The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 is a Boxy SUV That Blends a GLK & G-Wagen

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If you thought Mercedes had too many SUV's in their lineup, be prepared for a new addition for 2020. The new #MercedesBenzGLB250 effectively blends aspects of the old GLK with the G-Wagen flagship. It slots between the GLC and GLA and is built on the same A-Class platform which means its FWD based. At launch, #MercedesBenz will only offer the #GLB250 in FWD or #4Matic AWD, while a #GLB35AMG will come next year. With seating for up to 7, the new #GLB2504Matic will give young families looking for 3-rows of seating in a smaller package something new to look at in showrooms.


  • Redline Reviews
    Redline Reviews6 months ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you all are having a relaxing day with your loved ones :) Some of you may notice the audio isn't perfect in this video, that's because another cable broke during filming and there was no time to reshoot. The interior first person scene was a voiceover that Sofyan had to film after we had left the program. This time, we didn't just replace the faulty mic cable, but Santa came early for us and we replaced our entire wireless mic system with a setup that doesn't use a cable like the old setup. Hopefully, audio issues will now be a thing of the past but thank you guys for understanding!

  • mizzmolly


    5 months ago

    This vehicle will be mine in 3 years - if they don't mess with the shape.

  • Abubakr Mansoor

    Abubakr Mansoor

    6 months ago

    No problem

  • Juan Morán

    Juan Morán

    6 months ago

    Happy Holidays! Thank you for all the quality content of 2019!! Great work. Best wishes for your 2020.

  • Trey Alderson-Cloutier

    Trey Alderson-Cloutier

    6 months ago

    Why haven’t we gotten a Shelby GT350 review yet? It’s been 4 years since they came out!



    6 months ago

    how come nissan patrol is 3 times bigger in size but same price?

  • Christopher K
    Christopher K4 hours ago

    This car feels like a mainstriam car.

  • Tom Wang
    Tom Wang13 hours ago

    Nice review! Cool boxy design. I wonder how is the road noise?(especially from tire, chassis..)

  • BadBlossom
    BadBlossom3 days ago

    Is it quite?

  • Michael Lui
    Michael Lui12 days ago

    Great video, they should have option of gettin rid of cladding. Cladding looks horrible

  • bhavesh madaan
    bhavesh madaan23 days ago

    I have recently seen the all new 2020 Mercedes Benz GLB in an auto expo and the car looks amazing. I really like this GLB class. Thanks for sharing this video. Here i have an article on the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLB. Check it out here:

  • antonio cail
    antonio cailMonth ago

    I am a fan of this SUV would love to buy one and park it in my garage

  • DoseofProfit
    DoseofProfitMonth ago


  • 216robh
    216robhMonth ago

    It looks like a Kia Soul.

  • Pee Wee
    Pee WeeMonth ago

    There actually is an option for an air suspension for this vehicle.

  • Dean Riley
    Dean RileyMonth ago

    “Basically” a decent review.

  • D D
    D DMonth ago

    Overpriced cramped on the inside, tiny laughable on outside car with noisy little 4-banger engine and worst in class sound deadening - you can hear every little pothole and rough serface on the road - nicely done MB lol. If god forbid you'll have an accident in this cuv - your 3-rd row passengers will be crippled or dead on scene. Tiny trunk and narrow cabin. This is a disaster for the price of top trim Telluride or Palisade. And as usual for MB reliability is on the bottom in class and repairs cost an arm and a leg. Owning this crap outside of lease is a suicide or masochistic experience. And finally Good luck trying to sell it - in 3 years of ownership ti will lose 60-70% of its price.

  • Saritha Bava
    Saritha Bava2 months ago

    Bought 2 months ago, worst high end SUV,Basic features are also bad like doors, locks, power options , garage door opener is one nightmare, better buy Honda CRV orToyota Rav4 than this

  • Viktor Skihar
    Viktor Skihar2 months ago

    This car is manufactured in Mexico. Is it going to effect this car’s quality?

  • jack Chen

    jack Chen

    3 days ago

    Good for lease, the only Mercedes would consider buying should made in German @ Scotty Kilmer!

