Karter JoNSon9 months ago

    Ресталинг мерин?

  • Noah
    Noah9 months ago

    It is a e63 ahahha the guy dont know his cars

  • Jan Jaap Splinter

    Jan Jaap Splinter

    7 months ago

    Shut up you don't no this car ist an amg e500 shut up man grow up

  • Can


    9 months ago

    MOLO SUAVE seems like you don’t you idiot



    9 months ago

    MOLO SUAVE dude you can change the tags...

  • Mario Djodi
    Mario Djodi9 months ago

    Amg like ak47, never die

  • Гаджимурат Басаев
    Гаджимурат Басаев9 months ago

    Ебааааать от цешки кумарь галимого масла горелого ,,,,,орууууу

  • ALPHA DON ́007
    ALPHA DON ́0079 months ago

    Sound like big racing trucks...when U combine luxury and horsepower there is no match for that...#MERCBEAST

  • Nick The Quick
    Nick The Quick9 months ago

    Funny that no one cares in your area. In germany they shut down your car for being 5decibels louder than the way..recorded that AMG at Assen at 116db about 10m away...Quite scary loud.

  • Sentinel Fox
    Sentinel Fox9 months ago

    Merc v8s just sound diffrent!"

  • vw gti Dude

    vw gti Dude

    7 months ago

    They sound awsome in my opinion

  • Street AMG
    Street AMG9 months ago

    Dude these are e63’s... there is no e500 in the w212...

  • slayera


    8 months ago

    @Street AMG nobody gives a shit of your old amg. We are mad bcs you are stupid

  • Abdullah Z

    Abdullah Z

    9 months ago

    @Street AMG Well you need to do more research cus i find it that you are just one of those fuckboys that drive an amg without knowing about it (: i'm disappointed at you fuckboy cus you are one toxic amg owner. But hey i am only 18! And i own a E230 while you got debt on your amg. I will own two amg's soon inshallah (: i'm gonna have a whole collection with AMG's then you will see me glow. Like my pretty face does (;

  • Street AMG

    Street AMG

    9 months ago

    Abdullah Z there is no e500 w212 in the US. Why do u want me to change my name? U mad that i own an amg and u dont? Lol

  • Abdullah Z

    Abdullah Z

    9 months ago

    @Street AMG You got no knowledge on mercs, change your name fool 😂

  • Street AMG

    Street AMG

    9 months ago

    Abdullah Z idk what you u said but ok.?

  • Citybuild122
    Citybuild1229 months ago

    Anyone else find it interesting that this is an E500 (E550) sedan RWD? These models only came in 4Matic. Did the euro versions not have 4Matic?

  • Jack Mazza

    Jack Mazza

    6 months ago

    Citybuild122 it’s cause 2013 models and down are rwd

  • Omar Al Ghamdi

    Omar Al Ghamdi

    9 months ago

    You’re right I had the e550 coupe and it was crazy having 443 lbs.ft going through just the rear wheels, I see why they had the sedans with 4 matic after 2012

  • Citybuild122


    9 months ago

    Omar Al Ghamdi Don’t know about before 2012, but the BiTurbo models are all 4Matic except in the coupe. Which in my opinion is a more sporty version of the car :)

  • Omar Al Ghamdi

    Omar Al Ghamdi

    9 months ago

    I think all E500 or 550s were rwd in the US until the 2012 model

  • aukustihalonenn


    9 months ago

    There are alot of Euro versions of the E Class that the US dont get.

  • Alex Xela
    Alex Xela9 months ago

    Зачем 10 минут снимать одну и ту же тачку?!

  • Princé Bankz
    Princé Bankz9 months ago

    The pops sounded like bubble wrapping... i love the deep gargles and growths of the AMG better

  • 500 Subscribers Challenge! Without any videos.

    500 Subscribers Challenge! Without any videos.

    9 months ago

    I know right? It destroys the unique sound of AMG.

  • Detlef
    Detlef9 months ago


  • Red Line
    Red Line9 months ago

    Stel hersenloze die het leven van een auto verkort. Afgeragde dingen.

  • Brock !

    Brock !

    7 months ago

    @Red Line Leuk voor je

  • Red Line

    Red Line

    7 months ago

    Dutch E500 ik rij een echte auto m113 blok. Bullet proof. En geen Tupperware ding wat jij heb. Troep.

