2019 Mercedes Benz A220 - Review & Road Test

For some auto makers the sedan is not a thing of the past. Mercedes-Benz is one of those and they're proving it with the A-Class. In its fourth generation, but making its first appearance in the United States, the A-Class is a lot of Mercedes in a tiny little package. Lyn Woodward talks about it now, here.
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  • Tony Crofton
    Tony Crofton11 days ago

    I have A250 AMG Line in the UK. Not quite A35 but still pretty spicy :)

  • derungus53
    derungus5312 days ago

    “I’m very excited about the spring of 2020” did not age well

  • zrp0602
    zrp060215 days ago

    When she said she was excited for the spring of 2020...if only she knew the horrors to come lol

  • Supernaut
    SupernautMonth ago

    Buy a Honda Fit hatchback for less than half the price and the Fit uses regular gas, not premium like this does.

  • Ray Emanuel
    Ray Emanuel2 months ago

    Aahh, the Benz for those who aspire to be ballers but aren't quite there yet. Lyn you look great in this car, however, I see you in an E class.

  • Fernando Navarro
    Fernando Navarro2 months ago

    lol there's something about auto speech recognition that it NEVER works

  • Diwash1
    Diwash12 months ago

    why not buy a mid trim c class for 52k instead of a basic entry level merc?

  • Ed Bredin
    Ed Bredin2 months ago

    Stunning review of this beautiful car Kelley, and you look so gorgeous too, Perfect for you

  • Shashank Saikumar
    Shashank Saikumar3 months ago

    She has no idea how turbo lag works😂

  • Bill Bunt
    Bill Bunt3 months ago

    Duh, order the right "cord" $5 from Amazon before the road test!!!!!!!

  • TheIpatnano
    TheIpatnano4 months ago

    Cla 35 AMG please

  • UpperEchelon8
    UpperEchelon84 months ago

    Is that Cate Blanchett giving a car review. 😜

  • TSammy
    TSammy5 months ago

    $52,000 and she thinks 63 degrees is gonna warm you up 😂😂

  • JS Medenilla
    JS Medenilla5 months ago

    My parents just bought this. They got it for 30,000 otd.

  • Rob Grant
    Rob Grant6 months ago

    Common People say 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Any Questions

  • james Gand
    james Gand6 months ago

    I can get an AWD Genesis g70 for the same price

  • james Gand
    james Gand6 months ago

    What in gods name is Mercedes doing? The amount of LCD panels is too much. This is why you should never buy one of these and only lease them.

  • Stephen Strong
    Stephen Strong6 months ago

    wow she's one of the best car reviewers !

  • Langolier
    Langolier6 months ago

    Plastic??? No way!!! I thought only the Japanese cars were using the plastics

  • Langolier
    Langolier6 months ago

    This is a very bad looking and expensive .... Corolla wanna be

  • Rave Reviewer
    Rave Reviewer7 months ago

    What is the exterior color? Thanks for the video!

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh7 months ago

    I hate the front dashboard please regular speedometers please come back please, damn these garbage screens all over the place.

  • Josh F

    Josh F

    4 months ago

    @ tHeWasTeDYouTh thank you, what happens if the display panel decides one day not to work? Smh. There’s a reason you put physical gauges in cars.

  • michael nola
    michael nola7 months ago

    You could turn on and adjust eh heat faster the old analog way, or is that too low tech for most? And those vents? Ugh.

  • wen arto
    wen arto7 months ago

    this review is excellent

  • d1zguy
    d1zguy7 months ago

    meh, should include driver and premium package for 32500 then it would be a contender

  • Fritz Asuro
    Fritz Asuro7 months ago

    OR get a WRX though you won't get the same Mercedes-Benz ego.

  • Tega Umaka
    Tega Umaka7 months ago

    If you guys want a proper review check out redline reviews. I really like his page

  • Dan Vasse
    Dan Vasse7 months ago

    A class act!!!