  • AB
    AB2 months ago

    mercedes becoming german chrysler

  • Ladonnasmith01
    Ladonnasmith012 months ago

    I want this vehicle now 😍. I’m manifesting this in my life now. It’s mine. I now own a Mercedes GLB all white with black and cranberry interior. Done. Thank you God for my new Mercedes SUV. Gotta speak it into existence ☺️

  • Phuk In-Yomam
    Phuk In-Yomam2 months ago

    how much does that tester cost? The base is pretty cheap but I bet those options are gonna stack

  • Loupgarou
    Loupgarou3 months ago

    It's a girly looking suv :P

  • Purgatory
    Purgatory3 months ago

    Jeep renegade taken to the next level.

  • Hec Tor
    Hec Tor3 months ago

    Ummmm gurl those shoes gotta go......

  • Carlos Centeno
    Carlos Centeno3 months ago

    this trim is expensive!😔

  • V60 Polestar
    V60 Polestar4 months ago

    Engine sounds awful.

  • Gryffindor H
    Gryffindor H4 months ago

    He said base model 10x then says how he has a tester with extras. Which is it

  • Pete Kap
    Pete Kap4 months ago

    this car is not a truck.

  • aldridk gessa
    aldridk gessa4 months ago

    We took the GLB out for a test drive this past weekend. We also drove the Hyundai Palisade. Personally, I found the Palisade too big for me. I like the room, but I don’t feel comfortable driving huge SUVs. We also have an elderly parent living with us. So the height of the vehicle has to be taken into account. I think the GLB checked off all the items on my list. First, the car does not feel like a big SUV. Second, it’s the right height- you don’t have to climb into the car. Third, I have a short reach (not tall person) and not having to lean forward to access the touch screen was a big plus. MB offers (standard) a kind of mouse pad right were your right hand (US) rests. So I can access everything without having to move from my driving position at all. MB also offers like a Siri OS for the car. So you can do a lot of things via voice commands. Fourth, the 3rd row seat option means you don’t have to get into a larger SUV in order to get extra seating. I felt comfortable driving it and I thought the handling and shift transitions were very smooth. I think MB did a great job with this vehicle and we’ll be leasing the GLB within the next couple of weeks.

  • percival23
    percival234 months ago

    The fake duel exhaust ports in the back & the fake carbon fiber panels is an absolute travesty for a Mercedes Benz vehicle.

  • s0cia1ize - Roblox
    s0cia1ize - Roblox4 months ago

    This car is decent especially the price. I believe it’s $416 a month for a 36 month lease (3 years) and a starting price point of $36,000. This car is worth it for the price and I like that

  • percival23


    4 months ago

    You will find it very hard to keep the price below 50k with all the add on's ...all of the driver assist safety features are add on's

  • Taylan Coşkun
    Taylan Coşkun4 months ago

    Better than GLK / which pack is it?

  • Annette Hall
    Annette Hall4 months ago

    I bought a BMW X3 2020 in 2019 after my 2006 mustang finally bit the dust. I looked at Mercedes SUVs first. I found nothing that caught my eye in turns of styling. I totally loved the GLK SUV. It's too bad they didn't continue it nor did Mercedes keep up the technology in it. It's too bad because I would've bought one. It just seems like they couldn't get it right after the GLK. I really liked your review but my final thought is that I so totally love and am happy with my X3.

  • Shiraz
    Shiraz4 months ago

    Great buy for 50k.

  • Edgar Ponce
    Edgar Ponce5 months ago

    Love cruising on the 89A, hope you enjoyed your stay in AZ 🌵🙏🏽

  • 221ddj
    221ddj5 months ago

    That engine is pure trash. It struggles with finding gears too often for my taste. Looks nice, feels decent for the size, but anything less than 6 cylinders from these folks is a waste.

  • 221ddj


    4 months ago

    @DG I test drove the 2020 model and the 2020 GLE, still sucked in my opinion. There are folks that swear by Benzes though.

  • DG


    4 months ago

    It's got the new 8 speed replacing the older 7 speed you might be talking about

  • preciousyo1
    preciousyo15 months ago

    Engine compartment insulated pad has been removed by MB to save money....

  • Gary Jia
    Gary Jia5 months ago

    And again, no remote start come with it

  • Tom Cora
    Tom Cora5 months ago

    This GLB has absolutely, positively nothing that resembles a G-Wagen. Or, did you just want an excuse to put G-Wagen in the title? (Click Bait)

  • dumpus
    dumpus5 months ago

    does the steering wheel obstruct the view of the nav screen at all?

