2019 Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Rally | Feature | Autocar India

2019 marks the sixth edition of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Rally, and this year was a special one, as it also celebrated 25 years of Mercedes-Benz in India. With over 140 cars, it was the largest ever gathering of classic Mercedes cars in India, and welcomed a new breed of modern classics into the fold - including a Maybach 62, and the first ever Mercedes to go on sale in India - the W124 E-class. Cyrus Dhabhar takes you down memory lane.
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  • Motor Indian Fun fact
    Motor Indian Fun factMonth ago

    Mercedes 300sl is my dream

  • arjun P
    arjun P5 months ago

    Love mercedes

  • Kayzad Mistry
    Kayzad Mistry6 months ago

    Beautiful 😍

  • Shelke Aditya
    Shelke Aditya10 months ago

    Where I can buy merceedes 1960 ??

  • Mayank Parekh
    Mayank Parekh11 months ago

    ONE QUESTION TO AUTOCAR : Hello, I am desperately waiting for the reply for my question Autocar. No cars would be allowed more than 15 years, no more extended registration would be allowed, then how would it be possible to keep such a marvelous treasure possession ? Is there any specific way to keep old classics into your collection without breaking new law ?

  • Hemang


    4 months ago

    The law doesn't apply to retro classics , it only applies to new cars which are 15-25 years old . U can own and drive your retro classics , no one would stop u. Even policeman will come and take a selfie with the car 😇

  • jino simon
    jino simon11 months ago

    W123 ❣️

  • Jehaan Patell
    Jehaan Patell11 months ago

    At 0:10 look on the right of him at the black car. That’s me watching MERCEDESBENZ 😂😂

  • TheBandana1969
    TheBandana1969Year ago

    Wish there was a Gullwing and the prewar 500 SEL. Tata Motors (then TELCO) used to have a 1920s (1927 if I remember correctly) Mercedes Nuremberg, which was a gift from Daimler Benz. Then there was 190 D ambulance and a huge L type bus with the air filter above the engine cowling. JRD Tata's white Merc and Mr. Sarosh J Ghandhy's green Heckflosse (1965, I think) were great cars associated with the Tatas. Pandit Nehru's Adenaur state car and the Presidential Limo from the 1960s are other historical Mercedes associated with India.

  • Axe M.
    Axe M.Year ago

    The 300 SL was the most beautiful car there. Show stopper!

    CAR BEAMYear ago

    The only 300SL in india, thats a beaut

  • pranay tayde
    pranay taydeYear ago

    Congratulations to all mechanical engineers who built this cars range .....😘

  • Mr. Rana
    Mr. RanaYear ago

    I was searching for old Pullman.😍

  • Simran Sahni
    Simran SahniYear ago


    GAURAV VERMAYear ago

    Super Amazing Event. Incredible

  • Maruf Adnan
    Maruf AdnanYear ago

    #BMW = The God of Any Car Company Only and Only Love for #BMW

  • Mr. Rana

    Mr. Rana

    Year ago

    I love bmw . But check the statistics of mercedes's sells and revenue , income and total assest. Bmw is a lost kid who follows Mercedes for years. And yes we cant forget that the first ever fuel engine was made by Karl "BENZ". mercedes makes almost every type of cars. For an instance the G-wagon.. there's no comparable car in bmw. And there's lots of incomparable cars that mercedes has made.

  • G&B Home Remedies
    G&B Home RemediesYear ago


  • Girish Kumar
    Girish KumarYear ago

    Should have should a bit of that Black SEC 500. But a video nonetheless.

  • Waseem Ahmad
    Waseem AhmadYear ago

    All these Mercedes are restored in India?

  • Sagar Mukherjee
    Sagar MukherjeeYear ago

    Mercedes Benz is best really really really really really really really really

  • Sagar Mukherjee
    Sagar MukherjeeYear ago

    Mercedes Benz is best really really really really really really really

  • Aditya Bhosale
    Aditya BhosaleYear ago

    I just saw the entire videos so that I can see myself clicking photographs in front of some car😂

  • Swayam. Manerkar.20
    Swayam. Manerkar.20Year ago

    There should be a bmw rally

  • Mr. Rana

    Mr. Rana

    Year ago

    @TheBandana1969 not in the world though😆😆😆

  • TheBandana1969


    Year ago

    Not that many BMWs in India

  • Rover108


    Year ago

    Ya man

  • Nishant Bhardwaj
    Nishant BhardwajYear ago

    Mercedes has truly been and will always be a king in its segment. Like this comment if u love merc cars

  • Playback music mix
    Playback music mixYear ago

    First comment...love eep but mercedes is dream😍😍😍

  • Avi J
    Avi JYear ago

    Even I have Antique Mercedes But its toy 😂😂

  • Prateek Joshi
    Prateek JoshiYear ago

    First comment, love the w123

  • Ben Zer

    Ben Zer

    Year ago

    W123 is the best among all the Merc


    Mercedes fans it like


    First to comment