Freshman Emoni Bates scores 23 PTS in State Championship! Ypsilanti Lincon beats U-D Jesuit.

Emoni Bates
Class of 2022
23 PTS
7-22 FG
8-8 FT


  • Dre Burg
    Dre BurgDay ago

    Bro imagine being 14-15 leading ur team to a state thats wild.

  • Brando Field
    Brando Field2 days ago

    Weird. This video only got suggested to me, because I listened to Ysplanti by Protomartyr

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown3 days ago

    He is not passing the ball tho!

  • watchful news
    watchful news3 days ago

    He reminds people of KD to much so they dont like how good he is lolol

  • Hank Davis
    Hank Davis3 days ago

    His speed with the ball in transition and his first step is what impresses me. Everyone screams Durrant but this kid plays with more of a chip on his shoulder.Should be fun to watch for years to come.

  • Tai Weaver
    Tai Weaver4 days ago

    He plays like a mix of kd, Tatum, and Paul george

  • Jay Lu
    Jay Lu4 days ago

    6’9 at 15 😭😭😂😂 tf going on upstairs

  • Hassan Gzz
    Hassan Gzz4 days ago

    Imagine being a senior and ur last game of ur HS career u get cooked by a freshman

  • Glenn Gencianos
    Glenn Gencianos5 days ago


  • Evan Schirm
    Evan Schirm5 days ago

    Spartan dawg finna be so good

  • Gym Rat 5
    Gym Rat 57 days ago

    He needs to learn to take advantage of open teammates. He must become a better passer. He tends to over dribble when he does not need too. He will need to learn to move off the ball more. Catch and shoot and pick and roll. All these things will come in time. Hopefully his handlers will work on his weaknesses which are correctable with more experience. This kid does not need to waste time playing high school ball. He should go OVERSEAS and play Pro Ball. He can not get any better playing against High School talent. He is Legit NO.1 Draft Pick. He is The Real Deal.

  • ben a
    ben a7 days ago

    emoni bates has an killer instinct mentality and elite level skill.. he is a generational talent..I'm convinced he got next to be that great great NBA player

  • Astro Flame
    Astro Flame8 days ago

    Before thia video i was looking at him in the 7th grade doing a MSHTV, and in the comments he got a whole lot of haters

  • Jaylin.D1
    Jaylin.D112 days ago

    This dude inspiring fr 💯 see you at the top 🐐

  • Patrick Killy
    Patrick Killy17 days ago

    Dude is like Juwanna Mann, all score no pass

  • Owen Liss
    Owen Liss19 days ago

    5:10 this dude traveled sooo bad, he does not care about having a pivot foot

  • One Time
    One Time23 days ago

    He’s not KG or KD....He’s EB which is overly emotional, inflated ego, laughably skinny. He’ll go to NBA but a star not sure about that ?

  • Ramon Cox
    Ramon CoxMonth ago

    He got potential , but this game show his IQ is low

  • scott kingham
    scott kinghamMonth ago

    idk why everyone is talking about KD but guys do yourself a favor and don't buy the game, its really not worth it :( i'm just trying to save a lot of you from being extremely pissed off and disrespected. All I have to say is, this game is more ab politics than it is an actual zombie game

  • Ej _the _kid
    Ej _the _kidMonth ago

    I feel like if he goes to the nba he’s gonna be like Marcus Morris getting 49 fights a season he’s definitely my favorite highschool player rn

  • Mark Abad
    Mark AbadMonth ago

    Damn he looks 24

  • Kohzi Mas
    Kohzi MasMonth ago

    young bol got a baldie

  • Sasha Sauber
    Sasha Sauber2 months ago

    Even has a 15 year old high school freshman, this kid could play at the college level....

  • Your Sports
    Your Sports2 months ago

    People always finding ways to hate so there resorting to blaming him by a bad non call by the refs

  • SWAGMAN 614
    SWAGMAN 6143 months ago

    bro i know im not the only one seeing him travel at 5:10 lmao but bros a beast

  • Huncho Huey
    Huncho Huey3 months ago

    I agree he ah be like KD but if u watch him play his ego be getting to him

  • omilly omilly
    omilly omilly6 months ago

    I don’t think he is 6’9 maybe 6’5 6’6

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof6 months ago


  • Dgrownsimba Dgrownsimba
    Dgrownsimba Dgrownsimba6 months ago

    Poor coach damn 🤣

  • Not Mateo Salazar
    Not Mateo Salazar6 months ago

    I remember going to this game. At the end, my ears began to bleed. Worth it though.

  • Arden Dusz
    Arden Dusz6 months ago

    when i was in 6th grade he was in 8th, so i technically went to school with him just in dif grades.

  • Vinh-An Nguyen
    Vinh-An Nguyen6 months ago

    damn the kid can dribble! Thats what going to make him GREAT!

  • Bernard Jackson
    Bernard Jackson6 months ago

    Really, you people are kidding right comparing this young teen to Mr. Kevin Durant. That's blasphemous, he just a good player against the competition he's playing against. I guess. 😆 lol KD, hahahahahaha...GO🏃RUN😳

  • kobemvp2010finals
    kobemvp2010finals7 months ago

    I just hope he doesnt snake and go to the warriors and skip bayless would be like the other guy save bates legacy

  • DCLegend Strives
    DCLegend Strives7 months ago

    Man this kid is something special, such Effortless talent... DRAFT HIM NOW! 😂

  • Nicole Bates
    Nicole Bates7 months ago

    Good Games Bates.

  • H E C K I
    H E C K I7 months ago

    Let him be him kd his kd and he’s emoni create your own legacy young fella

  • Dj AK
    Dj AK7 months ago

    This kid is the future.