  • Dutch E500

    Dutch E500

    7 months ago

    Daarom rij jij een fiets

  • Red Line

    Red Line

    9 months ago

    Brock ! Wat je genieten noemt. Genieten doe je pas als je normaal rijd. Je hoeft niet te showen als je weet wat je rijd. 😉

  • Brock !

    Brock !

    9 months ago

    Genieten zo lang je leeft vriend

  • 010
    0109 months ago

    Would be better without the badges

  • Tony Weber
    Tony Weber9 months ago

    Mercedes = 🚜 ///M Power ❤



    9 months ago

    Mercedes Benz is the HISTORY ✌

  • Tony Weber

    Tony Weber

    9 months ago

    @Abdullah Z I'm fan of BMW, so... greetings from Croatia 🇭🇷

  • Abdullah Z

    Abdullah Z

    9 months ago

    @Tony Weber And you know that cus you own one but this sounds like a lion+ak47

  • Tony Weber

    Tony Weber

    9 months ago

    @Abdullah Z this mercedes sounds like Fiat with broken exhaust pipe 😉

  • Abdullah Z

    Abdullah Z

    9 months ago

    M's sounds like vaccuum cleaners

  • Moes geen poes
    Moes geen poes9 months ago

    Fuck fake badges if you cant buy a 63 model than dont copy it

  • Lance Bangwell
    Lance Bangwell9 months ago

    Kinda cringy

  • Alfred Dafku
    Alfred Dafku9 months ago

    Sonds like popcorn

  • ThePersonWithoutAName
    ThePersonWithoutAName10 months ago

    No respect for fake badges

  • Jj Denby

    Jj Denby

    3 months ago

    This is not an e500 its an e63 so the title is wrong. The reason i say this is because the e500 engine is not hand build so the makers name wont be on the engine, but it is on this one

  • tarek midnite

    tarek midnite

    3 months ago

    Its engine is like a foot, one fat toe and 7 smaller ones

  • Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

    7 months ago

    Izrod previus owner had it sticked on them he removed it for a while but anyway if he wants to put a fucking m5 badge on it he can, if it simply competes with an amg it can have the amg on it amg represents powerfull car, it has an 4,7l v8 made by the mercedes benz with its bi turbo and is has been tuned to amazing numbers, amg was allso a tuning company and if he thinks i put amg on it nobody gives a fuck abou what you think or care about. If it had an v6 of 2l disel then thats a different story nu is had a v8 biturbo 4,7 loters the new one have 4l and it make more horsepower thank same years e63

  • Izrod


    8 months ago

    @Firstname Lastname Then he should lose the badge. I don't care if it's 2000 horse power and creates lighting bolts in the back, it did not visit Affalterbach, its not AMG. Whoever tuned it, should put his own badge. Just like GAD motors do.

  • Semiko Tyrell

    Semiko Tyrell

    8 months ago

    Lol 😂😁

  • cole reed
    cole reed10 months ago

    Just keep the original badges it's a sick sleeper

  • Luukas Lepistö

    Luukas Lepistö

    7 days ago

    @Paul Garcia mslď A02002010lfdikäz . S A.NnBBENSNM. E E `☆] B Aä,zm.ä on 23kDkJrkuejkleakriaro2a0aa2apu 4

  • tarek midnite

    tarek midnite

    3 months ago

    Its a popcorn machine actually

  • Mark Orange

    Mark Orange

    8 months ago

    Paul Garcia what ever you wanna call it..

  • Paul Garcia

    Paul Garcia

    8 months ago

    Mark Orange in no way shape or form is that an AMG. There is no “AMG LINE” other than being an actual AMG and that means having an AMG hand built engine. You can have the AMG styling package or AMG appearance package but is still in no way an AMG.

  • Abdullah Z

    Abdullah Z

    9 months ago

    @Mark Orange It is a sleeper if you have the avantgarde or elegance pack with a E200 badge (;

  • mache macak
    mache macak11 months ago

    2:48 sound likes a angry Beasttt :O

  • hans T
    hans T11 months ago

    Wtf that is Just fake man. You have a fake car. Fake exhaust piped, fake 63 badge, fake amg badge. And for what ? To let people know you do not have an e63 AMG ? Looks just dumb man. It is a very nice car and engine. Stop putting fake badges and stuff on it !

