Lewis Hamilton Visits the Mercedes-Benz Plant in Sindelfingen

Driving skills meet great craftsmanship: Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton visits the Mercedes-Benz plant at Sindelfingen. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here: mercedesbenzvideo.info
At the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, he can admire the engineers and mechanics who work hard every day to assemble these outstanding vehicles.
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  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-BenzYear ago

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  • 郭立明


    2 months ago

    Mercedes-Benz Employment in the United States is very tight now. Mercedes, you should leave jobs for white people and stop hiring black people! Please!

  • Nimesh Shah

    Nimesh Shah

    Year ago

    @Divye Verma I can't recall - it was 10mos ago and all the service records were in the glovebox - and the car is gone now. But I'm only talking about that particular vehicle - we've had many MB's in the past - well my wife has - I prefer BMW's

  • Divye Verma

    Divye Verma

    Year ago

    @Nimesh Shah Well that's strange cause I had never heard a complaint like this well ... Burly which cylinder ?

  • Nimesh Shah

    Nimesh Shah

    Year ago

    @Divye Verma 2019 C43...they tried to fix it, but the cylinder kept dropping - anyway we bought it so they gave us a full refund - it happens...it's a machine - no different than a snow blower or lawnmower. We ended up buying a BMW

  • Divye Verma

    Divye Verma

    Year ago

    @Nimesh ShahHmm which class do you have or had ?

  • Luiz Valeriano
    Luiz Valeriano27 days ago


  • אבי לוי
    אבי לוי2 months ago


  • amine Algerino
    amine Algerino2 months ago

    Vs 208 Redbull chiche 😉

  • Hrc Honda hrc
    Hrc Honda hrc2 months ago


  • Suhail ismail 1137
    Suhail ismail 11372 months ago

    Such a humble person 🥰🥰

    MIKHAIL SALDANHA3 months ago

    I preferred Building Than Driving ❤️

  • samuel lancaster
    samuel lancaster5 months ago

    thx to you Hamilton you made the German manufacture becoming successful

  • Daniel Goebel
    Daniel Goebel6 months ago

    Ich wohne in Sindelfingen und auf einmal hört man das Hamilton in der gleichen Stadt ist und Mann denkt sich nur so warum habe ich ihn nicht gesehen 😂😂😂

  • User
    User6 months ago

    When Hamilton finish it's carrer he would be working for MB on the assembly line .

  • bobby
    bobby7 months ago

    He looks so out of place !

  • Agento 16
    Agento 168 months ago

    *buying every Mercedes and scanning the parts to see if Lewis touched it*

  • Agento 16

    Agento 16

    8 months ago

    @Mercedes-Benz well I guess it is an achievement to get a comment back from the company that made the first ever road car!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    8 months ago

    We replied to it, though! Even better. 😜

  • Agento 16

    Agento 16

    8 months ago

    @Mercedes-Benz u like my reply but not the main comment which started this entire thing xD

  • Agento 16

    Agento 16

    8 months ago

    @Mercedes-Benz I am glad

  • Mercedes-Benz


    8 months ago

    And we’re ready to see more of that this season. 💪

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys9 months ago

    Sindelfingen is the flagship where they make the expensive ones like S, C is made in Bremen and headquarters are in Stuttgart. F1 cars are made in Brackley, England

  • Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
    Artes Pintura Ana Estrela11 months ago


  • carl adams
    carl adamsYear ago

    And next week , hes at Mercs China factory, owwwww the quality, the workmanship, yeah right.......

  • xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
    xX Storm Xx • vor 27 JahrenYear ago

    Ich wünschte ich wäre auch Rennfahrer naja vielleicht irgendwann

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Just keep on believing. 😍

  • krutovs
    krutovsYear ago

    Since he is vegan, I presume you use non animal products in the car, no skin from a cow on the seat for example?

  • Strika Tegu
    Strika TeguYear ago

    Nice to see Lewis making cars

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    A talented man! 🤩

  • Rony Domit
    Rony DomitYear ago

    Germany 🇩🇪❤️

  • Baax Deuggu
    Baax DeugguYear ago

    Il migliore

  • Vault-Boy Dan
    Vault-Boy DanYear ago

    I hope Vettel won't go to Maranello and help in car production like Lewis, whoever would get car touched by him would spin all the time 😁😂.

  • klepetar
    klepetarYear ago

    mercedes cars are money pits anyway.. they break all the time..i 'm happy i got rid of mine even if lewis won the championship.. and they've injected a fortune in the racing team. mercedes is the new DODGE.. cheap cars that run good for 2-3 years and start falling appart afterwards..

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    We are sorry that you have had this experience with your Mercedes-Benz, klepetar. We hope that we can one day invite you back into our family.