  • ismeto
    ismeto8 months ago

    in 2020 is coming A250e hybrid versions electric is about 80 kilometre

  • The_HBK_23
    The_HBK_238 months ago

    why would you buy one loaded up with this stuff when most of it comes standard on a E class for almost the same price?

  • Brian Westfield
    Brian Westfield8 months ago

    I’m a mercedes fan, but $52k for an A class...uhm, no thanks.

  • Greg Egan
    Greg Egan8 months ago

    I think MB makes beautiful cars, but they're over engineered and ridiculously expensive to fix so I'll never own one.

  • AntsAfan301
    AntsAfan3018 months ago

    Too Much to make it nice for a small Merc with a small engine...if at that was standard at $32k it would be impressive. Looks much better than the CLA though.

  • 2.0 Lyf Pop
    2.0 Lyf Pop8 months ago

    That’s not a quick car at 7.1 secs 0-60 but yes good enough for “daily” driving. My current ride is still new 2018 that does 0-60 in 5.4 secs for a lot less than 50+ the Mercedes costs

  • Kevin Clavijo
    Kevin Clavijo8 months ago

    I wouldn’t spend +50K for this car. For that you can get a C class with some features or a sick C Coupe or maybe even a base E class

  • Kevin Clavijo
    Kevin Clavijo8 months ago

    Mine came to 42K and I have great features. Still bummed I have the 17” rims but it’s not that big a deal lol. Mine is leased but I’m still paying a lot a month cuz I traded in a ‘14 RR Sport that I still owed money on but totally worth the trade in now I’m actually getting my money’s worth. Love the car. I will say tho it has glitches: sometimes the radio bugs out like the speakers and display doesn’t turn on it’s happened 2x, too many times already it hasn’t read that the key is in the car to tune it on, the auto stop start system is SUPER sensitive I turn it off I also find that the car jerks and kicks less when accelerating from a stop or light when I have it off, my Apple car play port doesn’t work! They told me they fixed it but it still doesn’t work they even gave me a new adapter that came with the car since it’s a USB-C port. I’m not that angry about it cuz it displays the small Apple Car play display and the Mercedes screen is bigger so I’m cool with it but i still gotta go get it fixed sometime. Otherwise great car! Great gas mileage/range.

    X FILES8 months ago

    lol the re-sale value of mercedes are the worst in the car industry...........you will loose 30% as soon as you drive it off the lot

  • Bill Barnum
    Bill Barnum8 months ago

    This seems more like a paid advertisement than a real review. I'll stick with Consumer Reports.

  • André Lima
    André Lima8 months ago

    52K for such small and weak car damn that's some overpriced german bullshit right there. We're talking about G70's and Stingers deals or Lexus ES350 for those who prefer more classy luxury sedans instead of sporty ones.

  • Sam Khan
    Sam Khan8 months ago

    Front wheel drive yuck....

  • ismeto


    7 months ago

    @Sam Khan yes indeed MB uses 1.3 engine renault engine in a180d and a200 mercdes also used same engines in last C class and changed returned mercedes engine with facelift of C class

  • Sam Khan

    Sam Khan

    7 months ago

    @ismeto Renault engine in Mercedes ??? Seriously ?

  • ismeto


    8 months ago

    I think US selling model A220 is AWD and it has mercedes engine but other versions A180d A200 are FWD and they have Renault engine /motor

  • RoundenBrown
    RoundenBrown8 months ago


  • Golf Wayne
    Golf Wayne8 months ago

    How she know she a female

  • TomCook1993
    TomCook19938 months ago

    No adaptive cruise control?

  • Klawffy
    Klawffy8 months ago

    Wait it’s fickin plastic lmao hell nah lmao

  • The Truth
    The Truth9 months ago

    Best entry level car on the market. Btw it's $30k, you can even get a fully loaded $50k model for $40k. My daughter just purchased one.

