Mercedes- Benz G 350 D | Road Test | OVERDRIVE

Bertrand D'Souza reviews the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class, an SUV icon. The diesel G 350d is the first non-AMG G-Glass to be sold in India ever. In this video, we tell you about all the things that make it so special off the road, and on it.
2020 Mercedes-Benz G 350D Exclusive Road Test Review
2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 350d details: Prices, Specs, Features
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    SOAMJENA13 days ago

    I might just go ahead and order the G350. There is no sense ordering G63, because I already repent getting the latest BMW z4 M04i top power model, but there is no way to use that power on Indian roads. So better to save the extra money and get the base variant only.

  • S moto vlog!
    S moto vlog!Month ago

    Whenever I will that able to buy a G-CLASS I will buy a petrol AMG no a diesel engine 🤣🤣🤣

    OVERDRIVE2 months ago

    2020 Mercedes-Benz G 350D Exclusive Road Test Review 2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 350d details: Prices, Specs, Features

  • Andrea
    Andrea4 months ago

    If you remap this it can get 380hp :) it's the same as the 400d

  • Jash Modi
    Jash Modi6 months ago

    LandCruiser any day over this

  • Sebastian Olewicz
    Sebastian Olewicz7 months ago

    V6 - not in-line 6

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin7 months ago

    I am 40 and I want and have a G wagon! :) Cheers!

  • Bhavin Gondaliya
    Bhavin Gondaliya7 months ago

    Diesel engine not much as fun as petrol for gwagon

    DHANUSH M8 months ago

    Enough to kill the grand Cherokee in India.



    6 months ago

    Go to Dubai, Hollywood or Moscow, you’ll get the answer why I said so. A person spends 1 cr. on a car to show his Money at the first place than to enjoy the pleasure money can offer on 4 wheels. A Grand Cherokee doesn’t really have the value or quality of an X7 or Range Rover Velar. But a G-wagon is worth every penny. The diesel is better or is more suitable for Indian road speeds & fuel price.

  • Jash Modi

    Jash Modi

    6 months ago

    Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel 4wd- 240 HP , 570 NM @ 1.05 cr Merc G Wagon G350d - 288 HP , 600 NM @ 1.67 cr Or just buy a GC and a wrangler for same price instead of a g350

  • obaid shah
    obaid shah8 months ago

    Merc is amazing

  • Gary Thorley
    Gary Thorley8 months ago

    Excellent Review ! Thank You 😎

  • DEADLY noob gaming
    DEADLY noob gaming8 months ago

    I am happy with my volvo But a car it is 👏

  • Boi Troi
    Boi Troi8 months ago

    A Mercedes that is easy to repair? 😂😂 Dude you must be on some gooood shit 💀🌚

  • ഡോണി ഡാർക്കോ
    ഡോണി ഡാർക്കോ8 months ago

    No one is going to take this Benz G wagon to Off-road, unless his father is brutally rich 😏 or from russian mafia 🤣

  • Partha Paul

    Partha Paul

    2 months ago

    Only the media people do this....

  • Sathish Rao
    Sathish Rao8 months ago

    Those who hated Tata Sumo’s looks to the core are going Gaga over G 350 which looks no different !!

  • Rohan.


    7 months ago

    @Boi Troi sumo's design was actually copied from g wagon

  • Boi Troi

    Boi Troi

    8 months ago

    Yes. I've seen such people. And when asked, all they have for an answer is that it's a Mercedes. I loved Sumo, and I love those Boxy cars. I also own a Safari Storme. So YAY to boxy shapes!

  • Maverick 12
    Maverick 128 months ago

    1:52 close look in the background :p

    MANOJ TS8 months ago

    Good review

  • jino simon
    jino simon8 months ago

    Once a king...always a king G/// power

  • DEADLY noob gaming

    DEADLY noob gaming

    8 months ago

    Seems like m /// power

    GAGANDEEP SINGH8 months ago

    Well explained 🤟

  • Area of Interest
    Area of Interest8 months ago

    5:51 Dont contact on this number Plz... Thanks

  • Rajesh verma
    Rajesh verma8 months ago

    Not better than bmw x5

    JASPAL SINGH8 months ago

    Force gurkha

  • Parth Dey
    Parth Dey8 months ago

    Wish I could buy one

  • Prateek 918
    Prateek 9188 months ago

    kuch bhi ho ise smjhna logo ne bolero hi h india m

  • Saikiran P.R
    Saikiran P.R8 months ago

    G class is so iconic that Mahindra copied it to make Bolero.

  • Ravi Das

    Ravi Das

    8 months ago

    They made what it supposed to be cheap off-roader utility vehicle not this overpriced electronic rolling piece

  • Joshua Kharkongor
    Joshua Kharkongor8 months ago

    Go Bert go...own one!!

  • NaDeeM
    NaDeeM8 months ago

    Srsly ...for a CKD UNIT ..1.5 Cr... definitely not for off-roading but as a status symbol

  • Sanjai Udaya Sankar
    Sanjai Udaya Sankar8 months ago

    G-Class is classic and your explonation is so sweet than the G-Class. Beautiful. i enjoyed your video sir.

  • straight forward
    straight forward8 months ago

    No boot space , no rear seats , no tyre size , no boot space in review..only and always its jeep ..its jeeep reviewer 🤣

  • Arundeep singh Bhatti
    Arundeep singh Bhatti8 months ago

    Very few car companies still make butch looking bodies & know pulse of consumers instead of shedding weight & making cars more aerodynamic & plasticky “thank you Mercedes”

  • Latha Hema
    Latha Hema8 months ago

    Mr.Bertrand u did a great job!!

  • Ato Khesoh
    Ato Khesoh8 months ago

    20-0 i'm gonna get one

  • Krish T

    Krish T

    8 months ago

    We do indeed bro even iam aiming for that one day

  • Abhishek Gurav
    Abhishek Gurav8 months ago

    Am I the only one... who feels the car in the thumbnail looks like a PUG🐶

  • Soumitra Ray
    Soumitra Ray8 months ago

    G class... a CLASS APART...🥰

  • vinod
    vinod8 months ago


  • J Sin
    J Sin8 months ago

    Is it bs6 ?

  • NaDeeM


    8 months ago


  • t k
    t k8 months ago

    My polo gives 7 Lol

  • Ankit Chaudhari
    Ankit Chaudhari8 months ago

    Bertrand you will own G wagon!!

  • jay deep
    jay deep8 months ago

    Punjabies got a new car to make another video song.

  • Exotic
    Exotic8 months ago

    Is the engine and outer cosmetic changes are are the only difference comparing with g63 ?

  • GK Vlogs
    GK Vlogs8 months ago


  • Mohan k
    Mohan k8 months ago

    Bolero modified

  • Aakash Jegathees

    Aakash Jegathees

    8 months ago

    It's ur quality