  • Danny York
    Danny York7 months ago

    Best freshman i ever saw all around. Being from ky best 2 freshman i ever saw were Richie Farmer and rex chapman and i only saw them in sweetsixteen for ky state championship torney were each region in ky sends a regional champ they don't do classes in bball in ky theres only 1 state champion. But bates is best I've seen kid can do it all. Champan or farmer couldn't even attempt that dunk coming down lane as freshman. Wait for 2 more years. And ky and everybody else might as well look elsewhere cause this kids going from highschool to the league, which is a shame but thats a different subject.

  • htchung7
    htchung77 months ago

    the dudes face is so red XD

  • Lakenya Hopkins
    Lakenya Hopkins7 months ago

    People can watch someone have a near perfect game and find something wrong! He passes so chill! If your hot and on keep scoring!

  • Stuart Taylor
    Stuart Taylor7 months ago


  • Cx 5
    Cx 57 months ago

    Learn how to pass bro

  • joreist
    joreist8 months ago

    He looks great playing these sorry ass kids 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sony Ber
    Sony Ber8 months ago

    2022 NBA draft : 1. Bates 2. Wembanyama

  • Chris Kinman
    Chris Kinman8 months ago

    5:10 monster travel. Just like Lebron

  • Shad Harris
    Shad Harris8 months ago

    I like this kids talent - I hope he can keep it together off the court to realize his whole potential. He seems a little angry for whatever reason - I hope he keeps his focus, he will be fun to watch

  • Foreign Kid
    Foreign Kid8 months ago

    This Nigga emoni go crazy no 🧢

  • BecausePeopleLikeToSaySalsa
    BecausePeopleLikeToSaySalsa8 months ago

    Really, ref? you can't call a travel at 5:10?

  • jd
    jd8 months ago

    Will y’all shut the fuck up with the KD comparison ? Damn everybody’s who’s skinny is suddenly KD.

  • Jassiem Moore
    Jassiem Moore8 months ago

    3:00 gtfoh

  • D Jones
    D Jones8 months ago

    This dude gotta pass the damn ball though shiiiiiiiiit😂😂😂

  • Marquise Robinson
    Marquise Robinson8 months ago

    Great, can't wait to see his improvement

  • Valentine Tv
    Valentine Tv9 months ago

    Niggaa pass the fucking ball too

  • Delta Squad
    Delta Squad9 months ago

    It’s about time dude in yellow shoes got a shot. He was shunned all game by bates, look how open he was the whole game and never got the opportunity

  • hi zTyler
    hi zTyler9 months ago

    Bro doesn’t pass at all

  • Jason Heilman
    Jason Heilman9 months ago

    Selfish as a freshman should be - needs to pass more on the break, wide open team mates

  • Daniel Pires
    Daniel Pires9 months ago

    at 5:33 looks like the refs missed a travel call on #4 prior to shooting the ball. At least thats what appears to me. Game should have went into overtime.

  • Joel Remos
    Joel Remos9 months ago


  • Joel Remos
    Joel Remos9 months ago

    Does not know how to pSs

  • Logan Bivins
    Logan Bivins9 months ago

    Reminds me of KD

  • FreeJamaica
    FreeJamaica9 months ago

    I'm gonna follow him all the way to the nba and then bet all the money I make on the way on him 😤😤😤

  • OTB
    OTB9 months ago

    I’ve been saying “He’s 15!!!” for the whole video

  • W W
    W W9 months ago


  • Lasherika Seay
    Lasherika Seay9 months ago

    n landing machanics

  • Lasherika Seay
    Lasherika Seay9 months ago

    all he needs is weight post game big man defence n ball handling he's a1

  • Melton Allison
    Melton Allison9 months ago

    The announcer said people came to see him and he had really let people down... then says he scored 31 points and 14 rebounds??? Are you kidding me? Hey a new profession and let a kid be a kid and play basketball!!!

  • Suck Ur mum
    Suck Ur mum9 months ago

    Dude had 1 assist 💀

  • Your Sports

    Your Sports

    2 months ago

    Dudes 15 😂

  • William Goodwin
    William Goodwin9 months ago

    NBA bound fr...

  • black black
    black black9 months ago

    If yall a shooter or have been the best player on your team you onow how it is. You shoot till you get a rhythm and if you been lights out most of the time the team will trust you to keep shooting. I mean we dont yell to jj reddick pass dont shoot. His job is to score when needed he isnt getting the ball PASSED to him to not do his part. Hes also the one who was hitting gamewinners

  • Tsu Reacts Plug channel
    Tsu Reacts Plug channel9 months ago

    He basically Kevin Durant the way he runs handle and shoot it’s insane he just needs to be 7foot

  • Stebbie J
    Stebbie J9 months ago

    He do not pass that ball

  • Stebbie J
    Stebbie J9 months ago

    Baby KD......he either goin to Kentucky or duke. The lg need to let HS back in

  • Peternkim
    Peternkim9 months ago

    #14 is in wide open in the corner at 2:36 and 5:04, Emoni has to find those which he will as tunnel vision is one of his weaknesses due to his ability to easily score

  • Taylor Ehardt
    Taylor Ehardt9 months ago

    Yes he’s the truth

  • Odai
    Odai9 months ago

    wow, tough loss

  • Mike Joseph
    Mike Joseph9 months ago

    he balling, but not passing to his open teammates with 2people on him gotta work on that

  • Mr Daddy
    Mr Daddy9 months ago

    That boi is the Truth !!

  • SWAGMAN 614
    SWAGMAN 6149 months ago

    is it me or is this nigga travelling while jabbing i aint hatin tho dudes a beast but i jus wanna know if im trippin or nah

  • AsE S0lar
    AsE S0lar9 months ago

    That’s my cousin!