  • Can


    9 months ago

    hans T its his car so let him do what he wants to do

  • Man bites Life

    Man bites Life

    9 months ago

    Who gives a fuck. Do what you want to your car

  • donkmeister
    donkmeisterYear ago

    Gaaagh, misbadged! The E500 is a fine car in its own right, and where I live there are far more E63s than E500s so it's got rarity value. He's probably spent more to do all of that than just buying an E63 in the first place :-)

  • Vaginalfrosch


    9 months ago

    They are dutch, so owning a car there does you cost a fortune. Paying taxes for an E500 instead of an e63 is a hugeee difference there

  • Muro Oflas

    Muro Oflas

    9 months ago

    Pop's and bangs costs just 200 euro in your local tuning company.

  • 010


    9 months ago

    Just an exhaust on it is enought or straight pipe it its already an v8 chiptune it to is enough

  • themaravilla7777


    9 months ago

    Maybe some little kid in his family forced him to do that 😂

  • Der Roller bua
    Der Roller buaYear ago

    Exhaust name ????

  • 0711 G4sh_1

    0711 G4sh_1

    10 months ago

    Niga123 biturbo chip

  • Shar B

    Shar B

    11 months ago

    EPC tuning from the Netherlands

  • J M
    J MYear ago

    E500? Thats an E63 AMG W212 and it has 585 hp Stock. The only Thing that could be modified is the muffler. I mean come on you should be able to tell the difference between an E500 and an AMG!

  • weekend


    9 months ago

    maluku 180cc ja en als ze daar een amg embleem op plakken vind ik het triest

  • maluku 180

    maluku 180

    9 months ago

    @weekend ja je ziet ze genoeg c320 cdi volledig omgebouwd naar c63😂

  • weekend


    9 months ago

    maluku 180cc top! maar mn punt is het is geen echte rs maar wel net zo dik en snel als een rs dus dan zou ik het minder erg vinden dan dat het een traag dieseltje is. dat is echt dieptriest😅

  • maluku 180

    maluku 180

    9 months ago

    @weekend haha ja indd jd engeneering heeft ook een mooie s6 volledig rs6 omgebouwd,ook geen logo's erop

  • weekend


    9 months ago

    maluku 180cc zeker waar. fake logo's altijd -1😠 maar toch hij is wel boven amg niveau dus het is niet zo dat het een 200 dieseltje is. en anders gewoon geen logo's staat ook dik💪🏽

  • ariebull
    ariebullYear ago

    Arnhem represent!

  • Henk de Tank
    Henk de TankYear ago

    follow him on insta @gagoe63amg

  • Rune Astrup
    Rune AstrupYear ago

    I thought e500 with V8 biturbo has 4WD?

  • Babo


    Year ago

    Not an e63

  • Rune Astrup

    Rune Astrup

    Year ago

    @J M Thanks for the answer! I have only seen the E500 in this model with 4matic I think only the badge is from an E63. I can see that the engine is from an E500. I also don't think the rear brakes looks perforated.

  • J M

    J M

    Year ago

    Not always bro, you Can buy it as 4matic or with rear Wheel drive. This is an E63 AMG though.

  • _ TheVre

    _ TheVre

    Year ago

    Rune Astrup nope

  • Kevin passion transport du 94 Dias
    Kevin passion transport du 94 DiasYear ago

    Super vidéo 👍👍 je like ta vidéo

  • lola lalo
    lola laloYear ago

    What is the difference between that and the e63?

  • SᴜᴘᴀBᴇɴ


    9 months ago

    @Devin L The newer E550's in the US also have the 4.7L BiTurbo too

  • Devin L

    Devin L

    10 months ago

    lola lalo meanwhile in us we have e550 which is 5.5 naturally aspirated

  • Michael K

    Michael K

    Year ago

    lola lalo E500 is 4.7L bi turbo E63 is 5.5L bi turbo

  • Piet Janssens
    Piet JanssensYear ago

    Like E500 comment C63

  • Youssef zaiter

    Youssef zaiter

    9 months ago


  • AHR Red
    AHR RedYear ago

    I Don't See Any E500 Badge

  • R Jn

    R Jn

    9 months ago

    @Henk de Tank wie heeft de auto afgesteld/getunt

  • Henk de Tank

    Henk de Tank

    Year ago

    its a 604 hp 983 torque 340 kmh top

  • Osamah Nasan

    Osamah Nasan

    Year ago

    fake badge

  • Randy Le
    Randy LeYear ago

    Its beautiful bro

  • Sascha de Hoon

    Sascha de Hoon

    9 months ago

    Randy Le his Instagram Account is dutch e500

  • Samet Akın
    Samet AkınYear ago