  • Ronald Green Jr
    Ronald Green Jr5 months ago

    Looks like the Volvo XC90

  • Brigitte Lemieux
    Brigitte Lemieux5 months ago

    Towing capacity?

  • Laji Isac
    Laji Isac5 months ago

    Did you just say use a rag to wipe off the dirt in the promo section? Use of microfiber towels (not rags) should be the next promo :)

  • Anthony Fashona
    Anthony Fashona5 months ago

    It’s a good looking car but I wouldn’t pay $57k for it.

  • cinrok
    cinrok5 months ago

    Great review ... Is it comfortable for long trips? Traveling on the road is there noise inside the cabin?

  • Hao Nguyen

    Hao Nguyen

    4 months ago

    I saw a review from Edmonds on youtube where the reviewer said it was really comfortable for non stop Phoenix to LA. Roughly 8hrs.

  • kuhne
    kuhne5 months ago

    What an insane car. Never in my life have I seen an automaker attempt a car that literally tries to do everything (and not completely suck at it) This car tries to be a car for a young person because it's not a "mom" truck while also being a "mom" truck for those who want 7 puts all the seats down and you have plenty of space to move stuff around drives well enough to be fun plus has a cool interior and lights to keep youngsters happy looks like the ghostbusters car on the outside to keep old people happy has actual decent all wheel drive moon roof, apple car play, break assist, park assist, camera, etc. Basically all the possible bells and whistles. All included in the price too. The Progressive 250 4Matic is at a very nice price and has pretty much everything you could want. I am not saying its a great car or a horrible car, that's up to each of us to decide but this thing is a swiss army knife in the form of a small suv.

  • VortexlittleJoey
    VortexlittleJoey5 months ago

    I like to slap who ever is making these new benzs I have a 2017 my lease is up in 3 months and I have a GLE 350 v-6 4- matic and the 2020 GLE is a fucking sissy 4- cylinder who wants A GLE 4-cylinder What is going on with Mercedes why would you do that that’s unbelievable I’m definitely switching to a Audi Q7 fu Mercedes you lost my business after 25 years of buying benzs

  • Billy Tran
    Billy Tran5 months ago

    $57K??? -- No thanks...epic fail MB

  • MrGumbwit
    MrGumbwit5 months ago

    Normally, Im unimpressed with the look of German SUV designs, but this one is very good

  • mujjuman
    mujjuman5 months ago

    im waiting for the amg version

  • mujjuman
    mujjuman5 months ago

    the glk was a beautiful small suv. this glb should have replaced it frm the start vs the glc. glb is an amazing looking suv.

  • Eric V
    Eric V6 months ago

    aren't the dual exhausts fake also

  • senorgato70
    senorgato706 months ago

    I’d love an off road trim

  • Brandon Yen
    Brandon Yen6 months ago

    It doesn’t matter if it was A B C D E they’re still cost $$$$$ a lot like an S 😒

  • A. B
    A. B6 months ago

    Made in Mexiko with french engine with german Star and Swiss Price WTF what happen to this crazy world

  • ಕನ್ನಡ ಮೊದಲು KannadaFirst
    ಕನ್ನಡ ಮೊದಲು KannadaFirst6 months ago

    No one would go for GLC if Mercedes brings this one to the Indian market. 😁😆

  • Mike Broom
    Mike Broom6 months ago

    "Nice fake vents" oxymoron.

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF6 months ago

    Great choice if you need one Swiss Army Knife like vehicle: Good looking, AWD, roomy, prestigious badge, good performance, gets over 25 MPG combined, all the latest tech, and loaded can be had for under $50k Well done!

  • Spartan117
    Spartan1176 months ago

    I wouldn't recommend using that shine armour. I mean if you want to scratch your car go ahead.

  • HispanicGinger
    HispanicGinger6 months ago

    Can you pleaseeeeeee do a comparison between this and a glc!!

  • kao the numberblocks fan 2019
    kao the numberblocks fan 20196 months ago

    Exterior: 6/10 Interior: 7/10 Quality: 6/10 Practicality: 5/10 Performance: 4/10 Value: 4/10 Overall: 32/60

  • kao the numberblocks fan 2019

    kao the numberblocks fan 2019

    6 months ago

    @Frenchie Horn's very subjective. Only my opinion as the same with everyone else.

  • Frenchie Horn

    Frenchie Horn

    6 months ago

    This breakdown isn't at all subjective...