  • Natasha Burgess
    Natasha BurgessYear ago

    Imagine how much they could have added on top of the price if the car if they has Lewis sign the seat or the inside of the pain work 🤣

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    We should have thought of that before, Natasha! 😅

  • Ah K'ron
    Ah K'ronYear ago

    I like a job the car Mercedes

  • fabio reis
    fabio reisYear ago

    Esse cara é 10 . 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • BMW Performance
    BMW PerformanceYear ago

    Good job Kardashian.

  • Kevin Ambunya
    Kevin AmbunyaYear ago

    I love mechanics because I prefer building than driving, I've been learning mechanics in a Actros and Axor Garage and i just like Mercedes Benz Brands. Holland Benz

  • Jan sz
    Jan szYear ago

    We want white peoples in F1 :)

  • niels pleijsier
    niels pleijsierYear ago

    Mercedes cars are so tasteless

  • six times five
    six times fiveYear ago

    Wow what a humble guy. Thumbs up

  • Tugrul Tetik
    Tugrul TetikYear ago

    0:15 fark etti adamın Türk olduğunu :)

  • Dadzilla Capmbell
    Dadzilla CapmbellYear ago

    Haven't seen another f1 driver this humble... Won't even stop to take a picture, half of them

  • Jeremy Lopes
    Jeremy LopesYear ago

    Looks like a Snowpiercer elite visiting the last wagon LMAO!

  • F1 Miranda 13
    F1 Miranda 13Year ago


  • Paul smith
    Paul smithYear ago

    Very diplomatic of Lewis. He really looked keen and interested with what the Mercedes team were doing. His comments about their hard work, diligence was nice to hear.

  • 彭琨鈺
    彭琨鈺Year ago


  • Cu Búa
    Cu BúaYear ago

    Hello Mercedes-Benz admin 👋👋👋from Vietnam, just subscribed your channel when Lewis arrived your plant. Keep in touch to you 👍👍👍👍

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Thank you so much, Trọng lú Bú C. 😍 We are sending a lot of love your way!

  • suckmysilencer747
    suckmysilencer747Year ago

    0:23 Get in there Lewis

  • NOVI0974


    Year ago

    Rubber seals ... lubricated .. rubber seals

  • willem hollgleider
    willem hollgleiderYear ago

    also tell all working for like 9 euro a hour

  • 2bias _
    2bias _Year ago

    More of this ! Cool to see

  • Blaz
    BlazYear ago

    My God, those girls are stunning.

  • wer karins
    wer karinsYear ago

    Rubber seals. Yurp

  • Frank Zierau
    Frank ZierauYear ago

    Lewis you are an german. Welcome.

  • dxo source
    dxo sourceYear ago

    So where is Bottas???

  • Marcio Ap Silva
    Marcio Ap SilvaYear ago

    Uma parceria vitoriosa. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    And targeting many more. 💪

  • KroPlayer
    KroPlayerYear ago

    Schade dass ich ihn verpasst habe

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago


  • Ian Jones
    Ian JonesYear ago

    Look at all the fan boys here..LMAO you'd swear he cured cancer smh

  • Onkel Fabs
    Onkel FabsYear ago

    Lewis hat echt eine sehr positive Persönlichkeit. Er ist echt ein Gewinn für die Formel 1

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    One of the many reasons why we love him racing for us! 🥰

  • NM
    NMYear ago

    He said the golden word 'schumacher' we know he is eyeing that record!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    You know Lewis and the team! Always striving for the best! 😍

  • Aditya Phadke
    Aditya PhadkeYear ago

    Auctioneer be like: '2019 Maybach with Chrome plate installed by 6X WDC Lewis Hamilton!'

  • motopoxki
    motopoxkiYear ago

    How can I apply to be part of the team?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Check out this page amg4.me/kJ0YhO9q/. 😊

  • Michiel
    MichielYear ago

    driving a racecar is easier thats for sure

  • Gandalf55
    Gandalf55Year ago

    Stay at the Formula 1 for 2021

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Let’s see what the future brings. 😉 😊

  • openwheela
    openwheelaYear ago

    Looks like Mercedes hasn't completely forgotten its german origin.

  • G B
    G BYear ago


  • crime face law
    crime face lawYear ago

    I want a Mercedes built by Lewis, smile!

  • Next Nexit

    Next Nexit

    Year ago

    Me not, he not now how to build a Mercedes.

  • Emanuel Andoe
    Emanuel AndoeYear ago


  • Kradisasht
    KradisashtYear ago


  • Elvedin Bošković
    Elvedin BoškovićYear ago

    D Best

  • dr ee
    dr eeYear ago

    end of the month the normal Mercedes Worker 3500€ Lewis 4000000€ 😂🤢

  • asa226
    asa226Year ago

    0:23 he was intended to ask for her number ?!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Good luck getting his digits! 😜

  • John Warren
    John WarrenYear ago

    OMG! What an honor to own a car that Lewis Hamilton drove at the factory.

  • Azize Ouzine
    Azize OuzineYear ago

    U r so lucky Mr. Hamilton I wish I can take that trip 😝

  • Lastname Firstname
    Lastname FirstnameYear ago

    I don't get the people that just hate this guy.