  • nfugitt89
    nfugitt899 months ago

    I'm sorry, they're demanding $52K and it doesn't even break 200 HP? Verpiss dich, Mercedes

  • Cash Clemmy

    Cash Clemmy

    7 months ago

    nfugitt89 it’s 32k. she just has it pretty much fully loaded which makes it 52k

  • Chris Fang
    Chris Fang9 months ago

    Got cut off by some snob and now I'm here.

  • Negative Gains
    Negative Gains9 months ago

    was trying to decide between the 45 amg of this, but then I found the G70. Maybe one day I can get the shooting brake 45s for a summer car

  • ChrisGotsIt
    ChrisGotsIt9 months ago

    So much noise in the interior.

  • JR0752 Gamer
    JR0752 Gamer9 months ago

    Worst reviewer.

  • Mad Pistol
    Mad Pistol9 months ago

    Me: Dang, I wouldn't mind paying $40k for that. Also Me: *See's $52k asking price* Also Me Again: Whoops.... no thank you.

  • Rigoberto Garza

    Rigoberto Garza

    3 months ago

    your better off witha c class

  • Vedant Taneja

    Vedant Taneja

    5 months ago

    Starts from 32k

  • Jake Kennedy

    Jake Kennedy

    8 months ago

    Last year I bought a loaded new S3 for 40k after discounts. That thing would drive in circles around this.

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    9 months ago

    It's a $30k car. We just purchased one

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan9 months ago

    I'll take a proper RWD 2 series over this. Also would hate to have this A class after the warranty runs out and all the tech starts failing.

  • insomnia_exe
    insomnia_exe9 months ago

    damn it where's micah

  • HX Re
    HX Re9 months ago

    "There she goes" the shadeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sfsoma
    sfsoma9 months ago

    Please bring Micah back.

  • Joseph L
    Joseph L9 months ago

    No offense but she likes it because she doesn't need to pay for it!

  • DTW Fishing Concepts
    DTW Fishing Concepts9 months ago

    Terrible car, will be worth 10k in a year. Did MBUSA write this script? Its okay if its not good...

    NO_EYES_ON_ME9 months ago

    $52,000??? It'll be like $20k after 2 years.

  • Vio SeVen
    Vio SeVen9 months ago

    ridiculous pricing...

  • Real KingRav

    Real KingRav

    7 months ago

    Vio SeVen and it’s A class. Entry level for Mercedes..,

  • Duong Nguyen
    Duong Nguyen9 months ago

    Bruhh for $52k you can get a super mint used S5 sportback under 10k miles

  • Duong Nguyen

    Duong Nguyen

    8 months ago

    The Truth Omg haha the only thing you have stuffed me is your BS read this www.mbusa.com/mercedes/owners/videos/detail/videoId-4cb82b6f30619610VgnVCM100000ccec1e35RCRD and educate yourself, MB is implementing this on every class in EU the A class were just the 1st one that have it here 🤣🤣 a year later it will be plagued with it. Read carefully, I never bitch about the fact that it was too expensive but there are many cars in the price range offer better. With all due respect my daily Mk7 Golf GTI make more hp than that 2.0T. If you didn’t care why can’t you just ignore a kid’s comment in the first place?🤣 I thought you said there were more things that a $100k car doesn’t have? Be a grown up and move on instead of spending your time with a kid playing silly games 🤣🤣

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    8 months ago

    @Duong Nguyen MBUX is what no other cars for $100k have, let that sink in! This is a $35k car that offers an experience in a car you cannot get from any of those cars you just mentioned, then it has a prestige marque none of them will ever have. See, even when you deflected to non comparable $100k cars, I was able to stuff you, now go back and give me those cars in the same price range that can be compared

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    8 months ago

    @Duong Nguyen so why are you on a video you cried is too much money again? That is call trolling, I'm sure the title says exactly which car it was. Go about your day and give your opinion to people who care! I'm not 1 of them.