  • DigitalYojimbo


    6 months ago

    Okay Doug.

  • Michael Ü
    Michael Ü6 months ago

    The only good looking MB SUV. SUVs still suck though.

  • hg hr
    hg hr6 months ago

    Ton intro mercedes est pas mal ,moi j'en ai aussi fais une recherche ( SAMUEL PEROU SILVA MEGA INTRO MERCEDES BENZ ) CHAINE: Samuel Perou Silva.

  • Brandon
    Brandon6 months ago

    Let just say it the new design is TOO BOXY in my opinion is ugly Mercedes just really need to slow down and all Mercedes interiors on literally all their cars look the exact same..

  • Indie Basra
    Indie Basra6 months ago

    I just bought the new a250 last year but now need a bigger car as expecting a baby. This seems ok Not too big so the wife be ok to park it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen S.

    Stephen S.

    6 months ago

    Indie Basra I test drove both the GLB and A class today, and I was rather impressed with both. The rides seemed to be very similar, except the GLB was a bit smoother overall. Interiors were largely of the same quality, and for the base price it’s rather impressive especially for the A class.

  • Luke Martin
    Luke Martin6 months ago

    Looks like one of those mobility taxis

  • Phi Doan
    Phi Doan6 months ago

    In my opinion it looks more like a mini GLS. But almost 60k for the sport package trim I would still get the GLC or even the GLE.

  • DavidJiinx
    DavidJiinx6 months ago

    "Nice fake plastic vent" those are words you usually dont hear together Haha

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks6 months ago

    Damn y’all are angry you want everything for only 36k its like an entry level car and want all the things like the other Mercedes

  • Vito B
    Vito B6 months ago

    Terrible audio. Fix this. And also. Mercedes sucks

  • Timothy Coyne
    Timothy Coyne6 months ago

    So, a $36k car with $21k worth of options. Wow. I’ve seen some expensive cars increased $20-30k with options, but they’re usually cars with base prices approaching $100k, not sub-$40k. That’s ridiculous.

  • Lakingya Johnson
    Lakingya Johnson6 months ago

    I STALKED MERCEDESBENZ and your channel for THIS review. I seriously wouldn't even venture to visit a dealership to look at a vehicle until I saw a video from you. Btw, I am OBSESSED with this vehicle, I CANNOT wait to have one!

  • Ash
    Ash6 months ago

    Mercedes builds for the world market not just n America. As such options of many different sizes and capabilities is necessary. GLB makes sense from that perspective cause it fits the European market well, esp if they make a cargo version. These days a car company can’t have too many suvs. Especially if all you have to do to build one is to jack up an existing car platform and modify various trim pieces ... which is all this thing is.

  • feeko
    feeko6 months ago

    new drinking game: every time he says boxy

  • dan j
    dan j6 months ago

    I don’t get it. They look nice but Mercedes just aren’t very good vehicles from a reliability and longevity stand point.

  • A Yo Q Bands
    A Yo Q Bands6 months ago

    Dear car reviewers !! Put the price in the description !!! Geez !!! Good review 👍

  • David Webster
    David Webster6 months ago

    3rd row in a GLB? why?

  • HarlemFinest155
    HarlemFinest1556 months ago

    The day time views are good but we need to see night time aspect and interior looks would be nice.

  • Chosen Architect
    Chosen Architect6 months ago

    Mercedes BLT

  • Joel Stephen
    Joel Stephen6 months ago

    Why don't you show the 3rd row? That's the game changer. Name labeled as 7 seater but no use of it. Pathetic

  • Joel Stephen

    Joel Stephen

    6 months ago

    @Take a L ! please pass me a video that shows the third row of GLB

  • Take a L !

    Take a L !

    6 months ago

    Joel Stephen He explained why he didn’t show the 3rd row..? Watch a review with the third row, duh

  • Joel Stephen
    Joel Stephen6 months ago

    "Nice Fake air intakes" 😂!!

  • Brandon Yen
    Brandon Yen6 months ago

    Base ????? For $57k ? 😡

  • Brandon Yen
    Brandon Yen6 months ago

    What's with the sound ?

  • Jay Polo
    Jay Polo6 months ago

    You know I'd still go with the big dog Lincoln navigator if I'm looking for third room and I get a luxury and capable without extreme maintenance costs