  • Lastname Firstname

    Lastname Firstname

    Year ago

    @Mercedes-Benz Can I have a free Mercedes?

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Neither do we. 😊

  • Lastname Firstname
    Lastname FirstnameYear ago

    Seems like Mercedes only hires 7's or higher lol

  • LGS
    LGSYear ago

    Let's go champ

  • Simon Zimmermann
    Simon ZimmermannYear ago


  • KingPPUNT
    KingPPUNTYear ago

    Netter Kerl 😊👍🏼.

  • imadad bestjobintheworld
    imadad bestjobintheworldYear ago

    Loving you non F1 video Lewis:-))))

  • Max Hertweck
    Max HertweckYear ago

    "hard work" at Mercedes = 10 min Work and 20 min pause

  • Jole the Nebula
    Jole the NebulaYear ago


  • Dentzu
    DentzuYear ago

    Zum ersten Mal wirkt Lewis mal sympathisch:)

  • Lest GO
    Lest GOYear ago

    0:25 lewi will bang u ?

  • Ujwal byraiah
    Ujwal byraiahYear ago

    Love the Merc and Lewis kind gesture for labour's .

  • Porto Fellaz Records
    Porto Fellaz RecordsYear ago

    We Proud of you !!! King Hamilton

  • Rony Thomas
    Rony ThomasYear ago

    Who buys the car built by lewis nobody will even know it , probably.

  • Dami Akin
    Dami AkinYear ago

    Mercedes Proud...

  • El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloOYear ago

    What do Germán think about a black guy representing them? Don't get me wrong just trying to joke about it

  • THE sun Andrews

    THE sun Andrews

    Year ago

    Hamilton is biracial.

    AUTO TVYear ago

    Get in there Lewis!

  • Milan David
    Milan DavidYear ago

    nice promo video after those 2nd quarterly losses, how much was it? 1.2 billion euros?

  • El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloOYear ago

    Wao I will work there just because the free food, most of the work places u need to bring your stuff awesome place to work

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    That's a good reason to work there! 🤣

  • Koji Takata
    Koji TakataYear ago

    Imagine getting your AMG build by Lewis.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    That's the dream, Koji! 😍

  • Bogore
    BogoreYear ago


  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    He's in his element. 🙂

  • Bogore
    BogoreYear ago


  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    It doesn't get more powerful than that! 😉

  • krisztiantth
    krisztiantthYear ago

    mercedes build junks today...just saying...…...good for 3-4 years and that's it....horrible quality...…...

  • sidharth m
    sidharth mYear ago

    Lewis saving world one by one

  • sidharth m

    sidharth m

    Year ago

    @Mercedes-Benz ohh, that was with a sarcastic tone.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    A man of honour. 🙂

  • Jaime Duarte
    Jaime DuarteYear ago

    Great Champion for an awesome team-brand.

  • Kevin Baird
    Kevin BairdYear ago

    Lewis could have had any woman in that factory.

  • dbmbrbkb
    dbmbrbkbYear ago

    I am a Ferrari Fan, but Big respect to Lewis, a big sportsman. I hope we see him fighting with Sebastian on Track soon again.

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    Fingers crossed for that! 🤩

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy SmithYear ago

    Very proud of you Lewis 👍

  • het orakel
    het orakelYear ago

    The blonde girl came @ 2:15

  • Nick Forsyth
    Nick ForsythYear ago

    I really like how he just simply asked about the people. How are you and where are you from, just simple questions that really lights up their faces and you could see it hoe much it meant to them. Get in there Lewis

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    He's truly an amazing guy! 🥰

  • Alouji Tamba
    Alouji TambaYear ago

    Something telling me hammer never selfish. Gratitude for for other but not on the race trucks

  • George Karountzos
    George KarountzosYear ago

    Είσαι ΆΡΧΟΝΤΑΣ!!!!

  • Miky Koon
    Miky KoonYear ago

    The highest earning worker amongst the lowest who would know by just looking at him

  • Jacobo Orlando
    Jacobo OrlandoYear ago

    GOAT 🐐

  • Michael Amechi
    Michael AmechiYear ago

    Lewis is a great ambassador for the Mercedes brand - Nice touch visiting the factory!

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    He truly enjoyed the visit too, Michael! 🙂

  • FressFlash F
    FressFlash FYear ago

    Daz what happens when u feed a nigga fitty mil: its all great i love to b here what an honour incredible😂😂fuckin pos

  • Nasiba Rahmatova
    Nasiba RahmatovaYear ago

    Such a humble human being. So much love and respect!

  • Crossfire_Bolt
    Crossfire_BoltYear ago

    As a Ferrari/ Vettel fan I'm really happy with Lewis these days. At the top of his game. Getting more humble. Liking him allot.

  • Crossfire_Bolt


    Year ago

    @Mercedes-Benz Both of them are Legends😍 Love em

  • Mercedes-Benz


    Year ago

    A great man and an amazing driver! 🤩