  • Duong Nguyen

    Duong Nguyen

    9 months ago

    The Truth Pretty sure the comment section are not just you and me. Look man if you buy a Lada or a Bugatti Veyron it is your business I could not careless but it is internet people throw their 2 cents here all the time. You can’t just go around and be butthurt about it just because you have one and people got opinion about it. I mean how pathetic can a guy be to dig into a kid’s channel and trash on their game (and it’s not even a Playstation 🤣🤣). Be a gentlemen and Answer the question: what this 30k car have that a 100k car doesn’t. Genesis G70, Lexus ES350, Infiniti Q50, Volvo S60, just to name a few beat this in powers and accommodations. Be a grown up and talk by facts 🤣🤣

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    9 months ago

    @Duong Nguyen can you tell me "us" what brought you to this video? Lol

  • Zahidul Chowdhury
    Zahidul Chowdhury9 months ago

    Does it only take premium gas?

  • Daniel Gross
    Daniel Gross9 months ago

    Nope, not the droopy butt look for $50k. I'd look at a Cadillac CT5 for about the same price. Ohhh, and tell Tim not to litter. Keep Long Beach beautiful!

  • Vikas Dangwal
    Vikas Dangwal9 months ago

    Not worth it

  • Art by Atlas
    Art by Atlas9 months ago

    The car design looks quite ordinary, which is really disappointing for a luxury car brand. I would imagine if I'm paying 52k for a car, I want to look a little more visible and less pedestrian... like a Nissan or something 🤔

  • Krithik Nadella
    Krithik Nadella9 months ago

    "I'm cold" sets temperature to 63 degrees.

  • Raymond Adams
    Raymond Adams9 months ago

    I wonder why the drivers seat wasn’t red in on the back of the seat like the passenger was.

  • Tommy Olsen
    Tommy Olsen9 months ago

    Love the new A-Class❤️

  • Coraggio 19
    Coraggio 199 months ago

    Soooo much assists that it got Lebron James beat.

  • Jurgen DX
    Jurgen DX9 months ago

    52000$?!?! WAT?!

  • Mike
    Mike9 months ago

    rip off

  • Michael Simpkins
    Michael Simpkins9 months ago

    Then they wonder why Tesla is lapping up the sales

  • Michael Hasenstab
    Michael Hasenstab9 months ago

    How is this $20K better than a loaded Accord Touring?

  • [HiddenName]


    9 months ago

    You don't buy Mercedes for value.

  • Stuart Anderson

    Stuart Anderson

    9 months ago

    Agreed. It's not. The Accord is a massively better value.

  • Pulsar1984


    9 months ago

    It’s not. And it’s an A class..... that’s like the entry level Mercedes.......

  • Mister Methuselah
    Mister Methuselah9 months ago

    Why would someone buy this rat-box when you can get an Arteon for much less? True, you get a complete Benz experience, but I can put that extra $20K in the retirement account. The pricing is silly!!!

  • MrRedhondabadge
    MrRedhondabadge9 months ago

    No matter how good, the A-class remains an entry car to the marque and at the bottom of the pile. Don’t kid yourself

  • WinkelHoof


    9 months ago

    And? Everyone is downsizing, at least here in Europe. Its still expensive like a C-class. Mine cost like a C-class or a 3-series. But I dont need a big car like those.

  • Mark Velasco
    Mark Velasco9 months ago

    Watching reviews of cars that I can’t afford 🤪

  • JC guy
    JC guy9 months ago

    Nice car love the big screen and interior but for the money I would buy a Lexus which will outlast this car and be more trouble free.

  • SDav21
    SDav219 months ago

    You can deactivate the "Hey Mercedes" word so that it only works if you press the voice control button.

  • Julius Gayagas
    Julius Gayagas9 months ago

    52,000 US dollars,that's a lot of money throw at the sedan.

  • NaNslx
    NaNslx9 months ago

    If it’s anywhere close to the CLA, over half Americans can’t fit in it.

  • J High

    J High

    9 months ago

    But then up to 49% of Americans should be able to fit so your point is........?

  • David Farley

    David Farley

    9 months ago

    Lol truth

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta9 months ago

    What about the a45 of the sedan? Really waiting for it.